17 tips to make your baby's crib a safe place

17 tips to make your baby's crib a safe place

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Delivery bag - what is worth taking and what is not useful? A well-packed delivery bag is one of the most important tasks your future mother will have to face. The feeling that you have everything you need usually calms you down and gives you a sense of control. Simple?

Not necessarily.

While preparing to welcome the baby, many of us make a lot of mistakes. One of them is to take many unnecessary things. Nowadays, it is really not worth packing for a longer stay in the hospital, according to the principle that nothing is missing. Usually there is no problem to prove the items you need, if needed. And in practice, only a few things come in handy ...

So what should the delivery bag look like?

When to be ready?

It is assumed that the delivery bag should be ready two weeks before delivery. However, many have decided to prepare all necessary products much faster. This is not a bad approach, given that only 5% of children come on a strictly scheduled date.

An earlier solution can be expected, suggesting information from the attending physician. Sometimes, however, delivery gives birth and then the bag prepared beforehand becomes a godsend. That is why it is not exaggerated to get ready for delivery in 7-8 months of pregnancy. This is important, because when labor begins, it may be too late to pack the bag and most importantly remember everything.

Not only you, but also your partner should be familiar with the contents of the bag. During childbirth, the person who will assist you is important to be able to quickly and efficiently pull out the necessary things, without asking unnecessary questions that can aggravate the stress arising from the situation.

What should the delivery bag contain?

At the beginning maybe about what is not worth taking to the hospital - click.

Before packing the bags into the hospital it is worth carrying out a phone call to the hospital, asking what the institution where you decided to give birth requires. The requirements of individual hospitals can vary considerably.

What you must always have:

  • documents (ID card),
  • pregnancy record card
  • proof of insurance (showing that you are covered by insurance),
  • employer's tax identification number or own number (if you run a business).

For mom (we pack for two or three days, that's how many women stay in the hospital after delivery):

  • 2-3 longer shirts - one for childbirth (preferably one that you would not shame to throw away later), preferably buttons that allow easy feeding later,
  • socks,
  • rubber flip-flops that will serve as slippers,
  • robe
  • headband, cufflinks - something that will allow you to tame your hair,
  • large sanitary pads,
  • disposable wipes,
  • toilet paper,
  • paper towels,
  • two towels,
  • two bras for feeding plus several pieces of nursing pads,
  • ointment for injured warts,
  • cotton panties or disposable panties - recommended for women in delivery room (6-8 pieces),
  • something to eat and drink
  • sandwiches for an accompanying person,
  • mobile phone, charger,
  • camera.

For baby:

  • a pack of the smallest disposable diapers,
  • 10 meter diapers,
  • two cotton hats,
  • three cotton shirts and three pairs of rompers,
  • three rompers,
  • two pairs of socks, gloves off,
  • bathing towel with hood,
  • blanket or cone,
  • wet wipes, cream - ask at the hospital what you will need.

All clothing should be washed beforehand. Back to the clothing suitable for the current weather, car seat or pram.

Remember to wash all clothes after returning, so as not to unnecessarily spread hospital bacteria at home.

Name Hadassa - Meaning and origin

French chocolate cake is very fine and aromatic, being a dessert suitable for the weekend.

Preparation time

80 minutes




180 g of chocolate

3 eggs

125 g flour

250 g old

150 g fried peanuts

150 g butter

1 teaspoon soft butter

1/2 vanilla essence

1 salt powder

Method of preparation

Mix flour sifted with salt. Separately, mix the eggs with the sugar and gradually pour over them the melted butter with chocolate.

Add the vanilla essence, then gradually add the salted flour, fried peanuts and mix until you get a perfectly homogeneous dough.

Pour the composition into a tray lined with baking paper, then leave for one hour, over low heat.

Leave the cake to cool, then portion it, as desired.


You can decorate the cake with chocolate icing and finely chopped hazelnuts.

The type of kitchen


Chocolate Cakes Tags

The fight against cellulite

Cellulite is a stress factor for 90% of women. Cellulite is more than a layer of fat, namely a combination of residues, fats and water that form solid masses that remain trapped in fibrous tissue that has the role of binding the fibers to the surface of the skin. Cellulite most often occurs on the thighs, hips, but also on the hands, feet and abdomen.
What causes cellulite?
There are different factors that contribute to the appearance of cellulite, such as diet, but also the lymphatic circulation that allows the accumulation of residues. But there are three factors that decide the appearance of cellulite, namely:

