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The rooster and the pearl. Children's fable about the value of things

Learning To Obey. Moral Stories in English For Kids. English Stories For Children HD

Are the first teeth outgrown? The next step is correct dental care! (X)

Healthy and strong milk teeth are very important for the further development of the child and for the health of the lower incoming, lasting teeth.

Many parents are not aware of the hardships infant children can cause if they do not take care of proper dental care practices in a timely manner. Proper oral care and hygiene can contribute to the healthy development of milk teeth even before the appearance of the first tooth!

First, then it is the turn!

  1. A balanced diet that is appropriate for the child is very important to prevent dental caries. Give priority to foods rich in protein, vitamins, trace elements, minerals, calcium, phosphate, fluoride, and iron, while avoiding the consumption of juices, acidic juices and fruits.
  2. After the first tooth has grown and slightly enlarged, the tooth care can begin - twice a day for optimum results. A damp cotton swab, a baby-specific toothbrush available in a pharmacy, and a soft bristle toothbrush that can be placed on the finger are also suitable for this purpose.
  3. Between the ages of 18 and 24 months, a child is able to grasp and hold a toothbrush and toothpaste on his own, so he can begin to learn how to clean his own teeth. Take every opportunity you can to give your child a playful way of brushing properly.
  4. You must first take your child to the dentist at the age of three. This will help you get used to the idea that your teeth need to be checked regularly!

What can we do about pain?

It is available in a pharmacy with a special applicator with polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) content, which allows the gel to be applied directly and hygienically to the affected area. The PVP contains a tooth shield on the tooth surface, like a wound patch, to protect the sensitive area from external irritation that causes pain.

On the applicator a soft silicone bristles gently massage the skin, and thus alleviate the discomfort and toothache.
Discipline, children and families

We all know that children need to be raised with discipline. But do we know what we call discipline? Is being disciplined in the nature of the child or does the child learn discipline in the environment? You may have never asked yourself these questions, but many experts have asked themselves many times and tried to find the answer.

According to experts, discipline is defined as giving the child the opportunity to find and develop his / her self within certain limits, to help the child understand his / her own mistakes and to help him / her to turn his / her mistakes correctly.

The wrong practices in our society, which are not fully known, make it impossible for children to trust themselves and their parents as well as give them the opportunity to find their own self.

Today, the concept of discipline has unfortunately become very often referred to by brute force, beatings and violence. As a result, families try to educate their children in these ways. However, this type of education method will stop the child's misbehavior only for a short time and will never end. In order to terminate the behavior, the child should be informed about why his or her misconduct is wrong, alternative solutions to prevent this behavior should be found and directed towards positive behavior.

What should you consider when disciplining your child?

? When setting limits for your child, try to explain the reasons for these limits. For example, if your child wants to play with water in his / her room and you do not agree with it, explain to your child why you should not accept it. You can say, orum I don't want you to play with water in your room because water can spill on the floor and wet the carpet.

? Tell your child about the conditions under which your restrictions may be lifted. Orsan If you want to play with water, you have to go out to the garden or go to the bathroom, otherwise the floor may get wet, anlat you will tell your child that the limitation you make is only due to certain reasons.

? Inform your child about lining up and sharing because the most important reason for the problem of incompatibility for young children is not being able to share something. Since children do not have enough information about sharing and queuing, they behave quite incompatible with this issue. For example, if your child cannot share his toys with his brother, inform him about the line, tell him that he should play with the toy during that time and give the toy to the other child to play. However, it is very important that you remain stable and stick to the time while applying this method. Failure to do so will damage your child's trust in you.

What can you do?

? Be sure to listen carefully to your child because you need to listen to your child first to understand the problem behavior and to intervene.

? Do not place restrictions on your child too often, as the number of restrictions increases and will become less important. Set concise and concise explanations and explain the reasons for these to your child.

? Be consistent when implementing the limitations you set. Try to make minimal concessions (ideal is never to do).

? Never react violently to your child because he has done something that he shouldn't have done.

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Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure. Fairy Tales. Disney Junior UK

Zurli Theater, a children's theater, plays this weekend the show Motanul Incaltat

We play two performances on Saturday and two on Sundays, from 10.30 and 12.00 at Puzzle Cafe (Calea Victoriei, 155, block D1, section 6, ground floor)

The Slippered Shoe at the Zurli Theater

Saturday, November 9, 10.30 and 12.00 at Puzzle Café (Calea Victoriei, no. 155, block D1, Tronson 6, ground floor)
Sunday, November 10, 10.30 and 12.00 at the Romanian Peasant's Club (Monetary Entrance, Kiseleff Street, no. 3

Adaptation is a real lesson for the little ones, a joyful and educational story. The youngest son of the miller, the spoiled family, receives an inheritance from a motan. Although he seems the most unlucky of the 3 brothers, luck is on his side, because the rider is a miserable one. He will teach the young son of the miller how to get in life what he wants. The children are the fourth character in the show. They are actively involved and guide the future "count" how to eat, dance and sing. The characters are lively, funny and interesting, and the children will be kept in their hearts by the end of the show.
The price of a ticket is 10 lei for children and 15 lei for adults - Children under two years do not pay entrance!
Reservations can be made in advance at the phone number 0728.295.872 or the email address [email protected]
We have chairs, benches for adults, pillows for the little ones and lots of fun!

