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Burning mouth syndrome (glasodynia or stomatodynia)

Burning mouth syndrome (glasodynia or stomatodynia)

Burning mouth syndrome is a medical condition that is characterized by burning sensations in the mouth. They are felt in the form of pains that affect the tongue, gums, lips, cheeks, mouth and neighboring areas of the mouth. The condition is also found in the specialty literature and under other names: burning lip syndrome, glasodynia or stomatodynia.

What are the causes?

The causes of this painful and uncomfortable syndrome depend on the type you manifest. This can be:

  • primary - when the causes are unknown, the syndrome is called primary or idiopathic; it seems that the most commonly reported causes are related to problems of taste nerves and sensations specific to the peripheral central nervous system;
  • secondary - in other cases, the problem is caused by other diseases, such as nutritional deficiencies.

Other diseases or conditions that can be the basis of the secondary syndrome are:

  • dry mouth (xerostomia);
  • psychological factors (depression, anxiety, worries, stress);
  • oral disorders;
  • dental prostheses;
  • nerve damage;
  • allergies or other reactions to food;
  • gastroesophageal reflux disease;
  • certain medicines;
  • endocrine disorders;
  • hormonal imbalances;
  • severe mouth irritation (excessive brushing of the tongue, too many acidic drinks, etc.)

Doctors believe that female sex and age over 50 are risk factors for this syndrome. Other risk factors include upper respiratory tract infections, dental interventions, traumatic events, stress, etc.

What are the symptoms?

The main symptom is the burning sensation in the mouth. Other symptoms that characterize this syndrome include:

  • tingling or numbness in the mouth or at the tip of the tongue;
  • localized pain in the buccal cavity that worsens with each passing day;
  • dry mouth;
  • constant thirst sensation;
  • diminishing the sense of taste;
  • mouthwash;
  • taste changes (metallic or bitter taste in the mouth) etc.

How is burning mouth syndrome treated?

Doctors are in difficulty in finding a specific treatment for this condition. Currently, the treatment focuses on improving the signs and manifestations of the disease, but also on the detection and treatment of diseases that can trigger it.

When the cause cannot be detected the doctors have a heavy pregnancy, because there is no treatment for the primary syndrome. You may need to try more therapies until you discover the best form of treatment.

Therapeutic options often include:

  • a type of anticonvulsant drug (based on klonazepam);
  • alpha lipoic acid - a powerful antioxidant;
  • oral medicines for aphtha;
  • some antidepressants;
  • vitamin B;
  • cognitive behavioral therapy;
  • frequent mouthwashes with mouth water;
  • capsaicin, an analgesic extract of chili peppers etc.

If left untreated, burning mouth syndrome can lead to serious complications such as:

  • sleep disorders;
  • irritability;
  • depression;
  • anxiety;
  • eaten with difficulty;
  • social isolation;
  • inability to link relationships, etc.

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Fun: Baby To Love Pili Kids Headrest

Fun: Baby To Love Pili Kids Headrest

He accompanies your child in his sleep and in all his movements. Its +: its ergonomic shape that ensures a true support of the head and shoulders. Its price: 18,99 €. More info here.

He accompanies your child in his sleep and in all his movements.
His +: its ergonomic shape ensures a true support of the head and shoulders.
His price : 18,99 €.
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The particularities of the baby's skin

The particularities of the baby's skin require specific care measures, different from those used by adults. Infants' skin is more permeable and thinner, retaining water like a sponge. The protective function of the epidermis is not yet fully developed, and the skin does not yet produce sebum with a protective role against pathogens in the environment. Any mother should be thoroughly informed about the methods of care of the baby's skin, but also about the creams to be applied daily to prevent irritations and other skin problems.

Among the particularities of the baby's skin is the insufficient development of mantic acid in the first months of life, which forms a thin film on the surface of the skin and protects it from external aggressions (mechanical or pathogenic).

Special characteristics of the baby's skin

With the transition from the intrauterine to the external environment at birth, the newborn's skin is suddenly different in temperature from the uterus, with low humidity of the environment, mechanical pressure and direct contact with germs and irritants in the air. This trauma of the skin helps her to start the process of maturation, which happens at a slow rate, up to the age of 1 year.

Babies have, a few days after birth, a neutral skin surface, with a pH of about 6.5. In the first month of life, the microorganisms with which the skin comes in contact triggers small sebum and transpiration secretions (insensible), which lower the PH to 5.5.

