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Summer dangers for kids

Our name finder has thousands of baby names to help you choose a beautiful name for your baby. You will find in this article everything about the name Mayorica.

It owes its diffusion as the name of Christian baptism of Santa Mayorica, martyr in Aphrodisias.

It comes from the proper Latin name Maioricus, a variant of Maior, "older, older, the oldest."

April 30, December 6.


  • Miroslava Maya Mishalska Harasyowitz, Mexican actress (1974-); Maya Angelou, American singer and writer (1928-); Maya Mikhailovna Plisétskaya, Russian ballet dancer (1925-).

Drawings of the name Mayorica coloring page printable game

Mayorica: pictures of the names coloring page printable game

Drawing of the name Mayorica coloring page printable game

Drawing with the name Mayorica coloring page printable game

Drawings of the names. Mayorica name to paint, color and print

Harry Potter: Hermione Growth Spurt - SNL

Ildikó was surprised by the incident. But she was guessing something ...

If our chick hits another woman ...

Twenty-thirds of June 2010. We have been living happily ever after for eight years with my brother and I. Then something that happened was a defining point in our relationship. To do so, you can capture both before and after this day. It happened on this hot summer day, while my medical team was making a great effort to sew an incision on my abdominal wall in a hospital in Miskolc, my husband fell down with another woman.Well, yes, the couple who, I think, were completely there for me, thoughtlessly left me to choose the other one. The other ones I've seen so far only once, but I can say for sure that they are a very shapely little person and, at the same time, much younger than me. Perhaps the first and most important question at the time is just how a woman processes it. A woman who is physically persuasive, with strange sensations in her head lying on the desk and thinking about something. And then how? My thoughts circled at light speed.
However, this whole situation was not unexpected. I could also say I was ready. As much as possible to prepare for this. We talked about this for the good of a couple of times. In recent years, we have hardly talked about it. But then it's only in such a conditional way, at the "what if" level. Then in January 2010 the shroud fell. What we had only suspected so far was fully proven. Another photo came in my hand. Yeah, roula, arrl the other women.
From that moment on, the couple changed completely. No matter how sweet it was in the workplace, it could have been the size of a plug, no matter how hot the beer… well, it cracked with happiness. How did I react? I have to admit, the strange sensation came with a kind of forgotten happiness. Then on June 21st, I went to the hospital where my chief medical officer was checking in, we can't wait until Wednesday to get admitted to the department today!
When the couple reported the horror, he ran into me with great excitement, and by the time I could bring myself to the hospital horror, he was holding my hand. It felt very good, even if I knew exactly that if she said goodbye, she would return to our common home because she would be busy. Just the one that has always been for a long time. She takes the photo of the woman and just loves it, mesmerized.
My husband, another doctor, stood awkwardly at the operating table and, breathlessly, watched the little comer. I stretched my neck impatiently, and I wanted to see him right away! Jesus, you're beautiful! - I told the bubbly girl. Then I put that tiny, warm body on my chest. Then you stopped talking! I've never felt happiness for this! And while the medical team was still working on my abdominal wall, my son was swollen with confidence, surmounting the happiness he had with this other woman.
And I wholeheartedly wonder why I was surprised at the disappearance of my son. In fact, the signs of this love appeared several months before birth. Well, you beat me to it!
Kyle Ildikou

Recommended books on twin babies

Recommended books on twin babies

1. Basic manual of the twins
Lenny Duijvelaar Anjo Geluk
It is an indispensable manual for those who are expecting or already have a pair of twins or more. Indispensable for the complete and varied information it offers, for the hundreds of practical advice it contains and also for the amount of experiences of parents of twins that it presents in the form of an interview. It is a rigorous and complete book: it begins with the first months of pregnancy and continues until the twins are already on their own.

2. Big Book of Twins

Coks Feenstra
This book answers the many questions parents of twins often ask themselves every day. Solve all your doubts, from the first moment to adulthood. Thus, it includes all the significant stages: pregnancy, childbirth, childhood and adolescence. The author, child psychologist and editor of the magazine Crecer feliz, has carried out a study on the education of twins and triplets that has allowed her to develop this practical and enjoyable guide, which will be of great help to parents who find themselves in this situation .

