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Homemade masks to show off radiant hair

The hair It is a very feminine sign of identity, and wearing it beautiful and radiant is very important to feel beautiful. However, many women who are momsThey do not have time going to the hairdresser, they cannot make an investment to buy products that go up in price, or they are in a great hurry in their day-to-day work and also the care of children that prevents them from trying the latest treatments. Therefore, to get to everything and also continue to be beautiful and showing off your hair, nothing better than knowing the natural treatments that food provides us to make our own homemade masks.

1. Nourishing Egg Mask: Egg proteins help the scalp to be stronger and healthier and also to generate more hair and be more abundant. It is precisely because of the production of hair follicles for the reason that the egg appears in almost all homemade masks recommended. If we want to nourish the hair but do not have much time, it is the most successful because it takes very few ingredients and it is very easy. The egg mask that we must carry out is the one that also has olive oil and a touch of mayonnaise. The pasta in question must be given in parts: root, mane and ends on dry hair, to act for half an hour and then rinse it off. Thus we will have an 'all in one' that will save us from drying out our hair.

2. Bicarbonate root mask: If our problem is the root but we cannot afford some vitamins, or a shock treatment in a hairdresser in a beauty salon, we can go to the concept of a homemade mask for this area of ​​the hair. When we have the roots dull, dry and with little hair, revitalizing it is essential. To make a homemade mask that will help it, we will need baking soda, a few drops of soap and egg whites to make it plump. It is about making a mass that becomes a natural mask, and we have to apply it to the dry hair root about 20 minutes to nourish and remove impurities. Afterwards, it must be washed in the usual way.

3. Natural yogurt mask for dry hair: Having dry and dull hair can be a problem in beauty, and that is why it is advisable to make homemade masks from time to time that include yoghurt. In addition, it is a great remedy for busy moms who have a lot of work inside and outside the home. This dairy helps revitalize hair and restore its natural shine and eliminate the sensation of dryness. To prepare it, we have to put a couple of yogurts in a bowl next to a beaten egg white. Once both are together, we should apply it to damp hair for about 15 minutes and then rinse it normally in the shower.

4. Avocado mask to hydrate: When the hair lacks hydration, there are very good treatments in hairdressers that last for hours so that the mane is revitalized. If we are moms with a lot to do and little time for ourselves, it is best to carry out a good homemade mask based on avocado. Make a avocado mask It is very simple, since we have to add the avocado that is unripe together with a few drops of oil to make a dough, which we will distribute throughout the hair. The amounts will depend on the body and length of the hair. After about 15 or 20 minutes, and with the usual washing, the hair will be much more hydrated.

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Is Rice Water The Secret To Extreme Hair Growth?

Alec Baldwin: Rafael

After the little Carmen, Alec Baldwin is daddy again since June 17, 2015. He and his companion Hilaria welcomed a little Rafael Thomas.

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Prolactin hypersecretion (hyperprolactinemia)
If you don't have a period and you suspect you might be pregnant, now is the time, to buy a test.

Home tests carried out in accordance with the instructions give reliable result. You can choose from: strip, plate, stream and digital test. The one you choose has no effect on the result. The individual types differ only slightly in the way the test is performed.

What about the results? Two lines bring almost certainty that the embryo has nested in the uterine cavity. A negative result at this stage may change in a few days. Therefore, if menstruation after a few days still does not appear, it is worth repeating the examination.


Baby is nothing but cluster of jelly cellsin which very important changes occur every day. It is more like him, though tadpole, not a child, and even more in size (with the entire gestational sac) having more orange seedsbut it's still growing fast!

Already in the fifth week of pregnancy a neural tube developsfrom which it then arises spine and spinal cord. The neural spool is currently open, but will close next week.

It is amazing that most systems, for example the digestive system, are just beginning to shape, and already at this stage my heart begins to beat! It has a size poppy seed, they are formed by two tiny tubules, which are professionally called cardiac coils. It is the heart that arises first (in the form of a simple tube) to quickly gain a more advanced form in which the chambers and atria are formed.


