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Contraceptives and pregnancy Question:

- I am pregnant for 3 weeks and 6 days. I'm going to go to the doctor next week. It's my first pregnancy and I'm 25 years old. Before I got pregnant I used contraceptives (Rigevidon). I got pregnant at 4 months (approximately) after taking contraceptives. Is there a problem? Has my body recovered so that it can be a conducive environment for my child's development? I didn't take contraceptives for years. We took 2 to 3 months and I took a break for about 6 years. We don't want f.f. much this child. Otherwise I feel very good. I was not bad yet and I eat a lot of fruits, yogurt, milk, honey and fish. About what age is your tummy starting to see?


Contraceptives, as the name implies, have as their main indication, the achievement of a "protection" against an unwanted pregnancy. These products are hormonal preparations, which achieve a cyclical concentration of specific, female sex hormones, similar to those normally achieved by the endocrine function of the ovary (mainly, in the absence of contraceptive administration, the ovary is largely responsible for the secretion of female sex hormones, also in charge of returning to the ovulation process = elimination of the female sex cell, capable of being fertilized by the sperm).

Contraceptives, as the name implies, have as their main indication, the achievement of a "protection" against an unwanted pregnancy. These products are hormonal preparations, which achieve a cyclical concentration of specific, female sex hormones, similar to those normally achieved by the endocrine function of the ovary (mainly, in the absence of contraceptive administration, the ovary is largely responsible for the secretion of female sex hormones, also in charge of returning to the ovulation process = elimination of the female sex cell, capable of being fertilized by the sperm).
By the exogenous (outside) contribution of sex hormones, the function of hormonal secretion of the ovary no longer finds useful, results in the resting of the ovary, which also implies the inhibition of ovulation, thus achieving contraception (do not eliminate the oocyte, do not fertilization takes place, so there is no question of pregnancy).

It is good that you have taken breaks in the administration of contraceptives because the ovary rested for a long time "forget" to secrete hormones after cessation of contraceptives (there is atrophy of varying degrees of tissue responsible for hormonal secretion).
This is also the reason why, sometimes, after the cessation of contraceptive administration, a period of 4-6 months must pass until the ovarian functions are completely resumed. However, since you have already become pregnant, the previous use of contraceptives does not represent a danger to the subsequent evolution of pregnancy. Only the contraceptive administration during pregnancy can produce a hormonal concentration incompatible with its later development (abortive effect), which is not your case.
It is good that you have adopted a healthy diet predominantly based on natural products, this having only beneficial effects on the further development of pregnancy.

As for when the tummy starts to appear, this largely depends not only on the size of the uterus but also on the rate at which you gain weight, as a result of the increased nutrition to ensure the increased energy needs of the pregnancy. In general, the uterine bottom at the end of the third month reaches the level of the pubic symphysis, so only after this period, the observation of the belly is due to the pregnancy and not to the excess weight. Good health!

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4 useful games to improve children's swallowing

Swallowing it is much more than swallowing liquids and food. It is about the entire process that carries food from the mouth to the stomach, with all the movements and forces that are needed to move it. We are so used to this action that it is usually taken for granted that it is done correctly, but we must be attentive to possible alterations such as speed, chewing, the preparation of the bolus, the position of the tongue or the remains.

In case of appreciating any type of alteration, it is necessary to go to a speech therapist to study the case and to make a series of recommendations. Depending on the child's difficulty, these are some of the games to improve swallowing that we usually propose.

We propose 4 useful exercises for the 4 main questions that parents usually ask us. They are easy dynamics that you can do from home with your child.

1. Activities if there are many remains on the cheeks

If the main concern is the large amount of food that remains on the cheeks when eating, we suggest an activity to strengthen the cheeks. Is about train with a syringe.

You just have to place it in the child's mouth and ask him to suck on the inside with force. Syringes of different sizes (20, 10 and 5ml) can be used, as well as different liquids (water, juice, chocolate milk). It can also be done with the air itself.

We recommend that this activity be done as a fun and daily game until we achieve our purpose.

2. Games if the bite is weak and you get tired

In these cases, it is important train tougher textures than usual during lunches and snacks, always trying to make them as attractive as possible. It may be a good idea, for example, to use chocolate with stale bread.

It is also possible to train without food, with all kinds of teethers, to which you can also add flavors by soaking them in drinks, sauces, creams, purees, etc.

3. Guidelines if chewing is immature and does not get a good rotation

Rotation is a very complex activity and before achieving it at the level of the mouth, certain studies have confirmed that it is also required have a good rotation at body level.

Therefore, in this case it would be beneficial to be able to perform certain gymnastics games where the child can train the turn of his back on his pelvis, for example, with the help of a ball or other toys.

