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Goldfinch, The

We highlight in our dictionary the name for a girl: Aubergine. You will find in our meaning finder of all baby names.

History of the name Berenguera

Feminine form of Berenguer. Very frequent name in the Middle Ages among the nobility.

Meaning of name Berenguera

"Protective spear"

Origin of the name Berenguera


Famous people with the name Berenguera

  • Bianca Pérez-Mora Macías (Bianca Jagger), model and ex-wife of Mick Jagger (1945-)

Berenguera name coloring pages printable game

When we think about the future of our children we want him to be as bright as possible. This is clear and valid for everyone. But what do we as parents wish for the future of our children? Can we imagine that their life will be better if they have a beautiful or lavish future?

The variant of a beautiful future implies that he, the child now becoming an adult, to do what he wants, to be able to choose alone from the PERSPECTIVES that lie before him. It also means that he should be in control of his situation and do honorably regardless of the challenges of his professional life.

However, if you want a fun future for your child, you need to consider several aspects. First of all, a job that today is among the most sought after, when he will grow and finish college can become an outdated profession. Secondly, think that you may not be the only parent in Romania who wants a good job for his child. This automatically means that your chicken, freshly graduated from college, will fight on the same job with many other fresh graduates, as well trained, who want the same thing.

This is why it is important for your little one to love what he does when he is older. If the job chosen proves to be boring, then it is perfect. Perhaps at first glance his choice related to the profession he wants does not seem so inspired, but give him a chance. Because, regardless of the field of the profession and the state of the economy at that time, the passion that you have in your daily work will reward you.

So, instead of making calculations and trying to assume the direction in which the economy will evolve in the future, it is better to give it some reliable PERSPECTIVES to choose from. Give him a safe start, some help to put him on his feet. With Magister Rent from BCR Asigurari de Viata Vienna Insurance Group, your child will benefit at the age of 18 from a future full of PERSPECTIVE and trust.

Follow 50 success stories and convince yourself that the only safe choice you can make for your child's future relates only to a broad horizon of PERSPECTIVES and the resources you can offer to have a beautiful start in adult life. .

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From tooth to bone

From tooth to bone

An essential part of childcare is prevention, which is aimed at preventing illness and protecting health. Vitamin D prophylaxis is one of the most important health functions of primary prevention.

What will be the teeth and bones healthy for?

The development of the baby's teeth and bone before birth, during the period of birth, is influenced by the amount of calcium, phosphorus, breastfeeding is the best diet for breastfeeding, but breast milk does not contain vitamin K and sufficient vitamin D. The teeth szьksйges йs bones fejlхdйsйhez egyйb tбpanyagok megtalбlhatуk breast milk, йs aktнv muscle work on the szopбs kцzben also segнti the csecsemх kйsхbbi fogazatбnak kialakulбsбt.A kйsхbbiekben important megfelelх mixed tбplбlkozбs because tбplбlkozбsi szokбsok greatly befolyбsoljбk the fogszuvasodбs (caries), the toothing abnormalities and the development of dental diseases.It is important to have enough protein-rich nutrients, vitamins (A, C, B, D), dietary substances (Ca, P, Mg) and trace elements (F, Mo).
Calcium is one of the most valuable minerals. For children, it is indispensable for the development of strong bones and teeth. Bones, especially bones in growth, need a lot of calcium. Ezйrt During childhood, adequate calcium intake is essential, especially during periods of rapid growth, ie during the first two years and in adolescence.

Protect your baby's teeth!

Vitamin D is also a key compound for the development of children's teeth, bones, and the proper composition of the bone, since the proper amount of calcium in itself will not produce anything if you do not have enough vitamin D in the body. Let's now learn about this fat-soluble vitamin, also called sunlight vitamin.