Compared to that of an adult, the skin of a baby is different by:

  • thickness: it is 5 times thinner than the skin of mom or dad;
  • permeability: the need for hydration is more intense;
  • cleaning and protection: the perspiration and sebaceous glands are incomplete;
  • regeneration: the primitive form of mantic acid delays the recovery of the skin;
  • Illness: constant stress in the diaper area, vulnerability to infections, irritation, etc.

Baby skin care tips

Because the baby's skin is sensitive and in full training, it needs thorough care rituals. It is very important to use hygiene and moisturizing products with natural ingredients, free of perfume, preservatives and dyes (agents responsible for adverse skin reactions).

The soaps, bath foam, lotions and shampoo must have a neutral pH, to maintain the natural protective layer of the skin. All baby skin care products are ideal if they have a light texture, with an intensely moisturizing effect.

The skin in the diaper area is always exposed to moisture and bacteria from the faeces, which is why it is also most susceptible to irritations and infections. At each change, the baby needs a gentle cleaning, by rinsing with water or with the help of special wet towels, then applying a cream / lotion for the ass and the intimate area, with emollient and anti-inflammatory action.

This category also belongs to Bepanthen ointment, which has a higher fat content and a lower concentration of water, generally being applied to dry tissue. It is recommended for the protection of his baby's buttock against the erythema pharyngeal.

In the first months of life, when using soap is not recommended for babies, the skin can be cleansed with oils purchased from pharmacies, intended for body and hair cleansing. Even if pharmacists can make recommendations in this regard, the advice of the pediatrician consulting the baby is the safest source of information.

What important tips can you give to moms about baby skin care, depending on its particularities? Tell us your ideas in the comments section!

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What name do I choose?

The role of the name is to differentiate your wearer from other things. It is not new, however, that parents seek out a name for prospective children that no one else has.

What are you choosing for?

They are, for example, in an easier position (more so in the English-speaking area) where there is no restriction on parents' parents, so they can give their children any name they like Victoria Beckham the name of the girl Seven (Hйt) Adam Sandler lбnya Sunny (Sunny).

Hungarian regulation

THE Hungarian rules of association is considered to be strict, you can't just think of it and put a name on it. If you want to go outside, we have to go through a lengthy procedure. We have a selection of the latest Hungarian textbooks from János Ladu - Born of Berne, and the names are updated monthly on the website of the Institute of Linguistics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Anyone unable to make a decision based on this list may request a letter from the Ministry of Regional Affairs to the Secretary of State, the most Hanna, Anna, Zoé, Luca and Emma were the entrants.

Take it!

There are rules that you must adhere to. It makes no sense, for example, to imagine a child in his mid-50s whether he can pronounce his name even if he is to be ridiculed or considered too childish. It doesn't sound good if the the first letter of the leader begins with the first name, because it is difficult to say (Csilla Kovács) if they are the same magбnhangzуk can be found in it (Bödör Цdцn) or just the same two names (Gbbor Gbbor).

Why did you sin?

Can't decide what your child's name is? Then help, check out our Guidebook - Old and Wise - advice that if you are completely unemployed, check out the most popular namesand choose among them. Of course, it is also common for someone to regret naming. For example, according to a British study, more than half of newborn parents feel the baby's name, and one-quarter of them has not been happy with the name selectionbecause it does not reflect the child's personality at all. Every fifth parent also complained that his couple had lost his chosen name, and every tenth renounced his favorite name because he was not liked by acquaintances and friends. Our articles related to Nursing:
  • Find the most beautiful name!
  • Marcikбbуl Pannika, Pannikбbуl Dуrika
  • Operation Emma

Rice with pumpkin and stew

Rice with pumpkin and stew, a simple and healthy recipe, recommended for babies aged 8-9 months.


  • stevie
  • a pumpkin
  • rice flour
  • 1. The pumpkin is washed, clean of the bark and seeds. Bring to a boil, covered by water over low heat;
    2. Stevia is washed, cleaned, scalded, finely chopped, and added over the pumpkin;
    3. Stir, add the rice flour, and leave to boil for about 5 minutes.

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    Stomach pregnant?

    The most common problem in my early childhood is stomach, because the hormone called progesterone relaxes the muscles of the uterus and slows down the contraction of the stomach curves, thus slowing down the digestion.

    Thus, acidic stomach contents can easily enter the esophagus. However, expectant moms don't have to suffer from it, here are some helpful tips from!

    We eat less

    Even if there is nothing wrong with our passage, it is better to change our eating habits a bit. In fact, avoiding being burnt out can cause an overloaded stomach to contribute to stomach ache. We would rather be several times a day, even five times, but always less at the same time.


