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Cytomegaly and pregnancy

Cytomegaly and pregnancy Little is said about pregnancy cytomegalovirus. Expectant mothers are usually not informed about the negative effects of this disease on the fetus and about the effects of its development. It is also not widely known how cytomegaly goes, what symptoms it gives, and how infection can be avoided. However, it is worth having at least basic knowledge in this area. If only to avoid the risk of cytomegalovirus and its adverse effects on the fetus.

What causes cytomegalovirus?

Cytomegaly is a difficult-to-diagnose disease caused by a common virus: cytomegalovirus (CMV), a type of herpes, similar to the one responsible for herpes. Infection occurs through close contact. The virus is also transmitted through blood, saliva and other secretions.

Because of the ease of infection, the cytomegalovirus explores nurseries, kindergartens and schoolsoften goes from one child to another. Most of us get infected in early school age. Cytomegalovirus may also affect immunocompromised adults.


Cytomegalovirus has symptoms similar to those seen when it passes light flu. Occur muscle aches, general weakness, fever, swollen lymph nodes. Other characteristic symptoms that may or may not be include: sore throat, diarrhea, nausea, fever, rash, lymphadenitis. The disease can also be asymptomatic, especially if it attacks not the first time, but again. Because of this, its diagnosis is difficult and the cause of the disease is not always clearly identified.

Incubation period

The incubation period of cytomegalovirus lasts from three weeks to three months. After passing the infection, the virus still remains in the body, but in an inactive form. A second attack can occur during weakened immunity. Healthy and strong people, however, do not have to be afraid of the effects of the disease, which runs like a cold / flu. The situation is worse for newborns, infants and pregnant women bearing a developing baby.

Why is the virus so dangerous?

There is no kidding with pregnancy during pregnancy, mainly because the virus attacks immature cells, i.e. the cells of the fetus. It can get straight through through the placenta or genital tract (in this case, white vaginal discharge and worse cytology results may indicate his presence). What effects cytomegalovirus will produce depends on the period of infection and its extent.

In the first trimester, the virus often leads to miscarriage. At a more advanced stage of pregnancy, it can cause intrauterine brain damage. In 13% of women who undergo cytomegalovirus during pregnancy, children are born with epilepsy or developmental disorders.

At the end of pregnancy you have to reckon with accelerated delivery and its effects: jaundice and pneumonia.
The problem is also infection of the child during childbirthwhich is much more common than during pregnancy. It applies to 10% of all illness cases. In 90% of cases, children eliminate the virus or the symptoms of the disease manifest themselves later. The risk is all the greater the shorter the pregnancy lasts and increases for born children with too low a weight.
Breastfeeding is another point of infection. It is estimated that during this period the disease is transmitted to 40-60% of newborns, however, it is usually asymptomatic and is harmless to the baby in the course.

Congenital cytomegaly symptoms

Congenital cytomegaly is much more dangerous than a disease that can be infected newborn or infant. It causes: delayed intrauterine growth, jaundice, enlarged liver / spleen, pneumonia, thrombocytopenia, pneumonia, retinitis, choroid, optic atrophy and even deafness. Sometimes it develops general infectionwhich can be fatal. 20-30% of newborns with congenital cytomegalovirus die, others develop congenital mental disorder.

No immunity

When a woman undergoes toxoplasmosis before pregnancy, there is no risk that she will become infected again during the 9 months important for the child's development. However, in the case of cytomegalovirus there is no longer such a guarantee.

In addition, the most dangerous for fetal development is first infection. If it happens during pregnancy, you have to take into account the unpleasant consequences. However, it is not very possible to protect against them because of the virus there is neither vaccine nor effective medicine. The only way to fight is to prevent cytomegalovirus.

How to recognize the disease?

There is no cytomegalovirus study in the NFZ basic package. A pregnant woman can ask for it on her own or finance the examination privately. This is important because early detection of the disease allows you to minimize any negative effects arising during its development.

However, diagnostics alone is not easy, to identify the virus it is necessary to repeat the test several times at intervals of two weeks. This can be done in two ways: blood tests (Gg and igM, checking for the presence of the virus and whether the woman has had a disease in the past) or urine tests.

Cytomegalovirus research is particularly valid in the third trimester. In this way, finding out about the asymptomatic development of the disease, you can take precautions during childbirth. Cytomegalovirus infants are prescribed a drug that inhibits the reproduction of the virus and avoids inflammatory changes in the brain and eyeball. Unfortunately, the drug has quite a few side effects and requires a two-week hospital stay. Other forms of the disease, including cytomegaly of the nervous system, require special observation until the child turns one year old. If doctors are dealing with a severe case, so-called immune serum is used, which allows the fetus to be saved.

