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Pregnancy video: 18 weeks

18 weeks pregnant: Fast facts

Your sweet baby is about the size of a bell pepper!

Your baby is busy flexing those arms and legs – movements you'll notice more and more in the weeks ahead. Blood vessels are visible through your little one's thin skin.

Sex won't hurt your baby and is safe for most expecting moms (check with your provider to be sure). It may even feel better than usual, thanks to extra blood flow to your pelvic area.

If you haven't felt your baby kick yet, you will soon. It might feel like popcorn popping, a fish swimming, or butterflies fluttering.

Food cravings and hunger may kick into high gear now.

Do women feel more or less attractive during pregnancy? In a our site poll, 57% said "less" and 31% said "about the same."

Video production by SALT Project.

Your pregnancy: 18 weeks

The child at 1 year and 5 months

The baby at 17 months (1 year and 5 months) is becoming easier to understand because it manages to combine sounds and micelles to become understood.

In addition he has gained more independence and can strip himself, wash his teeth without help and eat alone.

Now you can start trying to make the change from diaper to potty, but if you feel your baby is not ready yet, you can postpone for later.

As the tongue and the muscles of the mouth develop, the ability to pronounce will also improve and you can help by correctly repeating the words you are trying to say.

The child at 1 year and 5 months (17 months) can keep himself busy, ordering his toys according to colors and shapes. The little boy is now beginning to recognize from what points of view the similar objects are and by what traits they differ, transforming this acquisition into a game from which he does not want to distract his attention. This is why it is possible to observe how your puppy becomes very possessive and does not want to share his toys with anyone. Find out what other news brings the age of 1 year and 5 months in the development of the child!

Physical development of the child at 1 year and 5 months

The basic word in the physical development of the child at 17 months is "consolidation", because it can already go well and sit down to pick up an object from below, then to rise without losing its balance (90% of the children can do these things at 1 year and 5 months).

A few weeks ago, the Nazdravan couldn't even walk without your support or a piece of furniture, so his agility is truly a remarkable progress. Therefore, the 17th month of your puppy's life means for him to perfect the new locomotives and to combine the newly acquired skills.

The ascent continues to be a delight for him and he loves to climb stairs (although he still probably needs to keep it up). You will also notice the fascination of the child to climb as high as possible, which is why you have to be eyes and ears when you walk freely through the house. Be careful to put special safeguards on the doors of the cabinets and to remove from the path of the curious the dangerous objects with which they could come in contact!

It is very common for children under the age of 17 to obsessively try to get out of their crib alone. To prevent accidents, lower the mattress to the lowest level, so that the child can not climb on the crib grill (a major temptation for him, once he feels this pleasure climbing on the armchairs, sofa, etc.).

You can help your puppy to hone his body coordination and physical skills, acquainting him with a move he will definitely adore: jumping on the spot. Show him how to do it and keep it handy, with a little exercise, he will be able to jump like a frog and he will be extremely excited about this new performance.

Communication and social development of the child at 1 year and 5 months

In terms of communication, the 17-month-old tries to expand his vocabulary of about 10 words pronounced well, with others that he practices daily through unintelligible sounds, which sounds like the reply adults say. You can hear around here, as a familiar word, which you can hardly relate to the context.

You can help your puppy enrich his language by labeling objects and facts, through remarks such as: "Do you see the beautiful tree has blossomed? The flowers in the tree smell good." When you cook, you can tell him "This is a plate" or ask him "Do you want a big spoon or teaspoon?".

The social development of the 17-month-old child also comes with important news. You can see that the little guy is starting to sound his tastes, what he likes and what doesn't. The child will suggest to you, sometimes very aggressively, what he wants to eat and what clothes he refuses to wear. He may even show disapproval by blows, which does not necessarily mean something wrong: the specialists say that the little one knows he is safe with you and is confident that he will show strong emotions and feelings.

