7 Things You Must Avoid Before Sleeping

7 Things You Must Avoid Before Sleeping

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What do his drawings mean?

Scooter Aluminum Scooter

With its adjustable handlebars and easy folding, it's the everyday scooter. His +: his foot brake. Its price: 36,95 €. More info here.

With its adjustable handlebars and easy folding, it's the everyday scooter.
His +: his foot brake.
His price : 36,95 €.
More info here.

A wonderful lesson for two little boys

Grandma is not a babysitter

Times have changed a lot in society and, in a particular way, in the family. Ideally, both the father and the mother take care of their child for at least part of the day. But, the intense pace of work does not allow that to happen.

Children need the parental attention so that they feel more sheltered and thus happier with themselves. But what happens is that many parents are absent from their homes almost all day, and in these cases the assistance of grandparents is more than advisable.

What Happens When Grandmothers Become nannies for the grandchildren?

There are many reasons why parents prefer to leave their child with the grandmother or grandfather:

- They prefer to leave the child under their attentions than babysitting or daycare

- Another reason is the economical. It is much cheaper for them if they leave their child with their grandmother. Your wages may not be able to pay the price of a daycare or babysitter.

- Besides, with the grandmother they do not exist time limits. They don't have to rush out of work to pick up the child from nursery school.

Nevertheless, what many parents fail to see is that, in the end, they are making the grandparents of 'kangaroos', of mere caregivers. Some grandparents don't care. But others, who lead a more social life, are already tired of being the substitutes for their parents, although some hold it quietly with the fear that 'if they don't take care of the grandchildren, then they won't be seen', and they prefer to look good with everyone.

By leaving your children with their grandmother for most of the day, they can sometimes arouse feelings of jealousy towards her. Obviously, by the time they are together, children build greater trust in their grandparents, and some parents end up feeling guilty and away from their children.

Those fears are understandable. What escapes from the normal is when there is a 'competition' between grandparents and parents. Normally it all starts with demands from parents who are overly concerned about whether the children ate well, whether they napped, missed them, and the like.

Between parents and grandparents a dialogue and understanding is necessary so that grandparents are not just caregivers or babysitters for their grandchildren and parents receive the support and help they so badly need. Above all, for the sake of the grandchildren who are truly important.

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Caramel cream for cakes and cakes

Caramel cream for cakes and cakes is prepared quickly and is very tasty. In it you can also add a vanilla stick, for added flavor.

Preparation time

60 minutes




300 grams old
600 ml milk
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
4 eggs

Method of preparation

Melt 70 grams of sugar in a saucepan and add a tablespoon of water to dissolve beautifully. The syrup will start to boil and turn brown. Add another 70 grams of sugar and gradually incorporate the milk.

Leave on the heat until it starts to boil. Add vanilla. Separately, beat the eggs well and gradually add in the caramel cream. Add the remaining sugar and leave on the heat until it starts to boil.

Stir from time to time until you get a homogeneous cream. Let it boil for 40 minutes, over low heat. Caramel cream is used in various cakes and cakes.

The type of kitchen

International cuisine

Tags Desert Milk Cream Vanilla Oua

Potato cream

A delicious potato cream recipe. The recipe is recommended for babies aged 7-8 months.


  • potatoes
  • butter 10 g
  • milk 100 ml
  • cow cheese 50 g
  • 1. The potatoes are baked in the oven;
    2. Then, peel and peel the core;
    3. It is mixed with butter, milk, cow cheese;
    4. Obtain a paste to fill the potatoes and keep in the oven for another 5 minutes.

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    Scarlet fever, not so rare

    Infantile bacterial disease, scarlet fever regularly invades the classrooms. The most exposed: the child from 3 to 8 years. Symptoms, treatment, contagion ... the point with our specialist, Dr. Lyonel Rossant, pediatrician.

    What are the symptoms of scarlet fever?

    • Scarlet fever begins abruptly with a sore throat, associated with high fever (39-40 ° C), vomiting and, very frequently, abdominal pain.
    • Examination by the doctor shows intense angina and the tongue, white at the beginning of the disease, gradually dyes red on the tip and the edges. The child has great difficulty eating.
    • Within 24 to 48 hours, the rash appears, very present in the folds of the elbows and knees, but without obvious itching. The child has red skin, granita, "skin of sorrows". It looks like he caught a gigantic sunburn.
    • At the end of a week, the temperature decreases and the redness gives way to flaking in small scales on the body and ragged in the palms and soles of the feet.

    What is scarlet fever and who is concerned?

    Although it is a "pimple" disease, such as rubella or chickenpox, scarlet fever has many specificities.

    • It is caused by a bacterium - group A beta-hemolytic streptococcus - and not a virus.
    • Curiously, scarlet fever does not affect infants and especially affects children between 3 and 8 years old. We do not know yet why. Either the bacterium does not have much affinity with the youngest child, the immune system of the latter is sufficiently armed - via maternal antibodies transmitted in utero - and able to defend itself during the first years of life.
    • When scarlet fever occurs in an infant, it lasts about a week and is characterized mainly by a permanent runny nose and mood disorders: the baby is tired, irritable.

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    Valentine's Day, aphrodisiac tricks for a passionate evening

    Valentine's Day, aphrodisiac tricks for a passionate evening

    The children are already hosted by grandparents or a close relative, the partner is about to come home, and the party on 2 Valentine's Day can begin. Not before developing some aphrodisiac details that will amplify the sexual appetite and further spice up the plans for the most romantic evening of the year. Here are some ideas that go as a grease!

    Food aphrodisiacs

    You never go wrong with chocolate, experts say. It has the role of enhancing the sexual pleasure of both partners. So a good idea is to savor your night of love with some delicious pieces of chocolate.

    But there are also other aphrodisiac foods and ingredients that you can use in preparing Valetine's Day special dinner. For example, pepper, chili or honey are still 3 products that release sex hormones that increase appetite. Bananas, avocados, nuts or cinnamon have a guarantor effect in preparing the dinner for Valentine's Day, but especially in what follows after dinner.

    Mussels and oysters are elegant and refined options, a special choice for one of the most romantic nights of the year. For men with zinc deficiency, oysters help increase testosterone levels and boost sexual desire.

    Grape juice and red wine are other very convenient aphrodisiacs in such an evening. They contain nitric oxide that facilitates male erection and sexual response in women. But experts argue that it is not recommended to drink more than one glass, otherwise the reactions are reversed.

    Herbs and supplements based on ginseng and gingko biloba are two beneficial options for increasing libido in both men and women. They have the role of improving the blood circulation of the genital organs and increasing the energy level.

    In the category "what not to enter the menu for Valentine's Day" mainly includes carbohydrates, which increase the level of serotonin in the brain and make you fall asleep.

    Non-food aphrodisiac

    The soft touches have proven to be some of the fastest releasing oxytocin, the hormone of love, which draws even closer to 2 people.

    The shower, before sex, washes the body's natural odors. Pheromones, those responsible for the body's natural odor, seem to attract the opposite sex.

    Obviously, even the small tricks of preparing a romantic atmosphere in the room where you can put the scented candles or prepare an aromatherapy session with sexual fragrances (vanilla, musk, jasmine, patchouli, etc.) can have the expected effect. For example, men react more sexually to the smell of lavender, cedar, patchouli or lavender.

    A sexy outfit and a sound aphrodisiac (music) can bring out any man. Moreover, they can exceed the effect of any aphrodisiac plant.

    How do aphrodisiacs work?

    I arouse sexual interest;
    stimulates the sensations;
    increase sexual appetite;
    activates hormone synthesis;
    improve blood circulation in the genital organs, etc.

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