How to counteract the disease?

If you are pregnant, you should take special care to:

Raise your hand that father or mother who did not spend hours and hours of their recess playing stop, to the coarse or to the chocolate! And it is that this game has traveled from generation to generation, modifying only its name. It was one of the funniest hobbies of our childhood, at least mine! Why not get it back now so children learn to read and write in a spontaneous and fun!

Learn to read and write and doing it without spelling mistakes has never been so much fun. And it is that through stop game the child will be acquiring new knowledge and new skills without realizing it. Do you want to know what it consists of? The dynamics is very simple:

- Take a paper and a pen and divide the sheet into six columns.

- In each of them a theme will be written. In the first, the letter with which we are going to play; in the second, 'Name'; the third we are going to use for 'Food'; in the fourth, you have to write 'Thing or object'; in the fifth 'Animal' and, finally, the sixth will be the box to add the points.

- Then, go making lines to place each of the letters that you touch, in such a way that it looks like a chocolate tablet, hence some know it as "the chocolate game".

- To avoid cheating, put folded pieces of paper with the different vowels and consonants in a bag and take them out one after the other. Here's a tip: don't include child-friendly letters like w, unless you're playing in another language.

- A player selects a letter at random and everyone starts to fill in the gaps. The first to finish says "Stop" or "Enough" and immediately everyone raises their hands and stops writing.

- For each success that each player has, 10 points will be added; But be careful, if two participants agree on a word, then only 5 will be counted. In the event that only one child has filled in a box, they get an extra, 15 points! The winner is the one with the highest score.

- The stop game it does not have an end. You decide when it ends, but we warn you ... get hooked!

If you are a teacher, this activity is perfect to develop in the classroom, because it will be a way for children to have fun while learning. How to make it more effective?

- You can perform individually, so that each student goes over different concepts and then you can evaluate each one; or also in group, to thus promote cooperative learning.

- You can apply at any age (The difficulty of it can be adjusted to each stage of the child) and also in different subjects. For example, if you are in language class and you have to do a dictation, change it for a stop game session. Another option is to use it in English class, more than recommended for them to learn new vocabulary and practice the writing and the speaking!

- The Advantages of this proposal to carry out in class are infinitive. Children learn to write, gain mental agility, practice writing, increase their vocabulary and ... do addition! And if they want to know who the winner is, they will have to make the final count!

How many times are you at home and your children say the phrase "I'm bored"? According to experts it is good and even necessary for them to get bored, but if you are thinking of doing something other than sitting in front of the television or with the console in hand, the stop game is your solution!

- It's perfect for those Sunday afternoons where you can't leave the house because it's raining.

- It can also be a activity to develop after eating in summer, when the children no longer want to take a nap and it is good that they wait a while to digest and get into the water.

- You will not be able to miss either family reunions with grandparents. You can make teams: grandparents and grandchildren, on the one hand, and parents on the other, or also include cousins ​​and uncles. Who will win? Without realizing it, you will all be doing brain gymnastics.

- And the best of all: you can take it anywhere because it weighs nothing. All you need is a pencil and a few sheets of paper and fun is guaranteed!

Personally in my bag I always carry a notebook and pens and when, for example, we go somewhere and we have to wait a long time (doctor's waiting room, a restaurant table ...) I take out all the material ... already play and learn has been said! Do you sign up for I play the stop?

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Soy or soy burger. Healthy recipe for children

Soy or soy burger. Healthy recipe for children

Soy or soybean is a legume rich in protein, ideal for vegetarian diets and for overweight children. It provides fiber, vitamins and minerals, as well as being rich in isoflavones.

Since We propose a very appetizing recipe for children: soy or soy burger. A great way to introduce more plant-based proteins into children's diets without sacrificing taste.

  • 170 gr of soy or dry soy
  • 500 gr of meat (250 gr of beef and 250 gr of pork)
  • 1 tomato
  • 1 medium onion
  • 4 eggs
  • Bread crumbs
  • 2 cloves of garlic, parsley, salt and pepper
  • Sliced ​​lettuce and cheese

1. Let the soybeans or soybeans soak in hot water for 30 minutes.

2. Drain the soy and put it in a bowl with the minced meat.

3. Chop the onion, tomato, parsley and garlic and add to the mixture.

4. The eggs are beaten and added. Add a little salt and pepper.

5. Add the breadcrumbs (about two small bags). Mix everything well.

6. Form the hamburgers and fry in olive oil.

7. Serve the hamburger with a little lettuce, onion and a slice of cheese.

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Abdel-Rahim pronunciation - Meaning of origin

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Abdel-Rahim is a compound given name obtained from Abdel and Rahim. In Arabic Koranic the prefix Ab- translates as "servant" and is rather a determinant.

