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Name Cliff - Meaning and origin

Origin of first name:

Anglo-Saxons, Courts

Meaning of the name:

Cliff is a masculine given name derived from the Anglo-Saxon surname Clifford. It comes from the terms "cliff" and "ford" which means "cliff" and "ford".


In the world of music, we find Cliff Richard (rock singer considered the British counterpart of Elvis Presley), Cliff Burton (American musician known as the 2nd bassist of Metallica, a trash metal band) and Cliff Martinez (American musician and film music composer known for composing movie soundtracks such as "Sex, Lie and Video" and "Gray's Anatomy").
In the sports world, there is Cliff Floyd (American professional baseball player who gained his notoriety after winning the 1997 World Series with the Florida Marlins), Cliff Alexander (American basketball player who plays winger) and Cliff Avril (American football player occupying the position of "defensive end").

His character :

Cliff is an extraordinary person who does not follow the beaten path. He often tries to surpass himself and ignores borders. He likes big ideas as well as human or spiritual values. Aspiring to an ideal, his determined nature allows him to think big. Cliff is a man who is not afraid of challenges and who is always trying to prove what he is capable of. Curious and quick-witted, he overflows with energy from his earliest childhood.



His party :

No date is associated with Cliff's party.

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The bad thing that happened on the field trip

Momo has become the nightmare of many children and of many parents who do not know what to do so that their children stop waking up with nightmares at night. Now, Momo is back and this time in the form of the Halloween costume that scares kids the most. And it is not for less, the shadow of the virtual monster is elongated, and it seems that it has come to stay, at least until October 31.

Whether or not you have children, you've likely heard of Momo. It is a terrifying image that went viral some time ago around the world. In it you can see a creature, semi human? with long black hair, white skin, bulging eyes, and an indescribably hideous mouth.

It was said that this image sneaked into children's mobiles and in the different videos to scare them and throw a curse on them. Something like a viral game that invited children to commit crimes and carry out certain rites or games that would endanger their lives.

However, over time, it became known that this was a lie and that Momo was nothing more than fake news; a statue created to become famous and scare the little ones. But, although it was finally discovered that it was not a macabre viral game for children, the truth is that there were many little ones who saw his face. And they could no longer forget her.

Luckily, and for the peace of mind of your children and your own, we will tell you that the creator of the Momo sculpture has assured that he has already destroyed it. He has explained that with his 'death', the creature's curse has disappeared. However, many have taken advantage of Halloween to take her out for a walk again.

Every year certain fashionable costumes are put on, depending on the films that are released, the events that have taken place or the characters that have been talked about the most. And for that very reason, Momo is succeeding this Halloween. As with the original image, social networks have been filled with photos of people dressed up with this terrible face.

There are those who have been made her own Momo Halloween costume, but it is not too complicated to buy it either. And it is worth doing a quick search on the Internet to find different stores that sell it, in most cases in mask format. But, most surprising of all, you can also find video tutorials on YouTube to make up like this horrible creature.

There will be more than one child who will meet Momo again this October 31 ...

Halloween is one of the funniest times of the year: costume parties, pumpkin games, bat crafts ... However, we cannot forget that all this celebration is based on scares, monsters and fear. Thus, there are children who tremble at the arrival of Halloween. They refuse to ask for candy on October 31, they don't want to go to the school costume party, they are afraid of children's Halloween movies ...

Celebrating Halloween with children who are afraid of (almost) everything can be tricky. Especially when we know that They could meet someone dressed up as the horrible Momo doll. However, there are a few little things parents can do to help prepare them for Halloween night. Let's see some:

1. Talk to the children about what Halloween is
Before the arrival of the feast of fear, talk to the child about what Halloween is and what is going to be found at school and shops (decoration of ghosts, bats and vampires ...). By anticipating ourselves, we will ensure that children are prepared to run into the odd ghost without being afraid of it.

2. Away with the fear of monsters!
Halloween monsters are often very scary for children. However, it is as simple as explaining that the werewolves in stories are fictional characters and that under the sheet of that ghost is a person of flesh and blood.

