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Signals that show you are a bad mother

Signals that show you are a bad mother Many women are afraid of that are not good enough that they are unknowingly hurting their children. Their fears are warmed up by the comments of "perfect moms," convinced that they know the best and only valid prescription for looking after and raising children. The emotions in this topic are clearly noticeable - it is not without reason that it is said that the mother is the most harsh reviewer of the second woman raising children.

Discussions on the blogosphere are almost always accompanied by anxiety, an internal need to confirm at every step that "I know what I am doing", I am better than others, so everything is fine. Young women lost in the world of parenthood instead of a helpless, withdrawn attitude, choose active and often aggressive - they will do everything to convince themselves that they are good enough. It's not even so much about competition as improving your well-being at the expense of the other person. Doubts? Of course not! They are replaced by the mission of "converting other mothers".

Meanwhile, all these fears and disputes are completely unjustified. Children can really forgive us a lot. And we usually judge ourselves too harshly and inadequately to the situation. However, we least forgive other ... mothers.

You are a bad mother because your child went to a nursery

It is known - "in the nursery, children cry, suffer, they are without mum and dad, and it is to parents and not you that should hug in the first years of life. Do you want your toddler to love the babysitter? Really? Give up work and take care of your toddler. " This is the opinion of many people. How much truth in this?

Sending a child to a nursery is never a simple decision. She is usually well thought out and covered with many stresses. Parents rarely send children to institutions to "laze" but because they have no other choice. In moments when they look after a child, they try to "make up" for lost time and usually do a lot more than moms "sitting" with the baby all day - they don't give themselves a chance to be next to them, they are "only for children".

Does this mean, then, that sending a child to the nursery automatically deletes us as a parent? This is a rhetorical question. The answer seems clear.

You are a bad mother because you take care of yourself

"Do you have time to paint your nails, go to the hairdresser, to the swimming pool? I don't have time for such quirks. I take care of children. I wash, cook, look for healthy products, I spend every moment with them, because time passes so quickly. Children need me, I will take care of myself later "- you hear and wonder if there is something wrong with you or with" a devoted friend. "

Skin depigmentation, unpleasant souvenir from the holidays

Skin depigmentation, unpleasant souvenir from the holidays

Summer is the season of travel and relaxation. During the holiday we fully enjoyed the sun baths so that our skin gets a beautiful bronze color. But, unfortunately, excessive exposure to the sun can cause skin depigmentation, especially if we have not used UVA and UVB radiation protection preparations.

Pigmentary changes occur most often on the face, neck, forearm and palm bridge. Pigmented patches may also occur in the case of hormonal disorders (during maturation, menopause, pregnancy, contraception), inflammation of the skin or may increase with age.

Older spots are the result of excessive exposure to the sun for a lifetime. The risk of pigmentation stains increases with drug administration, photosensitizing cosmetics, antibiotics, alcohol consumption, alpha-hydroxyl acid or retinol. In addition, pigmented spots may appear as a result of the interaction of the sun with the alcohol in the perfume.

We can avoid the appearance of pigment spots by assuming a few simple rules.

  • We must not expose ourselves to the sun between 10 and 16 hours.

  • We must use protective preparations containing UVA and UVB filters.

  • During sun baths it is important to protect the skin using cosmetics with minimum protection factor SPF 30.

  • In addition, it is recommended to receive a preparation with beta-carotene or you can drink carrot juice. But if we can not prevent the appearance of pigment spots, it is recommended to use bleaching preparations to obtain a uniform color of the skin.

The best elimination period for pigment stains is autumn. It is recommended to use a complex day and night whitening treatment. Day cream, apart from the bleaching effect, must protect the skin from sunlight, and the night cream must also have exfoliation effect to accelerate the regeneration of the outer depigmented layers of the epidermis and to ensure deeper penetration of the whitening substances. .

Such a bipolar treatment offers you range Pharmaceris W, which contains the following products:

  • Triple action cream for skin whitening

Active Ingredients: Triactiv bleaching complex - it has skin whitening and lightening action, reduces pigmentation spots, blocks melanin synthesis.

UVA and UVB filters - protect against the negative action of the sun's rays and increase the effectiveness of the bleaching.

Allantoin - smoothes, soothes, moisturizes and softens the skin.

Vitamin C - has lightening action, stimulates collagen synthesis, fights free radicals.

Vitamin E - has a strong action against free radicals, prevents premature aging of the skin.


The cream is recommended for the care of depigmented skin and with irregular pigmentation.


The cream illuminates the skin and effectively reduces the pigmentation spots due to the triacactive whitening complex, which blocks the synthesis of melanin at three levels. Vitamin E protects the skin against the effects of premature aging. The filters contained in the cream protect against the negative action of the sun rays and increase the efficiency of the bleaching. Dermatological tested. Contains no allergens.