In the fifth week of pregnancy, you will probably feel the first signs of pregnancy. You will certainly feel tired, irritable, drowsy. Typical are breast pain or frequent urination. Some women are already nauseous, but most do not appear until a few weeks later.

What is worth remembering?

The first visit to the gynecologist should be done around the eighth week of pregnancy. It is important to ensure a good specialist selection. Ask among loved ones whom they recommend.

It is important for the doctor to enjoy good opinion and arouse positive feelings in you. The trust you should give your doctor is essential. Remember that during pregnancy you will visit the gynecologist's office very often, hence think carefully about this decision so that you do not have to go on a forced appointment.

From mom's diary

I feel like I did before menstruation, but this one, despite frequent visits to the toilet to see if it already, still does not come. My breasts are slightly swollen, making them appear larger (which is not particularly worrying me). Nausea still does not leave me, and the chicken completely went away. I won't move even though they forced me.

Party. My birthday. Even before leaving the club I am crying because I got a text from a friend that he would be late. This trivial message causes a lot of consistency. Nobody loves me, nobody respects me, everyone meets me because I am afraid to refuse. Why all this? I lie on the bed and cry. The husband knocks on the closed door leading to the bedroom, when he finally manages to open it, he looks in disbelief. Fortunately for him and me - he says nothing. He just hugs and strokes his head tenderly.

At the party, after a small sip of champagne, I feel weak. Every now and then, someone comes over and give me a drink with encouragement. I refuse. After dipping my lips in a sparkling wine, which has little to do with champagne, I surrender. I'm not having fun as I would like. I'm sleepy.

Developed based on:
"A healthy pregnancy. Guide of a loving mother ”MD Michael F. Roizen, MD med. Mehmet C. Oz"Pregnancy guide. Problems of fertility, pregnancy and childbirth ”prof. Ian Greer"Pregnancy and natural delivery. How to enjoy motherhood. A practical guide ”Dr. Ortrud Lindemann, Adriana Ortembeg"In anticipation of a child" Heidi Murkoff

Chickpea soup and boiled egg for children

Legumes are not among the favorite foods for children, but they are usually best eaten in the form of soups and creams. If you add boiled egg and a little pasta, you have dinner for the whole family.

The children's recipe that our collaborator Paula Durán Ros brings us, from the blog 'With the claws in the dough', is cheap, fast and simple, the best way to achieve a balanced and healthy menu for children.

  • 1 large pot of cooked chickpeas (about 450-500 gr)
  • 2 hard-boiled eggs
  • 1 garlic
  • 1 liter of chicken broth
  • 1 small handful of soup pasta

Tips: You can add a little chopped Serrano ham or chorizo ​​as a decoration to present the dish.

1. In a pot, heat half the chicken broth with the chickpeas over medium heat.

2. In a mortar, crush the garlic together with the yolks of the hard-boiled eggs. We add a bit of broth and we are thus cleaning the wall of the mortar.

3. We pour into the pot. We add broth to the mortar again and continue cleaning the wall of the mortar until it is completely clean.

4. Add the rest of the chicken broth to the pot along with the chopped egg and the handful of soup pasta.

5. Cook over medium heat for 20-25 minutes.

Recipe and photography of Paula Duran Ros

Blog With the claws in the dough

Easy and healthy recipes for children and adults.

Contributor to our site

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No spinach, tuna or swordfish for babies and pregnant women

No spinach, tuna or swordfish for babies and pregnant women

The Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition (AESAN) toughens food alerts after reviewing the effect of metals on health. The agency advises against the consumption of chard, spinach, bluefin tuna or swordfish by children under three years of age and pregnant women.

The Agency strongly recommends not consuming these foods due to their high mercury contamination. These large species accumulate in their fatty tissues the mercury that they absorb from their prey in its most toxic form (methylmercury). The metal, generated largely by industrial activity, when ingested by women during pregnancy, it can cause serious alterations in the neural development of the fetus, and the same can occur in young children.

