Key nutrients for child development

Key nutrients for child development

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Causes of headaches

In children, headaches can be caused by:

  • infectious illnesses - for example, sinusitis, colds or flu
  • tense muscles because of anxiety, tiredness or teeth-grinding during sleep
  • visual problems - for example, eye strain
  • a head injury
  • migraine
  • medications - for example, oral contraceptives, corticosteroids and antidepressants.

Younger children don't tend to get tense muscles and migraine, although these problems are the most common causes of headaches in teenagers.

Not drinking enough fluids, not getting enough sleep and too much caffeine can cause headaches or make them worse. This is especially the case with busy, active school-age children in the summer months.

Headaches can also be linked with meningitis, brain tumours or bleeding in the brain, but these illnesses are rare.

Headache symptoms

Some headaches are mild enough for children to continue with their normal activities. But sometimes a headache can make a child feel really sick - your child might even need bed rest.

Pain from a headache can be sharp or dull, on one side of the head, or over the entire head and neck. The headache might feel like a pounding sensation, or just tightness in the muscles.

Migraines in young and adolescent children can have symptoms like throbbing pain on one or both sides, nausea and vomiting, abdominal pain, and sometimes an 'aura' before the headache starts.

A migraine aura affects sight or hearing. Your child might see wavering lights around objects or have ringing in his ears. He might also dislike bright lights and loud noises or want to sleep regardless of the time of day.

When to see your doctor about a headache

You should take your child to the doctor immediately if your child:

  • wakes up because of a headache
  • develops sudden, severe headaches that are most painful when she wakes up, and that come with nausea or vomiting
  • has a headache that keeps coming back
  • has a headache that starts to disrupt her home, school or social life
  • doesn't get better with the treatments described below.

Your child also needs to see a doctor immediately if he has a headache and any of the following symptoms:

  • a high temperature
  • seizures
  • confusion or drowsiness
  • blurred vision
  • unsteadiness when walking
  • stiff neck
  • a head injury including concussion
  • an unusual rash.

Tests related to headache

Common headaches don't usually need special or specific tests. Your GP will usually be able to make a diagnosis after talking with you and your child and doing a physical examination that includes looking at your child's nerves, muscles and eyes.

If your GP is concerned that your child's headache might have a more serious cause, the GP might refer your child to a paediatrician or paediatric neurologist. Very occasionally, your child might need a CT scan or MRI scan.

Treatment for headache

Treatment for uncomplicated headaches usually involves keeping your child quiet - for example, lying down in a darkened room.

You can try massaging the area affected by muscle tension.

Quite often, distracting your child with a quiet game will take her attention away from the pain.

If pain goes on, you can safely give paracetamol according to the directions. Your child shouldn't need to take pain medication too often. If this happens, you should talk to your GP.

If your child's headaches seem to be related to stress, try to work out what's causing your child's stress. You can then help your child avoid the things that make him feel stressed.

If your child has migraines that keep coming back, your doctor can recommend a plan to prevent and treat migraine headaches.

Don't give your child aspirin - it can make your child susceptible to Reye's syndrome, a rare but potentially deadly illness.

Prevention of headache

If you think your child is getting headaches because she isn't drinking enough fluids, especially in hot weather, try getting her to have an extra glass of water at breakfast and to drink water regularly throughout the day.

Having a good sleep routine in place and avoiding drinks with caffeine like cola, tea and coffee might also help to prevent your child's headaches.

How to treat constipation in pregnancy

Changes in the Baby - Week 5 Pregnancy

5th week of pregnancy We have prepared a great article about you. 🙂 We wish all the mothers already pleasant readings.

Changes in the Baby - Week 5 Pregnancy

During the 5th week of your pregnancy a delay in your number Wasn't it? Moreover, you do not feel any signs of menstruation. So you started to seriously suspect that this delay was due to pregnancy. Now is the time to clarify your doubts. Without wasting time pregnancy test We recommend that you do.

If you got the happy news, so you're pregnant, fertilized eggs with sperm, through the uterine tube settled through the uterine membrane began to grow.

As for the details of your pregnancy test; standard tests from the pharmacy may be useful, but for more precise results You can have a blood test in a hospital.

Tests from the pharmacy may not always give you the right answer the first time.

