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During the chat in the baby room, we occasionally see experts on the topic, advice, and chat rooms to ask them questions. Recently, Krisztina Kassai, Nestlé's expert, answered questions about baby nutrition.

If milk is low

From conversations and inquiries, it turns out that pregnant moms in chat chat agree that the baby is in the first few months of her life, and as much as possible until the end of her baby's life. A mother whose milk is beginning to dry earlier because of something, usually does her best to extend this period: she drinks milk-based herbs, and is recommended by doctors and nurses. If breast milk is not enough, you should apply for replenishment. Whatever the first formula is, this baby, the course of development, the best known pediatrician and nurse's suggestions. This time again, the expert warned: There are a number of carefully crafted diets that are designed to best match the needs of the baby, but do not give cows milk in the advanced stages of infant formula. One of the questions was about a mother of a three-year-old boy reporting that his son was allergic to whites, and suspected that this condition, "half" or "two thirds" cow's milk. Krisztina Kassai has not ruled out this possibility, as she said that early research on cow's milk may be the cause of many changes. Another suggestion was that goat milk is still subject to a stricter ban: even if the child has no digestive problems, it is only worth giving at the end of high school. Naturally, the "milk ban" does not apply to infant formulas, "baby milk" or milk whips, even if they are made from cows' milk, because the formula in the baby's milk contains a modified formula. When adding, it is also worth noting that the selection of dietary supplements (such as Beba 2 Bifidus, NAN 2 Bifidus), which may be a condition for stomach ailments, is already being expanded.


Sometimes even the most well-balanced, well-cared-for, breast-fed babies are concerned. There is also the question in chat rooms whether you are thirsty, do you need to have tea while breastfeeding, and if so, what kind of tea is worth using? Newborn classes sometimes give boiled water with sugars - more so at home. Licensed "baby cups" specifically designed for infants can come in a variety of granules, such as Milupa and the Hipp, or traditional straw tea with a little sugar. For stomach babies, you can also suggest some tea - he said on a nutrition advice - but usually herbs, specialties such as herbs and herbs are a must. greenery can only be given very carefully, traditional is better.

Safe baby food

One of the clients you want to overcome is your mother's checks on baby benefits: Help the expert ask you for help. She loves them, thinks they are varied, delicious and practical, it can save them time, but her grandmother is hard to convince her not to use baby food too lazily. According to Krisztina Kassai, a surefire composition can come with these benefits, not to mention that what is in the glass is tested, often checked, guaranteed quality, while the market raw material can pose a danger to the beans. Unfortunately, the fruit bought on the market or on the green, unfortunately, the fruit may be nitrated or may contain chemicals, spray residues - is carefully checked by the manufacturer.

What, when, how?

When do you get eggs for your little one, your head, or your egg? - A pregnant mother inquired. - According to the domestic proposal, egg whites are only given at the age of one year, but the yellow one can be obtained soon after, at around eight months of age - the answer sounded. He also asked for advice on what to do with two-year-olds who are "lazy" to talk, often spit on, and do not properly flesh, even though they have nearly all their teeth.
Krisztina Kassai: It is a common problem if the denture is slightly jagged. In such a case, the use of minced meat is the solution: if you are equally keen on smoking, this particular food is not a problem.
Will it not be iron deficient if the half-fulled baby just got first potato steaks and doesn't eat meat yet? asked a worried mother. "It's not age that counts, but graduality, if you get iron in breast milk or formula, you won't be iron-deficient," the expert assured.
-My little one-year-old gets up every night to eat three times. He eats steaks and fruits three times a day in the sun. Before bathing you get steaks and turmeric and you bathe after bathing. What can I do to sleep more? - The request came. "This" menü "seems to be so much, there is no need at all for night feeding, so it is not because of hunger, it just requires occupation," said Krisztina Kassai. - There is no need to feed at night, if it is still soggy, it will soon settle.
And when asked if breastfeeding is abundant, if breastfeeding is too small, and if it is breast-feeding until the age of two, Krisztina Kassai said that after one year, breast milk is more it must be given, but it must also be included in your schedule. Year after year, the child should gradually become "omnivorous", at this age breast milk is no longer needed.

