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Fish in pregnancy, what do you need to know?

Fish in pregnancy, what do you need to know?

Fish and seafood are an important source of essential Omega 3 fatty acids that pregnancy and fetus benefit during pregnancy. It is one of the foods that should not be missing from your menu when you are pregnant. But, unlike other foods, fish must meet some essential conditions when consumed during pregnancy, in order not to endanger the health of the fetus.

Fish in pregnancy, benefits and risks

Seafood and fish are essential sources of essential fatty acids, but also of proteins and iron - crucial in the growth and development of the fetus. In addition, Omega 3 fatty acids play an essential role in the development of the baby's belly brain.

But some types of fish and seafood - especially large ones such as shark, swordfish or mackerel - may contain very high levels of methylmercury (a type of mercury), extremely dangerous for pregnancy if ingested in large quantities . It can affect the development of the baby's brain and central nervous system.

What types of fish are safe during pregnancy?

Choose types of fish and seafood that have low mercury content:

  • shrimp;

  • crab;

  • salmon;

  • code;

  • herring;

  • turbot.

What kind of fish is best to avoid during pregnancy?

In general, the very large ones are the most exposed to metimercur contamination. They live longer and are exposed to it in the long term:

  • shark;

  • mackerel;

  • swordfish;

  • sea ​​trout;

  • tone;

  • perch;

  • lobster etc.

How much fish should a pregnant woman eat and how?

Specialists advise pregnant women to consume around 340 grams of fish and seafood per week.

If you crave or want to taste a fish that is more exposed to methylmercury, then limit the amount of fish weekly to only 170 grams, to avoid complications.

It is good to follow some rules when it comes to consuming this quantity:

  • to choose fish types with a lower methylmercury content;

  • not to eat at all raw, in any form (such as sushi, shells for example) - there is a risk of contaminating yourself with bacteria and viruses;

  • cooks the fish very well, at a temperature of at least 63 degrees Celsius - the fish is ready when it is separated in phases and has an opaque color; cook the shrimps and lobster until they are milky-white; cook the shells, mussels and oysters until the shells open themselves - remove the ones that didn't open.

The chorionic villus test is a genetic test performed in pregnancy to detect biochemical and DNA abnormalities in the fetus, such as Down syndrome, cystic fibrosis and others. It involves taking a test sample from the placenta and analyzing it in the laboratory. It is one of the most accurate diagnostic tests. Find out when to do it and what you need to know about this test!

When is this test recommended?

The chorionic villus or CVS test is generally recommended for pregnant women who:

  • presents with increased risk of Down syndrome;

  • presents risk of other chromosomal abnormalities;

  • pregnant women over 35;

  • mothers who have already given birth to a child with Down syndrome;

  • pregnant women with close relatives who have genetic diseases.

How is the test done?

The test involves several procedures. It is important to know that you have to have a full bladder before it is done, because part of the procedure also involves ultrasound ultrasound.

During the test you will be stretched. You will have an ultrasound so that the doctor can find out how many weeks it is the task and to locate the placenta.

Depending on the stage of pregnancy you are in, the placement of the placenta and personal preference, the doctor will choose one of the following methods to take the tissue sample:

  • transvaginal sampling (it is done between 11 and 13 weeks, the sampling takes place through the cervix);

  • transabdominal sampling (after 13 weeks, it is done by inserting a needle through the abdomen, and uterus to the placenta, but you will be anesthetized locally during the procedure).

In either of these methods, the doctor will use ultrasound at the same time to guide the needle to take the chorionic villus fragment from the placenta.

Many pregnant women feel rather uncomfortable during the procedure and sometimes show small periods when they have pain, but they can bear it. They pass pretty quickly. The test does not last more than half an hour in total.

Are there side effects of the test?

You can experience:

  • moderate or severe abdominal pain or cramps;

  • leakage of amniotic fluid through the vagina;

  • vaginal bleeding;

  • fever;

  • dizziness;

  • redness and local inflammation (where the needle was inserted) etc.

What can be found after the chorionic villus test?

  • detects congenital chromosomal abnormalities;

  • detect genetic problems that could be inherited from the family (hemophilia, Tay-Sachs disease, cystic fibrosis, thalassemia), especially if you have a family history of such anomalies;

  • establishes the child's gender, especially if there are indications that he or she may be suffering from a genetic disorder related to sex;

  • establishes the blood group of the fetus especially if there has been a sensitization of Rh factor.

Why chorionic villus test and not amniocentesis?

Both tests are performed for the same purpose, so you might be wondering why you would use the CVS test instead of classical amniocentesis. Doctors argue that the chorionic villus test can be done much earlier (in weeks 10-13) while amniocentesis cannot be performed faster than 15 weeks.

So, if you want to know much earlier in the pregnancy whether or not your baby is suffering from congenital abnormalities, this test is an effective solution.

Is there a risk that the fetus will be affected during the procedure?

Unfortunately, there is a higher risk than in the case of amniocentesis to lose pregnancy, but with a little higher. If the risk of pregnancy loss in the case of amniocentesis is 1%, in the case of CVS test it is 2%.

