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On the threshold of winter, when we get ready to draw a line and see how much care we have taken this year, we can still do something for our own health and well being. And, contrary to expectations, the effort made can be minimal and with real benefits both physically and mentally.

Opened in May 2016, the first WaterBike® center in Romania, the world leader in individual boating in a private cabin, can be a solution to end the year in a positive way and with visible results. The secret lies, first of all, in the beneficial effect of the water, but also in the pedaling movements sustained by it.

Suitable for any audience, regardless of age (preferably over 16 years), gender, or experience and training in various sports, WaterBike® offers different programs for a variety of issues. Thus, regardless of this method is used for medical recovery (joint pain of the lower limbs, injury of the meniscus or ligaments, etc.), toning of the cardio-vascular system, maintaining or regaining the form (in the case of future and new mothers), cellulite enhancement and eliminating extra kilos, toning the lower body or simply for relaxation, at WaterBike® anyone can benefit from a program tailored to their needs. Thus, among the major categories of programs, there are those dedicated to weakening and eliminating cellulite, vitality and recovery of muscle tone, but also specific programs, developed especially for certain problems.

On the medical recovery side alone, WaterBike® has repeatedly demonstrated its effectiveness in recovering the mobility of the lower limbs, through the special contribution of water. This not only allows the movements in a gentle environment, which supports the joints without getting tired, but also opposes the much needed resistance for the development of the musculature, also contributing to the progressive reduction of the pain caused by various pathologies (eg: osteoarthritis). At the same time, the water massages during the exercises the lower part of the body, inducing an active drainage and helping to eliminate the feeling of tired feet.

In addition to all these beneficial effects, there is also the feeling of relaxation, achieved both by water and by the chromotherapy of the aquabiking cabin. In this way, WaterBike® is the ideal way to start your day, as well as to end it.

And because winter is near, not only are the programs prepared by the diverse public, but also the offers prepared by WaterBike®. Thus, until December 31, anyone can benefit from the special offer for the VIP program of only 99 euros / month (a 50% discount). Also, for people who want to make those around them an original gift, WaterBike® has launched the Christmas gift vouchers. So now you can offer a unique well-being to your loved ones!

WaterBike® is an innovative system, a world leader in individual Aquabiking in a private cab, with over 200,000 customers and 700 cars operating in France and abroad.

In Romania, the first WaterBike® center opened its doors in May 2016, and since then it has contributed both to the well-being of clients and to the elimination of extra kilos, as well as to the medical recovery of people with mobility problems of the lower limbs and of the basin.

Caranfil WaterBike® Center:

Address: Str. Nicolae Caranfil, no. 34, Bucharest

Phone: 021.7960060

E-mail: [email protected]

The birth of a baby, whatever the circumstance, is a miracle of life. It is even more so when a baby comes into the world weighing just 700 grams and it survives despite all the health problems it faces when it is born prematurely.

This is the case of Ward Miles, a baby who, although born 15 weeks earlier than expected, managed to overcome and overcome the limitations and difficulties of a premature birth, and survive.

Ward Miles was still a very young baby to see and understand what the video that his father, Benjamin, gave to his mother, Lindsay, represents of his 365 days of life, of which 107 days were lived in a Michigan hospital, USA, due to its serious heart problems. The video, as his father says in the description, summarizes the first year of his son's life.

'This is a love story of a mother for her baby', with these words the father of little Ward Miles bows to the love, affection, dedication and dedication of the mother at all times for her little one, and takes the opportunity to thank all the medical team that helped your baby overcome the difficulties of a premature baby.

More than showing how a premature baby recovers, the video shows parents who did not give up or lose heart or hope, and who incessantly did everything possible to keep their baby alive. Ward Miles became 16 months after his birth, a smiling, loving baby, who eats well and said his first words without problems. Able to take, under the guidance of his father Benjamin Scott Miller, his first steps. A moving and moving video. Do not lose it!

