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One of the concerns of new parents is to hide the dangerous tools from the curious hands of the children, for safety reasons. This precautionary method is based up to a certain age and in certain situations, but there are tools that children can learn to use even from a young age, under the supervision of adults.

Say YES to the little master who is hiding inside your boyfriend! When you give a child the opportunity to handle, as he can, real tools, you do a great service to him: you boost his autonomy, increase his self-confidence, help him improve his fine motor skills and satisfy his need to learn practically essential things in everyday life.

What tools can be used by children

The most important way a child learns about the surrounding world is imitation. The little ones have basic skills mimicking the activities of the adults, being often more pleased to clean the carpet alone with a sweeper, like the mother, than to look at cartoons.

If you are not sure about the tools you can leave on your child's hand from time to time (supervised, of course), here is a list of possible options:

- sweep, carpet brush, dust cloth;

- mop, spray bottle without toxic substances (water and vinegar, for example);

- sponge, laundry;

- small hammer, screwdriver;

- adhesive tape, leveler, flashlight;

- manual fruit juicer;

- tel, plastic or rubber dishes, sprinklers;

- small gardening tools, not sharp;

- household gloves.

When your child is interested in the above, say YES to his initiative to learn how to handle them.

What benefits does the permission to use real tools bring?

As long as you assist your child when handling a real tool, he will be completely safe. The fact that you let your child carry out a domestic activity with you is a gift that your little one will carry all his life in the soul: the confidence invested in you and in his abilities.

Moreover, the use of the tools in the house together means more quality time spent together, as well as the exercise of skill, attention, concentration and the sense of taking responsibility.

The child who is allowed to take part in important things in the family, such as cooking, cleaning or small home repairs, becomes a good homeowner himself. Learn to appreciate the work of parents, to keep better cleanliness, to handle alone when he has no one to help him, to mature and to feel master over the situation, being independent.

Rules for choosing the tools handled by children

Sure, you can consider enough to buy baby sets of toys that mimic real tools and accessories in a home, but the experience is not the same. The child will not perceive the use of a toy screwdriver like that of such a real tool.

But be careful how you choose the tools to leave on your little hand and how to use them together.

The following criteria may be of help to you:

- The quality: do not allow the child to handle only clean, unruly and in perfect working condition.

- size: try, as much as possible, to give the child tools that he can handle safely (you can buy a small broom, for his measure, for example).

- supervision: While it is extremely beneficial to let the child try to grow alone, do not let him out of your eyes for a moment!

- Patience: you will have a tendency to snatch a tool from the child's hand, when you will lose your patience waiting to use it well; try to avoid this mistake and give your child time and assistance for one of the most important practical lessons of his life!

Do you let your child use household tools? How do you do it when the little one wants to grow alone in the house? Share with us the experience in the comment session below!

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The role of hormones in pregnancy and their effects on the body

The changes in the body during pregnancy, as well as all the discomforts that pregnant women face are caused by pregnancy hormones. Frequent changes in mood, headaches and morning sickness are all caused by these substances secreted into the body of future mothers.

From the moment of conception, before you take your first pregnancy test, the secretion of hormones specific to the pregnancy begins and implicitly the changes in the body begin, so as to cope with the nine months of pregnancy, then labor and birth. These hormones will influence your condition even after birth.

Even if they are "blamed" for a general tiredness, vomiting and mood changes, they are also due to that glow of the skin attributed to pregnant women and a rich and shiny hair. But their most important function remains the fact that it transforms the body of the mother so that she can carry out the pregnancy at the end and keep her baby in her arms after nine months.

HCG, pregnancy hormone

Human chorionic gonadotropin hormone, abbreviated HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin), is the one who gives the first signs of pregnancy. He is found in blood and urine and is the one that causes two lines to appear in the pregnancy test. Also, testing for beta HCG in your blood will be the first one your doctor will take to make sure you are pregnant.

Nicknamed the pregnancy hormone, HCG is secreted at the beginning of pregnancy by the placenta. One of its roles is to prevent the release of other eggs and stimulate the secretion of estrogen and progesterone, which helps to implant the embryo in the wall of the uterus and to develop pregnancy.

The values ​​of this hormone are somewhere below 5.0 mlU / ml in women who are not pregnant and pass 25mlU / ml in pregnant women.

