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Homework: Be Your Own Make-up Artist!

Homework: Be Your Own Make-up Artist!

Learn how to apply the most fashionable makeup in fashion magazines correctly!

Do you want to be more beautiful and confident, while maintaining your individuality, but also the clarity of the traits that benefit you? Learn from Karina Dumitru, certified make-up artist of "Giulia Nahmany & Fleurimon" academy, which are the best guarded secrets of the beauty industry and how to use them to enhance you.

And to be able to apply the learned tricks daily, you will receive a M.A.C.., according to your appearance. The kit contains a lipstick, a foundation, a powder and an anti-tank.

Structured into four modules, the fluffy theory of the make-up artist profession has been compressed and well organized so that it can be easily absorbed. And because a make-up course is worthless without practice, Karina will give her students all the freedom, assisting them and giving them personalized tips, to experience the different styles of makeup, focusing on: day makeup - Natural, evening makeup - Smokey Eyes, Glam makeup, Disco makeup or Marlyn Monroe style.

Are you wondering what amount of skin foundation is needed for an application to not add extra years to your face? What shade of pencil dermatograph - brown or black - fits your skin? What color palette beautifies your eyes?

For any dilemma you would have about cosmetic products and good make-up practices, come get answers from an experienced professional.

Registrations for the make-up course with Karina have already begun. We are also waiting for your application for registration at (phone no. 0720.027.737) or at ([email protected]).

Karina noted herself as one of the most talented Romanian make-up artists Bucharest Fashion Week, Iasi Fashion Week, National Theater and National Opera Bucharest, but also on television, as part of the entertainment program "Transformation", on TVR 1. Under her brush stood: Andreea Marin, Nadia Comaneci, Rodica Popescu, Irina Schrotter, Alexandru Tomescu (violinist), Beatrice Rancea (director), Amza Pelea, Serban Ionescu and many others.

Schedule of courses

Individual course: 4 weeks
Intense course: 2 weeks

Course 1

Theory (2h)
Introduction to the world of makeup, history of makeup, beauty standards.
Makeup kit, products, brushes, accessories
About healthy skin (care, cleaning)
Color palette, the right choice of colors
Girl analysis
The stages of the makeup
adaptation of the makeup according to the physiognomy
how to apply the foundation and powder correctly
cheek balm
how to form the eyebrows
use of contour pencil, mascara
Practice (1h)
Day makeup, simple eye makeup

Course 2

Theory (1h)
Tricks for covering imperfections, for retouching, to make the eyes appear larger, smaller, distant, close or highlighted
Use of eye cough
Lip care
Practice (2h)
Day / evening makeup, Smokey Eyes - analysis of the choices made during the makeup

Course 3

Theory (1h)

Application of false genes
Mistakes to avoid
Makeup demonstration

Practice (2h)

MarlynMonroe makeup
Glam makeup
Disco makeup

Course 4

Theory (1h)

Tips for long lasting makeup

Practice (2h)

Natural makeup
Various makeup techniques
The gift kit offered in the second course includes: a lipstick, a foundation, a powder, an antique, all branded M.A.C.

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A much needed story to explain to children what dyslexia is

Having dyslexia is a great difficulty. But it is more difficult if our students do not understand what happens to their partner or what it means to have this learning disorder. Therefore, in Guiainfantil.com We propose a very useful story to use as a resource in the classroom and explain to children what dyslexia is. It will also help parents and teachers to reflect on how we can accompany the little one who suffers from this condition. It is a story that seeks to foster children's empathy.

We have a colleague named Tomás, who is getting pure negative marks in the book tests. Also has a hard time doing written assignments or make summaries of the matter. Better not tell them how he writes, because I believe that the hieroglyphs of the Egyptians are clearer than his handwriting. I think he will be in the calligraphy workshop forever.

One day our teacher and a guy from school came to tell us about Tomás. I'm going to be honest, hopefully I listened and understood dyslex ... something, and that's where I got. What were they talking about? I don't know what else they wanted to tell me. Sometimes it is difficult to know what the great ones want. They talk to me about things with strange words, believing that I am a dictionary that knows everything. I was still silent, but I couldn't really know how we could help our partner.

Well, time passed and even Tomás continued with his bad grades. It was already very sad see every day the face of sorrow that he brought with him. Well, I plucked up the courage and wanted to comment to our teacher. She thanked me and told me that she was going to do something about it.

A week passed. We were at recess and it was time to go back to the living room. I realized that Tomás was called and did not go to class with us. But when I entered the classroom, I saw something different. It was full of words and sentences but very strangely written! And next to those phrases were others that were well done. I remember this example:

'JVAm KWite A $ u Kor $ o'. And next to it he said, 'Juan wants his course.'

On the other side it said ... 'Al comrismope is Muy ipomrtanet'. And, next to him, 'The companionship is very important'.

All of our tables were formed in a circle and our teacher was in the center. When we were all seated, the teacher began to speak. Still I remember those words that echoed in my heart:

- Do you see those strange phrases? -he said- Well, that's how Tomás reads. Children, this is dyslexia and that is why our partner finds it difficult to read and write.

