The legend of Tepoztécatl. Mexican legends for children

The legend of Tepoztécatl. Mexican legends for children

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Why choose elegant clothes for children

Every child likes beautiful clothes, brightly colored, made of quality materials, which are also in trends. Elegant clothes fit perfectly into this category.

When choosing clothes for your children, it is important to know that they must have a material that will not be worn easily.

As in the case of adults, elegant clothes for the little ones must be on trend, so as to attract the little ones. These clothing items can be worn to kindergarten, school, but also to a party.

They are also ideal for walks, the more elegant they are, they can be worn even at a park exit. It is about the elegant jackets for boys, as well as the dresses that girls can wear.

As far as footwear is concerned, it has to match the objects of clothing. Thus, if a girl has a pair of red shoes, they fit perfectly with a white dress or a black dress. As for the boys, they can also opt for a pair of elegant shoes to match in a suit.

As for the brands, there are countless models for which the little ones can choose. Designers are careful that these clothes are always on trend.

Another aspect that is taken care of by those who are in charge of collecting clothes for the little ones is the quality of the materials. Thus, they take care that they do not cause irritation and itching of the little ones. At the same time, when it comes to making summer clothes, fashion designers take into account the fact that they must opt ​​for lightweight materials that allow the skin to breathe, not be a material that promotes perspiration.

The colors chosen by the creators of elegant clothes for children in summer are light shades, such as white, pink, blue or yellow. There are cheerful colors that inspire any outfit. A pink dress is often among the preferences of little girls, who love to wear them when they go to the park, but also when they go to kindergarten.

The light colors are suitable for any type of skin and any shade of hair, which is why they are always a choice that no parent will fail. Also for summer are ideal skirts, colored shirts, blouses, but also a pair of shorts.

5 tips to encourage your child to read

Reading is essential for good personal development. Reading is one of the most important skills to be acquired in life, as it precedes all other learning and stimulates the brain to improve and enhance any knowledge. But reading so that it can really be satisfactory it cannot be a compulsory activity in childrenIt must be an activity that comes from within them and that they understand the importance of it.

For a child to feel motivated to read, they must feel that they are not homework and that doing it is a leisure time. But how do you get it?

1. Be a good example. Children need to see in their parents a good example of reading so that they realize its importance. Reading in parents will make the little ones feel the need to follow their example. Reading books, knowledge magazines, or the newspaper are good ways to teach children that reading is fun.

2. Let them choose. Let your child choose the books that interest him according to his age and that have a theme that motivates him. Do not try to inhibit the topics, if she is a girl and likes dinosaurs or if she is a boy and prefers fairy tales, why are you going to deny it? They are your tastes and interests and you must discover what you really like.

3. Keep books close at home. Having a children's library at home, where children have books at their fingertips so they can read them is an excellent idea. In addition, this children's library must be attractive so it is necessary to create a reading corner with cushions, colors and lots of love.

4. Read to children. Since children are young, it is necessary to read to them so that they know that they can understand and follow the thread of a story even if they cannot read yet. As they grow, it will be necessary to ask them questions about what is read to them to know that they are attentive to the thread of the story.

5. Must be optional. In addition to making reading fun for children, they need to know that it is a choice and never a chore. That is why it is necessary that they have reading materials available for children to choose from, and that are also of interest to them. Although it is fine to give them reading suggestions, do not force them, without demands ... that way they will encourage themselves.

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Interactive shows on the weekend with the Ion Creanga Theater

Interactive shows on the weekend with the Ion Creanga Theater

Interactive shows on the weekend with the Ion Creanga Theater

Date: August 25 and 26, 2012

Time: 11am

Location: Romanian Values ​​Garden from the Children's World Park, the entrance from Pridvorului str., Through Calea Vacaresti

Guests: Ion Creanga Theater

Event Description:

The activities of the Romanian Values ​​Garden also continue at the weekend with new interactive shows supported by the actors of the Ion Creanga Theater.

Program representations

August 25 - "With grandma together: a drawing, a good joke."

In distribution: Alexandrina Halic, Mihai Verbitchi, Oliviu Cristian Bughiu, Vera Linguraru, Voicu Hetel.

