Trendy French Names For Girls With Meanings For 2021. Unique + Chic Vintage Girl Baby Names List

Trendy French Names For Girls With Meanings For 2021. Unique + Chic Vintage Girl Baby Names List

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The biggest mistakes parents make in feeding the child. Do you recognize them?

Many parents make mistakes in their baby's diet without realizing it. We show you what they are and what can be done to remedy them.

Because of the desire to have a healthy baby, many parents go wrong when meal time comes. Whether it's the way you prepare the food, the choices you make or the approach you have, it is possible for you to commit, without, of course, making one of the mistakes below. Here are what they are and what you can do to correct them.

1. I start diversification too early and with the wrong foods

The diversification of the baby's diet starts at 6 months, not earlier, and the food does not get chaotic in the child's menu. Starting with half a year you can give them such confidence baby cereals mixed with breast milk or milk formula. As you can see, there are also variations suitable for each meal during the day. The ones for the evening, for example, are sufficiently satiated so that the little one does not wake up during the night and have a quiet sleep, as do you.

Vegetables should be introduced to nutrition before fruits and in turn. The four-day rule is also very important and, unfortunately, is not followed by many parents. She says that after you introduce a new food into your child's diet, you must wait four days before introducing another.

2. Too much food and forcing the child to eat when he does not want to

The baby's eating habits are formed in the early years, so you have to be very careful about the amount of food you give and its weight. You will probably find that you eat too little (many parents say this), but it is certain that you must always take into account the doctor's recommendations and give up the wrong opinion of the people, who say that fat babies are beautiful.

Another mistake many parents are guilty of is forcing the child to eat when he does not want or to finish everything on the plate even if he says he has become saturated. Meal time should be a pleasure, not a struggle for the little one to eat. If you understand that he is not hungry or saturated, do not insist. Wait until you are asked for food alone.

3. The reward for eating

The fact that he ate the whole portion you prepared is not a relevant reason to offer him a reward. If you have eaten something you do not like just to get a chocolate chip at the end, the child understands that, in fact, eating is a favor that you do yourself or a means by which it can achieve another purpose.

Do not offer him any rewards for eating, this will not contribute to the formation of healthy habits. Although this is a wrong approach, because they want their child to eat certain healthy foods, parents use this strategy. You can remedy this mistake by introducing a food he likes in his food, so eating it with pleasure and not compromising it.

4. Unhealthy choices and a negative example

Processed foods, with added sugar, fried foods, fatty meats, snacks - these are all unhealthy choices that should be completely missing from your family diet. You should know that the baby's food tastes are still formed in the womb, so if you ate fast food only, the baby may grow up craving for such foods.

Another very important aspect is the example you give to your child. You will never be able to convince him to eat fruits and vegetables if you eat fries and burgers. It is one of the biggest mistakes a parent can make, so if you want your baby to have a healthy diet, you also adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Do you make any of the above mistakes? Whichever?

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So put an end to the screen time without debate

Do you have problems with your child spending too much time in front of the screen? If you want to take away the tools from him, do you usually go easy? Even if you give your kid 10 minutes of screen time, he won't even give it back in the end?

Let's End the Debating Time Without DebateThere are three tricky tricks developed by Isabelle Phillioats, a clinical psychologist, to put an end to screen savvy and debate.

Why is it so difficult to take away these tools from your child?

Has it ever happened that your favorite talent research show went down in the air when you just announced who went on? Or did your toddler turn off the TV in the middle of a big twist on the Bunny series? When people, whether they are children or adults, watch a movie or play digital games, they are relegated to another world. The screen has a slightly hypnotic effect on the person - the rhythm of the lights, the sounds, the pictures will awaken the brain. This is a good sensation, and nobody wants to stop it. The brain produces dopamine, which can relieve stress and pain. Simply, as long as the screen doesn't turn off, everything seems to be fine. Because at the moment that the screen shades, dopamine levels drop quickly without any warning whatsoever. For kids, this is a physical shock that activates the hystic. It doesn't even matter to tell the kid when screen time is down that day. If you turn it off, you'll lose the device, and you're in trouble. Exactly, this is not the solution, instead, the following three tricks are worth using.

So be part of the kid's light

If you decide that the end of the screen time is here, leave some time to sit down with the kid and get on with the action. Watch it on TV or sit down while you play. You don't have to think too long, half a minute is enough - Just enough for the kid to share his experience with you.


What are you looking at? What level are you at now? It's easy to ask simple questions to your child about what he or she is listening to - there is someone who has a request before, some who need more. Kids love having their parents interested in their activities, their little world. If you've just been sucked in by the screen, don't give up. Wait a minute and make a new request.

Build the bridge back to the currency

As the child begins to answer the queries, he or she can distract from the screen light and start moving back to the currency. It's not as sudden a sudden change as when you turn off your TV or lose your tablet, dopamine levels do not begin to decline abruptly, only slowly and gradually. Here comes the point when you can tell him what you want him to ask.You can tell her it's time to have dinner / bathing / etc, or just to end the screen time. This is a much smaller state than when you order something after you have lost the device. You can turn off the screen here, but most kids will do it by themselves because it is so parental distraction. This trick will not always be so simple, but it will be much easier than before.(VIA)Previous articles:

The contraceptive patch has side effects

Blood clots in the legs and lungs, pain in the legs and chest, and difficulty breathing are some of the side effects of some of the most convenient contraceptives, those in the form of patches.

