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First names: Arielle

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Basic spelling chart for kids

The spelling is the set of writing rules for a language. People always insist on the idea that to write well you have to read a lot. Anyone can make spelling mistakes. We know that when we read, although unconsciously, the words remain in our brain, in such a way that when we must write them we visualize them.

Sometimes it happens that when we see a word with spelling mistakes, even if we do not know the spelling rule, the alarm goes off because we know it is misspelled, that is why reading is so important to get to writing correctly.

Spelling mistakes should be corrected even if the child cannot yet read, because this way, he will see the words well written. When young children are already fluent in reading and are aware of the existence of spelling, and not before, they should begin to learn the rules.

Learning to spell words is an important activity at this stage. Sometimes there is no choice but to retain and assimilate them by heart because they are like that and that is how they should be. There are many games that can help you in this task, such as "Hangman" or the famous "Scrabble", both to demonstrate skill in forming words.

We can resort to some tricks so that children retain the spelling rules with less effort and in a natural way. I'm talking about the combination of rhymes and images. We will start withrules of letters B and V, H, G and J that so much "war" they give to young and old.

To finish, I leave you a phrase by Jesús Tusón: «The spelling, so often arbitrary, depends to a great extent on visual memory and it will be an abundant reading that will produce the correction in writing»

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Tips for choosing baby clothes

The choice of clothes, especially for the first baby, needs some advice, since many times the clothes chosen are not the most suitable for the baby.

When I was barely three months pregnant, my husband could not resist the temptation to bring home our baby's first bodysuit: it was white, and it was fastened with a karate suit-style cross tie. Although there were still 6 months until the birth of our son, I was moved to see that garment so tiny and I imagined playing dolls with my little one.

Despite the excitement of the moment, before launching to buy baby clothes, we have to remember that babies need to wear comfortable clothes, not too tight, with sleeves that are easy to put on and can be fastened without difficulty. We have to take into account the difficulty that initially involves dressing a newborn baby, so we must avoid bows that can get tangled in their little hands or those little buttons so difficult to put in the buttonhole or that can come off easily. We will need full and quick accessibility to diapers (at first, we will have to change them many times.

The ideal for the first months of life are clothes with clasps, velcro or elastic adjustments, and if they are fastened in the front, the better. Underwear (bodysuits, T-shirts or briefs should always be made of cotton, without interior seams or labels that could damage or mark the baby's skin) and outerwear in winter should be made of cotton or wool, but not shedding hairs such as angora, and in summer, cotton is the best.

Even if your baby is born in summer, it is necessary that you have a long-sleeved bodysuit or pajamas, as well as a jacket or hat. Socks are an essential garment too, both in winter and summer, babies lose a lot of heat through the feet and the head. Strong colors should be avoided (due to dyes), the most appropriate colors for a baby are whites and light pastels.

The washing of the baby's clothes can be done in the washing machine if desired, and it can be together with the family laundry, if it is not too dirty and if the child does not have any type of dermatitis or allergy. Likewise, we must avoid bleaches, aggressive detergents or fabric softeners. The best thing is to use a neutral detergent, delicate with the clothes and without excessive perfume. The iron is a fundamental element for the baby's clothes, since ironing clothes is one of the most effective disinfectants (when cloth diapers were used, ironing was one of the most frequent tips, to maintain correct hygiene of the baby skin.

Patro Gabaldon. our site

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Tips For Buying Newborn Baby Clothes Here the Tips You Must Know

Tired of redoing the laces

What a nightmare the loosened laces! Not only is it painful to do them again X times in the day, but it's dangerous for the little ones who risk falling.

Our tip? Before tying the laces, moisten them with a sponge. The knot will hold all day. You can also take a spray of hair spray and spray on the knotted laces. Be careful to do it in a well ventilated place.

The most popular names in Chile for girls

Before they confirm that you are expecting a girl, surely you have already started looking for the best name for her. Maybe you have doubts, maybe you do not agree with your partner, maybe you want to honor one of your relativesMaybe you like the classic names or, on the contrary, the more modern ones. Either way, you will have to choose the name with which you think your baby will identify the most.

And this way is like in chili they choose compound names for their girls. Compound names that are full of tradition and familiarity but not lacking in that original and personal spark that any girl needs. These are the most frequent names for girls in Chile.

1. Claudia Andrea. The Latin origin of Claudia joins the Greek origin of Andrea to form the most frequent name for a girl in Chile. It is a compound name that stands out for its historical essence and for the personality it gives off.

2. Ana Maria. This compound name has a Hebrew origin and belongs to the biblical tradition. Although over time it has lost its religious character, both Ana and María remain immovable in the list of frequent names for girls throughout the Hispanic world.

3. María José. We also find a Hebrew origin for this girl's name that is formed by combining a feminine name with a masculine one. This union of opposites forms one of the most delicate names for a girl who also enjoys great familiarity.

4. Carolina Andrea. Carolina's Germanic origin is combined with Andrea's Greek origin. It is a name composed of exceptional beauty and musicality, with the name Andrea as frequent in feminine as its masculine Andrés and so special that it exudes strength both alone and in infinite combinations.

5. Maria Angelica. It is a name that unites the Hebrew origin of Mary with the Greek origin of Angelica. It is a compound name that sounds like kindness, understanding, beauty and harmony and is not lacking in familiarity with the omnipresent Maria with that original and particular touch of Angelica.

6. Maria Isabel. This compound name has a Hebrew origin and is recreated in the biblical tradition to inspire numerous Chilean families. Both together and separately, they are two names with strength capable of highlighting the personality of your girl.

7. Carmen Gloria. Both Carmen and Gloria have a Latin origin and meanings that only enhance the creative character and delicacy of a girl like yours. If this compound name is among the most frequent in Chile, it is because of the musicality it possesses and the tranquility it gives off.

8. Maria Teresa. The Hebrew origin of María joins the Latin origin of Teresa to form one of the strongest and most personal compound names in the Hispanic world. María's popularity is indisputable, while Teresa brings that original and different touch that your girl needs.

9. Maria Eugenia. The popularity of the Hebrew name Maria is confirmed because it is perfect to combine with any other name, as is the case with this Greek-born Eugenia whose meaning of "well-born" makes her one of the most desired names for girls.

10. Paola Andrea. The Latin origin of Paola together with the Greek origin of Andrea combine to form one of the most beautiful compound names for girls. With a taste between traditional and sophisticated, this name highlights the special character of your girl.

Laura Velez. Editor of Guiainfantil

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Fruity puree (Girardin)

A refreshing and fruity recipe.


  • 40 grams of watermelon
  • 25 grams of melons
  • 1/4 of a pear
  • 1/4 of a banana


Nothing more simple during the hot weather, to refresh baby and seniors, a small fruity puree, a good way to hydrate them. For that, it is enough to mix the four ingredients at the same time and the turn is played.