August 26 - "A wonderful story was enchanted."

In distribution: Anca Zamfirescu, Ionut Ciocea, Eduard Petru Jighirgiu, Adriana Dragut, Cristian Boeriu.

We are waiting for you in the open air theater!

The event is part of the series of activities organized by the Dan Voiculescu Foundation within the summer program, in the Romanian Values ​​Garden.

Access is free.

Organizer: Dan Voiculescu Foundation for the Development of Romania in partnership with Ion Creanga Theater.

Source: Dan Voiculescu Foundation for the Development of Romania

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AIT: What do you do for ear training?

Have you thought that your child's regular anxiety can be resolved through hearing, or that ADHD, delayed speech development, or even speech impediment can be treated by, among other things, training in hearing attention?

AIT: What do you do for ear training?The French Fül-nose-geese, Guy Berard Originally developed therapies can be achieved in Hungary as well, and this has been proven by effective studies.

Who Is Halloween Therapy For?

Auditory attention treats the nervous system and the auditory organ system, which among other things can improve auditory processing ability. The procedure can be applied from the age of three, most often the following cases are treated:
when the child has been shown to have delayed speech development,
  • less onset of speech problems (which can also be a result of dyslexia)
  • hearing-impaired children who typically have ear catches and are often found to have some form of autism
  • attention deficit (ADHD),
  • speech disorder,
  • hearing post-fiberglass problems,
  • problems with speech perception (when the child recalls the original text when they hear the text)
  • szorongбs
  • slower information processing (if not personal).

How does therapy come about?

The common cause of the above problems is the difficulty in auditing processing. So the operation of the ear is not good, but most of the time it is not from the audio side. "Training can improve the effectiveness of your work, as well as improve the effectiveness of parallel developmental programs (movement therapy, speech therapy, developer or therapist), and usually justify it". Gergely Anikou, AIT therapist.When applying for a parent's AIT therapy with a child, the therapist performs a complex diagnosis. It examines nervous system imaging, cognitive function, visual and auditory function, perception. "Analyze the Entire Learning Process From Input (This Is Perception) From Processing to Output (This Product)" - presents Anikу Gergely, in the Therapy Line stimulation of hearing organs occurs occasionally for 30 minutes, twice daily for ten days. The first day of this must be absolutely consecutive. In practice, this means that the child receives a headphone through which he listens to music.In the meantime, you can play, draw or relax. The key to handling is the music being played. As you can read on the AIT's website in Hungary: "Strictly interlaced music is randomized by software, making it impossible to switch between high and low sounds that stimulate the auditory organs for 30 minutes or more. (...) functional cells at the intensity of the stimulus should be capable of a better quality of stimulation, transmission, processing. " This is explained in more detail by Anikу Gergely: "The volume of the music played is raised on each of the first day, and at least on the second session of the fifth day, the volume of the music is the same as the second day."

How does AIT work?

As the brainstem provides the stimulus to the brainstem, the mechanism of action of the treatment works for 4 months after the triage. Your results can be measured after 4 months. If the therapist and the parents think so, further results can be expected, it is possible to repeat the exercise after a break of 9 months. from the child, in behavior and senses, or even in performance. " It is also important to note that this therapy is particularly effective in adults, especially the elderly, and those engaged in loud music (DJs, musicians).Related articles in the hearing topic:
  • This can cause the child to hear badly
  • Getting Started: When to Go to a Phonograph?
  • Therefore, examine the child's hearing

Deafness in infants and children. How to Detect Childhood Hearing Loss

Deafness in infants and children. How to Detect Childhood Hearing Loss

My baby has a hearing loss - what next?

Natural scrubs for pregnant skin

Natural scrubs for pregnant skin

If there is something that all pregnant experienced physically in pregnancy are changes in the skin. The spots can appear on the face, and stretch marks can appear on the legs or in the abdomen area due to their growth.

Therefore, it is necessary that we do not put aside the beauty care in pregnancy. On the one hand, it is necessary that we do them to feel beautiful in such a special moment, on the other to relax and take care of our dermis, and finally so that our body and our skin prepare to recover quickly and easily after childbirth. That is why the natural scrubs.