It is also now that he no longer obeys you, defying yourself. The behavior comes with the individualization of his personality, so ignore his little escapes and avoid confrontations with every little thing that annoys you. During this time, your little one becomes more sociable and less intimidated by strangers, so more willing to integrate socially: Mommy and Dad remain the most important for him, but he is more and more interested in interacting with other people.

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Baby sleep at 1 year and 5 months

According to, most children sleep between 10 and 13 hours at the age of 17 months, according to the natural sleep cycles that your baby has been adjusting to when he was just a 6-month-old baby. A change in his habits related to rest, at 1 year and 5 months, is that the baby can sleep less a day, maybe an hour and a half instead of 3, only once a day.

There is no rule on the sleep program, as each child has his or her own needs for rest. If he begins to refuse the child's night time, out of a clear separation anxiety, make a program of 15 minutes before bed, in which to induce him the peace he needs to sleep easily. Read him a story, talk to him whispered, handle him and give him those elements that induce comfort and a sense of security.

Feeding the child at 1 year and 5 months

At 17 months, the child may become too distracted or too agitated to sit quietly at the table and eat cumintel. He is already beginning to be interested in playing with food and is increasingly selective with the foods he receives.

Give her easy-to-handle products so she can feed herself. Give them small portions and do not let the meals stretch for a longer period of 20 - 30 minutes (take in the face of the consumed food, without making any comment). When refusing a meal, do not take it in front of it to give it what you know it likes (it will take full advantage of your weakness), but make sure you give it at least one favorite food at each meal.

If he has not eaten enough at a meal, do not give him a snack immediately, from your desire to make sure he has eaten enough: waiting for the next meal to come. At 17 months, the child needs less milk than babies, ie 3 servings of 120 ml milk each, along with 3 other servings of milk. In addition, offer the usual quantities of meat, protein, carbohydrates and fiber, in variants as varied and appetizing.

What surprised your kid when he turned 1 year and 5 months? What new purchases could you see in your child? Tell us your experience in the comments section below!

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  • Female first name.
  • His origin : from the name of the great seamstress Coco Chanel, whose name comes from the Latin word "canalis", the canal.
  • His history : widespread in the United States, this name is progressing in France even if it remains rare.
  • His party : April 28.
  • Its derivative: Chanelle.

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

The name Gurval comes from the Celtic terms "gur" and "ual" meaning respectively "more" and "valorous".


Disciple of Saint Brendan, Saint Gurval evangelized pagans in Armorica. He probably succeeded Saint Malo, the first bishop of Aleth who was the capital of the Celtic people of Coriosolites. Saint Gurval is the founder of the town of Guer, a French commune of Morbihan in Brittany. He is thus the patron saint of this commune.

His character :

Delicate and full of tenderness, Gurval has an endearing personality. Gurval is a tender heart that can disappear for the benefit of others. Moreover, he devotes himself body and soul to causes that he considers just. Possessing a sense of innovation, he is very imaginative. He is able to spend a lot of his time dreaming. In addition, he is passionate about travel and adventure. Active and voluntary, he hates idleness. Man of conviction, he can show an unyielding determination. As a real man on the ground, Gurval likes to be in the heat of the moment. True to his principles, he is demanding of those around him.
With a generous soul, it shows great helpfulness. With great availability, he is ready to sacrifice himself for his loved ones. He particularly likes human contacts. This charming person is full of affection and tenderness. Indeed, he aspires only to love and to be loved. Simple and modest, he prefers to live a quiet life.


Gudwal and Gurvane.

His party :

People named Gurval are celebrated on June 6th.

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Movies to watch on Halloween with kids

Films and films more terrifying and scary to enjoy with children on Halloween


A scary movie for children with the characters from Toy Story, so that you can enjoy with your children on Halloween night.

A fun and terrifying movie proposal for the scariest night of the year. A movie to watch as a family.

The Addams Family, in addition to being a very popular series from the 60s, later became an entertaining film with characters out of this world. A horror story where the protagonists are involved in a difficult situation, where they could lose their fortune in the hands of a tricky lawyer.