    It is also a fasting meal at the fast food level, so even if you feel like being a wolf, try to suppress your meals. Don't eat fast, enjoy food, taste, and this method can help you avoid eating too much at once.


    Instead of drinking a large glass of milk at dinner, let us drink the liquid in smaller sips. In fact, the best thing is to just sip during your meal and drink as much as you can between meals.

    After the change

    Doing a short walk after dinner, or cuddling on the couch in a good book company, is all that is important not to lie down after lunch or dinner! Both the walk and the halt prevent the acid from returning to the esophagus.

    Don't sleep before bedtime

    The following rule can be inferred from the above: Do not eat anything before falling asleep! If possible, at least three people should be completely between the last turn and bedtime.

    Let's lift our heads and our chest

    A perfectly horizontal posture contributes to the regression of gastric contents. So, when you lie down, it is worth lifting your head and chest with a pad.

    Know what you need to avoid

    Fat, Caffeine, Citrus Flesh - There are those who choose to stomach, some do not. All moms, and others, who have a good time with Mexican noodles or speghetics during their pregnancy, are the ones who choose to stomach. Unfortunately, there is no truth to this that works for everyone.

    Leather clothes

    Certainly, it is worth wearing abundant dresses, or at least something that does not tighten, since the latter can only worsen your stomach.

    Give the ring a chance

    Some women believe that the ringworm eases stomach ache. This spice can also be a great solution to nausea and vomiting, and although there is no scientific evidence that you can remedy your pregnancy problems, we will not do it for you.


    If nothing else helps, it is worth trying some antacids, of course, consult your doctor first.

    H2 blokkolу

    If the antacid does not help, use the lesser known H2 blocker. This reduces the production of stomach acid, reducing the amount of secreted gastric juice. However, our doctor's opinion should be sought in this regard as well!
    • Why Does Stomach Acid Come Up During Pregnancy?
    • Habinger & Stomach: How Can You Be Better?
    • Taste your stomach!

    Origin of first name:


    Meaning of the name:

    Josian is a Hebrew name that has its origins in "Joseph" or "Yoseph". The literal meaning of "Yoseph" is "God will increase my descendants" or "God will add". Josiane is the female version of Josian.
    Introduced in France around the 1920s, the name Josian has a considerable success until 1948. Today, this name has almost disappeared.


    Josiane Balasko (costume designer, dialogue writer, novelist, scriptwriter, director and French actress), Josiane Stoléru (French actress), Josie Bissett and Josie Loren (American actresses) and Josie Maran (actress and American model).

    St. Joseph, a carpenter, was a carpenter from Nazareth. He was the fiance and husband of the Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus. Although he was not the biological father of Jesus, history recognizes this benevolent character for his kindness and generosity towards Christ and his mother. St. Joseph is also the patron saint of the workers and is celebrated on March 19.

    His character :

    Josian is an open man in the world. Sociable and jovial, he blends into the crowd while maintaining his individuality. Playful and spontaneous, Josian brings joy and good humor wherever he is and it is his charming personality that makes him adorable. The Josian are also smart people who know how to focus on their goals.


    Josephe, José, Josèphe, Josée, Joséphine ...

    His party :

    March 19th.

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    Orthodontics during pregnancy

    When we become pregnant, it is inevitable to start to consider what routines can affect our baby ... Highlights or hair dyes, gym, anti-cellulite care are questioned and this also happens with people who are undergoing orthodontic treatment.

    Many pregnant women who know this recently come to my office concerned about whether it is convenient to have orthodontic treatment during pregnancy.

    First, it would be necessary to distinguish between three types of pregnant women:

    1. Patients who have already started orthodontics and want to become pregnant during treatment or have heard the happy news when they were already wearing orthodontic appliances they ask me: is orthodontic treatment harmful for my baby? Absolutely.

    It is necessary that you communicate to your orthodontist that you are expecting a baby so that they do not perform any dental X-rays from the moment you know it, or from the moment you start trying to get pregnant. Dentists always treat women of childbearing age looking for a pregnancy as if they were already pregnant because they really can be pregnant and not know it.

    2. Another group of patients are those who want to start orthodontic treatment but would like to become pregnant during the time it lasts.

    Orthodontic treatments are sometimes long treatments. There are many times when I recommend orthodontic treatment to young women and I tell them about the duration (between 12 and 24 months normally) they ask me: Can I get pregnant during treatment? and my answer is: 'once we have done the x-rays you can'.