1. Aloe vera facial scrub: The face is one of the parts of the face that undergoes the most changes during pregnancy. Therefore, exfoliating your skin with aloe vera can be an excellent beauty routine during pregnancy, as it has regenerative properties. This promotes cell renewal and removes dead skin from the skin. Applying aloe vera with a tablespoon of brown sugar and a few drops of lemon will allow us to wash our face with this mixture and make the skin much prettier during pregnancy.

2. Strawberry body scrub: Not only do we have to be clear about exfoliating the face during pregnancy, but also that we cannot forget the body. The best thing in this case is the natural strawberry scrub, rich in vitamin C and antioxidants. We will need to cut this fruit and combine it with sugar and also rice flour. This will allow us to regain the softness and freshness of the skin in pregnancy.

3. Honey facial maskAlthough a priori it may seem somewhat strange, exfoliating the skin with honey is not only the order of the day, but it is very important for the skin of the pregnant woman. Honey has disinfectant properties for the dermis and also gives it luminosity. To make the facial mask, it is necessary that we apply a little of this food and combine it with a tablespoon of sugar. Applying it on the face with circular movements we will achieve that the skin of the face in pregnancy is perfect.

4. Avocado exfoliating mask: This mask is very important if what we are looking for is the softness of the skin in pregnancy. Through the crushed avocado and a few drops of lemon juice, we can make a homemade mask that should be on our face for a few minutes before removing it with warm water. The skin will be much smoother and less tight if we have dry dermis, since avocado is a powerful natural moisturizer.

5. Natural sugar scrub: To prepare the skin in pregnancy we cannot forget that sugar is the fundamental ingredient. If we do not want to combine it with any other food, simply apply a few drops of lemon juice so that it is soaked, and then apply it on the face.

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My baby has diarrhea

Diarrhea is an unpleasant episode for you, but not so disturbing for your baby ... provided you intervene quickly. Who is it due to? What are the good reflexes to have? Why do we have to act? Our advices.

How does diarrhea occur?

  • Normally, the lining of the intestine is covered with very many cells, the enterocytes, responsible for absorbing nutrients and regulating the secretions that make them available to the body.
  • For up to 1 or 2 years, your baby's intestinal lining is still fragile. A small infection that passes by, a food that is struggling to pass ... it is easily irritated and enterocytes no longer fulfill their role correctly: the water and the mineral salts contained in food then pass much more quickly in the body. bowel, and the stools become more liquid.

What is the cause of diarrhea?

  • An infection : most often, it is a virus - rotavirus (so called because it has a wheel shape) especially - that causes diarrhea. More rarely, the infection is caused by a bacterium (Shigella, Escherichia coli, Campylobacter ...).
  • A food that "stuck": intolerance towards certain elements (lactose, milk proteins ...), or insufficient dilution of milk, new food introduced too early or at a bad time (during a dental flare, for example) ... " "Diet errors that your pediatrician will help you spot and readjust.
  • A small disease that is smoldering for example, otitis often causes intestinal disturbance. Other non-digestive disorders may be related to diarrhea, such as urinary, respiratory or meningeal infections.

In case of diarrhea in the baby, do not waste time!

  • It is rare for a baby to have at least one or two diarrhea in his first year. However, they should not be taken lightly because they cause a loss of water and mineral salts important and can lead in a few hours to severe dehydration, especially if the stool is very liquid or associated with vomiting. Be especially careful if your baby is less than 3 months old: he renews every day 20% of his water reserves and his needs are very important.
  • Carefully monitor your baby, and promptly consult the pediatrician when any of the following signs appear: diarrhea persists beyond 48 hours or is accompanied by blood stream, your baby's eyes are dark, he seems dejected he is no longer urinating, his fontanelle is digging (if he is an infant), he has lost 10% of his weight (weigh him twice a day).

Give it a little time ... to restore your health

  • The most important thing is to compensate for water loss by giving it regularly (every two or three hours) to drink small amounts of water, in which you will have diluted a rehydration solution rich in mineral salts (sold in pharmacies).
  • Let your intestines rest by removing the infant milk a few days (if you give him the breast, you can continue, because the mother's milk proteins are less irritating than those of cow's milk) and replace it with a milk of substitution ( based on soy protein, lactose free ...) prescribed by your pediatrician.
  • If your baby is more than 4-5 months old, you can give him some anti-diarrheal foods: crushed banana, grated raw apple, and a little apple-quince pot.
  • Never give him medicine without medical advice.