So now you know, no spinach, chard, lettuce or beets in the purees or in the porridge of babies under one year old, much less in the food plate of pregnant or lactating women.

In addition, AESAN recommends not giving more than one serving per day of these vegetables to children between one and three years old. Apart from chard and spinach, the consumption of large fish is not recommended due to its high mercury content, nor of crustaceans, due to cadmium, a heavy metal that can also be found in shellfish. The metal binds to the human liver and kidney and can cause kidney dysfunction.

As for the nitrate found in the leaves of spinach and chard, it is not very toxic in itself, but when consumed by humans it is transformed into nitrites, which can cause cyanosis (baby with bluish skin), due to the lack of oxygen in the blood. , and in some cases be linked to gastric cancer.

For children between three and 12 years of age, AESAN advises limiting to 50 gr. a week the consumption of any of the aforementioned fish. If there is something positive in all this, it is the awakening of the need for us to monitor and be attentive to what we eat and give to our children, and to reflect on the need to improve our commitment to the environment and the environment.

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Goat milk for children - is this a good idea?

Goat milk for children - is this a good idea? There is a view that goat's milk is more valuable to a child than cow's milk. Some parents already give them to babies, although experts do not recommend such a step. What are the official guidelines on this topic, and what are the experiences of young mothers? Read!

Goat's milk raises extreme emotions

Some love them, highlighting him amazing health benefits. He rejects others specific smell, and the idea of ​​drinking goat's milk is funny. It is difficult to reconcile these two groups, because each has its own reasons ...

Goat milk is specific in many ways. However, it provides definitely healthier offer than cow's milk.

Goat milk similar to human milk?

After a thorough examination of the chemical structure of goat's milk, the scientists proved that in many respects it is closer to breast milk than cow's milk. Goat milk is therefore a much better substitute than milk from a cow. However, it cannot compete with natural human milk, which must be clearly emphasized (!)

Big differences are visible when it comes to milk protein composition. For example casein, the protein responsible for 60% of all allergic reactions, in goat's milk has a similar formula (but not the same!) as in human milk.

Comparing casein derived from goat's milk to that found in cow's milk, it is less allergenic. In addition, there are goat milk proteins easy to digest, 20 minutes after drinking they are digested. As a result, goat's milk is less likely to cause digestive problems than cow's milk.

Goat's milk and cow's milk

Goat milk is different from cow's milk in many ways. Scientists have determined that the goat uses its feed more efficiently and the milk it produces is more valuable.

Fat contained in goat's milk it is better digested than that contained in cow's milk. It takes the form of small balls. It has been proven that a higher tightness of the mammary glands in goats allows a decrease in cow's milk heavy metal content.

Goat's milk is a more valuable source of mineral salts. Delivers twice as much potassium and chlorine is also a valuable source of calcium and phosphorus. In addition, goat milk provides more vitamins A, B1, B2, PP and pontoon acid than cow's milk. However, he is poorer source of iron, copper, vitamins B2, B6 and folic acid. Contains five times more vitamin B13 than cow's milk. Also includes well absorbed vitamin D3.

There is also goat milk a lot of acids, favorably affect the development of the nervous system and eyesight. We will find linoleic and arachidonic acid - both from the omega 6 group.

Goat's milk: when can you start serving?

Goat milk is recommended for children over 1 year old, due to the high content of mineral salts, which may overload the kidneys of the baby. Some recommend giving them to babies, but always dilute them in small amounts - but only under the supervision of a pediatrician.

Goat's milk for people with allergies?

Goat milk is not recommended for allergy sufferers, and this is because people who are allergic to cow's milk often react badly to goat's milk. However, there are experts who have a different opinion, because in their experience many allergy sufferers can drink goat's milk.

It is worth approaching the topic individually.