    To these patients I recommend on many occasions to correct minor problems, especially aesthetic, that they perform the treatment with removable techniques that we perform in the consultation how are removable braces (a very innovative technique with excellent results) or practically invisible techniques like Invisalign. I do it because these techniques, as I have said before, allow patients to maintain excellent hygiene during treatment, reduce emergencies and pain in the consultation, can be removed at specific moments (in this case, delivery) and allow treatment to continue during prolonged absences

    3. The other group of patients are those who are previously pregnant want to start orthodontic treatment. In this case I do not recommend at all since to carry out a good diagnostic study and a good planning of orthodontic treatment it is necessary to carry out a series of diagnostic tests, some of them such as molds of the mouth, photographs of the face and teeth and records of The bite of the patient does not imply any risk for the pregnant woman or the baby, but other essential tests to make a good diagnosis are a PANORAMIC X-RAY (to be able to see all the teeth among other things) and a SIDE SKULL X-RAY (to be able to diagnose skeletal disproportion problems among other things).

    You can read more articles similar to Orthodontics during pregnancy, in the On-Site Dental Care category.

    Becoming a mother is a major change in life. Few other changes in life are so complete and irreversible.
    Pregnancy is the adventure. At the end of it, the woman gives birth not only to a child, but also to her identity as a mother. Your preparations for pregnancy and labor are amplified when you express your fears about motherhood. If your worries, however, remain buried or denied, or if your fears about birth are ignored or minimized, the inevitable natural stress about birth and labor can intensify.
    Specialists have found that anxiety during labor decreases oxytocin, a hormone that stimulates contractions, resulting in dysfunctional labor. Fear during labor can also contribute to reducing the oxygen supply to the child.
    The physical process of birth is closely related to women's concerns not only about labor, but also about the changes that a child brings in his life.
    Pregnancy is a period of physiological, emotional and physical oscillations, meaning you can have feelings of enthusiasm and impatience regarding motherhood, expectations of fulfillment and fear about the future.
    Some women may regret the loss of a lifestyle in which they felt free and unresponsive to a child. This feeling of loss is one in which he should do nothing. Feelings that fear, regret or disappointment will be replaced with joy, love and hope.
    During pregnancy it is normal to feel more dependent, especially with your partner. The desire to be spoiled is born as you adapt to the multiple changes in your body. This desire can give rise to fear of abandonment. If you communicate your fears, minimize your chances of separating. In the years to come, you will need each other for your parenting roles.
    The transition to motherhood will give birth to a strong desire to be with your mother. The relationship with this will help you to discover your own identity as a mother. The kind of relationship you had with your mother can influence your confidence in your own abilities as a mother. The life of your child, like most of his future, is in your hands. Some women feel confident and ready for this responsibility, others do not. It is normal to feel excited about the challenge of motherhood, to anticipate its joys and rewards.
    The fear of maladaptation most often results from problematic childhood. If you were yourself in a protective role against your parents, you assumed too many responsibilities as a child (for example, responsibility for siblings).
    The fear of maladaptation has its origin in a negative relationship with its mother. As two mothers are not identical, so no mother-child relationship is completely predictable. The task of becoming a mother involves investigating your past, keeping what you want and giving up what you don't want to pass on to future generations.
    If you did not receive the care you needed when you were a child, you may feel vulnerable. Remember that the relationship with your father is important. You will also be aware of the importance of other life models that you have had in the past: aunts, uncles, grandparents, grandmothers, who can contribute to your training as a mother.
    You can do an exercise by inserting your name in the blanks and asking yourself as if you were your mother. Answer the questions without thinking too much. Later, you can ask your mother these questions and compare the answers. Your answers will tell the truth about what you feel about your childhood. Ask your partner to listen carefully to your answers, to relieve you if necessary, or to laugh with you.
    1.How was it to give birth to her ...?
    2. What kind of child was your daughter ...?
    3.How was it to grow on ...?
    4.What was the hardest thing for you to learn on ...?
    5. What was the easiest thing to learn on ...?
    6. If you could take it from the beginning, what would you change in education ...?
    7. What do you think about having a baby now?
    8. Do you think ... will he be a good parent?
    You can feel very loved by your mother and confident about the ability to be a mother. Or you may feel that your mother has neglected you in one way or another, something you wouldn't want your child to feel. If your mother's style of discipline was too strict, and if you feel pain and anger at her, you may become too complacent. Since your child cannot feel the pain that you have endured in childhood, he may perceive it as a lack of discipline or even negligence.