Capacity: 30 ml

Price: 44,80 RON

  • Night cream with intense whitening effect

Active Ingredients: Triactiv bleaching complex - it has skin whitening and lightening action, reduces pigmentation spots, blocks melanin synthesis.

Papain - accelerates the exfoliation of the outer layers of the epidermis.

Allantoin - smoothes, soothes, moisturizes and softens the skin.

Vitamin C - has lightening action, stimulates collagen synthesis, fights free radicals.

Vitamin E - has a strong action against free radicals, prevents premature aging of the skin.


The cream is recommended for the care of depigmented skin and with irregular pigmentation.


The cream provides brightness to the skin and reduces irregular skin pigmentation due to the triacactive whitening complex, which blocks melanin synthesis at three levels. Papain accelerates the exfoliation of the depigmented layers of the epidermis and allows deeper penetration of whitening substances. Vitamin E protects the skin against premature aging. Dermatological tested. Contains no allergens.

Capacity: 30 ml

Price: RON 58.50

Pharmaceris W whitening creams can be used not only for pigmented patches on the face, but also for those in the area of ​​the neck, spines, palms and other pigmented areas.

Apply cream daily on pigmented areas. The result should be visible after 4 weeks of use. During the use of the cream and for 10 weeks after treatment it is recommended to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun.

If you want to know more about the Pharmaceris brand and the Pharmaceris W range, we invite you to the web page: www.pharmaceris.ro.

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Healthy choices for the holidays

Healthy choices for the holidays

Meals rich in traditional goodies tend to quickly become a risk factor for health. You do not want the winter holidays to be overshadowed by a few extra pounds of weight and unwanted roads to the hospital, due to indigestion, gastric problems and other conditions caused by excesses or improper food choices.

It is important to observe a few simple tricks that keep you away from such problems in December!

Cook all the dishes at home

Avoid buying sausages, mackerel, coconuts and other traditional ready-made commercial foods, as they are rich in unhealthy additives and fats. When you cook them at home, you can more easily control the ingredients added to the recipes, so you get healthy and nutritious food for the whole family.

Don't skip breakfast

Whether it's Christmas or an ordinary day, try to design your first meal of the day only from nutritious ingredients and preparations (dairy products, eggs, whole grains, fruits, etc.), which will give you more energy and a longer satiety. This way, you will greatly reduce your caloric intake and excess food daily and prevent indigestion and unnecessary adding a few extra kilograms at the end of the holidays.

Eat a little and often

Small portions, consumed at a distance of 2-3 hours, is another secret that helps you to avoid digestive problems and not to exaggerate with the calories during the holidays; do not start from the beginning in all the goodies prepared for Christmas or New Year's Eve; taste a little of everything.

It makes you move

It is illusory to advise you to start the room in December, which is the busiest time of year (but if you want, do it without hesitation), but it is important to always keep your body moving.

Any form of physical movement - walking, playing in the snow, skating, walking in the park, cleaning the house, etc. - is welcome for your health and silhouette during the holidays; Physical activity stimulates your metabolism to burn more calories, aids digestion and keeps you fit, both physically and mentally.

Hydrate yourself intensely

Transform water into the strongest ally of your health during the holidays. Even if you are tempted to consume more alcoholic drinks, juices and other types of "festive" drinks during this period, it is very important to "quench" them with a lot of water. In addition to helping the body function properly, water also has the role of combating excessive appetite, thus preventing the risk of overeating.

Give up the pig and devise a smart menu

It is hard not to keep traditions and not fill your holiday table with traditional goodies, but it does not mean that you cannot prepare them intelligently, with slightly healthier and lower caloric ingredients; give up pork, which is fatty and opts for poultry or beef in your menu; enter as many vegetables in the menu and replace the sugar-rich sweets with fruit-based desserts.

It "lengthens" alcoholic beverages

Alcohol is a great temptation during the holidays, and consumed in excess, it also becomes a enemy of silhouette and health; if you want to enjoy a feast honestly, without caring for the extra kilos, try to sip them, rather than drink them, and always alternate them with increased water consumption.

Don't stay at the table all the time

In Romanians, there is the custom that on holidays, families gather and spend wonderful moments around the table; but the problem is that he forgets to get up from the table; all the conversations take place around a rich table; the temptation to taste all the time something is great; give up this habit; have lunch together, then get rid of food and enjoy beautiful moments playing with children, dancing or standing in a living room, on a suitcase.

Dance more than you eat

It is holiday and it is time to enjoy together another year that has passed well over you; take advantage of family meetings to test your dancing skills; it gives you the opportunity to get rid of several hundred calories, but also to keep you fit in a time so loaded with tempting goodies.

Get out of town

Enjoy the snow, the ice rinks open late at night, the events and concerts that take place in your city and leave the house; Besides the fact that you put your bones in motion, you also get rid of the temptation to eat something all the time.

Serve the food on small plates

The smaller the plates you place at the table, the less tempting you are to eat; Filling a small plate with goodies creates the illusion of a large serving of food, helping you avoid the temptation to eat more than you need.