The most exotic family of all time will do everything possible to preserve its heritage. Spend spectacular moments with the children and enjoy the madness of these funny characters.

What would you do if you were a human in love with a vampire? A children's film that tells the story of Mavis, a vampire who lives a boring life in the Hotel Transylvania, owned by her father, Count Dracula.

One day the teenager meets Jonathan, a human boy who, by chance of fate, comes to stay at the hotel, without imagining that inside a fantastic world awaits him full of chilling beings like Frankenstein or the Werewolf. Jonathan is willing to overcome adversity and win Mavis's heart, something that will put Count Dracula in a very bad mood.

If your child is very interested in monsters, this is the ideal movie for him. A film more sympathetic than terrifying, where its protagonists are monsters who work in a factory, scaring children at night and collecting their screams.

One day, Sully, one of the best scary monsters, accidentally lets a little girl enter the world of monsters. This event will cause a whole revolt in the city of Monstropolis. If you want to know the outcome of this story, don't miss this funny movie!

A horror movie for children, where a nervous boy named Victor Van Dort inadvertently ruins his wedding to Victoria, the daughter of bankrupt aristocrats. When she decides to go to the forest to practice her wedding vows and make up for her mistake, she accidentally recites them to an apparent branch that turns out to be a corpse bride.

Now he will have to get rid of this commitment, and at the same time fight between the world of the living and the dead, all in order to regain the commitment to his beloved Victoria.

Mrs. Crittenden hires Dr. Harvey to get rid of some pesky ghosts that live in her mansion. Casper is a good little ghost who lives in that house with his four unbearable uncles, who will do their best to scare away Mrs. Crittenden, the doctor and their daughter Kat.

For his part, Casper falls in love with Kat, while their respective relatives are in constant conflict. A very funny and convoluted children's movie that will give the little ones very funny moments!

A film by acclaimed director and producer Steven Spielberg. This story tells us about a twelve-year-old boy, who suspects that strange things happen in an old man's house.

He and his friends will embark on an exciting adventure to uncover the mystery behind the grim house. Will they be able to decipher this enigma? Discover this movie for children, perfect for a really scary Halloween night!

Who has not heard of the most famous magician of all time? The character of Harry Potter is born from the series of novels written by J.K. Rowling. Stories full of magic, fantastic worlds and strange creatures that children will enjoy like never before.

What would you think of a marathon from the movies of this popular character? The perfect reason to wrap up the blanket and prepare the popcorn.

This children's film is based on "Coraline", the bestselling novel by British writer Neil Gaiman. Discover together with your children the fantastic worlds of Coraline, an adventurous girl who one day discovers a door to another dimension.

Inside you will find a parallel world very similar to your life but much more fun; there people are friendlier and more loving. However, when she discovers that her mother begins to have strange attitudes, Coraline will have to devise the perfect plan to save herself and return to her real family.

An American children's film directed and produced by Tim Burton The Master of Horror! The protagonist of this chilling film is Jack "the pumpkin king", who tired of celebrating Halloween year after year discovers a new holiday that leaves him fascinated, it is everything he had been looking for, a radical change is approaching, different and exciting! celebrating christmas!

Would you like to know more about this story? Don't miss out on this fun Halloween movie!

What's scarier than a town full of zombies? Who can be turned to in these cases? Who can solve this terrible situation? Norman will help solve this problem through his incredible ability to talk to the dead.

But not only that! In addition to negotiating with the undead, you will have to face fearsome beings such as ghosts and witches! A film for children, the most fun!

On many occasions, it is the personalities or celebrities who have chosen to choose vintage names for their future children who have once again catapulted these names more typical of our grandparents to fame.

Although they were in most cases almost in disuse, they have become quite popular in recent years among the new generations. We suggest you review these names of our grandparents who are back in fashion, have gone from being forgotten to being more trend than ever.