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What should be considered when buying a battery-powered car

Playing games can be considered as the primary task of children. Meeting children with the right toy is an important means of socializing both for their mental and physical activities. There is no doubt that battery powered cars are one of the toys that children enjoy the most.

Today, there are many models in battery powered cars for both boys and girls. Here are the answers to the questions about the cordless cars;

Who is suitable for cordless cars?Battery powered cars are suitable for children 12 months and older. It is possible to find different battery cars in proportion to their physical development from 12 months to 6 years.SecurityBattery-powered cars are classified as toys used by children without parental support. For this reason, it is necessary to pay attention to safety in order to avoid any harm to children in battery powered cars. At this point, models that allow the child to fasten at a certain limit, which can be fastened with a belt, will be safer. However, there is a more gradual transition in the braking system.Things to consider when buying a battery-powered car• Check that the battery-powered car is suitable for your child's age. Product descriptions include how many years of product the product is made for. • The cordless car must have a “Warranty Certificate • • The material used in the manufacture of the cordless car should not be harmful to your child's health • CE Certificate is a must in a cordless car. Also, check that there are safety warnings on the battery-powered trolley: • Make sure that the model you are buying does not have sharp or sharp edges that may cause harm to your baby • Make sure that the battery location is covered with screws • The capacity of the battery and the driving power of your child's battery trolley • It should not discharge the chemicals found in every battery-powered product. Make sure that quality products are used in making the product for your child's health. Remember to check the battery of the product you receive frequently after buying a battery-powered car. You can improve your child's driving skills and share driving pleasure with your child by guiding your child in the use of battery powered cars.

Exhibition of the World of Fairy tales / Märchenwelten, Bucharest National Library
On the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the publication of the first book of stories of the Brothers Grimm, Goethe-Institut organizes the exhibition "The world of fairy tales - Märchenwelten". After a tour of Europe, America, Africa, South America and again Europe, the exhibition arrives in Bucharest, at the National Library, where it can be visited from October 19 to November 6.

Goethe-Institut Bucharest will invite you on Friday, October 19, at 5:00 pm, at the National Library's headquarters, at the opening of the exhibition "World of fairy tales - Märchenwelten".

The event is part of a series dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the first book of stories of the Brothers Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, entitled "Kinder und Hausmärchen" (Children's Stories).

Appeared as a collection of fairy tales ("King of the Frogs", "Sleeping Beauty", "Hänsel and Gretel"), the book has been translated into 160 languages ​​and is considered, according to Martin Luther's Bible, the most popular and widespread literary work of German language. Since 2005, the book has been part of UNESCO's heritage.

Organized in the form of interactive islands that suggest a fantastic forest, the exhibition presents the seven main themes from the tales of the Brothers Grimm: Heroine, Hero, Raul, Animals, the scary Grimm, Magic, Tasks and Tests.

With the help of the auditory, visual and interactive elements, the children will be able to listen, watch and discover the stories and the characters much loved: Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White, in total 21 stories.

Moreover, they will even be able to write a few rows to an already started story! They will have an iPad and their imagination will be tested so that, at the end of the tournament, we will find the end of the story.

It will be a story that reflects the world we live in, as our children see, our dreams, hopes and fears, regardless of the country we come from - the best proof that fairy tales are universal and fascinate us even now, even if some things have changed.

And just to illustrate the actuality of the Grimm brothers' fairy tales, the exhibition contains many references to today's world, to modern stories - The stepmother "reincarnates" in the character played by Meryl Streep in the famous film "The devil dresses from Prada", the magic potions are replaced with anti-aging creams while the handsome and handsome Prince becomes Luke Skywalker of Star Wars.

On Saturday, October 20, between 10:00 and 13:00, children are also invited to a storytelling workshop, where they will listen to the story "Petrica and the wolf" on Prokofiev's music, will be able to participate in a drawing contest and watch the film "The Brave Sorcerer".
The exhibition "The world of fairy tales - Märchenwelten" is held at the National Library, Unirii Blvd. 22, 1st floor, from Monday to Friday, 10am - 6pm. Access is free.

Contact person: Francesca Szöke, [email protected]

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