Don't eat unless you're hungry

Most of the time, we eat without feeling the need, and during the winter holidays, this temptation is even stronger; it is important to educate yourself in this regard and to eat only when you really feel the need, not when you crave for the cozonac that makes your eye on the table or the smell of fried carnations in the house.

Eat more fruits

Whenever you feel the need to snack on something, aim for the basket with oranges, bananas, kiwi and other fruits; it is a less caloric and healthier choice than a chocolate candy or a slice of coconut.

Drink more teas

Take advantage of the cold weather to put the kettle "to work" and enjoy the comfort that a hot drink offers you; and if you want to turn the pleasure of drinking tea into a benefit, choose assortments according to your needs: gastric, immunostimulatory, weight loss, etc.

What other tricks do you know to enjoy healthy family holidays? Tell us your tips on nutrition, sports and other activities meant to keep us fit, in the comment section below!

How do you look after the young skin?

Proper skin care can help you to enjoy not only beautiful and balanced skin, but also its young appearance until old age. You can be one step ahead of the game if you understand that the essence is not the correction of the changes that have occurred over time, but rather the slowing down of their appearance.

It acts early against photo-aging

The skin exposed to ultraviolet rays without proper protection can mean a superb tan at the moment, but by itself requires an acceleration of skin aging. The phenomenon of photo-aging, produced by the action of UV radiation, involves the modification of skin characteristics, both at the superficial layer, called the epidermis, and at its depth, at the dermal level.

Photo-aging leads to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, changes in pigmentation, texture and affects skin microvascularization. Over time, the epidermis becomes thinner, and the skin is slightly dehydrated, because it no longer has the same ability to retain water as healthy, young skin. Dehydration starts with the loss of the ability of the superficial layers of the skin to maintain optimum hydration. Over time, the problem can progress to reducing the content of molecules that contribute to the hydration of the deep layers, such as hyaluronic acid. Accelerated degradation of collagen and elastin fibers is the one that in time leads to loss of elasticity and firmness of the skin and the appearance of wrinkles. Fine lines are rather an expression of skin dehydration, so the use of moisturizing products can have a major impact on their appearance.

When do you start using skin care products?

To keep the skin healthy and to reduce the impact of the passage of time on it, it is ideal to provide skin protection as early as possible. The second decade of life is generally a period when you enjoy balanced skin that comes out slowly under the influence of hormonal changes in adolescence. Our skin is young and does not require complex intervention. It is very easy for this period to fall into the trap of natural beauty, which you enjoy effortlessly, having a young skin. But the way in which you now pay attention to your skin will reflect on its appearance in the decades to come.

As such, starting with the age of 20 you should consider a care regimen that includes daily cleansing of the skin in the morning and evening, the use of a cream suitable for hydration and protection during the day, and the weekly use of a purifying mask or intensely nutritious. For cleaning it is ideal to opt for solutions that act delicately, in harmony with the specific physiology of your skin. One variant that meets these criteria is cleaning with precious vegetable oils, which will give your skin additional protection through naturally occurring bioactive components, such as Grapeseed Pure Oil and Avocado Pure Oil. Every day you have to be careful to moisturize the skin and use creams that include antioxidants (C, E, phytoextracts with antioxidant properties), such as Vitamin C Renewal Cream or Super Vitamin E Cream. Antioxidants are those that manage to reduce the negative impact of UV radiation on the skin, coming to complement their own protection systems with which it is endowed. And the contribution of antioxidants through nutrition or supplements reflects on the skin's ability to lessen the negative impact of solar radiation. If you feel the need for additional hydration, you can use a serum before applying the cream. You can opt for the serums that nature itself provides, select vegetable oils or concentrated vegetable essences with high hydration capacity such as squalane extract (Olive Squalane Pure Special Oil) or maracuja oil (Maracuja Pure Special Oil). Choose a quality oil extract, natural and with a high degree of purity.

For maintaining the optimum hydration of the skin of the body, vegetable extracts such as butter and oils are effective, and for deep hydration, molecules with action at the dermal level, such as hyaluronic acid, are ideal. You can gradually begin to use in-depth hydration, but also to reduce collagen degradation with RadiantSkin ™ HA Cream. Generally hyaluronic acid creams, specific molecules for collagen synthesis (vitamin A, hydroxyproline, tyrosine, etc.) can be introduced after 25-28 years. Most likely they will become absolutely necessary around the age of 30-35 years, when they appear and the first wrinkles, but this aspect is very much due to the particularities of each and, very important, how the skin was previously treated.

Weekly you can use a mask based on clay powder with purifying or moisturizing properties in which to incorporate vegetable butter, oily extracts or fresh fruits.

With the help of such a care program you will ensure the full support that your young skin needs, so that you can enjoy its natural beauty as long as possible. By choosing Secom® you are sure that you have opted for the most effective natural solutions for health and beauty.