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What do you know about diversification?

What do you know about diversification?

Diversification is an important step for you and your baby. This is the moment for him to discover different flavors of milk ... and, for you, to test your knowledge through the menu with our quiz. Let's go !

Question (1/7)

At what age do you start diversification?

3 months.4 months.6 months.


Today, the introduction of new foods (cooked fruits, mashed vegetables, meat, starchy foods ...) is recommended between 4 months and 6 months and not more than 6 months only.


How to teach children to blow their noses

If there is a routine action and that we adults see very simple, it is the act of blow our noses. When we have colds, when there is something in this area that bothers us, when it stings us, if we have allergies ... what is the mystery of taking a handkerchief and expelling the inside of the nose?

A priori, this does not have any difficulty, but for a child everything is a continuous learning, and to be able to use force with the nose without hurting himself and being able expel mucus It is something that takes time.

When we want our children learn to blow your noseThe first thing we have to do is arm ourselves with patience, since it is something that, although it seems simple, is not so easy for children.

To begin with, we must be clear that children do not usually understand the concept of 'blowing' through their nose to expel what is inside them, and that if they press too hard they could even hurt themselves. In addition to controlling this exercise, it is also necessary for them to know how to move their fingers with the tissue to remove mucus and later clean the area.

- Learn to blow: Children must be clear that what they should do is blow forcefully through both nostrils. One trick is to practice with them by first expelling air through the mouth, and then show them how to do the same through the nose. In addition, if we tell them to do it with courage, they will be able to expel snot when they have colds.

- Nostrils: Although some children 'blow' their noses with both holes at the same time, we must teach them that this could even plug their ears at one point. So that this does not happen, we must teach them to take turns on each side of the nose, covering them with their fingers and blowing on the opposite side.

- The handkerchief movement: Knowing how to use the tissue in question is as or more important than getting the nose cleaned. To teach them, the first thing is that they learn to move their fingers as if it were a clamp, with the index finger and middle finger as opposed to the thumb.

- Cleaning the area: It is just as important to learn to blow your nose as the fact that eventually the mucus ends up being expelled completely and your nose or even your mouth is not stained on the outside. The last step we have to take with our children is the one that ends with learning to clean the face so that there are no snot.

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"Home" diaper dispenser

"Home" diaper dispenser

"Home" diaper dispenser

  • "My baby's quilted" baby sleeping "has become too small for him, I've turned it into a diaper dispenser, just slip a nice hanger into the armhole and hang it on the wall next to the table I put a good amount of diapers and drop the zip as the stock goes down.Not expensive and decorative. Séverine
Eustorgia: origin and meaning of the name for girl Eustorgia

Our name finder has thousands of baby names to help you choose a beautiful name for your baby. You will find in this article everything about the name Eustorgia.

Spread as a baptismal name by two bishops of Milan, one of whom brought the alleged relics of the Magi to Italy.

Composed of eu: "good, good" and stergo: "to love, to love".

June 6 and September 18


  • Eustache Descamps, French poet (1346-1406)

Eustorgia name coloring pages printable game

Eustorgia: pictures of the names coloring page printable game

Eustorgia name coloring page printable game

Drawing with the name Eustorgia coloring page printable game

Drawings of names. Eustorgia name to color and print

The Most Beautiful and Rare Baby Girl Names Youll Love. RAQUEL CRUZ

How to continue your professional life when you are pregnant

How to continue your professional life when you are pregnant

It is okay to continue working until the last weeks or even days of pregnancy, as long as there are no complications. But how can you keep your energy at work and make time to connect with the world of your baby? We have practical tips to help you.

Keeps comfort in the workplace. As long as there are no complications, you should be able to work until the last weeks or even days of pregnancy. But allocate regular rest time (15 minutes is often enough) when you can take a break from your daily responsibilities and connect with the world of your baby.

Keep your health at work

If the pregnancy is not a high risk one, you can probably continue to work during the pregnancy until term, or near term, if you wish, although there are of course activities that are inappropriate for a pregnant woman. Here are some tips to help you make your work day more comfortable.

Take short breaks

If possible, take short breaks (15 minutes help) and keep your feet elevated at regular intervals throughout the day. This helps blood circulation, reduces the problem of swollen ankles and feet and prevents cramping.

Stand up

Whenever you get up after a period when you have been in the office, or if you have had the luxury of stretching yourself a bit, don't forget to do it slowly. If you get up too fast when you are pregnant, you risk getting dizzy.


If you have a stressful job, try a form of relaxation, such as yoga or meditation, that you can practice with pleasure and individually. You do not have to be an expert to benefit from these techniques.

