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A dad, it would do anything to have kisses

A dad, it would do anything to have kisses

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Eyes of a baby - why a week-old newborn baby book? Does a child of several weeks need books? Many people are skeptical. Opponents of buying unnecessary gadgets too early emphasize that contrasting drawings on rigid bristol can be made by placing them in a baby's cot. However, it is immediately worth noting that not all young parents, burdened with new responsibilities, have time for this. That is why the series "Eyes of a Maluszka" from Sierra Madre publishing fills the gap and does it in a perfect way.

First books

Most parents in the first weeks of life greet guests coming to see a new family member, picking up stuffed animals, rattles, and teethers from them. The idea of ​​giving a 'paper' book is not very popular. And in this it would be worth looking for the advantages of such a proposal as the reviewed one. Appearing in a newborn with one of the books from the series "Eyes of a toddler" can be an interesting and original solution that will certainly arouse the interest of ... newly baked parents. Baby About it below.

There are not many booklets on the Polish market with contrasting colors and simple shapes. However, foreign stores present a much wider selection. Also because the history of this type of release is much richer there. Our neighbors got acquainted with contrasting illustrations for children in the 70s of the last century. In Poland, the first publications of this type began to appear in 2010.

Rather to ... place in a cot

Books from the series "Eyes of a baby" are to support building relationships between a parent / guardian and a child. And there is no exaggeration in this formulation, because every moment spent with a child that pleases adults and toddlers is very valuable. If, on the other hand, parents like books and are convinced that they should be used to support their child's development from the very first moments, they will definitely find the purchase of one of the proposals from the series "Eyes of a toddler" justified.
The booklet can be put in a cot. You can also watch her together with your little one. Note, however, for those who are sure that in this way the toddler will learn about the shapes known from the immediate environment ... because they may fail. In the series, the baby will come across pictures: a snail, elephant, scooter, kite, horse, kangaroo - some of them are far from simple forms and take into account a whole lot of details.

Necessary help?

Although we can not consider the series "Eyes of a baby" as a proposal necessary for the development of the child, but in our opinion it is worth attention, under certain conditions, as described below.

It is worth starting with the lack of unequivocal research results that would suggest that the child needs books to develop eyesight and that such proposals are liked by babies. Most scientists note that a newborn baby after birth prefers illustrations in two contrasting colors, but at the same time the results of the research they refer to indicate that the child after birth especially likes to stare at the faces of people close to him.

Therefore, the product is absolutely not necessary and necessary in the purchase for parents who care about the future of the toddler. What is certain, however, is that excellent workmanship (thick varnished cardboard), an interesting idea and form allow us to evaluate baby books positively.

They are the answer to the needs of parents of young children. They allow you to cope with what many of them are unable to face quickly: the prospect of days that do not differ from each other and pass on the same activities.

Books for babies allow you to spend time in a more attractive way, connecting the world of adults and children. They are an interesting proposition that stands out in the world of colorful stuffed animals, teethers, rattles, playing music boxes or moving carousels. And for these reasons you can recommend them!

Names of cities, countries and continents for children

It is not always easy to choose a baby's name due to the large number of options. Traditional names, family names or original names, the goal is to find a name that fits the baby's personality.

In the names of places you can find that ideal name for your child. They are names of cities, neighborhoods, states, countries or continents that are original and with personality. We have a list with 10 place names for children.

1. Paris
This name of the French capital is carried by both boys and girls around the world. It is a name closely related to love, but also a mythological name that embodies the Trojan prince who started the Trojan War.

2. Milan
Thanks to a famous baby like Shakira and Piqué's first-born, this Italian town name is gaining popularity as a boy's name.

3. Florencio
It is a traditional name and corresponds to the Italian city of Florence. It is impossible to separate the name from artistic evocations, so it has a lot of charisma.

4. Orlando
This is the name of a city in the United States and it is known to us thanks to a famous actor, Orlando Bloom. We like it because it is a name with a personality that stays strong.