There are other risks associated with this test, but they only occur if the procedure takes place at a young age of pregnancy. If this is done before 10 weeks there is a risk that the fetus will be born with limb defects, but the risk is small.

Also, if you are infected with HIV, there is a risk that during the procedure the virus will be transmitted to the fetus, which is not valid in the case of hepatitis B or C.

When do you get the results?

It usually takes quite a long time until you get the test result, around 14 or 21 days. The tissue taken is taken to the laboratory and subjected to careful procedures regarding the complete counting and examination of the chromosomes.

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Name Théana - Significance and origin

Origin of first name:

Greeks, Originals, Rare

Meaning of the name:

A rare name, Théana comes from the Greek "theos", which means God.


No known Theana yet ... your little pearl to you may change things.

Theaana is patron saint Thea, fervent Christian, was arrested and burned at the stake in Palestine in the year 307.

His character :

Théana stands out for her rather obstinate character and her courage. From her childhood, she knows what she wants and it is often difficult to follow!


Theana, Thea, Tea, Tehani, Teana, Theane, Tea, Tea, Thea.

His party :

December 19th

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Two new Jim Jam cartoon series

Two new Jim Jam cartoon series

Angelina Balerina

Every Saturday at 11:00 and at 20:00

The small viewers of the JimJam channel are invited to watch a new series of stories with Angelina Balerina.

In April, JimJam presents two special episodes - Angeline's Princess Dance on April 9 and Angelina travels by boat on April 23.

In the episode "Angelina Balerina: Princess Angela's Dance" you will witness the preparations of the Sorice band for the special ballet to be staged at the Royal Palace, in honor of Queen Seraphina. Since Angelina is the one who directs the ballet, she attributes her main role in Sleeping Beauty. But the queen protests, wishing that the main roles in the show will be distributed to her daughters, even if they have little talent.

"Angelina Balerina: Angelina travels by boat" brings new adventures of mice. They are preparing for a long trip to Dacovia, where they will take part in a special event. While traveling by boat, Angelina will meet Mrs. Lily's nephew, Yuri's sailor.

JimJam is also preparing a surprise and offers the children an entire hour of episodes with Angelina Balerina that will be able to be watched on April 2, 16 and 30.

Special edition: Igloo- Gloo

Every Sunday at 11:00 and 16:00

Viewers of JimJam are invited to watch a special edition of the Igloo - Gloo marathon.

Igloo-Gloo is a series with dolls, featuring Snowflake and Snowball, two seals.

In each episode, the two play with an object that seems to fall from the sky. Things that miraculously reach them include socks, eggs, wrenches and a flower pot.

In the episode "Red velvet pants", a pair of red pants fall from the sky. Snowflake and Snowball discover the sound of the zipper and even manage to do a magic number, using turban pants and rabbit ears.

In another episode, the two chickens wake up with an alarm clock. Curious in nature, they quickly become familiar with the ticking of the new object and its numbers. But the clock is not an ordinary one: sometimes he does not move at all, and on other occasions the clock buzzes and turns very quickly.

When a banana reaches Snowflake and Snowball, the fun of the two reaches the highest levels. After struggling to unwrap it, the little ones delight in its wonderful taste. The good will is only just beginning, when they discover that a banana peel can be a good pilgrim, a perfect sled or even a fishing tool.

The seal pups continue to have fun with the many objects that seem to reach them from the sky: a cooking pot, a mustache, balloons and many more.

Do we know what you are?

Do we know what you are?

The advantage of international marriages, among others, is that in other cultures, people have also been concerned about their own. So, some well-known cliché, which until then seemed natural and public, could easily be called into question.

I was most surprised when her few years, the first Valentine's Day spent together were beautiful (that is, beautifully packaged), I filled my African beloved with a chocolate bar full of sweetness, my face is not dear to me either. and put the gift on the shelf.A little offended I asked, who does not open it? By the time he kindly but honestly admitted that he did not like chocolate. This guy doesn't know what you're good at, I thought, and I wouldn't have believed it if someone was telling me that I'd just have kids who aren't exactly going to love juice! Throughout the years of our relationship, our marriage, we have learned and learned a great deal about each other's culture, customs, ours, the bad, the interesting, the weird, and so foreign culture hasn't changed our minds) they don't like chocolate.Also, other dishes they are easy to makeand even then with cane sugar, which is known to be one of the most unhealthy types of sugar. There йdeskйs, vanнliбval, kуkusszal, gyьmцlcsцkkel йdesнtett rбgcsбlnivalуik szбmбra the children, but they only valуban йdeskйsek, lйvх not йmelyнtхek than the market Eurуpбban caramel, biscuit, krйmes, adalйkolt, бllomбnyjavнtott, szнnezett, нzfokozott, rikнtу csomagolбsukkal csбbнtу is йdessйgek.Itt for example, the culinary name is culinary, which is actually ground and water-shaped hazelnuts baked in their own oil. This lollipop is hard enough in Europe (much like potato sugar), and its taste is not like anything known here, but it is delicious, and with me all my acquaintances who have tasted it, hazelnuts, raw or cooked Jerusalem artichokes, yams and bitter dill. This latter one, however, did not want to win my way, making something bitter that I could not imagine. But it's very healthy, say, it alkalizes into the teeth and protects them from bacteria. It is true that being a dentist in Africa is not the best way to get rich… Of course you do not have to travel to Africa to make culinary products at home to save your baby from chocolate, candy and silden. This is, of course, most possible from the beginning. Once you have a child's love of chocolate-chip-sugar, you can measure their consumption with only a few months, by example and with great perseverance, as they are used to.

