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Are you getting pregnant? You may not be drinking enough

It is recommended that you drink at least eight glasses of water a day. But what is the fluid intake to get pregnant?

Are you getting pregnant? You may not be drinking enough

Not only is it essential for your body to function properly, and not just during pregnancy, it also improves your chances of becoming pregnant. Generally speaking, it is important to be healthy when you are pregnant. Women who are malnourished or unwell are not always ovulated. Consuming the right amount of fluid will not only improve your overall health, but you will also increase your fertility.After the egg has become fertile, it must go into the womb and become pregnant. In many cases, this insertion does not stop and premature wombing occurs. Water plays an important role in this process because it needs water for cell division, metabolism and reproduction. The honeycomb's germ cells must be healthy in order to the egg should be able to become embryonicand water consumption is the simplest way to ensure the health of your uterus. A healthy egg is necessary for a healthy pregnancy. And the water in this process has an indispensable role. Lack of sufficient water causes your body to process proteins and also adversely affects hormones through inadequate fluid intake. Fertility and reproductive capacity are subject to adverse conditions if the female body is persistently dehydrated.Lise Eliot According to neurologists, the first few weeks of pregnancy play a critical role in embryonic and fetal health. This is the time when most women do not even know they are pregnant. If you are getting the right amount of fluids right before you become pregnant, you can be sure that you have done a lot for your baby from the moment of conception. Water helps the nutrients get to the cushion and is an important part of fetal development. Without water, the developing fetus is not viable.It is therefore worthwhile to take care of proper fluid intake before becoming pregnant, as the body's fluid requirements increase during pregnancy.
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The urinary infection It is one of the most common ailments in childhood, only below colds and respiratory diseases. It usually affects the bladder and urinary tract, but it can also reach the kidneys.

This type of infection appears in a 6% of children under one year. From the age of 3, the disease occurs most often in girls, up to five times more. The same happens in boys who have been circumcised or operated on for phimosis, which reduce the incidence of urinary infection between 5 and 20 times.

Urine infections are usually caused by a bacterial cause , the most common is bacteria Escherichia coli. These pathogens, found on the skin around the anus and vagina, reach the bladder and urinary tract causing inflammation in the area.

Some newborns have the so-called reflux vesicoureteral, a condition that allows urine to flow back into the ureters and kidneys and that causes infections at little time after birth. Other common causes in childhood are poor hygiene when changing diapers or going to the bathroom, wearing very tight clothing, or holding too much urine in the bladder.

In young children, the symptoms of UTIs vary widely, and may not even appear. In general, the little ones have fever, lack of appetite, painful urination and in the lumbar area, vomiting and cloudy or even bloody urine.

Although it is not frequent in children that this ailment reaches the kidneys, if it occurs, the previous symptoms are aggravated, especially fever, vomiting and pain in the lower back and abdomen.

A urine sample is needed to diagnose a UTI, which can be complicated in children who are still wearing a diaper. In these cases you can use a probe or collect urine with an injection directly from the bladder.

Rapid antibiotic treatment is essential to prevent the infection from reaching the kidneys. Newborns may require hospitalization and receive antibiotics through an IV. Babies and older children will take the medication by mouth.

It is common for urine infections recur, so many children will need antibiotics for many months, even a year or two. It is very important that parents teach their children the proper way to go to the bathroom and to clean themselves, always from front to back, to avoid the passage of bacteria to the urinary tract.

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Routine: Creating a layout that will benefit you

Having a baby is undoubtedly an event that will change your life. Even if your baby spends most of his time sleeping at first, it can still be difficult and tiring for you. The first few weeks, until you set a pattern, can be a complicated period for you and your baby.
Don't worry too much about creating routines in the early days. A newborn baby should be fed approximately every 3 hours, so it may take some time for your baby to get used to day and night patterns. At this stage, try to understand your baby's habits, focus on breastfeeding correctly, discover ways to calm your mini, but most importantly take plenty of time and relax. Because sleepless nights are very close.
Start creating the layout whenever you feel ready. The routine you create will give you the feeling that you are controlling your life, and will also make your baby feel safer. Babies often feel more comfortable when they know when to eat, sleep and eat. It is great for mothers to know the time they can allocate to them thanks to this order.
There is no right or wrong in order formation. All babies are different. However, it would be wise to start from creating sleep patterns.
When your baby is about 2-3 months old, wash it in the evening, give gentle massages, feed and try a lullaby. When you are 6 months old, you can read a simple story book or introduce a teddy bear to remind you of your sleep time. By feeding your baby regularly, you can sleep more at night than during the day. At night, the lights are dimmed - we recommend that you take the dimmer switch in the baby's room - and avoid changing the diaper unless it is dirty. Remember that good sleep habits acquired at an early age will benefit the whole family for many years.

Philips Avent Soothers

A pacifier can help you build order more than you expect. Babies have a strong instinct to suck. This natural action will comfort him. Choose a good type of orthodontic pacifier to improve your baby's very soft palate and tooth structure. Remember to sterilize the teats regularly - especially when dropped.

• All Avent teats are made of odorless, tasteless, foldable orthodontic silicone for hygiene and durability. Avent pacifiers are sensitive to the natural development of your baby's palate, teeth and gums.
• The pacifiers are designed with the flexibility and size required for your child's development and comfort. Different teats are available for three different age ranges. You can choose the one that suits your baby.
• Avent teats have a protective cap to ensure maximum hygiene. Thanks to the ventilation channels in the teats, it can be steam sterilized.
• For added comfort, the attached part acts as a safety ring. Thanks to the air vents, the saliva does not irritate the baby's sensitive skin.
• Free flow range is especially suitable for extra sensitive skin. The extra air holes in the spout body provide more air flow, which maximizes the comfort of use of the spout.
• Pacifiers designed for night glow in the dark. This means you don't have to worry about giving your pacifier to your uneasy baby in the middle of the night.

Philips Avent Baby Radio

For the first six months, it is recommended that you put your baby to sleep in your bedroom but in a separate cot / crib. A good baby monitor is a great tool to keep your eyes or ears on when you're not staying in the same room. Do not rush every time your baby makes a sound while using the radio, wait a moment for himself to calm down. In this way, you can have a good sleeping habit in the long run. Some new baby monitors also have digital humidity and temperature sensors. This prevents you from taking them as extra and you can monitor your baby's room conditions regularly.
Philips Avent Transceiver / SCD 481
You can use Philips Avent's SCD 481 radio. The mother unit of this model is very small and compact, allowing you to hear your baby clearly with its 16 channel option.
Please note that there are no established rules for order formation as in a textbook. Your baby is an individual, not a robot, and may need some time to adapt to the order. This is your baby, as a mother or father, follow your instincts. If you need support or guidance, continue researching until you find the right one for you.

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Compatibility of Gemini mothers with children according to their sign

Compatibility of Gemini mothers with children according to their sign

If you are one Gemini mother, you have to know that you are an air sign, dominated by the planet Mercury, planet of the iintelligence and spirit.

Gemini mothers have a curious personality, they arecheerful and optimistic, very independent, but subjected to a constant duality of character that can explode at any moment like a bomb.

If you want to know what the relationship of Gemini mothers with their children is like according to their sign, be sure to watch this video.

Edition: Lola Doménech

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