Pear Cake Recipe. Easy Caramel Upside Down Cake

Pear Cake Recipe. Easy Caramel Upside Down Cake

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The decision to choose a good instrumental option to initiate our little one is linked to the consent of the parents by the predilection of one or the other.

There are no better or worse instruments, only different instruments for children with different abilities and tastes. However, depending on their physical and cognitive abilities according to age, there are some more advisable than others.

'Mom, can I play the guitar?' 'Dad, I want to play the drums!' 'Daddies, can you buy me a trumpet?' ...

How many parents have not seen yourself reflected in any of these questions asked by your children? Well, don't panic ... The choice of a musical instrument for your children depends mostly on you. Many determining factors play a role: financial investment, the child's taste for the instrument, and whether the instrument is suitable for future musical learning.

The first thing to consider is age. A child can start instrumental education at different ages and it is a fact to take into account.

- From 2 to 7 years: Before the age of 7 it is not advisable to start a wind instrument. The students pick up bad postural, embouchure and breathing habits and may have technical problems with instrumental practice in the future. On the contrary string instruments, both dotted, (guitar), as rubbed (violin), or percussed (piano), are ideal to be able to start in the musical equation at these ages. They are simpler in execution and whether they decide later to continue with this specialty or not, it is always a good base of musical learning that will last forever.

- From 7 years: Any child at 7 years of age is the ideal age to start on any musical instrument. Their physical and cognitive abilities are ready to venture to play any instrument of different specialty: Woodwind, Metal, Percussion, String ...

Let's not forget that parents, teachers and counselors, we must think of music as a vehicle to ENJOY, LEARN AND SHARE and never censor or dispense with the child's tastes. It is essential for your musical initiation.

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

The name Frank can be considered as a derivative of Francis. It originates from the Latin "francus", which means: "free condition".


American director and screenwriter Frank Capra, American baseball player Frank Robinson, American director, actor and puppeteer Frank Oz (playing Master Yoda's voice in the Star Wars saga), American skier Frank Beddor American writer Frank Herbert, the American astronaut Frank Borman (having participated in the Apollo 8 mission), the German playwright and poet Frank Wedekind ...

His character :

Frank is naturally crank and uncomfortable. No one can stop him from instantly expressing how he feels ... He is also fearless and rather stubborn. When he puts something in mind, he has to realize it! Moreover, he always respects his commitments. Understanding and good advice, he loves life and does not hesitate to inculcate this value to his family. Frank is also a great talker, you never get bored in his company.


Franck, Francky, Franco, Franki, Franky and Frank.

His party :

Two dates have been dedicated to the people named Frank: January 24 and October 4.

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Madonna wants a third child

Madonna wants a third child, her father said, quoted by DigitalSpy.

Madonna wants a third child, her father said, quoted by DigitalSpy.
The singer - notes the source cited - is already the mother of two children, Lourdes of 9 years, and Rocco, 6 years, but would like them to have a brother or a sister.
"He told me he would want a baby again. It would be nice if he had another baby," said Tony Ciccone, the star's father.
Madonna was recently spotted leaving a fertility clinic with her husband, director Guy Ritchie.
August 15, 2006

Cord Blood Medical Center, 7 years after the first stem cell harvest in Romania

Cord Blood Center Medical celebrates 7 years since the first harvest of placental blood cells in Romania, once it has entered the local market. Currently, the company holds the leading position and accumulates over 65,000 customers who have chosen to store placental blood in one of its two banks in Romania (Bucharest and Cluj) or Slovakia (Bratislava).

During this year, the company announces a medical premiere, namely acceptance for administration by specialists at Duke University Hospital (United States) of a placental blood transplant stored for a Romanian patient suffering from cerebral palsy.

"The 7th year started for Cord Blood Medical Center with one of the most important projects carried out so far, through which we demonstrate that we take on the promise made to our clients to help them not only to store their stem cells but, if necessary, to we support them for a transplant, "said Cord Blood Center General Manager Dr. Tudor Panu.

"The mission we have undertaken in the last 7 years is to offer as many prospective parents in Romania the opportunity to ensure the health of their children, so we support research and study the innovation in this field closely so that we can inform them those who choose our services, "added Tudor Panu.

The company is part of a large international group operating worldwide and has offices in European countries such as Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy. So far, over 30 grafts have been validated by top medical institutions due to their quality for transplantation.

Cord Blood Center is the first company that ...

  • initiated and develops programs for its clients, among the most important being "Transplant Support" which involves providing financial support worth 185,000 euros to carry out an autologous transplant, and "Fraternal transplant" which involves free collection for the child in to which family there is a sick child with a condition that can be treated with stem cells.
  • is involved in cutting-edge medical research, supporting the research of tandem telocytes - stem cells.
  • holds ISO 9001 - recognized and certified through the quality management system.

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