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When is digestive enzyme therapy required?

Enzymes are essential to maintain normal metabolic functions in the body. They are proteins that stimulate and accelerate many of the biological reactions, and in their absence our health suffers. A special category of enzymes is the digestive enzymes synthesized in the pancreas, which helps the body break down food and promotes nutrient absorption in the blood. Substitution of such enzymes is necessary when digestive disorders occur due to pancreatic disorders and, of course, if the pancreas is excised.

In case of pancreatic insufficiency

Digestive enzyme replacement therapy is the therapy of choice in malabsorption caused by exocrine pancreatic insufficiency. The main cause of exocrine pancreatic insufficiency in adults is chronic pancreatitis. Most often, it is caused by alcohol abuse. Also, diets high in protein and fat, associated with alcohol consumption lead to chronic pancreatitis.

Other causes may be hyperparathyroidism, hereditary factors, and in the case of less frequent types of pancreatitis, called obstructive pancreatitis, the causes may be: scarring of the bile ducts following episodes of acute pancreatitis, benign tumors of the pancreatic duct, shrinking of the orifice of the pancreatic duct in the duodenum, external compression and lesions caused by trauma and malignancies of the pancreas.

Diabetes is another cause of exocrine pancreatic insufficiency, which is documented in approximately 43% of insulin-dependent patients and about 30% of those with type II diabetes.

In children, cystic fibrosis is the main reason for pancreatic insufficiency.

In order to compensate for the deficiency of enzymes in these conditions, it is necessary to supplement with digestive enzymes to ensure optimal digestion of food.

Digestion difficult and painful

Digestive problems that consist of pain and discomfort in the upper abdomen after meals, are called generic dyspepsia. The discomfort combines the feeling of fullness, epigastric pain and bloating. The prevalence of dyspepsia is 20-30% and represents 40-70% of the digestive manifestations the patients face.

The causes of dyspepsia can be varied, but only in 40% of cases can an organic cause be identified, being gastric ulcer (15-25%), reflux esophagitis (5-15%) or esophageal or gastric cancer (

In the case of people with irritable bowel syndrome, the specialized literature mentions exocrine pancreatic insufficiency, recorded in a percentage of 6.1% of patients, and for 20% of these cases structural changes of the pancreas have been identified. Therefore, the use of enzyme replacement therapy is also indicated in this context.

Food intolerances

Unlike food allergies, food intolerances do not represent exaggerated reactions of the immune system to food-safe substances, but are the expression of an enzyme deficiency. The symptoms of food intolerance generally occur gradually, and often away from the consumption of incriminated foods. Symptoms usually appear after the consumption of significant quantities, which contrasts with the pattern encountered in the case of food allergies.

Common symptoms include nausea, gastralgia, diarrhea, vomiting. In addition, in the case of food intolerances, other manifestations, various and some of them non-specific, such as migraines or irritability can be encountered. The most important aspect is the identification of the triggering factor, the avoidance or limitation of consumption (frequency, quantity), but also the use of digestive enzymes to supplement the production of digestive enzymes of one's body and, implicitly, optimization of digestion.

What are the high quality enzyme supplements?

For maximum efficiency it is necessary to administer a dietary supplement that has an optimum concentration of digestive enzymes, which act differentially at all the segments of the digestive tract. It is also necessary for the product to cope with the special conditions in the digestive tract, because the enzymes are unstable in the acidic environment of the stomach.

The sources of digestive enzymes in dietary supplements may be diverse, but the main source used remains the animal, in the form of pancreatin, purified pancreatic extract, generally porcine, which delivers all classes of pancreatic enzymes (lipase, protease, amylase). Also, enzymes from the plant source and fungi are used. Beyond the complexity of the formula, concentrations, source of enzymes, an extremely important role in terms of the quality of food supplements with enzymes is the technology used to make the presentation form.

Unless technology is used to provide protection at the gastric level, the enzymes contained are vulnerable and most likely will undergo at least partial inactivation at the gastric level. For this reason, formulas without gastric protection are used especially for pain management in chronic pancreatitis and not for improving malabsorption.

Therefore, it is advisable that enzymes supplemented with complex action to benefit from a presentation form that allows the action of the enzymes at all segments of the digestive tract must have a presentation form in tablets or capsules, which can be uniformly distributed at the level. gastric, without releasing the necessary active substances in duodenal digestion. From this point of view, modern technologies provide not only gastric protection systems, but also microspheres that allow more efficient contact with the food bowl.

An innovative technology, which presents a number of advantages, responding to physiological particularities and ensuring superior therapeutic efficiency, is Bi-layer technology.

This allows to control the rate of release of one or more active components allowing both fast and delayed release, association in the same capsule of normally incompatible ingredients and their differentiated release, as well as administration of fixed doses of active components found in combination. In addition it is the pharmaceutical form that can be administered by bone with the highest precision of the dosage of the bioactive components and the lowest degree of variability, presenting at the same time the best profile of chemical and microbial stability.

Secom® offers Super Enzymes ™, 60 extended-release tablets (Bi-layer), the most complex formula on the market for enzymatic support of digestion and absorption of nutrients, designed to provide complete enzymatic support to the stomach and intestine. The Super Enzymes formula represents a unique combination of digestive enzymes from three sources (animal, vegetable and fungal), contributes to the improvement of digestion and absorption in the body of proteins, carbohydrates and lipids.

Gastric action is supported by pepsin and betaine HCl, and pancreatin delivers enzymes for degradation of all classes of macronutrients (lipase, proteases, amylase), optimizing intestinal digestion. Within the Super Enzymes ™ formula, pancreatin content acts synergistically with plant proteases (bromelain, papain), the addition of extra-lipase, and plant and fungal amylases. Super Enzymes ™ is enriched with lactase, cellulase and alpha-d-galactosidase, as well as active ingredients with choleretic role and collagen.

Super Enzymes ™ tablets benefit from Bi-Layer technology, which ensures the controlled release of active principles into the distinct segments of the digestive tract, as well as a time-differentiated therapeutic effect, allowing both post-prandial action of the biocomponents as well as their prolonged release. .

Secom® products are available in pharmacies and shops with a naturalistic profile throughout the country, through partner online stores, as well as in Secom® stores. A complete list of them is available on

By choosing Secom® you have the certainty that you have opted for the most effective natural solutions for health.