Even a basic routine helps you reduce tension and keep your calm and well-being. Much stress can increase the risk of going into labor prematurely, so it is good to take care not only of your physical but also your emotional state.

Get enough rest

If you can find a comfortable, private, work place to stretch yourself, enjoy a short sleep at the office. If not possible, go to bed very early when you get home.

Play a sport

Sport can ease discomfort during pregnancy, lift your mood and strengthen the muscles you will need at birth. But not every sport is safe. For important tips to consider and exercises useful for the time of birth, read on!

Should You Do Sports During Pregnancy? A good rule of thumb is that, if everything goes well, you can do almost any exercise during your pregnancy and before you are pregnant. And, if you weren't exercising, now is the time to start.

The sport strengthens and tones the muscles, some of them being the ones you will use during labor and birth. It also increases blood flow between you and your baby, reduces many of the discomforts of pregnancy (such as back pain), improves your energy level and helps you feel good emotionally.

Safety first of all

Although sports during pregnancy are good for you and your baby, there are some precautions you should take into account when doing prenatal exercises.

Here are some tips:

  • Do not exceed 30 minutes of sports at once.
  • It always includes a warm-up and a relaxing period (besides the 30 minutes of sports).
  • Avoid forced, passive stretching during pregnancy during exercise, such as getting to your toes or stretching exercises. Pregnancy hormones weaken your joints, so excessive stretching - which can cause muscle injury - is at increased risk during pregnancy. Also, avoid quick kicks or jumps or sudden changes of position.
  • It limits aerobic activity to low impact forms, especially if you were not doing regular sports before becoming pregnant. Active walking, swimming and stationary bike exercises are good choices during pregnancy.
  • If you sign up for an aerobics or other kind of sport, do exercises only on wooden surfaces or on the carpet and make sure the instructor knows that you are pregnant.
  • Protect your abdominal and lumbar muscles during prenatal exercises, using a good posture and avoiding exercises that put pressure on them, such as abdominals or lifting both legs off the floor at the same time. Instead, make "mini" abdomens (see below) and, when doing leg raises, lift one leg off the floor, keeping the other bent, with the sole of the foot on the floor.
  • Measure your heart rate during the intense moments of activity to make sure you do not exceed 140 beats per minute during your fitness routines during pregnancy.
  • Avoid overheating: Drink plenty of water and do not exercise at high temperatures, in humid conditions.

And, do not forget, always check with your doctor or midwife before starting any exercise during pregnancy.

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The bully cat. Play for children about bullying

Theater plays are a great pastime to do with the family or at school. With them the little ones have a great time, they learn new things and let their imaginations fly. And to all this we must add that if a play like the one we share here with you is chosen, the children will be learning a great lesson. Are you ready? Here it begins'The bullying cat ', the short play about bullying.

The plays in addition to a fun activity can be a lesson for boys and girls. This time we have written a script that talks about bullying and the consequences it has. As you are going to see below, the protagonists are farm animals, but if you want to represent it in class you just have to give each child a role. You'll see how well they do!

Work description: Once upon a time, there was a quiet farm where one fine day a little cat with very bad fleas arrived. He did nothing more than command each other while he spent the whole day lying in the sun. But how could it be otherwise, the other animals got down to work to develop a plan and give the cat what it deserves.

Characters: Cat (bully and bossy), Dog, Horse, Cow and Rooster. Adapt the script to include as many characters as you like.

Place of action in which the work takes place: A farm.

The curtain rises. The animals on the farm are seen chatting amiably.

Dog: What a wonderfull day! I think I'm going for a walk and then I'll sleep for a bit.

Rooster: You're right, I'd better go to sleep now, I've gotten up early and need a nap to recharge.

At that moment, Horse enters the scene, rushing to see his friends.

Horse: Guys, I just heard we have a new partner on the farm.

Everyone: (with a shocked face) Who is it?

Horse: It seems to me that it is a cat.

Cow: Well, he will have to be welcomed.

Cat appears on the scene.

Cat: Hi all. I see that you are very calm.

Rooster: Yes, it is almost nap time. How was your trip?

Cat: Well fine but I'm tired. I'm going to choose the best bed to get some sleep. (He goes inside the farm).

Dog: How rare is this cat! He hasn't even said hello and he's going to get the best bed.

Cow: You're right. I smell trouble!

The animals look worried. The curtain closes. End of first act.

The curtain rises. Nap time has passed. The animals are seen on the farm again.

Dog: As I was saying, yesterday while I was going for a walk I saw a very beautiful lake ...

Cat: (interrupts Dog) That's good for nonsense. A little silence so that no one thinks.

Cow: (with a surprised face) And what are you thinking about?