It will be more reliable to take a few pieces to be sure, so compare the results. If you get the final result, it's time to share this happy news. We're sure your wife will be as happy as you are. 🙂

Maternal Changes - Week 5 Pregnancy

Your baby has now settled in your layer for the uterus and started to send signals to your body with hormone secretion called Beta HGC. Beta HGC hormone is only released during pregnancy and can be detected in urine or blood.

When you observe yourself this week, you will begin to notice the changes. During the day or early in the evening if you sleep, know that this is very normal. Light anorexia and some sensitivity to odors it's normal to start feeling. This is all a result of your hormonal change.

Folic acid is indispensable from the beginning of a planned pregnancy. It does not neglect when you enter the 5th week. Now is the time to see your doctor. Make an appointment now.

Health Advice to the Mother - Week 5 Pregnancy

  • If you start the day with nausea and vomiting in the morning, even if it is uncomfortable for you, know that it's a sign that it's going well for your baby.
  • One of the ways to reduce nausea distress when you wake up in the morning, to put in your mouth in the evening to put your head to the grissini or a piece of dry bread.
  • Your diet plan during the day 3 main meals 2 or 3 snacks plan. In this way, you accelerate your metabolism and prevent hunger crises.
  • In this period reducing caffeine is very important. You should set yourself a daily limit and consume at a rate that does not affect your baby's health.

For example, only one cup of Turkish coffee or two cups of tea per day will suffice. There is a considerable amount of caffeine in chocolate.

5 Weeks Pregnant Woman

Nutrition Advice to the Mother - Week 5 Pregnancy

  • This period can suffer from constipation, bloating and gas shortages. In your snacks dried apricots, plums or fresh fruits food will come good.
  • During the day you can consume 2 walnuts, 5-6 almonds or hazelnuts. Consuming foods such as milk, buttermilk or kefir with high protein content in addition to dried fruits will balance your blood sugar and prevent hunger crises.
  • Take your breaks before and in the afternoon. This will both work your bowels and help your blood sugar be regular. Vitamins you should not forget. 🙂
  • Do not forget to consume plenty of liquid. During Pregnancy urine production increases and urine during this period is normally light yellow. Dark urine that you take less liquid or have more water loss. Shows. If you experience such a condition after consulting your doctor 1 soda per day You can drink.

Soda helps both balance the electrolyte and relaxes your stomach.

  • Do not consume raw meat products.

Is Hair Colored During Pregnancy? - Week 5 Pregnancy

You're starting to feel your skin dry? If so; face and body moisturizing lotions You can take. It's okay to use the makeup and skin care products you use every day, but if you're thinking of dyeing your hair you must postpone for now.

Hair dyes; Although organic origin is recommended in the market, it may be inconvenient during this period.

After the 16th week of your pregnancy, until the end of your pregnancy 1 time You can dye your hair.


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Everything goes into breast milk?

Everything goes into breast milk?

Yes and no! Depends on what you have! The request is usually about food, because many people are afraid that the belly of the baby that her mother has eaten and what has gone into the milk is overwhelming.

Egyбltalбn is not unreasonable, if you are breast-feeding, as certain substances, some of which are highly harmful and toxic, can pass into milk and reach high concentrations. For example, the excess of drugs consumed by the mother also causes symptoms in the nursing infant. In the case of drugs, the answer is generally impossible, as the drug's chemistry, molecular weight, fat or water solubility, oral bioavailability also play a role in how much breast milk it as much as it is "utilized" and how much of your body is lost intact. Therefore, if a mother is taking medication, she does not need to immediately and automatically think of weaning, or rather avoiding medicine and breastfeeding. If you need to take medication, it is worthwhile contacting and advising on the active ingredient, the dose and the breastfeeding advice given by your child's age. whether the proportion of the essential constituents of milk can be influenced, how much. For example, how to make it leaner, whiter, sweeter, and how to increase your iron and vitamin content. Let us assume that the composition of breast milk is not accidental or, as a result of "manufacturing error", as it is. Certain ingredients can be influenced and others may not be affected. Fat content, for example, varies between 1.5 and 10 percent depending on how much the breast is cleared. The more thoroughly the breast is suckled, the more fat the milk will be. However, the amount and type of fat in the mother's diet do not affect the fat content of the mother's milk, at most the fatty acid composition.In contrast, if the mother is taking iron, will not affect the iron content of breast milkbecause it always has the same amount of stuff you can find on maternity warehouses. On the other hand, the amount of water-soluble vitamins can be influenced: if the mother consumes little vitamin C or B, she will also be low in milk. However, even above a certain limit, the levels of these vitamins in breast milk do not increase even if the mother is taking or consuming more than the normal dose. Some studies have shown that the mother can provide adequate vitamin D in the milk. also has a positive influence - although it has been widely believed that breast milk does not contain vitamin D.