Another good way to reduce children's terrors is by 'ridiculing monsters'. Thus, they will realize that they can also be funny and friendly creatures. To do this, it helps to read stories, invent your own monsters, sing Halloween songs, etc.

3. Don't watch certain scary movies
The television grid and movie theaters are filled with scary movies during this time. Many of these productions are designed for children, but not all children are ready to see all the titles. Therefore, before showing a certain film to your children, find out if it is adapted for their age and if it is convenient for them to see it.

4. Enjoy Halloween as a family
If your children see that you are enjoying Halloween and that you are counting the days until October 31 arrives, they will want to participate in the celebration too! Use this party as an excuse to have a great time as a family, whether it is preparing the celebration together, organizing an afternoon of movies at home or reading funny stories together.

You can also organize a small party at home or go out to ask the neighbors for candy. Of course, be careful with the amount of sweets you take! And is that according to a study published some time ago in The Medical Journal of Australia, there are many brands that take advantage of this party to do business, not only with our pockets (since some families leave a real fortune in decoration), but also with our health and that of our children.

The trinkets that the little ones eat at home (and that we accumulate for months afterwards) pose a health hazard. And we are sending the children the message that to have a good time, at a party or celebration, we have to eat this type of very unhealthy snack. Can't you celebrate with fruit?

With this reflection we end, but not before saying: Happy Halloween (without Momo)!

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Scariest Halloween pranks ever!!!

Raspberry-pistachio jam

Raspberry-pistachio jam

Original, a recipe of raspberry-pistachio jam for gourmands.


  • 1 kg of raspberries
  • 500 g caster sugar
  • 2 tbsp. lemon juice
  • Some pistachios


Put the washed raspberries in a saucepan. Pour the sugar and lemon juice over the fruits. Bring to a boil, add the pistachios at this time and cook another 10 to 15 minutes after boiling.

Fry and put the jam still hot in pots. Turn the pots and let cool for a day.

Put your pots back in place and put them back in a dry place, away from the light.

A DNA test can prevent cervical cancer

A healthy boy was born 19 years after the embryo was frozen

Accept your child's emotions

Let's imagine the following scenario: You are in a playground and you let your child play with several children. At one point, your child comes to you crying. The reason he cries may be trivial, and you, as an adult, may not understand why he is doing so much ... and then, what are you doing?

  • Do you tell him that he has no reason to cry?
  • Do you give him logical explanations by which you want to make him understand that he has no reason to cry, that things are not as he sees them?
  • Or do you let him cry, control your emotions and understand that you are near him and that you understand him?

What do you think is the best option in such situations?

Last day I was meeting several moms and I was talking about this topic. The children were in another room and playing, and we shared and shared our experiences with mothers. At one point, a little boy with tears in his eyes entered the room. He was scared because he didn't know where his mom went.

When he saw her, his face lit up and the tears seemed to stop.

"What's wrong with you? I'm here! Stop crying! You cry in the morning," the mother's words came. She was irritated by the crying of the child, quite rightly, especially considering that it was in a safe place, where all the children played very well.

My mother's intention was very good. He wanted to hug his child and show him that he had no reason to cry. But who do you think were the effects of her words?

The boy began to cry even louder. Tears were streaming down and he looked at us with such a sad look! In order to calm him down, the mother had to dress him and leave that place.

I'm sad about this incident. Looking back, when my children were young, I often did the exact same thing. But how different today I see things!

As mothers, we want to help our children be strong and confident and strive to show them what is good and what is bad, but how often do we stop to think if what we really do is in this direction?

When a child cries, all he needs is to be understood.

Whether or not I, as a mother, agree with my child's emotions, he will still feel what he feels. In our desire to set limits for our children, to teach them what is good and what is bad, we do not realize that we can set behavioral limits, but in no way can we set limits regarding what I feel.

When your child is crying, the best thing you can do is to stand next to him, hold him in his arms, if he lets you, or just sit next to him.

You can also tell her: "I understand that you are sad. And I would feel in your place as well if I knew what you suffered." In this way you help him name the emotion he feels and validate it. You help him understand that he is okay with what he feels, that he is "not flawed", that he accepts and loves him no matter what emotions he feels at that moment.