HCG is responsible for the fatigue you feel during the first trimester of pregnancy, for nausea and vomiting from the beginning of pregnancy, but also for dizziness and a weakened immune system that can facilitate the installation of colds and viruses. This hormone is also the one that will increase the blood flow to your pelvis, which will make you need to bathe very often.

In the second part of the pregnancy, the level of this hormone begins to decrease and, consequently, its negative effects gradually disappear.


It is this female hormone that causes thickening of the uterine wall while helping to attach the embryo to the wall of the uterus. He is also the one responsible for enlargement of the uterus, so that there is room for the development of the fetus. Estrogen is the one that will make the breasts grow at the beginning of pregnancy and that will trigger the production of milk later in pregnancy.

Its production is essential for a normal, trouble-free task. However, it will also have some negative effects on the overall strong state.

Erogesterone will cause headaches, sinus congestion, nasal secretions. At the level of the skin, it can cause the appearance of reddish spots and rashes, as well as hyperpigmentation of the skin and the appearance of the so-called pregnancy mask. From the point of view of aesthetic pluses, he is due to the brilliance of pregnant women.


Along with estrogen, progesterone is one of the most important hormones in pregnancy. Before attaching the embryo to the uterine wall, it causes thickening of the uterine mucosa. It contributes to the proper functioning of the placenta and helps to strengthen the protective wall of the uterus. The contractions of the uterus are also caused by progesterone.

The increased level of progesterone is also responsible for digestion problems: stomach burns, constipation, bloating, indigestion. appearance acne and more abundant perspiration than usual are also caused by progesterone.

Estrogen and progesterone are the ones that will cause the state changes. You will definitely notice that during pregnancy you are very emotional and your mood changes from moment to moment. In the morning you cry, at lunch you are very irritated and nervous, and in the evening you may be cheerful and well-disposed. Hormones are also responsible for these emotional states.

Lactogen and prolactin

Lactogen, also known as HPL, is the hormone that prepares the breasts for lactation and breastfeeding. Without this hormone, the breasts cannot produce milk, and HPL is essential for the production of colostrum, the milk secreted by the mammary glands in the first days after birth and containing antibodies, vitamins and minerals that will keep the baby from the affections.

The placenta starts producing lactogen after the 20th week of pregnancy to prepare the newborn for feeding.

Another hormone responsible for lactation is prolactin, secreted by antehypophysis. It stimulates the mammary glands to produce milk. The same hormone can also cause unpleasant effects for the future mother. Increased prolactin levels are associated with increased hair loss, and pregnant women may notice the presence of hairs on the face or abdomen.

Relaxin and oxytocin

both relaxin, as well as oxytocin, are hormones without which the mother's body could not go through labor and birth. Relaxin has a relaxing effect on the muscles, bones and ligaments in the pelvic area during birth, so that the baby is expelled.

Oxytocin is the hormone that will cause uterine contractions during labor. In case the mother needs a little help from the doctors at birth, a first recommendation is the oxytocin infusion to speed the baby's arrival in the world. After birth, he has an important role to play in the normal size of the uterus.

Pregnancy hormones are indeed the ones that cause us a lot of discomfort, from anxiety and depression to physical pain and feelings of discomfort, but they are also responsible for the small wonder you will hold in your arms. after nine months.

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If your child is required to have an infusion or stitches, he or she should be able to benefit from the application of anesthetic cream (EMLA) and the inhalation of a mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide (MEOPA ).
Parents to inquire about the means proposed by the institution to which they are addressed.

Children's games to avoid spelling mistakes

You learn to write by writing and reading a lot, but this is not enough, you also have to learn and practice with the spelling rules.

It is known that people who are used to reading, learn spelling before, and without any doubt, if someone writes correctly, they will express themselves and communicate much better.

We must practice the spelling rules as they will help us improve, we will learn to write well and expand our vocabulary. In the case of children, it will promote learning, reading comprehension and therefore, even spending less time studying, success will be greater.

So that children do not find it boring to practice these rules and do it without effort, the ideal is to resort to games. Depending on the age, it can be accompanied by images to make it more entertaining.

I leave you a game in which I have been working to learn spelling, it can be adapted to any educational level.

The spelling game SPELLING:

To play we will need:

- A dice.

- Tokens, which can be pencil sharpeners, erasers, colored chalk, etc.