Cat: Well, I think about how I can make this little farm more comfortable for me. Horse, go and take some straw to put it in this other place.

Horse: (with sad face) Okay.

Cat: I like it that way. Hurry up! Rooster, stop eating I think and go get water.

Rooster: (scared) Okay, I'm going to get water.

Cat: That's better. Little by little I will make this my home. By the way Gallo, nothing to wake me up early tomorrow with your songs.

Cat walks away to look for some food.

Horse: This can not go on like this. You have to teach him a lesson.

Everyone: Yes!

They meet to hatch a plan and teach bully and bossy Gato a lesson.

The curtain closes. End of the second act.

The curtain rises. The animals are on the farm again.

Cat: (with a straight face) Cow, I want you to give me something to play with.

Cow: (walks away to get something and then comes back to Gato) Here is the water you asked for.

Cat: (throws the water on the ground) I didn't ask that! I said something to play!

Everyone: Cow is right, you asked for water.

Cat: (looks confused) It doesn't matter, I was wrong. Better give me something to eat.

Rooster: Here is what you asked to clean your legs.

Cat: This can not be! I'm going crazy!

Dog, Horse, Cow and Rooster glance at each other. His plan was working!

Cat: I can't go on like this, I think I have to find another farm.

Rooster: What do you want to take a bath?

Cat: (runs off terrified) I'm leaving! Goodbye!

All: We did it! Now we can be calm and happy!

And this is how this work ends in which we have learned that you have to treat others well.

The curtain closes. Time to clap!

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Cat bullies husky

The fashion and style tricks of the pregnancy help you to get out of everyday life and display an appearance adapted to the latest fashion trends. You do not have to become comfortable in dressing with the growth of the belly, but you have to choose the safest and most stylish clothes to keep up with the fashion.

Do not cover your body from head to toe

Even if your body changes as you progress in pregnancy, it doesn't mean that you have to cover every single piece of skin. There is nothing shameful or unsightly about displaying a sexy neckline or neck or beautiful feet. Choose skirts and skirts with a view to the skin, to maintain a feminine and stylish look at the same time. Emphasize the decoles (it is worth highlighting the breasts in pregnancy) and the skirts that will highlight your feet.

Choose blouses and dresses that highlight the belly

Baby doll dresses and blouses have begun to emerge. In addition, many of them can make you look bulky than you actually are.

Pregnant women, more recently, focus on highlighting the belly as it takes props and not on hiding it. Choose blouses or dresses that emphasize its shape. After all, why hide it? Show the world that you are pregnant ... it is a wonderful time in your life!

Be careful, do not wear clothes that put too much pressure on the abdomen. These do not have to be very tight, but rather super-elastic and easily mold on the tummy.

He wears skinny pants

Why do you think that when you are pregnant you have to choose the widest or flared pants on the market? If before you became pregnant, you were adept at fluffy pants, which will bring out your feet and back, don't give up! For nothing! As long as you feel comfortable in them and take care not to get sore, they are a safe and fashionable option.

Go on the hand of the strong colors

Colors are an essential part of a modern and trendy mom's wardrobe. Do not limit yourself to neutral colors that will hide your tummy or not draw your attention. You don't have to do that. The pregnant women dressed in color are cute and cute. In addition, the strong, metallic and strong colors began to predominate in both the hot and cold seasons of autumn or winter. Of course, the colors are wearing!

Choose prints or decorative items for clothes
Do not be afraid to go hand in hand with the prints. Don't worry that they make you look like a balloon or that you're loaded. As long as you make sure that they are not exaggerated, it is okay to wear them. For example, if you have a patterned blouse or accessories attached, avoid wearing pants that have prints. It's too much in one outfit and you'll get a chaotic look. The pants should be in one shade and without any pattern, to harmonize the outfit.

Hides imperfections with accessories and jewelry

Even if your figure has begun to deform more than you thought, and some areas are looking pretty unsightly, don't worry. If you can't rely heavily on clothes to hide, then magnetize the looks of others with jewelry and accessories. Choose large size accessories - large beads, oversized beads or multiple bracelets. These not only distract from the silhouette, but they also remove the outfit from the trivial and offer an extra style.

In the cold season you should not miss the scarves, in great search, and oversized bags.

Keep wearing heeled shoes

If you are accustomed to wearing heels and have no problems of comfort and convenience, then pregnancy will not be a hindrance to your pleasure. The most important feature that pregnant women must adhere to is comfort and safety. If you feel good wearing heels and have enough experience that there is not a high risk of falling or sucking your ankle, then do it.

However, you could opt for slightly smaller and thicker toilets and closed shoes, with support bars that will keep your foot as firm as possible.

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