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Are you friends about the screen?

Tale characters in the movies, series, and movies can feed little kids the same feelings as if they were genuine, cool-blooded people. And this can have benefits.

If you have a kid in high school, you probably know exactly who your favorite fairytales are. Children are surprised to adhere to these characters, and they are treated like flesh and blood, characters. Previous research has shown that children are more than just "one-dimensional" characters who appear and disappear from the screen or the movie screen. The characters are on the games and clothes, appear on the playgrounds, playhouses and events, and control them in the digital games as well. Children's everyday life and these characters are completely connected. No wonder the kids start to come to them, though, the relationship is emotionally one-sided (so-called peasant association).The children also see fairy tales as friendly
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The peasant social relationship can be quite strong and can affect other parts of children's lives. For example, in a 2013 study, 18-21-month-olds had to solve simple math problems, either with unknown or familiar games (such as a fairytale). It was found that the little ones whom the familiar actor "helped" outperformed in the tests. According to experts, these relationships could be exploited, for example, for educational purposes, or even to learn the social rules. However, it is very important that what the child sees is positive. The little ones can feel "friendly" to the tales, be emotionally attached to them, and look like them like real friends (via).You may also be interested in:
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We make the caterpillar?

We make the caterpillar?

We make the caterpillar?

A cherry tomato has taken the lead in this procession of mini-ham sandwiches. Cucumber for paws and antennae, pieces of onions for eyes and mouth. Beautiful beast !

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Basket for dirty diapers

Just disguise one diaper full of water to feel (literally) what parenting is all about. Oh, it's not easy ... Sometimes you can shout with amazement how it is possible that such a little baby can expel so much! Nothing! Observation of everything that is on the diaper, noting in your head what color it is and what consistency ... is one of the points of parental fate. The poop that changes with your toddler is more than a topic for discussion, it's a baby's barometer of well-being. Does it look irrational from the side? Sure. Don't laugh however! It also awaits you!

Nature versus technology ...

And this whole idyll is to be facilitated by a basket for dirty diapers? A device that, like a potty, a few months later is to hide the gastric secrets of our baby, suppressing all smells and saving space in the already clogged trash can, which in the first weeks after delivery there is no one to take? Sounds reasonable. However, are you sure? Is it worth buying a basket for dirty diapers?

Sleep vigilance

The first weeks, when the baby drinks only mother's milk, are very different from what happens when the baby starts eating solid foods. As the menu changes, the poop aroma becomes more intense, constant ventilation and masking of unpleasant odors begin. You still say at home, but dressing up after a hearty dinner at a solemn party is quite a challenge ... And here the problem arises.

Will a dirty diaper basket help us at a friend's house? Unfortunately not. The solution can be special scented bags, which for around 5 zlotys (50 pieces) we buy at every market. So are the benefits of having a basket for dirty diapers so big that you can only buy it at home?

Basket for dirty diapers - is it worth it?

  • A basket for dirty diapers will not limit the dubious pleasure of changing diapers. It can only reduce discomfort during storage. The smell that fades when scrolling is unavoidable.
  • Instead of a basket for dirty diapers, you can use ordinary pouches that eliminate odor or, as a last resort, fragrance pouches (the latter, however, from an economic point of view are less profitable, their monthly cost will be equal to the cost of a replaceable refill in the basket)
  • Emptying the diaper basket is not a pleasure (the average basket holds 28 diapers, which means that in the first week, if you are breastfeeding, you will empty it even once a day).
  • Some models are cumbersome to use - it's hard to put diapers in them by twisting them properly, which is required by the design of such a basket.
  • If you have underfloor heating, a diaper basket can be a risky gadget. The heat will come out of the unbearable smell, and the basket itself will not fulfill its function.
  • Most manufacturers in the descriptions suggest that the trash can last for a month. In practice, unfortunately, it often turns out that a maximum of one cartridge can be used for a week. The issue of consumption is very individual. The cost of contributions per month can range from 30 to even 100 PLN.

Unnecessary Expense?

The children are wonderful. However, this does not change the fact that raising a child costs a lot. When you count the cost of buying a stroller, a cot, clothes, diapers and other accessories, you will get a nice sum once.
Diapers alone are not the cheapest. A basket for dirty diapers costs from 70-150 zlotys. Refills that are exchanged every two to four weeks cost from 35-50 zlotys. Therefore, the price of this pleasure and the undoubted comfort of having a basket for dirty diapers is about 1,300 zlotys (hoping that we will use the basket until the child is two years old).

It's profitable? Decide for yourself!

According to Sosrodzice, the basket for dirty diapers is putty!

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