- A deck, which can be made with cardboard. Each letter will have a word written on one side, and a small note of the spelling rule on the back. We can create the game at will according to the rules and the educational level with which we want to work.

- A board, as extensive, colorful and with as many squares as we want (homemade or one that we have in the 'la Oca' style).

- A director, who will be the moderator and will be in charge of reading the rules aloud.

We can play individually or in teams, in such a way that there are not too long waits between turns. If we play the game with a large group, dividing them into teams will promote cooperation and a more agile pace of play.

And above all we need 'a lot of desire to have fun.

How to play:

Each player has a token and will move it around the board when his turn comes. Take a card from the deck.

For example, if we choose the word BOIL, on the back we would read: 'all verbs ending in bir are written with b, except boil, serve and live'. In case the child writes and spells the word correctly, he will advance a box and the moderator will read the spelling rule for everyone. On the other hand, words that are written and spelled well and that have the letters g, j, h, x, will advance us two boxes, in the same way, those with accents, will advance three boxes.

The cards that have already been played will be placed in a different pile than what we will call 'REVIEW', there will also be some special 'REVIEW' boxes on our board. When a player lands on it, a card from this pile will be played, in such a way that if the player succeeds, he will advance one position on the board, but if he fails, he must return to the starting position.

The first to reach the goal will win.

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Impetigo: causes, symptoms and treatment

Advice bombardment to a new mom

Most mothers do not prepare during pregnancy for the one that comes our way when we have our baby. If I look at it from the perspective of time, I think now that it was not so bad, but since I didn't know, everything seemed like a world. And it is that experience is a degree and, above all, in the case of motherhood. It is not the same to raise the first child than the second. The second is more enjoyable because it is truly enjoyable to raise a baby with the lesson well learned.

One of the situations that most upset me in those first days, what do I say days ... months! when I had just had my baby, it was to go to celebrations, call them birthdays, communions, baptisms or friends' meetings. The preparations to go to these appointments did not consist of getting ready and making my baby very cute, it was also necessary to prepare the baby's bag, which was getting bigger and heavier because everything had to be packed to have a solution for any unforeseen event.

Once at the meeting place the dance began for us. Everyone approached the baby, as if attracted by a magnet, to tell him how beautiful he was and how big he was, while they made endless strange faces ... my baby must be hallucinating! What happens today that everyone has gone crazy? Strange hands touch me, they will pull my cheek, move objects in front of my face, give me kisses with the smell of makeup, they pick me up, pick me up and lift me up and sing to me people I don't remember or have never seen ... My baby didn't understand anything and then he would start crying.

However, his mom had to put up with the pull and I was getting more and more nervous. At that time, with the innocence of an inexperienced mom you need an immediate solution to calm your baby, any antidote seemed good to me. New mothers do not trust our instincts, we listen to others, when in fact we know that no one in the world understands the baby like we do.

That is when the time comes to listen, that if he cries it will be because he is hungry. Tell mom you're hungry ...! Ufff !!! And even though you know she just ate an hour and a half ago, you stick your breast out in front of the crowd gathered there and try to comfort your baby with her favorite food. When the hunger remedy did not work, then it was that I was sleepy ...

How to deal with that situation without being sure of what was really happening to my son? Put the pacifier on it was another of the favorite resources of anyone who thought they knew what to do. But my baby had no mercy. With his tender little hand he took the pacifier out of his mouth and tried to throw it with force in the direction of all the personnel.

Until the last resort came: it may be dirty. Yes, I'm going to change her diaper! Those words must have sounded like salvation to my baby. When I had him in the changing room, in a place away from all that tumult of people who did not stop overwhelming him and I took off his diaper, his enraged face turned into a huge smile. I let him stretch and move his legs at his own pace, I gave him a little massage and when he was clean I snuggled him into my arms in the middle of the silence, the peace and the tranquility of the next room, in just a few minutes, he fell asleep. And I thought, it doesn't happen to me again.

Marisol New.
Glòria Vives. Illustrator and author of the book 40 weeks. Chronicle of a pregnancy.
Illustration: Tell mom by Glòria Vives.

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BREASTFEEDING TIPS FOR NEW MOMS. What I wish Id known! Mariah Leeanne

Andreea Marin and Stefan Banica jr. they spoke for the first time live about their relationship and their future plans.