The original writing Abd-el therefore means "servant of ...", while Rahim translates as "lenient, full of gentleness". AbdelRahim is thus transcribed by "Servant of the Clement".


Layla AbdelRahim, Canadian Comparative Writer and Anthropologist, Gamal Abdel-Rahim, Egyptian Songwriter and Abdel Rahim Mohammed Hussein, Sudanese Politician.

His character :

Like the green of flowering nature, AbdelRahim embodies a tranquil and harmonious force. Balanced and realistic, AbdelRahim exudes a calming calm reassuring those around him. As a child, he will offer his parents a tender parenthesis after tumultuous days. However, AbdelRahim is not one of those sweet individuals. This is a beating who does not hesitate to show his claws when he is attacked.

A too strict education will amplify its natural tendency to rebellion. He will have trouble supporting the hierarchy. Independent, he preserves his secret garden and opens it only to the one who deserves it. This is the reason why his parents and / or educators will have to initiate the dialogue and give him a certain degree of freedom, fundamental for his well-being. Knowing his need for satisfied independence and his accepted personality, he will blossom for sure and give the best of himself to succeed.


The best-known variant of AbdelRahim is Abdel-Rahim. His original form is Abd el Rahim.

His party :

No party is attributed to the people named Abdel-Rahim until today.

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Very emotional, a bit mythical, sometimes unreal. This is the book by Doula by Bridget Boland. It is a pity that the story presented is a literary vision and that what we read about was largely created in the author's imagination. However, this does not change the fact that the book is read very well, and the description of the events is very absorbing ...

Birth and death

Carolyn chose the profession of doula, not because she thought about him herself, but because this vision was shown to her by loved ones. She accepted him relatively quickly, because as a daughter of funeral workers she is fed up with the sadness that accompanies death. She chooses emotions that in her imagination should connect with her birthday. Only with time does it begin to understand that birth is a time full of surprises. Not everything can be planned and delivery does not always look like we wanted.

As a doula, he discovers different ways of perceiving the physiology of labor. He observes home deliveries, accompanying women who listen to their body and want to give birth without anesthesia during the "rite of passage". On the other hand, it meets the need for security, which for some couples is giving birth in a hospital near medical staff. Often, he fights internal battles, tries to understand people who do not allow the voice of instincts and subordinate themselves to what they hear around.

The story does not focus on the descriptions of the births themselves. On the pages of over 500 pages, we will read about more than one woman's life tragedy in the family, we will witness her romance, we will read about friendship that is put to the test and about difficult relationships with her mother. We will find that the role of parents is difficult, and the very understanding of your own family is beyond possibilities.

"Doula" is a novel not about births in the strict sense, but about growing up and the need to answer the question: who am I and what do I expect from life.

What was your delivery like?

Imaginations are often far from reality. It also happens that before we experience something, we have little idea about it. Only experience teaches us humbleness and makes us realize how we would really like to proceed, if everything depended on us
"Doula" gives hope that a little consistency and realizing your own needs are enough to have a greater impact on reality.

This is not a novel that focuses only on deliveries, it is a story about the fate of a lost man who often has a problem with what he really wants. Fighting the demons of the past, he fights a personal battle for himself. During this time, he deals with his own imaginations, burying the need to take responsibility for other adults, being born again and discovering the joy of life.

Animal coloring pages with kids

Animal coloring pages with kids

Funny drawings of animals to color with children. Print these for freeso educational images so that your children can develop their artistic abilities while they enjoy painting. You can use this drawing to decorate your children's room and to teach them the names of the kinds of animals.

Selection of animal drawings to print, paint and color, totally free. More than 100 animal drawings for children to have a fun and entertaining time. Drawings of bees, cats, horse, donkey, koala, elephant, dog ... so that children, in addition to enjoying coloring or painting each one of them, can learn the different species of animals that exist and the places in the world where they live . A fun and playful way to learn.

Children can use these pictures to learn how to cut and paste, thus developing their motor skills and artistic abilities. Pictures to paint and paint are a wonderful way to have fun learning. Do not hesitate to print these drawings of animals in their different habitats for free, such as in the sea, the jungle, the forest or the farms. It is necessary for the little ones to discover nature and the importance of respecting the environment.

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Animals Coloring Pages. Easy Coloring Pages of Animals for Kids. How To Color Animals