  • heredity
  • estrogen
  • fat
    In case one of the factors is missing, then you do not have cellulite, but only fat that can be lowered with the help of a proper diet. It is said that cellulite is inherited from the mother, if she has it, she will have her daughter because it transmits the low resistance of the fibrous tissue. Chances are very high, even if the daughter is weak.
    Fibrous tissue is becoming weaker with age. If you have a thin layer of dermis, which is also inherited, cellulite is even more visible. If your mother has cellulite, it is possible to inherit the low resistance of the fibers that make up the fibrous tissue and also the problems of the lymphatic system that lead to the thickening of the fat cells and the formation of cellulite. As you well know, cellulite is not just fat, but is the fat accumulated between the fibers of the fibrous tissue. As the tissue ages, the more cellulite will be more visible.
    The fibers extend from the muscles to the fat layer and connect with the superficial surface of the skin, arranged in 90 degree angles. In men, fibers are zig-zagged, arranged at 45-degree angles, so fat is less likely to accumulate in the fiber network than in women.
    Once a woman reaches puberty, her ovaries begin to produce a hormone called estrogen, which helps to store fat in the hips, thighs, and legs to prepare for pregnancy. We can thank the estrogen for the fact that it collects the cells in "grape bunches", thus contributing to the appearance of cellulite.
    Diet plays a less important role when it comes to cellulite because its causes are: genetic, hormonal and anatomical. Diet can help, especially if you are overweight, but this will definitely not solve the problem. In fact, many anorexic women have cellulite, while others are overweight.
    Danielle M. Schupp, dietician and nutritionist, recommends the following 1500-calorie diet:
  • a cup of cereal with soy milk
  • a banana
  • two slices of black bread with tomatoes, mustard and turkey
  • salad (from red, green and yellow vegetables)
  • vinegar
  • a cup of yogurt
  • grilled fish, chicken or red meat
  • a sweet potato baked with butter
  • broccoli
  • a glass of milk
  • an Apple
    A diet rich in fruits, vegetables and plenty of water along with physical activity is the best way to cleanse your body and get rid of cellulite. Green tea can also help.
    When you reduce the amount of fat in your diet, you also reduce the number of calories to be consumed. For example, 1 gram of carbohydrates and proteins represents 4 calories, 1 gram of lipids corresponds to 9 calories. Thus, for every gram of fat you eliminate from your diet, you will also lose weight, but it is not recommended to reduce more than 20% of calories. ">

  • Paris terror: "I'm pregnant!" shouted the woman from the window

    Paris terror: "I'm pregnant!" shouted the woman from the window

    Paris terror: "I'm pregnant!" shouted the woman from the window

    Also involved in a terrorist attack on the Pentecost in Paris was a baby girl trying to save her child and her life by clinging to a second-floor window in a bloodbath at Bataclan Theater. Fortunately, they are both good.

    The voice of shots. There are still bodies on the street. Wandering around the ledge. People are fleeing from shooting sites and trying to drag the dead away from the theater. In a video by Le Monde's newcomer Daniel Psenny, it also appears that 1 person is hanging in the window and 2 are sitting in the window sill.
    Suggested only for strong nerves, the newcomer also warned one man to climb back into the window and then bring in a woman who was already struggling.
    An unnamed lady with a name and a face is already fine, but she still needs some rest - a close friend, Frans Torreele, told the Huffington Post. They wanted to find a rescuer who offered a helping hand to the desperate woman. They made a thank-you statement that took the world on Twitter. He had finally applied to the rescuer's brother, but he himself had been reluctant to go public. "I talked to my friend who confirmed, he was actually saved by the person, and they exchanged numbers. The point is that he is good and that is what we wanted to make sure." The thing to say, according to Torreele, is that a single gesture, a single helping hand, can save lives.Video from Batacland:

    For more information on the Paris terrorist attack, read more on article 24.

    Ginger sauce

    Warmth: What does it look like and how to treat it?

    What can you recognize that a little girl has a hot dog? How to prevent or treat this skin problem? With the help of a specialist, we came up with the most important information.

    How to prevent gay outbursts?

    The most common cause of hot flashes (or miliaria) is the relative scarcity and blockage of the sweat gland outlet tubules: in this case, the sweat cannot disappear and the skin becomes damaged in time. Dr. Malik Anikou, Medikids First Magan Children's Cure Center for infants and children cribs. especially small babies occurs, but also occurs occasionally in adults. It appears very freely on the face, but often causes symptoms on the complex, therefore poorly ventilated skin areas (eg, armpit, blemishes), on the nape of the back, on the chest, on the nape of the diaphragm, on the pops causes swollen, mostly white midbodies, indicating that the election was burning up. If there is no other symptom besides the above phenomenon, the child is affectionate, not flabby, unstable, no other sign of illness, so the outbreak of infectious origin can be ruled out, the baby has an outbreak, says Dr. Mal.

    How to prevent gay outbursts?

    In the high heat of summer it is not easy to provide adequate temperature in the apartment, but make sure that good ventilation in loose clothes Let's move it a little, and if we can, don't add anything. Proper care is very important. It can help to wash your child several times during the day with cool or lukewarm water - you will surely enjoy it in the can. Let's try not to spend too much in a stroller, carriage, that is, in places where the skin cannot ventilate properly. If these are followed, there is a good chance you can avoid the problem.

    Once you have developed it, how do you deal with the hot flash?

    On very humid, warm days, you may find that outbursts are evident in all your precautions. If you do not complain about your aesthetic problems, you do not have to be frightened, as miliaria usually does not require special treatment, it is by itself. In this case, the injury is the same as prevention, perhaps the most effective cool shower, which also relieves itching. Although swaddling powder and blend mixes seem to be a good solution in the public opinion, these creams provide the surface for bacilli, so they should be avoided. felьlfertхzхdhetett. In this case, make sure to show the child to a doctor who may prescribe a topical anti-infectious or antibiotic cream. Widespread redness, flabby edema, fungal protruding fungus may also indicate infection with a fungus. pohбrteszttel (pressing the glass on the small skin) does not shrivel. In this case, we are certainly not dealing with hot flashes, but a more serious disease, warns Dr. Malik Anikou.
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