5. Brooklyn
One of the best-known neighborhoods in New York is also a beautiful name for children, including one of the children of such a media couple as Victoria and David Beckham.

6. Denver
Once again, a well-known city in the United States serves as inspiration to name children around the world. The name is simple but it has a special force capable of reinforcing the personality of your baby.

7. Sidney
This city is located in Australia, which has become a unisex name, valid for both boys and girls. A name that you like because it is elegant and distinguished.

8. Phoenix
This name of a city in the United States is very popular for us thanks to actors and television characters. It corresponds to the name Phoenix and its charm lies in the charisma that it exudes.

9. Israel
In addition to a country, Israel has been one of the most popular boy names in the world for a long time. It belongs to the biblical names so its historical weight is one of its strong points.

10. Mauritius
This name that we find on some islands is one of those traditional names that never go out of style. A familiar and traditional name that maintains all its strength and freshness.

There is still no totally reliable technique for choosing the sex of the baby, but there are factors that can help a couple to get pregnant with a male baby, for example. The Shettles method is a system of selecting the sex of the baby that offers parents the possibility of having a boy or a girl. According to research, the results of this method are 75% reliable, as long as the exact day of ovulation is known.

The Shettles method is based on the programming of sexual intercourse, considering a woman's menstrual cycle to have a better chance of having a male baby. To get pregnant with a boy, it is advisable to have sex as close as possible to ovulation, that is, the same day or 24 hours before. The question for many women is knowing when ovulation occurs to conceive a child at the right time. For it, offers a Ovulation calculator to know the fertile days of the woman. Luck!

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Meaning of the name Leonardo. Name for boys

Among all the names for boys we highlight Leonardo. You will find in our search engine all the meanings of baby names.

Famous name for the 5 saints who carried it and, above all, for the great Leonardo Da Vinci, artist and inventor of the Renaissance, famous in many fields.

It comes from leon and hard, "Strong and brave"

May 19 and November 6, 26 and 27.


  • Leonardo Da Vinci, Italian artist and inventor (1452-1519)
  • Leonardo DiCaprio, American actor (1974)
  • Leonardo Sbaraglia, Argentine actor (1970)
  • Leonard Cohen, Canadian musician (1934)

Leonardo name coloring pages printable game

Leonardo: drawings of the names coloring page printable game

Leonardo name coloring page printable game

Drawing with the name Leonardo coloring page printable game

Drawings of the names. Leonardo name to paint, color and print

50 baby names for boys popular in USA - the best names for your baby -

If the little one does not skin the car

If the little one does not skin the car

Toddlers usually like to drive, but their anxieties don't last much. In this case, they want to get out of their childhood, moving, carrying them. For your safety, do not take them out, let them jump or exercise in the gym.

A sudden, sudden, unexpected turn can cause an accident. Let's get you entertained with a picture book, games. If the driver is traveling in a car other than the driver, sit down with the child. The seat belt is not liked by the little ones, but it can be made more comfortable with a kid's pattern guide so it doesn't squeeze the belly or chest.
Along with the psychological strain of living in one place, dense shifting, stopping, acceleration provide an active stimulus to the inner ear that overloads the still underdeveloped balance. The brain responds to the stimulus on the basis of the vegetative nervous system: stress hormones are produced, sweat, palpitations of the child, nausea, vomiting follow. Over the long haul, we always put nylon bags in our hands, but it is better to prevent nausea.