4. Exercises to do at home if the lips and tongue lack strength

In the case of appreciating that both the lips and the tongue, two important structures in swallowing, lack the necessary strength to perform the task correctly, we usually recommend certain and specific isolated exercises. These are called praxias.

There is a wide variety of exercises, but In this case, it will be a speech therapist who chooses which practices in particular it can benefit in each case.

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Make a fun origami pencil. A very simple craft to do that will entertain children while helping them develop motor coordination and concentration. Follow this simple video tutorial step by step to learn how to make paper figures to play and enjoy making crafts with children.

Figure made by Alejandro Pascual Márquez -
Realization: Ainhoa ​​Ferragud

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Ropes jump Paul's toys

Hurry up ! Here are wooden jump ropes from French forests, made in the Jura. 5 models to choose from: cat, frog, mouse, bear or rabbit ... Their price: 14,90 € each. Where to find them?

Hurry up ! Here are wooden jump ropes from French forests, made in the Jura. 5 models to choose from: cat, frog, mouse, bear or rabbit ...

Their price:€ 14.90 each.

Where to find them?

12 ideas to keep pictures of your child

12 ideas to keep pictures of your child

Each picture of your child, starting with the one from the first ultrasound from pregnancy and until recently, represents priceless memories. You have collected hundreds or thousands of such pictures in the camera or video camera and each one has a special significance, but you know that you can not cover your walls or fill the house with photo frames. The Internet, the pendants, the decorations in the house and even the clothes have become, today, inspiration for keeping the most beautiful pictures of your child.

Pendant with picture

One of the most exciting ways you can keep a picture of your baby - whether it's the ultrasound (pregnancy) or one that caught you in a special hypostasis (taking the first steps, smiling for the first time, etc.) - is the one in the form of a special pendant with opening. The baby picture pendant is attached to a chain, which you can carry with you anytime, anywhere. As the child grows, you can update and change the picture with others, more recent.

Baby albums

The first photo album of the child must be a special one, summing up the pictures with the highlights from his / her up to the age of 1 year. But each age has its own album, so you have to buy or make more albums manually, as the child grows. Make sure that they are of similar size, so you can store them in various boxes with memories.


If you do not want to manually insert the photos into a classic photo album, you can turn them into a book. Each page will have one or more photos printed in special collages. You can print them yourself, at home, on a color printer, on glossy paper. You can tie them with the cord, making a personalized book. But you can also order the book from a specialty store. Whether you make it or buy it, the advantage is that you can insert many photos into it, as there is no page limit.

Digital photo copper

Digital photo frames have become more and more widespread in the modern era and have become invaluable accessories in any home with children. These have the advantage of allowing thousands of pictures to be stored in them. In addition, their alternative running, at certain intervals of time, allows you to admire a different photograph of the child always and to enjoy all of them.

Wall collage

Wall collage is a modern, aesthetic and practical idea of ​​keeping pictures of the child, as it allows you to include a lot of photos in it. From the first steps, to the funniest positions in which he went on the bush, he climbed on the furniture or he was dirty with food, all the important moments in the little boy's life deserve to be displayed on a wall in his room. The bigger it is, the more pictures you insert into it and the more fashionable it is. You can wear the decorations and oversized paintings, so do not hesitate to occupy even a quarter of a wall with such a decorative object.

Printed clothes

The pictures of your child can also place on your clothes or family. Print your t-shirts or blouses with funny photos of him and funny messages and wear them for occasions when he pretends. You can also make collages from them, which you can print on your clothes and keep in a box of memories for the future.

Virtual photo albums

In the modern era, the Internet is proving to be the easiest and most convenient way to store photos, without limit of space. Social networks or Pinterest account gives you the opportunity to create photo albums, in which to add pictures of the child and organize them according to events. In addition, the advantage is that you can show them, at the same time as you keep them, to your friends, relatives and loved ones, to keep up to date with your child's progress regarding growth and development.

Custom puzzle

Instead of buying puzzles with cartoons for the child, make some totally special ones from his photos! Go to a specialist store that customizes items, and order more puzzles with pictures of the baby or collages from them. Do not "break" them into large and small pieces, but into larger and smaller pieces, so that the small child can easily assemble them.

Fridge magnets

The beautiful face of your child can also be printed on fridge magnets, so you can enjoy it whenever you open the door. Customize as many magnets as possible and fill your fridge door with all sorts of photos and special scenarios where you caught it in pictures.

Photo frames

Even if they look outdated, photo frames remain the main ways you can keep your baby's pictures and enjoy them all the time, as they are kept in view. It is important to choose creative, unique, personalized, vintage photo frames so that they can also serve as decoration for the home. Of course, you also take into account the room in the house in which you exhibit them, because for the child's room, you have to choose themes as cheerful, colorful, gingival etc.