Take part in the competition and win guests at the theater! Click here!
The Zurli team is waiting for you!

What makes us, the Zurli Theater, Children's Theater, to be different?

We pay close attention to the text. We know about words as they create images and we make sure they are beautiful images.

We chose songs and games suitable for children from 2 to 6 years old, we found replicas to make parents smile and texts from which little ones can learn lessons.
At the Zurli Theater, adults and children come for family entartainment. We spend a special time together on the weekend. We sing, dance, applaud and draw lessons.
The concept is conceived by Mirela Retegan, a mother who wanted something else for her child. The recipe was self-imposed and became a favorite for families with young children.
In Zurli, all the shows start with a good will, we take care to get the kids used to the space and the big people in it, we give the parents time to drink a coffee until we get to dinner with the dwarves. No show will start without Cheerful Living - an opportunity to animate the place. the conclusion is made with a song very loved by children and parents, I have a Little House. We have replications between children and parents, we have formulas that everyone knows (somehow we call music, otherwise we call the show), the sincerity test we really like because it gives us the opportunity to boast about what we did well and to recognize mistakes that we are not very proud of.
Viewers like Zurli the relaxation with which children are approached and the firmness with which adults are treated. The rules are very well formulated and do nothing but force all big people to pay attention to the real needs of their children, the children of others and the neighbors of the chair, pillow, bank. An atmosphere of respect, empathy and friendship was created at the Zurli Theater, just as we would like our lives to be in every place. Older people leave us happier, and children leave happier, stronger and more courageous. At the departure everyone receives sweets!

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Steps Monti, Hoppop

Steps Monti, Hoppop

To access the sink or cupboard alone, your child can use this practical and stable step. Its surface and feet are non-slip rubber.
His +: it can support up to 60 kg.
His price : 29,50 €.
More info here.

When should I introduce the egg into the baby's diet?

Based on a one-day test, the best time to eat the baby's first egg egg is between 4 and 6 months.

Feedback: When should the baby first get eggs?

According to researchers, the earlier your body deals with an allergen, the more likely it is that you will not experience an allergic reaction to a particular meal. Megkйrdeztьk dr. Polgár Marianne Children's Crib, gastroenterology, BIA Allergy Center chief doctor, what he advises parents.In case of egg allergy the immune system responds to the egg by producing antibodies and antibodies that try to fight the allergy it invades. These antibodies are called immunoglobulin E. Here you can read more about what you need to know about egg allergy. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, a total of 146 previous studies have found that early introduction of eggs in eggs can reduce the risk of developing allergies. In our reports, we have a "reasonable assurance" that the introduction of an egg between 4 and 6 months may have such positive effects, but it also adds that further studies are needed.

Breast milk protects against allergies

Milk and eggs are the most common food allergies in our country, but they are also often the cause of gluten following the introduction of flour foods. Dr. Marianne Polgбr said that New Scientific Recommendations for Early Introduction of Different Foods to Breast Milk PreventionTherefore, it is essential that nutrition be started during the breastfeeding period, so that the protective factors of breast milk can help prevent allergic reactions.

Not sure about your early introduction

Earlier introduction of food has also been raised in gluten-containing foods. It is believed that the risk of developing celiac disease, celiac disease, can be reduced, even in families with some celiac disease patients. Unfortunately, this has not been confirmed in the examinations conducted, so the current recommendation is that the date of introduction of gluten does not differ from other diets; (strongly recommended under 3 years of age) is not recommended. Effective nutrition starting early in infants can cause iron deficiency anemia, asthmatic respiratory symptoms, eczema and diarrhea. For cooking pancakes, use more breast milk or formula during one year. Even after one year of drinking, it was recommended to drink iron milk and vitamins for children.

First, the yolk, then the white

Dr. Marianne Polgár said that domestic recommendations do not encourage egg consumption, We recommend that you introduce it after 8 months in the baby's schedule. This date should be postponed for at least 2-4 hours in children with a tendency to allergies. Initially, we prepare exclusively fresh, well-cooked egg yolks, and gradually you can get egg white as well.

When should we think about egg allergies?