The silence was overwhelming. We finally realized why our partner always got failing grades. It was not because he was lazy, but that he had a difficulty and there was something to do. The teacher immediately told us the following:

- Children, that is why we are going to accompany and support our partner. For that to happen, we are going to organize ourselves as follows. You, Carlos, as you are one of his best friends, you will be by his side and you will read him orally everything that we see. So he will listen to your voice and will understand what he reads. You, Max, are going to record all the classes. Then you will give them to me and I will give them to Tomás. Juan and Andrés are going to be part of the work team with Tomás. The only difference is that they will have to work orally, so they will have permission to do their homework outside. And you, José, -he looked at me- are going to be the partner who studies with him in the hours of personal work. They have to be oral, but also, organize their times in no more than 15 minutes. Then they can rest for 10 minutes, but after that time they must go back to work. As you children see, if we organize ourselves in that way, all of us will support Tomás and he will slowly begin to read accordingly.

I will never forget that moment. Not only did I understand Tomás, but I knew how I can help him improve his grades. I wish they would always explain things to us that way, because that way we can understand how to help our friends.


Before finishing, I wanted to propose a reflection. And, for children to understand something as complicated as dyslexia, you have to take time with them. They want to help but we must open ourselves to their world to invite them to. They can do it, you just have to connect and explain it in their language.

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Understanding Dyscalculia: Symptoms Explained

Winter coloring pages: Santa Claus to repair

Winter coloring pages: Santa Claus to repair

Download the coloring to print

Meaning of the name Zenobio. Name for boys

We reinterpret heroes

Print in A4 his favorite hero. Attention, explain to him immediately that it is not for the colorier because, according to his age, it will have difficulty not to do it. The best thing is to print a second one right away and promise him that he will color it afterwards. Cut out together in photos, magazines, postcards or old coloring pages of the feet, hands, legs, patterns, decorations, flowers, pieces of animals ... Reserve the heads to make a family portrait later.

Print in A4 his favorite hero. Attention, explain to him immediately that it is not for the colorier because, according to his age, it will have difficulty not to do it. The best thing is to print a second one right away and promise him that he will color it afterwards.
Cut out together in photos, magazines, postcards or old coloring pages of the feet, hands, legs, patterns, decorations, flowers, pieces of animals ... Reserve the heads to make a family portrait later.

Tips to start decorating the baby's room

One of the moments that makes us most excited is without a doubt that of starting to decorate our baby's room. The first thing to do to change or create a space for the baby to rest is to think about how you want the bedroom to be.

There are some basic and simple guidelines to keep in mind to start planning 'the perfect room'. We will see, step by step, how to start decorating the boy or girl's room.

1- Know the space: It is necessary to measure the surface of the room to be able to make a good distribution of the furniture. My advice is that you make a small plan of the room on paper using the grid as a scale reference. Draw all the elements (windows, door, radiator ...) and the furniture and play with the pieces as if it were a puzzle. Another trick is to plan on the floor with newspaper, tape or paper where each piece of furniture will go, so you get an idea of ​​what they will occupy.

2- Plan: you should ask yourself some important questions such as whether the furniture will be used by several children or only by the one that is on the way, if you already have pieces that are going to combine with some new ones, if you are looking for a specific style, if it is a temporary space you are going to move ...

Answering these simple questions will allow you to think long term. Think about the furniture you will need. There are pieces that are going to be essential such as the crib, the changing table and the closet. Other elements such as shelves or a good chair for nursing with a side table are advisable if you have enough space.

3- Find a starting point: surely you look for inspiration in images of rooms that are in the network and in magazines. The sources are so wide that you should focus on what you like and create an album that helps you to refine the possibilities.

It is very interesting to find a starting point, that is, a central element around which the rest of the elements revolve. For example, a fabric that you have fallen in love with, a special lamp, a piece of furniture that is essential for you,… Planning will revolve around that point and it will be easier.

4- Choose the color: each color conveys sensations that we are generally not aware of. You can decide between neutral, warm or cold colors but keep in mind that the baby needs a calm and cozy environment, so my advice is to use light and relaxing colors.

It is important to also assess other factors such as the amount of light in the room and its dimensions. For dim or small rooms we should choose light colors that provide light and a feeling of spaciousness.

Choose the fabrics and rugs you want to use first because it's easier to find the paint color to match later than the other way around. As finishes, for the walls you can choose between paint, wallpaper, wooden baseboards ...

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The King of Peace. Christmas poem for children

Gloria Fuertes wrote beautiful poems for children dedicated to the Christmas.

The King of Peace is a poem dedicated to the birth of Jesus and peace. It is perfect for children to recite this Christmas next to the birth surrounded by the family and eating polvorones.

It's a night to celebrate!

Cheer up, zagala!

Rejoice Pastor!

Jesus is born,

He is our Redeemer.

Jesus is born,

what a shame, in a stable,

without more light than its light,

no more sun than your hands.

With no more light than your eyes

the Crucified was born,

was born King of Peace,

the White Lamb was born.

Same the shepherds

that the Magi,

bend their knees

and they drink singing.

Y drink peace

of his clear eyes.

The cold does not want

enter the stable.

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