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Turks and Caicos Drugs: Babies Cerebral Palsy

Turks and Caicos Drugs: Babies Cerebral Palsy

The babies affected by Tumcsentmiklós drug were severely brain-damaged, and they would both need to be taken out of the hospital - informed by Norbert Lippai, Géza-Nagykun-Szolnok Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok.

Earlier, the county police headquarters reported that on January 28 and 29, more people had been hospitalized in serious condition due to a mental illness in the city of Mentor Turkey. At the time, the Hrradyj M1 actual channel was informed by the Szolnok Hospital that two young, pregnant women had to be approached and had to undergo dressing.
Norbert Lippai recalled on Tuesday that the newborns had been taken to the capital, but since then they were both returned to the Szolnok Hospital, where they are currently being nursed. She added: infants are now in a stable condition, but the case has continued to lead to an oxygen deficiency in the uterus and brain damage. She said that the babies needed further care because of their condition, so that they would leave home and not leave the hospital.
Formerly, had stated that for the time being, no women in Turkey could get their baby back because the police and the local Family Welfare Center indicated that they were being educated. The county government department's press department stated to the portal that the organizations and authorities involved were in close contact with each other in order to resolve "the best decision for minors" as soon as possible.
Pastor Kovács Csong, spokesman for the county police headquarters, told the MTI earlier that the police in all cases where a child or juvenile is affected is signaled to the affected person. He also reported the incident in Turkey on May - The police reported earlier on January 29th, that he had bought a new place on January 29th.
On Tuesday, the Szolnok Transylvania Cheese Cheese Group informed MTI that the man's pre-trial detention had been extended until June. The suspect appealed against the killing.
  • The babies are alive
  • Simple toys develop the child's imagination and creativity

    Simple toys develop the child's imagination and creativity

    Simple and inexpensive toys, within anyone's reach, help more to develop children's imagination and creativity and keep them more active than sophisticated, modern, complicated and often very expensive, Australian researchers say, in a study published in the journal "BMC Public Health" ".

    How do children become healthier and more active with simple toys?

    Children who play with cheap toys or simple objects around are more physically active than those who receive expensive toys or are exposed to sophisticated play equipment. It is the discovery made by Australian researchers at the University of Melbourne, who believe that when children are encouraged to play chalk, simple wooden cubes or plastic boxes are more creative, as they use their imagination to improvise toys from objects. who do not necessarily serve this role.

    The conclusion was drawn from a study carried out on a group of 120 students, aged between 5 and 12 years. They were given free access to various objects and simple toys such as boxes, boxes, baskets, pipes, sand ice cream, water toys, etc. The specialists analyzed the behavior of the children around these toys, the way they used them and the level of physical activity.

    They then compared the observations with those of another group of children, who had been put to play on a complex playground, with modern, sophisticated equipment and equipment. The children in the second group had access to play devices such as swings, swings, slides, etc. Although these complex playground equipment should have stimulated them to be more active, scientists were amazed to find that the first group's children, who had access to toys and trivial objects, had made more physical movement than they did. .

    At the end of the research, the sedentary behavior of the children in the first group had dropped from 61.5%, as it was before the study, to 30.5%. In addition, it was found that schoolchildren with access to simple toys had made 13 steps more per minute and even played more vigorously and intensely than those who used complex play objects.

    Sometimes, you should not give the child toys "wall to mouth" whose role or utility is very easy to decipher. In some situations, you need to encourage him to improvise his own toys from objects around him that do not serve this purpose. In this way, they put their imagination and creativity to work. In addition, I make even more physical effort to turn those things into fun toys and get involved in interesting activities with them.

    The researchers point out that it is important to stimulate the creativity and imagination of young children and to encourage them to constantly improvise toys to become more active in an age when obesity is becoming more and more victims among children of all ages.