Many children find it difficult to bear the car

With moderate temps, smoother speeds, there is less vibration on the body. In the "gas-dungeon" driving style, the toddler drifts back and forth, and since he / she does not follow the path, he / she is not prepared for directional changes. Even if you are strapped on with a seat belt, your head is shaky helplessly following the movement. Ensure fresh air, leave the window open a bit, and do not smoke in the car. Although the air-conditioned car is pleasantly cool, cold air can also cause headaches in adults.
The scents of car perfumes are only popular with adults, and the finer sensory organs of the small ones find the most such scent. Use a small bunch of fresh parsley, thyme, lemon juice or peppermint instead. During longer periods, we also provide more smaller food and drink, and the stomach empty or full of fluids is more susceptible to "flushing". Based on your doctor's advice, you can prevent nausea with pills, capsules, and homeopathic remedies.
You can get a recipe without a Daedalon tablets and pills which unfortunately cause dizziness. We can also try homeopathic remedies, a combination of Cocculine, but similar complaints a cocculus or Tabacum D or CH 6-15can also be remedied.
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  • Name Loélie - Meaning of the Name

    Origin of first name:


    Meaning of the name:

    Derived from Cléa, the name Loélie comes from the Latin "lenire" resulting in "soften".


    Not yet known Loélie ...
    St. Clelia or Clelia Barbieri is an Italian nun of the 19th century. She was beatified in 1968 by Pope Paul VI. She is the youngest congregational founder in the history of the Catholic Church. Clelia is the patron saint of catechists as well as people persecuted for their faith.

    His character :

    Loélie is an extrovert and very open-minded person. Friendly and communicative, she is always in a good mood. She likes to entertain and entertain those around her. Sweet and emotional, Loélie needs others to feel alive. With a great flexibility of mind, it adapts easily to all situations. Loélie is a remarkable hostess who loves human contact. It has a natural charm that makes it irresistible. Curious by nature, Loélie is original and non-conformist, she often comes out of the box.


    Cloélia, Loélia, Laélie, Laelia, Laela, Clélia and Loély.

    His party :

    People named Loélie are honored on November 13th.

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    5. Twisted ballerinas

    A small twist on the top and here are simple ballerinas that do not miss relief. Presented in the March 2010 issue of, they are knitted in place jersey and fancy stitch, in a soft cotton and acrylic thread.

    Size: 3 months


    Phildar knitting yarn, "Cabotine" quality (55% cotton, 45% acrylic): 1 pel. collar. Heather.

    Aig. n ° and n ° 3,5. 2 ea. twisted. 2 buttons.

    Points used

    Garter stitch: tric. always at the end.

    Ribs 1/1: * 1 m. end., 1 m. approx. *

    Fancy stitch (on a multiple number of 6 + 1 + selvedges)

    1st rg: * 1 m. end., 2 m. ens. to the end., 1 Yard, 1 st. end., 1 thrown, 1 single overcast * 1 m. end.

    2nd rg and even rgs: approx.

    3rd rg: * 2 m. end., 1 simple overcast, 1 thrown, 2 m. end. * 1 m. end.

    5th rg: to the end.

    7th rg: * 1 m. end., 5 m. Crosswise (= put 2 sts on the cable with 1 pair of cables on the back, put the next piece on a cable tie in the front, work the next 2 sts at the end and then the dc. placed in front and finally the m. placed behind) * 1 m. end.

    9th rg: resume at 1st rg.


    A square 10 cm stitch, aig. No. 3.5 = 27 m. and 32 rows.


    For the sole, cast on 37 sts. # 3. Tric. in garter st in inc. from the 3rd rg, all 2 rgs 4 fs 4 m. : 1 m. at 1 m. from each end and 1 m. on each side of the 2 m. central = 53 m. For the turn of the foot, knit. 10 rows of fancy stitch, ea. No. 3,5 in comm. the 1st row by: 1 m. Lily, 2 m. end. then the 5th m.

    For the top of the foot, leave the first 23 yards, cont. only on the 7 m. centers: 6 sts in stocking st, 1 st in crossing 5 sts. central as for the fancy point then term. in jersey end. Simultaneously, tric. together at the end of each rg the last m. from above and the 1st of m. waiting on the sides 8 fs. It remains 15 m. waiting on each side. Cut the thread. Put all the m. on the same aig. then with the aig. n ° 3, tric. 2 rows of ribs 1/1 and rab.

    Close the heel and the sole.

    Creation: Juliette Liétar

    Erin Hinga, M.S., R.D.

    Erin Hinga, M.S., R.D.