1- Alvaro: it is a name of Nordic origin and means 'guardian'. It is a name that, although it was used regularly in past generations, is still used today and more and more frequently, a name of our grandparents that is a trend.

2- Beltran: It is a name of Germanic origin and it means 'illustrious crow'. It is a name that is recovering in recent years after having been in disuse.

3- Camilo: it is a name of Etruscan origin and means 'priest'. Camilo is the name of the son of the Spanish singer Camilo Sesto.

4- Conrad: It is a name of Germanic origin and means according to some voices 'daring in the council'. It is another of the samples of almost obsolete names that are back in fashion.

5- cross: is a name of Latin origin. As its name indicates it means 'cross'. This name has been popularized in recent years by David Beckham and Victoria Adams when they named one of their children.

6- Francisco: is a name of Germanic origin. It means 'Free and bold'. Pope Francis has popularized the use of this name in recent years.

7- Lion: is a name of our grandparents for children widely used in Spain and Germany. It comes from Latin and means 'bold'. It is the name that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie chose for one of their children. It is also used with the abbreviated form Leo. Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem chose this name for their son just as the Spanish presenter Jaime Cantizano has popularized this name by calling his son that.

8- Matthew: this name means 'gift of God'. It is of Hebrew origin and has become fashionable in recent years. It is the name chosen by Lionel Messi and Antonella Roccuzzo for their son.

9- Romeo: is a name of Latin origin. It is an ancient name of Rome. It is the name of one of the children of David Beckham and Victoria Adams.

10- Valentino: It is a name of Latin origin and means 'strong and healthy'. This name was popularized in recent years by the Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martin when he named one of his sons.

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Is laser hair removal correct during pregnancy and after

During Pregnancy
There are many changes in the mother's body. Pregnant person's body
it differs physiologically from a normal human body. Because
Pregnant mother's body during pregnancy to support the development of the baby
prepare the appropriate environment for. In other words, the whole environment, suitable for the baby's health environment
is to help create.

Expecting mothers during pregnancy
one of the disturbing changes; is the increase in hair and hair. This
The condition is due to changes in hormones of women during pregnancy.
change in the body
Along with the hair, it affects the hair density and hair thickness in the hair.
Even the hair type may change during the pregnancy of the expectant mother.
However, this should not be a concern. Because it is specific to pregnancy and
is a temporary state. Because hormones return to their normal order after a while
the body will regain its normal state and the hairs will fall off.

Pregnant mothers who are very uncomfortable with hair condition
laser hair removal in the early period. However, experts in this period
does not recommend laser applications because they may be objectionable. Because
A research about the laser in pregnancy is quite the sensitivity of pregnancy
This process has not been done since it is a process that needs to be demonstrated.
Laser application during pregnancy is not recommended in the first 3 months of pregnancy. More
In the following months, the baby's mobility and mild pain during the laser
the mother may be disturbed by such
is not recommended. If you are pregnant during the laser epilation process, postponing the laser epilation to postpartum
is required. Hormones will return to normal during the postpartum period, pregnancy
Most of the hairs formed during the period will fall out automatically. This
therefore for the mother to postpone laser hair removal treatment until after birth
is the right one.

feature of rays used during hair removal
They do not. The beam only affects the surface on which the treatment is performed. Womb
there is no such thing as reaching or harming the baby. But
nevertheless, the laser during pregnancy, which is the most
it is best to wait after the birth instead of having it done.

Have you ever tried to put yourself in your child's shoes and test what your reaction would be if you had to try something new and at his age? Of course, many of the situations that your children live today, you have lived them too, only that you no longer remember. The first day of class is one of these situations. Returning or going to school for the first timeBoth can be a pleasure and a nightmare for children and / or their parents.

Children's feelings are confusing. They want to go to school to meet again or make new friends, play and discover new things, and at the same time they do not want to go because they feel comfortable, safe and more sheltered at home. When it is time to go or return to school, which for parents could be a joy, turns into a distressing situation when the child does not want to go to classes. There are some parents who, after leaving their child at school, against their will, feel guilty, as if they had committed a crime.