    10 simple toys that develop the child's imagination and creativity

    1. Trivial wooden cubes - colored or not, which stimulates him to turn them on all sides, to superimpose them and to form various towers or robots from them;

    2. Plasticine - it is cheap, simple, but it works wonders for developing the creativity and imagination of the child; represents one of the simple childhood toys that should not be missing from his collection;

    3. Crete - like plasticine, it is a toy available to any parent, who puts the child's imagination to work, encourages movement and blesses the child; there is no prichindel that does not enjoy when drawing with chalk on the asphalt;

    4. Colored disks - the colorful, trivial discs are transformed by the child into the most interesting toys - throw them, use them to delimit the playground for the dolls or the racing route for cars; you would be surprised to see how many interesting things the discs serve in his imagination;

    5. Cardboard boxes - cereal boxes, a parcel, shoes or toys can be transformed into the most fun toys; the child breaks, cuts, pastes, colors and gives them "life" in figurines, robots, dollhouses, cars and all sorts of other things;

    6. Extra toys - small, big, cheap, it doesn't matter! Even if you take each time the largest, colorful and interesting plush toy, which you spend as much as you do, don't expect to appreciate it too much! For him, it does not matter how cheap or expensive it is, so you could buy the simplest of them - he will give his life and turn it into his playmate, sleep or meal companion; he will change his clothes, wash her and take care of her like a child;

    7. Colored paper and pencils - only the child needs this, for his imagination to unfold and to draw or color the most creative and interesting works of art;

    8. Ball and ball - regardless of size or material, balls or balls are a guaranteed attraction for any child and one of the simplest toys you can offer; the way he hits them, the games he inventes with them and the role he attributes to them in his games contribute to the development of the little boy's creativity;

    9. Plastic bottles - the smaller it is, the more the child is fascinated by the way the plastic bottles are opened and closed or by the phosnet which they remove when pressed with power, etc .; as it grows, it offers them a lot of roles and meanings - it rolls them, transforms them into facets for the imaginary preparations they "cook" or into dolls, drawing them eyes, mouth, nose and adding colored wigs. ;

    10. Textile materials - scraps of materials, torn t-shirts, your unwanted dresses, all represent an inspiration for your child's imagination, which is just waiting to cut them to turn them into dolls' dresses, table girls, bedding for dolls, etc.

    Do you know any other simple toys that contribute fully to the development of the child's imagination and creativity? Share your suggestions in the comments section below!

    Tags Children's imagination toys Children's toys

    Exercises to teach the child to pronounce well

    The beginning of language is one of the most important events in the growth and development of children. However, on some occasions this progression of learning does not occur according to the expected patterns. Thus, It is important to know what we can do to promote the acquisition of this language.

    To begin, we must bear in mind that each child is different. This means that not everyone will learn to speak in the same pattern, which can be due to a variety of factors. Sometimes inappropriate or distorted speech patterns appear during this language development.

    To promote the correct pronunciation of the child, on our site we give you a series of ideas.

    1. It is important that the child has the need to speak. To do this, they must take advantage of the situations of play, bathroom, and the different activities of daily life to use language.

    2. Stimulate the child's ability to make sounds. This can be done through games with onomatopoeia, imitation, repetition of different words ...

    3. Avoid correcting language errors. It is preferable for parents to repeat the word correctly pronounced than to directly correct the mistake the child has made.

    4. Always show feedback. In this way, the child will feel that his environment is listening to him, which will increase his interest in speaking. Celebrate your child's progress so you can see that your efforts pay off.

    5. Avoid focusing the family activity on the child's pronunciation problems. You have to treat the problem naturally, to avoid frustration and the appearance of complexes.

    6. Avoid using childish language. It is very important that the child's environment calls things by their real name, not with diminutives or games. For example, calling the dog by name instead of 'woof woof'.

    7. Do not repeat mispronounced words because they are funny. Otherwise, the child will continue to use them because he thinks they are fun for the people around. It is better to give the correct model for the child to internalize.

    8. Avoid completing the sentences that the child produces, cut your oral production or say the word you are trying to pronounce when we see that it costs you.