The likelihood of developing allergies is particularly high in families where one or both parents are affected by allergies of any kind, whether it is breathing, diet, skin or other allergies. It is important to introduce only one new food into your child's schedule at a time so that if you have symptoms, you may be able to identify the cause. During this period, we have to think of skin itching, redness, skin rash, swelling of the face, throat, difficulty in breathing, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain following the consumption of eggs. You need an egg-free diet for treatment, but you know that the majority of children develop egg allergies by the age of 3-4.You can find more articles in our Allergy Center.
  • Feedback: When should the baby first get eggs?
  • Egg: Can a baby get old when she is old?
  • The 12 best Christmas song videos for kids in 2018

    Without Christmas carols there is no Christmas. Singing as a family is an excellent activity, both in the Christmas period and in the rest of the year. Nevertheless, Christmas has something magical and special inviting us to prepare our voices and raise them in unison. Singing has many benefits for children: it reduces stress, exercises their memory, fills them with vitality, improves their lung capacity ... We should do it more often!

    For this reason, and because we cannot resist spreading the Christmas spirit to every corner, we have collected the best videos about Christmas songs for children for this year, for Christmas 2018. They are some of the most viewed videos on the YouTube channel from our site ... because kids love them! Feel free to subscribe to see many more great videos.

    1. The sabanero burrito
    If you are looking for a fun Christmas carol, here is the Christmas song from "El burrito sabanero". It tells the story of a boy who goes to Bethlehem riding a cute little donkey while singing. He is so eager to reach the portal of Jesus that he urges the animal to go even faster. The best (or worst, depending on how you look at it) is that it is a very catchy Christmas song. You won't be able to stop singing it!

    2. At 12 at night
    This Christmas carol is one of the star songs for Christmas 2018. If you want your child to know different Christmas carols, beyond the most traditional ones, we propose this much more original and unknown melody. This song celebrates the birth of the child God: "At twelve o'clock at night, a rooster woke me up, with his joyful song, saying Christ was born."

    3. But watch how they drink
    One of the most popular Christmas carols is "Fish in the river." Everyone knows it, but not everyone knows the whole letter. Traposo Bear brings you a fun karaoke so you can sing it as a family. "They drink and they drink and they drink again"! It is one of the most viewed Christmas song videos on the YouTube channel of our site.

    4. Hood on hood
    Children love this Christmas carol because it never ends. Suggest that your child continue to make up verses for this funny Christmas song. Up to which bell will you get? Surely as many as your voice allows!

    5. December 25
    Fun, fun, fun! This Christmas carol can never be absent at Christmas. It is a call for all of us to go to adore the baby Jesus who was born in the portal of Bethlehem. "A very beautiful little boy was born in the portal, with his pink face he looks like a beautiful flower, fun, fun, fun."

    6. La Marimorena
    This Christmas carol is always very funny to children because its lyrics can be very playful. The video for the song "Ande, ande, la Marimorena" has to be the soundtrack for your December 24th. You can't miss Christmas Eve dinner! Try to get your child to learn the letter by heart as a mental exercise.

    7. Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas
    If you want your child to sing Christmas carols in English, but they don't know too much yet, you can try this "Feliz Navidad, Merry Christmas" which is in both Spanish and English. This is a traditional Christmas carol with a lot of sparkle, which makes it one of the favorite Christmas songs of the little ones in the house.

    8. Silent night
    Compared to other more moving Christmas songs, "Silent Night" is a calmer and deeper Christmas carol. Thanks to the Traposo bear karaoke you will be able to sing along with your child the entire lyrics of this beautiful song. This is a good exercise for your child, who will have to strain to read fast enough to keep up with the music.

    9. Gatatumba
    "Gatatumba, tumba, tumba" is irresistible to many children who do not need the lyrics of the songs to make sense to love them. Challenge your children to sing this Christmas carol faster and faster and thus, by way of tongue twisters, they will be exercising their ability to speak fluently.

    10. Gloria in excelsis deo
    On Christmas 2018, sing this Christmas carol with your children! It is a very traditional Christmas song that talks about the birth of the son of God, who brought peace and love to the world. Children like this Christmas carol because it is different and very special.

    11. Yaucano Christmas Carol
    Do you know this beautiful Christmas song? Talk about a boy who has come from Yauco, a region of Puerto Rico, to see the child of God. He wants to give the little one a kiss, but San José doesn't let him so he won't make him cry. It is a very tender Christmas song that your children will love.

    12. The old woman is coming
    And to finish this compilation of the best Christmas songs 2018 for children, we suggest "The old woman is coming", another of the most popular Christmas carols among the little ones in the house. It is usually taught in schools, so your child may already know the lyrics and want to sing it with you.

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    Wizzard - I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday Official Music Video