Do we really know exactly what vitamin D is, how it is formed, why we need to waste it? Vitamin D belongs to the group of fat soluble vitamins, it has two forms, D2 (ergocalciferol) and D3 (cholecalciferol). Vitamin D is absorbed by the body both from dietary sources and mainly from D3 is derived from photochemical synthesis in the skin resulting from UVB radiation. The UV rays napfйny hatбsбra jelenlйvх bхrben elхanyagбbуl keletkezх of vitamin D3 in the mбjban йs wins the vesйben tцrtйnх бtalakulбsok sorбn in vйgsх, aktнv formбjбt.Az aktнv form of calcium increases the йs foszforfelszнvуdбst bйlrendszerbхl, phosphorus stimulates vesйk visszaszнvбsбt the vizeletbхl and it directly enhances calcium uptake into the bone. Serious bone deformities can occur due to the lack of biologically valuable radiation in our climate in poor sunlight seasons, and nutrition in infants is not enough. It is also necessary to supplement in case of a relative vitamin deficiency, when inadequate intake may lead to deficiencies, if the diet does not contain fat, as the fat-rich natural fat is suppressed by the diet even in the case of vitamin D, utilization of vitamin D will be inadequate, thus increasing the tendency to develop the disease.

Vitamin D = hiбny rickets?

Vitamin D deficiency, a disease of the ossification disorder, is called rickets, also called angina pectoris. Vitamin D deficiency subsequently leads to a loss of metabolism of two main minerals, calcium and phosphorus: the two substances are not lost in the body, .The cartilage itself is overproduced, and it is abnormally proliferating beyond normal limits. The bone proliferation is hereafter. a rhinitis bracelet on the wrist or a "rhinitis" reading on the bone surface of the cartilage. Bones are soft, long tubular bones are hollow and become prone to fracture. Most of the bones that were growing were affected. The most common early symptom in areas of pressure is the softening of the skull bones: pressing the finger on the back of the stomach, the bone, like a ping-pong ball, can squeeze. And he is moody and does not move. In severe cases of subsequent calcium deficiency, muscle spasms may also occur. Bone deformities characteristic of the anchovy and dental dentition can be effectively prevented with vitamin D supplementation. The English course itself is only seen during the growth stages. Untreated disease leads to lower goiter, chest deformities, cataracts, pelvic legs, pelvic deformity.

How To Suppress Vitamin D?

Anchovy prevention is provided by proper nutrition, aeration, sunbathing and vitamin D3. Everyone should take the medicine before the sun is out. Some people are advised to take it permanently throughout the year, such as children up to the age of one, breastfeeding mothers, pregnant women, or those with chronic bone and kidney disease. your need for relief is 400 to 1000 international units per day (short term NE), this is one drop of Vigantol per day until age 0-1. 500-1000 IU / day for adults aged 1-18 years and 1500-2000 IU / day for adults. For pregnant women and nursing mothers, 1500-2000 IU / day. In the case of an established English course, the doses are naturally higher, following the initial high dose, the physician expects to have up to 1000-5000 IU of vitamin D for long-term use.Dosing instructions should always be followed, as vitamin D overdose can have dangerous consequences. Calcium can also be deposited in abnormal areas of the internal organs (kidneys, blood vessels), which can severely damage the functioning of the organ. It should be borne in mind that the dosage of vitamin D, taking into account the age of the infant or child, and possible underlying medical conditions (eg malabsorption, kidney disease), can only be determined by the pediatrician.
  • Too little vitamin D is dangerous
  • Our children have healthy bones
  • Not only babies need vitamin D!

Marinated eggplant

Marinated eggplant

Marinated eggplants are part of the summer pickles category, but unlike them, they can be served as an appetizer or even as a main course, along with a steak! Here's a very simple recipe!

Preparation time

35 min.




2 kg of eggplant

1 large garlic foreman

1 l of vinegar for pickles

2 links of green parsley

1.5 l oils

Method of preparation

Cut the eggplant into 1-1.5 cm thick slices, rub them well with salt and then leave them for about an hour. After that, fry them in a little hot oil.

In a separate pot, pour the vinegar and fold in a little water, according to taste, then bring to a boil, until it is a little boiling.

The fried washes are removed and put in the pot with vinegar, on top of which are added the sliced ​​garlic and the minced parsley. Mix the eggplant well in vinegar and then place in mason jars, in layers. The jars are filled with vinegar juice which remains and tightly closed with lids.

The type of kitchen


Meaning of the name Orco. Name for boys