Andreea Marin and Stefan Banica jr. they spoke for the first time live about their relationship and their future plans.
The couple's life of the two stars was a topic of interest, discussed yesterday at the show "Tonomatul DP 2", moderated by Catalin Maruta.
The couple is about to move to the new house, and Stefan Banica jr. he is pleased and happy at the same time because between his current wife, Andreea Marin, and his 4-year-old boy, Radu Stefan, there is a sincere understanding and friendship, but this does not exclude the possibility that they two have a child of their own.
"Yes, sir, we want a baby, but that will happen when God wants it! I wanted Radu Stefan at 20 and I did at 34.

It is incredible that a 4 year old can support us. He and Andreea are friends and this is an extraordinary thing. He stays with us from time to time ... ", added Banica jr.
Andreea acknowledged listening to Stefan Banica jr. because he likes dance music, and that he watches every Friday the show "Dancing for you", presented by his husband, even if that day he also has the technical rehearsal for "Surprises, Surprises". Banica jr. revealed that the wedding rings are both Indian and bought from Hawaii.
The fairy "Surprises" also said in the show of Maruta that he wants to write a book with all the negative articles that appeared about them, following that the profits obtained from the sale of this book will be donated to eminent law students.
"I'm more compassionate than Mihaela!"
Regarding the relationship between her and Mihaela Radulescu, Andreea Marin Banica confirmed that she is a good and human one.
"There is a competition between us, created by others. I will never buy a Porsche Cayenne or an Audi A8, because I am more pleased! Mihaela was a model for me. It was a distance relationship between us, until I invited her on the show ... Then we continued to work together and talk on the phone. We have a good, human relationship and I have no reason to doubt her yet, "concluded Andreea.
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October 25, 2006
The stars choose to protect the miracle of birth

The CRUCEA ALBA Foundation is an ambitious project of Anita Măită, the President of the Mother Association for Mothers, which aims to lay the foundations of the first Maternal Health Center in Romania.

The Maternal Health Center will provide families at the beginning of the journey with a framework of medical safety and comfort for pregnancy, birth and parental education. This social entrepreneurship project will support the organization to provide counseling services for maternal health for women from disadvantaged areas.

And because the Association's solution comes in the form of a social entrepreneurship approach, a number of public figures have chosen to get involved in starting the project, participating in the project. Garden Party "Protecting the Birth Miracle". During the event there will be a auction of premium services offered by various personalities from the business, art, sports, etc. Some of the personalities who joined the cause are: Daniela Nane, Andi Vasluianu, Monica Anghel, Andrei Rosu, Domnica Margescu, Maia Morgenstern, sculptor Virgil Scripcariu and Adina Buzatu.

Andi Vasluianu told us that his involvement in this endeavor comes from the desire to contribute to the creation of a friendly and safe environment for his child. "I want my child to come to the world happy and relaxed," added the actor.

The funds raised will support the CRUCEA ALBA Foundation to establish the first Maternal Health Center in Romania.

The event will take place on June 14, starting at 8 pm at the Mogosoaia Palace (lawn in front of the Palace) and will be presented by Liana Stanciu. Actress Aniela Petreanu will attend the event to support the need for maternal health services.

Rhino-pharyngitis, bronchitis, laryngitis, gastro-enteritis, bronchiolitis ... He is very small, but he could already draw up his own catalog of childhood diseases!

  • Specialists have counted forty viruses (not less!) And your child has not yet forged his own antibodies, so you understand why you collect prescriptions and bottles of syrup.
  • "A harm for a good", will explain to you your doctor. Indeed, by being in contact with microbes and viruses, your toddler is doing his "immune learning". So you just have to take "his" bad luck.
  • If he is at the nursery, it is now that he is the most exposed and he will be "attack" for kindergarten.
  • If he is at home or at the nurse's, he is better preserved and you will be quieter ... until his entry to the small school!

Some good gestures

  • If your baby has a cold, put drops in your nose.
  • In the absence of symptoms other than fever, take a forty-eight hour observation period before telling the doctor. Either everything will be in order, or the symptoms will be clearer and the diagnosis easier.
  • Give him a drink frequently: maintaining hydration helps to effectively fight off all infections.
  • If your doctor prescribes antibiotics, scrupulously respect the dosage and the time of prescription.
  • Try to keep your child at home as long as he has fever, but do not put him in bed. He can not.