That's how we started

Many people look strangely at us when we ask friends who come to the kingdom, do not bring chocolate or candy to our sons, so far we have succeeded ... And of course, we don't, they are much less refreshinglike the rest, and I hope it stays that way. Although we are aware that the amount of "knowledge" acquired from a social worker in an ovi, school, will be less and less influenced by them. There is a party, home popcorn, raw yellow rape and cauliflower, all in quantities! Bran or household biscuits can't miss you at home! I made sweet foods with very little sugar-glucose mixer, honey, vanilla, banana. Cocoa, creamy cookies are not known, so we don't need them. I never bought them a "fruit" yogurt, but made it at home. nor are given sweetened juices, the szбz szбzalйkos gyьmцlcslevet felhнgнtjuk szйnsavmentes бsvбnyvнzzel not to be so tцmйny, takarйkosabb rбadбsul Possible is.Нgy not complain about csokiйrt, sьtiйrt the kцzцs bevбsбrlбsok alkalmбval, йdesнtetlenьl isszбk the gyуgynцvйnyteбt йs lemon juice, йs vйgьl, valahбnyszor kьldenek we from Africa have such "terrible" bitter cuddles that I am incapable of eating, in contention with my brother, with their faces happily pounding in or out of a kilo in minutes.


Sugar is the most important ingredient in commercially available sweets. The refined sugar in 99.9 percent is made up of a substance called saccharose, which is made from sugar beet or sugar cane, which contains: stay only. Nature does not "produce" such sugars, it can only be produced under industrial conditions. However, these natural sugars live in harmony with the vitamins and fibers that make up the fruits and vegetables. The so-called refined sugar, which is separated from its natural counterparts, imposes a huge burden on the body. Its digestion does not begin in the mouth or in the stomach, since we do not need to break it down, it is so homogeneous, but is absorbed directly from the bowel and into the bloodstream. It instantly raises blood sugar levels.To get back to normal, your body needs to move complex hormonal processes, urgently. Extraordinary doses of insulin are released to bring down blood sugar levels, but now they are much lower than before eating jigsaw. . This causes the weakening and deformation of the bones of those who regularly consume large amounts of ice over time. Sugar also removes vitamin B from the body. Thus, consuming large quantities of sweets it can also lead to damage to the nervous system. Many disorders of the nervous system, learning disabilities and behavioral problems may be the result of excessive sugar consumption!

You're not hungry

US kutatбsok also bebizonyнtottбk that those nйpcsoportok whose members consume finomнtott sugar tartalmъ йlelmiszereket daily rendszeressйggel, tehбt csokolбdйt йs egyйb йdessйgeket, йdesнtett ьdнtхitalokat, kakaуitalt йs each йlelmiszeripari adalйkanyagokat (E-szбmokkal jelцlik these gyбrtott the elхre йtelek csomagolбsбn), much agresszнvebbek , socially less sensitive, but struggling to a greater extent with different health issueslike those people who consume mostly natural foods and regularly consume natural, unrefined sugars. , that is, there is a constant need in the body, and like the former, sugary foods are very difficult to quit. May cause food allergy and "naturally" lead to dental caries, obesity.

Children get a lot of food these days

What can we do?

Is it worth thinking about and perhaps reading through the pack of paper what chocolate is about to bring into the hands of our young seedling and whether your organization really needs it? No way! Sugar, or more specifically saccharose, is not dietary. It has no nutritional value, does not contain useful substances. All the energy you can get from unrefined, natural, human-friendly diets. Then why give it? Rutinbуl? Megszokбsbуl? The Effect of Advertising? Do we realize that the body has no need for artificial sweets, and can we cum the baby with sugary tea again? Do we find the delicacies of the sweet treasure "senses" and sweeten it for sure? If you are raised with natural flavors from the start, the sugar-eating environment will be less affected. Larger cats can be brought up with a lot of perseverance, wise explanation, talk, but mainly exemplariness, for an adult for whom non-industrial skill is not the main source of profit in life.

Fruit yoghurt without sugar

Sprinkle a tablespoon of store-bought natural kefir or yogurt with two deciums of lukewarm milk, stir and place in a warm, dry place. Every other day, he will have yogurt. If we add a teaspoon of sour cream, it will be wonderfully crunchy! You can smell the ready-made yogurt with fresh and dried fruits, raisins, honey, vanilla or couscous mix.Read:
William Dufty: Sugar blues
2001 Ft Two-digit edition, 2001.