Newborn baby with her mom

Pregnant mothers' milk has a higher level of protein and protein than milk of premature mothers. But this is something that is completely independent of what a mother eats and how much she eats.

And what about food?

The request most often refers to lands that are considered puffy, poor K-letter, beans, broccoli. The puffing effect also depends on how often you consume such foods. Frequently, they are much less likely to wear the complex, indigestible carbohydrates found in these greens, probably due to the proper composition of the bluff. However, due to the large molecular size of the bloating ingredients, it is not possible to get into breast milk. Very small amounts of "foreign" whites, such as beta-lactoglobulin in cow's milk, are also present in breast milk. This may mean that the baby becomes very gradually acquainted with the whites that appear in the family's homemade formula. with an infant allergic reaction But in the currency, unfortunately, infants are at increased risk of allergies, for example, if one or both of them are suffering from a grandparent's allergy. In this case, it happens that it reacts sensitively to the very few foreign white bloods that appear in breast milk. In this case, there is no other option than keeping a strictly milk-free diet for two weeks and observing if the baby's unpleasant symptoms disappear, such as bloody stool is that one of the ingredients of the food appears in the breast milk. Generally speaking, when individual dietary ingredients are also present in maternal blood plasma, special caution is required non-natural ingredients contained in foods. Elхfordul pйldбul that ьdнtх zцld йtelfestйke szнnezi the milk zцldre, йs the mestersйges йdesнtхszer or keserы gyуgyszer, human milk also unpleasant нzt kцlcsцnцz.Sajnos the allocated termйszetbe mйrgezх materials rovarirtуszerek, gyomirtуk, oldуszerek which raktбrozуdnak kбros цsszetevхi zsнrszцvetьnkben, the breast milk also They may enter. However, in the vast majority of cases, breastfeeding should be discontinued. Its benefits outweigh these possible negative effects too. That is, not the lentils and broccoli pose a risk to the child, but mainly the emission of pollutants and those which are toxic to humans.
- What should a breastfeeding mother's diet include?
- What does a breastfeeding mother eat? The 10 most common Tvhyths

Physical exercise combats depression before and after childbirth

There is no doubt that well-controlled physical exercise improves quality of life, creates healthier habits, and helps maintain good physical and mental health. Some studies reveal that moderate and regular physical exercise during the different stages of pregnancy can also reduce the risk of depression before and after childbirth, in a healthy and effective way.

In fact, the sexologist recently Maria Felipa Gea LopezHe recalled that the exercise, practiced on a regular basis, will improve not only the muscular flexibility of the pregnant woman, but also her physical resistance and strength. In addition, it generates a feeling of well-being thanks to the release of endorphins.

It is a great mistake for pregnant women to remain inactive during and after the gestation period, since the anxiety and decline of women when they expect a baby are consequences, in many cases, of the discomfort they feel with the physical changes in her body. Physical exercise improves the conception of body image and positively influences self-confidence and mood in pregnant women, without them having to resort to antidepressant drugs and therapies.

With only 120 minutes of moderate, regular, unforced exercises a week, a woman can avoid a possible depression that, today, affects 11 percent of women during the prenatal period, and between 9 and 16 percent. cent after delivery. Today, in many gymnastics academies, there are already several options aimed at pregnant women, such as Pilates during pregnancy, kegel exercises, yoga for pregnant women, in addition to Shiatsu, a very relaxing massage, although the Swimming and walking are the most recommended and essential aerobic exercises during the prostrate, since the strengthening of pelvic sleep is important for the female reproductive organs to recover their state.

It is important for the woman to practice some kind of physical exercise during pregnancy, not only to prevent emotional and physical problems, but also to prepare her body for the moment of delivery. Of course, if you are pregnant and want to start some gymnastics, it is advisable that you consult your doctor first. He will consider both the stage of pregnancy you are in and your health, but generally there is no reason why pregnant women should not exercise.

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