Traditional Chilean recipes for children

Traditional Chilean recipes for children

For all those who are looking for children's menus that provide nutrients and vitamins to their children, recommends these traditional Chilean recipes, as rich as they are healthy.

Fish, meat or cereals are the most common ingredients in Chilean natural recipes. Most of the dishes are very elaborate, so we assure you that your child will eat healthy and well.

Here we leave you a series of Chilean recipes that the little ones will love.

Celery salad. To accompany the meat in the Christmas meal, our site brings you the recipe for the celery and avocado salad, a traditional Chilean dish that is quite healthy for children.

Corn cake. If you are looking for recipes that contain corn, on our site you can find the Chilean corn cake, a traditional recipe from Chile that is recommended for both children and adults.

Meat Stuffed Potatoes. Homemade recipe for potatoes stuffed with meat. Typical Chilean recipe for the whole family. If you want to know and get started in Chilean gastronomy with your children, our site gives you a very easy recipe that the little ones at home will love: potatoes stuffed with meat.

Stuffed fish. If you are looking for a healthy fish recipe to give to your children, and that at the same time is delicious, our site recommends this Chilean recipe that the whole family will surely love.

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20. Flying socks

After hundreds of diapers changed to our children, surely our pituitary is more or less used to bad smells: now we are somewhat more insensitive to those sibylline pedets or forgotten poops in the w.c.

However, I am surprised by the great resistance our children have to the bad smell of a room full of shoes and sweaty feet, or hot with farts, after a menu of legumes.

Could it be that children have an even greater resistance to bad smells than we do, despite our years of olfactory training? There are more and more toys, even stories that stimulate children's noses: stories that smell good or bad, depending on whether you scratch a flower or a foul green troll; Joke articles, stink bombs, stinking sprays, farts, collectible dolls with disgusting smells, and that awaken the hilarity of our children: garbage, cabbage, sweat, pee, poop, it is some of the succulent smells that our children can bear without problems and they brag about it, while we look at them in disgust.

Smell is a sense that leads to the association of pleasant or unpleasant objects. In the same way that they love to smell the cinnamon cake that you are making in the oven, they also love to smell much more unpleasant smells, since I think they wake up the little, joker and playful thug that every child has from 4 or 5 years.

Bad smells, burps or talks about filthy subjects, make them spend hilarious moments in front of a group of friends. Could it be that they are taboo or an escape route to jokes and games? Or is it that they really attract, stimulate and arouse their interest?

The joke and sense of humor of our little ones go through these small and accepted transgressions of the rules. Naive jokes, though not lacking a hint of rudeness and cheekiness. Should we be indulgent and put up with these odor concerns?

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The science of attraction - Dawn Maslar

Don't say, “My child doesn't swear..

Why Do Children Swear?

From the moment the child starts to speak, they memorize many words they hear from their close circle and use that word in a close process. These words can be positive or negative words. Children see no harm in pronouncing words that they don't already know. This is an expected situation for children. Whether innocent or intentionally, the child will learn one of these words by hearing from somewhere.

Don't be angry with your child!

Child Psychiatry Assist. Assoc. Dr. Serdar Alpaslan says that the child should not be angry when he says an inappropriate word. Alparslan said, i When the child is angry and reacts to you and wants to make it clear to you, he will use the word again. Because the child has learned that this word is something that will annoy parents. Expressions such as 'I'll put hot pepper in your mouth' and 'look beating' reinforce this bad behavior of the child. Also, when the child first says a 'shame' word, the parent laughs or laughs gently, just trying to hide it, the child notices it and says the word again. Because what young children want most is to please their parents. ” Alparslan, who says that reacting with laughter or anger reinforces bad speaking behavior, says that after the child's anger has passed, the child should be talked about the situation in an appropriate manner.

What are the causes of swearing in children?

Oral Avoidance: As a result of any tension, swearing is a natural condition. A child who is very blocked and whose living space is very narrowed can curse as anger.Attention: Children who do not receive enough attention from their parents swear.Shaking: Some children may shock adults and swear to disturb them.Defense: For some children, saying bad words is a form of defense.Maturation: Sometimes children also say bad words, as a symbol of being adults.