Otherwise, if you really want to appease him and give him logical explanations for which he should not cry or, worse, for sure, the child will come to the conclusion that "it is defective", because he feels something that the mother says that he should not feel.

You may also feel unaccepted and unworthy of your mother's love, and this is terribly painful for a child, regardless of age. Then you will have very little confidence in him and what he feels, which you certainly do not want for your child.

What to do if your child cries, even if the reason is "childish"?

Be with him with understanding and acceptance. Help him name the emotion he feels and validate it. "I understand you're upset. I would feel the same about you."

It is very important to say these words when you truly believe them, that is "after you put on his slippers, as a child" and understand that his problem is very important to him. Otherwise, if you just say the words, without feeling it, the child will know that you are not sincere and will lose their confidence in you.

Once you have validated the emotion, you can set a behavioral limit, if what you did is not acceptable from your point of view. "I understand you, but that doesn't mean it's okay to do what you did."

By following these steps, you will see, your child will gain more confidence in you, he will know that you respect his feelings and he will see in you a true friend, who does not judge him.


Oana Popa

Business & Life Coach

PS: we talk about such things at our parent workshops.

In these workshops, parents discover through exercises and games many things about themselves and their emotions. Thus, they become aware of their emotions and the emotions of their children and can support their children to find the best solutions for themselves, regardless of the situation.

If you are curious about what is happening at these meetings, go to the topic Choose to be a wonderful parent!

Tags Emotions for children

Six great athletes scored the Champions Week at AFI Palace Cotroceni!

Six great athletes scored the Champions Week at AFI Palace Cotroceni!

Between April 7 and April 12, AFI Palace Cotroceni hosted the "Champions Week", a series of meetings between the Romanian sports champions and the children present in the shopping center.

The action organized by AFI Palace Cotroceni and CSA Steaua Bucuresti during "Saptamanii Altfel" brought to the students Camelia Potec, Virgil Stanescu, Sandra Izbasa, Alina Dumitru, Vasile Stanga and Ana-Maria Branza.

For six days, the champions met the children, answered hundreds of questions received from them and shared autographs. In addition, they have done several sports demonstrations, giving children the opportunity to experience the sport of the day and win prizes.

On April 7, Camelia Potec, Olympic swimming champion, discussed and took dozens of pictures with the children from AFI Palace Cotroceni.

The next day, Virgil Stanescu, the president and captain of the Steaua basketball team, played several matches with those present and spoke to them about ambition and performance.

On April 9, Sandra Izbasa, double Olympic champion in gymnastics, conquered the children by her presence, and Alina Dumitru, Olympic champion in judo, surprised the little ones by judo demonstrations.

On Friday, Vasile Stanga, the goalscorer of the World Handball Championship in Spain (1982), attended the handball matches and offered inspirational tips to those present.

On Saturday, Ana-Maria Branza, the double world champion in fencing, ended the series of meetings at AFI Palace Cotroceni by inviting the brave children and young people to duel with her.

Saturday was completed by a unique action of the Scouts of Romania. During the 9th edition of Bucharest Quest, 175 researchers made a flashmob on the outer platform of the Far Entrance.

With the background of the anthem specially created by Marius Moga, the young people recreated the symbol of the search, the lily flower, with the help of colored cards with positive messages. Bucharest Quest is the project of the Romanian Scouts through which they set out to change the negative perception of young people on Bucharest.

For more information about AFI Palace Cotroceni you can access the web page or the official Facebook page AFI Palace Cotroceni.

Tags Events for children Week of School Other 2014 Programs School Other 2014

Even a 25% discount on a layette for a child - we reveal the secret of economical shopping

Even a 25% discount on a layette for a child - we reveal the secret of economical shopping When you are expecting a child, you realize that there will be a lot of expenses waiting for you. You can buy cute, small clothes, shoes, diapers, cosmetics needed for daily care and of course, toys. You know how many things you need to do and it will cost you a lot of money. The good news is that you can save a lot on these purchases. Discover the secret of cheap shopping with us and get ready for the arrival of a new family member.