Karine Ancelet

Candidate treatment for pregnant women

Candida during pregnancy can trigger some alarms, and many future moms do not know if they can get regular treatment during this period. Find out to what extent you can follow a treatment against the candidate during pregnancy and what you can do to protect the baby from this condition!

The treatment plan for the candidate is not indicated in the case of pregnant women!

However, there are some changes we can make to adjust the delicate state of a pregnant woman. Even if this does not eliminate the candidate, it will still reduce the symptoms and keep it under control.

The first aspect to consider is the correct diagnosis. Is she a candidate for sure? Many of the symptoms may be confused with the symptoms of a pregnant woman. This is especially true in the first trimester of pregnancy, when you may experience fatigue, nausea, appetite, dizziness or skin problems.

Normally, the right diet for the candidate should restrict the amount of sugar you consume. You should eliminate sugar, but also carbohydrates such as pasta, rice and even some fruits. While this is a proper diet to prevent the spread of candida, it is not indicated at all for a pregnant woman. The baby growing inside you needs energy to grow, so you will need to eat carbohydrates and fruits for this.

If you are facing pregnancy, these are important changes you should make, but not before consulting with a gynecologist who can advise you in more detail:

Eat fruits in small quantities

Limit yourself to fruits such as green apples, pears or berries. Eat the whole fruit and don't be tempted to buy fruit juice. Juices will raise your blood sugar level and do not contain the fiber you need from fruits.

Consume high quality carbohydrates

Carbohydrates help maintain a high energy level and allow the baby to grow. That doesn't mean you should abuse. Choose beans, sweet potatoes and pickles.

Avoid added sugar

Here are the juices, processed meat, ketchup, yogurt with flavors and so on. You should always check the ingredient list before buying a product.

Healthy protein

You need protein from beef, chicken or lamb, as well as from organic eggs. Avoid processed meat, like salami. This product contains nitrates, sulfates and added sugar.

Don't forget to choose the supplements carefully

On many labels it could be written that they are not recommended for pregnant women. A lot of them contain Fluconazole, an antifungal that has been linked to congenital malformations. For any supplement or even food that you are not sure will affect the condition of your baby, your gynecologist is best able to advise you.

*** Article written by Dr. Silviu Istoc, primary physician Obstetrics-Gynecology at the Medicover Hospital, within the Department of Maternal-Fetal Medicine and Minimally Invasive Gynecological Surgery and at the ProVita Clinic. You can read more details on and on the Facebook page.

Weight gain of the baby


- I was born 8 months and 2 weeks ago a boy of 3,250 kg. It now has 7,500 kg and it seems to me that it doesn't lose weight anymore. Is his weight normal at this age?


The weight gain of the baby in the first year of life is as follows: in the first 4 months each 750 g / month, the next four months each 500 g / month and the last four (from 8 to 12 months) each 250 g / month.

Or else: the birth weight doubles at 4 months and triples at 12 months. These are, however, some average values, indicative; each child has his or her own rate of growth which is also influenced by constitutional factors.

Ideal weight

If we were to consider as a parameter of development, only the body weight, then the ideal weight of a child of 8.5 months with the birth weight of 3250g, would be 8375 g, which means that your boy has a weight deficit. of 10% and is located at the boundary between the underweight child and 1st grade malnutrition.

However, body weight is not the only parameter to be considered when assessing the nutritional status of the baby: it must be correlated with the waist, the evolution of the weight curve (stationary, ascending or descending), the presence or absence of adipose tissue on the abdomen, chest, limbs and face, appreciation of the skin fold.

Also, the condition of the skin, the trophic and muscle tone, the motor and neuropsychic activity, the digestive tolerance and the immunological reactivity (resistance to infections) must be taken into consideration.

So, your little boy has a lower weight compared to his age, but to find out to what extent this fact is pathological and to determine the causes of this weight deficit he must be consulted by the pediatric doctor.

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