Small recommendations

Esther's Diary - Week 24Transformers

Spinach food

Spinach food recipe, easy and fast, is recommended for babies of 10-12 months.


  • spinach
  • two pumpkin strips
  • two strips of chicken breast
  • a teaspoon of olive oil
  • four tablespoons milk
  • four coils of salt
  • 1. The pumpkin and spinach are removed from the freezer and left to thaw;
    2. When the pumpkin and spinach have thawed, a small pan is set on fire;
    3. When the water boils, the pumpkin is boiled, when it is boiled it is removed, and in the remaining water the spinach is boiled;
    4. Pour the water from the pan and put on the pan with the olive oil, the pumpkin passed, and the chopped spinach;
    5. Boil the chicken breast separately;
    6. When the spinach and zucchini are slightly warm, add the milk and salt and mix well. Let it simmer for a while, until the milk is reduced;
    7. When the chicken has boiled, remove, cut into small cubes and add to the food.

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    Pregnancy process leads to unwanted troubles like weight and swelling for mothers
    It can open. These are related to the birth process.
    It is a normal situation that a mother will experience even if she doesn Mom also lose weight
    In addition to swelling, especially swelling occurs markedly.
    Swelling of mothers in pregnancy process
    is one of the most important changes in the body.

    Swelling occurs especially in the feet
    in the process of pregnancy.
    The body needs more water during pregnancy. These swellings occur
    This is due to the need for water. Body of excess liquid
    storage causes swelling. Weight gained
    swelling of feet and body
    occurrence is quite natural. So, how to remove the swelling standing?
    What to do to reduce swelling.


    No matter how much you rest your feet
    will be useful. Swelling
    reach down to raise your feet. Couch,
    Stretch your feet to the chair, stool or any other high place.
    Make sure it is in a place higher than your body. Reaching out
    lifting up would be more beneficial. Swelling
    It is a very good tactic to extend the legs to a high place in the problems.


    Nutrition is an important issue in swelling.
    Balanced diet is very important for swelling problems. Pregnancy process
    Excessive salt consumption should be avoided throughout. The dose of salt when eating
    well set, you should not even put salt into the dish. Lack of excess salt
    means increase. The salt keeps the liquid more in the body. This
    also creates swelling problem. Stay away from salt.


    Pregnancy and your choice of clothing for a while after pregnancy
    Check. Tight clothes trigger swellings. For this, choose casual wear
    need to be. Avoiding clothes that will put pressure on your swelling
    There are benefits.


    Swelling is a normal condition that should occur during pregnancy and postpartum. exceptions
    is a condition that can be seen in every woman. Swelling occurs in the foot area
    normal situation. But in other parts of the body
    If you are encountered with the doctor should be seen. Live in other regions
    swelling is a harbinger of health problems. In this case necessarily
    it is beneficial to see a doctor.

    The midwife in pregnancy, childbirth and the pueperium

    The midwife in pregnancy, childbirth and the pueperium

    After Birth Care in a Hospital and Postpartum Recovery. NHS UK

    Childhood diabetes starts more often

    Children under the age of 15 have a higher risk of developing Type I diabetes in the winter months, according to a study.

    Childhood diabetes starts more often

    The Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Novi Sad researched this tйli tend to be more common in the fiъk or 5-14 years old between both sexes. Unlike type II diabetes, which develops in middle age, Type I Usually it starts in childhood and requires lifelong insulin therapy.
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    Playback Disease develops when the pancreas insulin-producing cells are killed. It is not clear why these cells are killed, but the most valuable cause is an abnormal reaction of the body against the cells, which can be triggered by viral or other infections. "There are a number of reasons for this Type I Diabetes Season for example, "said Elena Moltchanova, head of the study. there is no school stress and they can spend more time outdoors, "he adds.
    Contrary to previous studies, Victoria King, Diabetes UK research manager, said "this larger study has a stronger correlation, which is interesting, because we still don't know exactly how Type I diabetes develops."
    "By examining this pattern, we may know more about what can trigger Type I diabetes."
  • Diabetes can also cause hunger thirst
  • The number of diabetic children in Hungary has doubled
  • Diabetes And Hypoglycemia
  • Animation: Hб