You will probably ask what needs to be done to make shopping cheaper. Have you ever heard of the service cashback? Do you know how it works? If not, don't worry. We have collected the most important information on this topic. Find out what the magic of economical buying is and let yourself shop without worries or giving up the highest quality products.

Cashback - a way to enjoy shopping!

Did you know that your shopping can be cheaper by up to 25%? It sounds inviting? It gives you that opportunity now - the largest offering portal in Poland cashback refund. There are over 700 partner stores on offer, among which you will also find ones with children's assortment. Wondering how to take advantage of this discount?

Do you want to buy a layette for your baby? Register for free on Tipli and choose any store. Nodik is very popular. By buying there you can save 2.5% of the price of the products of your choice. Completing the layette you need a whole lot of them. A cot, baby bath, nappies, feeding bottles, clothes - this is just a drop in the sea of ​​needs, and spending in the first months of life is not small. So let's take advantage of the additional opportunities that will save you. Buying from Tipli for each order you will receive a bonus that will be credited to your account within 48 hours of making the purchase. What you spend the money on is entirely up to you.

Promotional leaflets - a rich source of limited offers

Do you want to save not only in online stores? Follow promotional leaflets. This is a source of knowledge about the latest promotions and discounts that we all love and use them willingly. When you follow the offers of stores with accessories for children, you often have doubts whether you spent too much. You have a lot of paper newsletters at home, and they are out of date before you can see them. However, we have good news. You can now find current promotions in one place - on Tipli. Sit comfortably in your armchair and check what promotions await you in stores this week.

Tip: Newsletter promotions can also be combined with cashback. By using these two options at the same time you are able to save a really large amount.

Take care of your home budget today. Register and take advantage of the discounts that are already waiting for you on the Tipli website. Buy the things you love and don't worry about spending too much. In addition, earn referral bonuses Tipli your friends. See for yourself that it's worth it! Catch hot deals today.

5 foods to stimulate children's brains

Eating a healthy and balanced diet is always the best so that our children have a good dose of energy both physically and mentally, but especially in times of stress, exams, or towards the end of the course, when fatigue takes its toll and The need for a vacation is evident in the little ones.

Within the Mediterranean diet, some nutrients in particular are characterized by helping the body to obtain maximum performance, and can help make these periods more bearable. These are the 5 foods that stimulate the brain of children.

1. The egg It contains two ingredients that are related to an improvement in neuronal connections and brain activity, choline, and phospholipids. Eggs are the main contribution of choline in the diet, while phospholipids can also be found in other foods, such as nuts.

2. Whole grains and pasta They provide carbohydrates that the body converts into glucose for the proper functioning of the brain. These complex carbohydrates are used slowly as needed, thus keeping energy levels constant. Unlike their refined counterparts, they also contain B vitamins that contribute to the proper functioning of the nervous system

3. The fruitUnlike cereals and pasta, it provides simple sugars, or what is the same, immediate energy. Among the fruits, the banana has a very attractive mineral content to promote concentration, thanks to its potassium content, necessary for many of the reactions that take place in the brain.

4. Milk and dairy products They are very interesting due to their calcium and tryptophan content, which are not directly related to concentration, but to rest after exercise, both mental and physical. Calcium is related to blood pressure control, and helps to relax the nerves, while tryptophan combines with vitamin B6 to generate serotonin. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter related to well-being, relaxation and calm, necessary for the brain to recover after exertion.

5. Red meat They contain iron and zinc, other essential micronutrients that promote concentration. Specifically, zinc deficiency is related to lack of attention, so it is convenient to have an appropriate contribution. In addition, they also provide tryptophan and phosphorus, the latter related to the proper functioning of neurons.

Although these 5 foods stimulate children's brains, It is not necessary or healthy to exceed the consumption of any of these nutrients, since an increase in their contribution above the usual recommendations is not related to an increase in the ability to concentrate or improved performance.

And, although children tend not to do so, it should be remembered that the water supply is vital, since good hydration promotes concentration and brain performance.

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