Blood clots in the legs and lungs, pain in the legs and chest, and difficulty breathing are some of the side effects of some of the most convenient contraceptives, those in the form of patches.
The health authorities in Canada issued this warning to women after a similar one was sent to the US in September. These contraceptives designed to distribute hormones in the body at a certain rate may do so much faster if the patch is subjected to a heat source.
Women are advised to avoid the sauna and jacuzzi while wearing the patch and to avoid fever.
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Violence in children's books!

Violence is a factor that confronts the child at different times and in different ways. Today, many researchers, educators and psychologists are trying to identify the elements of violence in the lives of children and make researches on how these factors affect the child's life. Istanbul University Faculty Member According to Necdet Neydim, the violence experienced by the child is summarized as follows: violence in education, domestic violence, media violence, consumption violence caused by the discovery of the child as an object of consumption, the violence of the loneliness of the child who is locked in the house due to the street violence caused by a wild urbanization. the violence of the culture created by the means of communication that connect it to the outside world. Intense violence of the future in today's youth.

The fact that literature takes these elements of violence in its own way is one of the topics discussed today. Should children's literature contain violence? If so, how? How right is it to make it look like there's no violence? All of these questions are the main starting points of the discussions. Many experts interested in children's literature seek answers to these questions and examine the subject from different perspectives.

In the screening of children's books, experts found that the most violent elements were seen in fairy tale works. When it comes to the reason, it is understood that many fairy tales existed in children's literature and they did not choose children as the target audience. In fact, these works were written for adults and then uyar adapted a to fill the gap in children's literature. Adopting the child is one of the most important issues to be discussed, because adapting to the child means writing the work in the language that the child understands, as well as transforming the work into a literary product containing elements appropriate to the developmental level of the child. Dr. According to Necdet Neydim, fairy tales should never be transmitted in their authentic form when they are transmitted to children, because many tales contain various elements of violence in their authentic form in a way that is not at all appropriate to the child's developmental phenomenon, and so on.

Therefore, the issue that should be taken into consideration is not whether the literary works contain violence or not, but how the works with these elements should be transferred to the child. The most striking example of what Neydim gave us at this point is the Harry Potter books. Although there are many elements of violence in these books, children are not affected negatively by these elements and they love (or read) these works quite a lot.

As a result, when choosing books for children, it is more important to look at the way the subject is covered, rather than the content of the book. Treating children as if there is no violence in their environment offers us only a short-term solution, but giving them the necessary information and helping them make the necessary inferences will be a much longer term solution.

What can parents do?

? In book selection, pay attention to the pictures of the book and make sure that the pictures do not contain violence. Because experts say that a visible element of violence will have far more negative effects than imagined.

? Make sure that books do not contain any violence that directly applies to a child (for example, obtain books that do not contain any direct violence against the child, such as beating or locking the child away). Because the elements of real violence affect and disturb children more especially in the early ages.

Source : Symposium on Violence Reflected on Children's Literature and Pediatrics. Osmangazi University Publications. 2003.

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5 things doctors wish parents knew about bed-wetting

Whole wheat turkey and cheese sandwich with fine herbs

Excesses and excessively caloric foods can unbalance our children's diet, and pose a problem of childhood obesity and other health disorders. To avoid this, prepare light and healthy lunches like this whole wheat turkey and cheese sandwich with fine herbs.

A quick and easy recipe to ensure that children eat a balanced diet and at the same time have the nutrients and energy they need for their growth. This sandwich is a simple snack alternative.

  • 2 slices of whole wheat bread
  • 3 slices of turkey
  • 1 slice of cheese
  • 50 gr. cheese spread with fine herbs
  • Lettuce or endive

Tips: You can choose the cheese you like the most, and use normal spread cheese by adding your favorite spices.

1. Wash the lettuce or endive well, drain it and cut a couple of leaves into thin strips.

2. Spread the cheese on the slices of bread. If you prefer, you can use normal cheese, put it in a bowl and add the spices that you like the most before spreading it on the bread.

3. Place the lettuce, the turkey, the cheese slice and close the sandwich. To make it easier to eat, you can cut it in half.

Here are other recipes for the family picnic.

You can read more articles similar to Whole wheat turkey and cheese sandwich with fine herbs, in the Sandwiches category - sandwiches on site.

BODYBUILDING Grilled Cheese Sandwich Recipe High Protein

Ercan Meaning and Meaning

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Of Turkish origin, Ercan means "the one who trains, who commands" or "brave man and soul".


Turkish actor Ercan Yagan, Ercan Durmaz and Turkish footballer Ercan Aydogmus.

His character :

With a strong personality, Ercan manages from an early age to win. Loving freedom, he does not like being given orders. Foggy, he can adapt easily to any situation. Focusing more on physical rather than intellectual activities, Ercan likes to be in motion and to be active. That's why he will surely turn to trades where he can use his muscles. This man of action also needs tenderness and gentleness, even if he does not show it often. His strong character makes him seem hard, but deep down he is very kind and only wants to be loved.


Ercani, Ercann, Ercanto, Ercaneq, Ercar, Arcan, Ercer, Ercel, Erceo, Erceh, Ercid, Ercas ...

His party :


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Too fun! This satchel with polyester wheels is ultra strong, Samsonite requires! Note his two silent wheels. Its dimensions? 39 x 18,5 x 35 cm.Its price: 69 € .Where to find it?

Too fun! This satchel with polyester wheels is ultra strong, Samsonite requires! Note his two silent wheels.
Its dimensions? 39 x 18.5 x 35 cm.
His price : 69 €.
Where to find it?

12 foods should be avoided in the early stages of pregnancy