And you may be wondering: what can we do to survive it?
1- Convey firmness and enthusiasm. Make him see that you will leave him in a beautiful and protected place, under the care of a teacher, and that there he will learn and share many things with other children of the same age. It would not be bad for you to take your son around school before leaving him in his class. Surely, in parent meetings, you will have known the school facilities.

2- Convey confidence. The child must be sure that he will only be at school for a few hours and then return home. The fear of abandonment is what leads, especially first-time children, to mount a "drama" at the entrance of the school.

3- Convey complicity and affection. Every morning, before they go to school, go through the child's backpack together, ask him what he wants to take for a snack or what clothes he wants to wear.

4- Transmit understanding and security. If the child cries when saying goodbye to you, do not give in to his crying and do not take him back home. Tell him that you understand him, explain that he will come to get him in a few hours and make sure that this moment does not last so long. The child should feel that you understand and that you are sure of what you are doing.

5- Transmit joy and tranquility. Be sure that even if you leave your child crying at school, that his crying will stop so you leave or that he will divert his attention to other children. You must leave with the certainty that your child will be being cared for and that he will learn not only to write and read, but also to live with other children.

6- Conveying interest. When you pick up your child from school, don't forget to ask him how everything was at school. That will give you more security to return the next day.

Vilma Medina. Director of our site

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Food sources of magnesium

Magnesium is one of the most important minerals for health, being considered the main neutralizer of lead in the body and interferes with many metabolic functions.


Here are the main food sources of magnesium, to have a healthy and energetic body every day!

Dark chocolate (cocoa)

Among the health benefits of dark chocolate are substantial magnesium, due to the increased content of cocoa.

Only 100 g of cocoa provided the body with 499 mg of magnesium, which is 125% of the recommended daily dose.

A 100g piece of dark chocolate contains about 327 mg of magnesium, which provides 82% of the recommended daily dose.

Brazilian nuts

They are some of the largest nuts, in size, and are high in magnesium.

From a 100 g serving of such nuts, the body receives 376 mg of magnesium, which is 94% of the recommended daily dose.

Wheat bran, rice and oats

Rice, wheat and oats are among the richest sources of magnesium. These are consumed to the full by means of bakery foods. Raw rice bran is one of the richest magnesium products, providing double the recommended daily dose in just 100g of product.

  • One cup of rice bran contains 922 mg of magnesium, which means 230% of the recommended daily dose.
  • One cup of wheat bran contains 354 mg of magnesium, which is 89% of the recommended daily dose.
  • One cup of oat bran contains 220 mg of magnesium, which is 59% of the recommended daily dose.

Pumpkin seeds / Pumpkin

Both pumpkin, fully consumed in salads and cooked foods, as well as seeds of pumpkin pie, used in bakery products, cakes and snacks, are important sources of magnesium for the body. The mineral is supplied through the seeds of the two foods.

Both pumpkin seeds and pumpkin seeds provide about 134% of the recommended daily dose of magnesium in only 100 g of product, ie 535 g.


Melasa is one of the most holy substitutes of industrial sugar in desserts and drinks, but also in other products that require sweeteners. It is also very high in magnesium and represents a food source worth considering.

A serving of 100 g of molasses provides the body with 242 mg of magnesium, which is just over half of the recommended daily dose - 61%.


Almonds are a food source that provides the body with a lot of important nutrients, including magnesium.

Recommended mainly as snacks between meals, only 100 g of almonds provides 286 mg of magnesium, which is 72% of the recommended daily dose.

Soy fried beans

Delicious and nutritious when consumed as a snack, fried soy beans provide your body with a healthy serving of magnesium.

From 100 g of soy, your body benefits from 228 mg of magnesium, which represents 57% of the recommended daily dose of this mineral.

What kind of food do you get magnesium for? Do you have any other sources? Tell us your opinions and suggestions in the comments section!

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