    9. If necessary, contact a specialist. It is important to determine if the child's language alteration is evolutionary or if it is the result of another underlying problem, such as an organic or hearing problem.

    All of these and other guidelines can help children develop proper pronunciation. However, it is always important to contact a professional in case it is necessary to carry out speech therapy treatment in case your child needs it. Contacting a speech therapist is the best solution!

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    Original images of flying saucers for children to color


    Fun and original drawings of aliens, UFOs and space for children to color. You can print this funny alien with his spaceship for the kids to paint.

    Coloring page of an alien spaceship for children. Print out this beautiful drawing of a UFO traveling through space and the stars for the children to have a good time coloring.

    A fun Martian to print and color. If your children like drawings of space and aliens, you can print this image for them to paint.

    You can print this drawing of a nice alien that has come to earth so that the children can color it with the colors they like the most.

    Print this picture of two flying saucers traveling between planets for the children to color. They can also color it online and change color at will.

    A funny drawing of an alien driving his spaceship that is nothing more than a rock. The drawings, in addition to entertaining children, help them to promote motor coordination.

    With this drawing of an unidentified flying object manned by a funny alien, children can have a fun time coloring at will. They can choose the colors they like best.

    Children are attracted to the idea that there is extraterrestrial life and that inhabitants of other worlds travel in spaceships through space, so it will be fun for them to color this drawing of a UFO.

    You can print this original coloring picture of a UFO traveling through space for the children to color as they like.

    An ideal drawing for children who are beginning to draw due to the simplicity of its lines. You can print this UFO to color and let your kids have a good time.

    The two friends and the bear. Rhyming stories

    The two friends and the bear is one of the many fables that Samaniego wrote. It is a short story with a rhyme that hides a teaching, so it becomes an ideal story to educate children in values.

    Short stories and poems are a perfect resource to bring children closer to reading. This story in verse teaches children to withdraw from friends who abandon you when they see danger.

    A bear appears to two friends:
    the one, very fearful,
    in the branches of a tree it is secured;
    the other, left to chance,

    He pretends to be dead suddenly.
    the Bear approaches him slowly;
    more like this animal, it is said,
    it never feeds on corpses,

    Without offending him he records it and touches it,
    smell his nose and mouth;
    he does not feel his breath,
    not the slightest movement;

    And so, he was saying without suspicion:
    'He is as dead as my grandfather.'
    Then the coward,
    of his great friendship showing off,
    the tree comes off very light,
    run, reach out and hug your partner,

    Ponder fortune
    of having found him uninjured,
    and finally says:
    'Know that I have noticed
    That the Bear was telling you a message.
    What could it be? '

    'I'll tell you what it was;
    these two little words in your ear:
    separate your friendship from the person
    that if he sees you at risk, he abandons you. '

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    Hispanic lullaby: A la Nanita Nana

    Hispanic lullaby: A la Nanita Nana

    A la nanita nana

    "A la nanita nana nanita ella, nanita ella
    Mi niño tiene sueño bendito sea, bendito sea

    Fuentecita que corre clara y sonora
    Ruiseñor que en la selva cantando llora
    Calla mientras la cuna se balancea
    A la nanita nana, nanita ella

    A la nanita nana nanita ella, nanita ella
    Mi niño tiene sueño bendito sea, bendito sea

    Fuentecita que corre clara y sonora
    Ruiseñor que en la selva cantando llora
    Calla mientras la cuna se balancea
    A la nanita nana, nanita ella".

    English translation

    A la nanita nana

    To "nanita nana nanita ella, nanita ella"*
    My boy is sleepy, blessed be, blessed be

    Little fountain running clearly and profoundly
    Nightingale that in the jungle, sings sadly
    Hush while the cradle rocks

    To "nanita nana nanita ella, nanita ella"
    My boy is sleepy, blessed be, blessed be

    Little fountain running clearly and profoundly
    Nightingale that in the jungle, sings sadly
    Hush while the cradle rocks
    To "nanita nana nanita ella, nanita ella"

    *The word Nanita can mean lullaby, and also grandmother and nanny.

    A La Nanita Nana - A Spanish Lullaby