Storage box

Not all the pictures you make to the child come in frames, pictures, collages or photo albums. Many of them remain on the outside, but can be kept in a box of personalized, creative, unique storage. Buy a large cardboard box and put it in a paper collage made from baby photos. Write down in a corner of the box, on a label, the name of the child and descriptive details about the places and ages at which the pictures were made.

Video editing (CD or DVD)

In case you have exhausted all the variants and you still have pictures to store and put in storage, try to edit them in superb and emotional video montages. On their background, you can add a nice song or insert texts about the age at which they were made or descriptions of the photos. Then, you can copy the videos to CDs, DVDs or USB sticks and store them in a memory box.

What other ideas for storing and storing baby photos have you used? Tell us your ideas, but also if you have used any of the suggestions listed in the comment section below!

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Name Aldora - Meaning and origin

Name Aldora - Meaning and origin

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

In the Greek language, the name Aldora means "gift".


Normal 0 21 false false false X-NONE X-NONE

There are no celebrities with the name Aldora.

His character :

Aldora is a sensitive and emotional girl who tends to favor idealism. When confronted with a difficult situation, she prefers to fall back on herself, even if she lacks neither courage nor determination. Having a double character, she can be affectionate, sympathetic and altruistic. Sometimes, his introverted side takes over. She is then suspicious, timid and discreet. Aldora is an original on many points. Her altruistic side often push her to engage in community or humanitarian activities in order to make her environment a better world. Aldora can also be passive, submissive and dependent on others. These traits are due to the fact that they are fragile, impressionable and fearful. A calm, stable and harmonious environment is necessary for it to flourish fully. Her imaginative side can be a big handicap for her. It is therefore important not to let her get lost in the dreamlike paths too much. Aldora likes to put forward her overflowing imagination. This aspect of her personality often drives her to look for things that are either utopian or hard to reach. Being a great romantic, she dreams of a meeting worthy of fairy tales. However, by not receiving what she hopes for, Aldora can become intolerant and demanding.


Aldara, Aloodra, Aludra, Altaira, Aldair and Aldrya.

His party :

There is no party for people with the first name Aldora.

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There are different misconceptions about the dangers of sexual life and the impact on sexual life underneath the chart. The most characteristic of the number and commentary is dr. We ask Peter Severin.

It is possible to crash during pregnancy

Let's see what we think (most of the time) about sexual life during pregnancy!Tйvhit: Increases the risk of miscarriage.
The truth is: In the case of a healthy physiological condition a extreme sexual intercourse does not increase the risk of miscarriage.Tйvhit: Increases the chance of premature birth.
The truth is: There are substances in the semen that play a role in the initiation of labor, preterm birth, or normal birth, but the mechanisms responsible for maintaining the condition counteract this effect and protect the pregnancy. Occasionally we meet women who present with threatening or onset premature symptoms in the birth room and have had sexual intercourse prior to shooting. However, this should not be rewarded. In the case mentioned, premature birth occurred because they did not take or relieve the symptoms of premature birth threats, such as abdominal pain, bleeding, and uterine confluence.Tйvhit: It contributes to vaginal infection.
The truth is: Why would you want a man as clean as he used to be? In the course of this condition, vaginal inflammation and vaginal ulceration occur more frequently, irrespective of sex. Genital cancers have a tendency to slow, circulatory circulation prone to inflammation. However, this is completely independent of sexual activity. There is a need to pay more attention to sanitation and hygiene.
Tйvhit: The mechanical effect of penetration can be dangerous.
The truth is: Awesome, hilarious sex is not dangerous. Of course, a man must look out for his partner. Perhaps the previously used gesture, form of pacing, has now caused more unpleasant sensations. It's good for the couple to adjust to the changed circumstances. To do this, it is imperative that you express your senses, meaning that you have to tell your partner what you are and are not. It should also be borne in mind that hand and mouth stimulation can also be rewarding.

After the reunion

Tйvhit: Parenting is undermined by the sexual life of couples because it does not make a good impression on a man if he sees a woman during childbirth.
Let's get to know the truth a bit more: Few years of exhilarating examinations were carried out at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Medical University of Debrecen dr. Peter Severin for initiating and leading. Single-parent couples sent a question about a year after their child came to the world with questions about their sexual life. It turned out to be egyьttszьlйs mainly the qualitative change in feelings: the child's birth status increased the sense of belonging, and the couples moved closer together. What's more, we were able to articulate our sexual expectations for our partners better, more accurately, and more openly. Many have just defied the father's permission to do so. The results of the Debrecen study challenged this assumption. There were a negligible number of couples whose sexual relationship was compromised by the parent. In the wake of the disorderly and, in particular, specialty assessment, professionals have believed that single parenting has a positive effect on parent-child relationships, on the promotion of sexual life, and on quality.Related Articles:
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Among all the names for boys we highlight Amberto. You will find in our search engine all the meanings of baby names.

The saints record Saint Ambert, abbot.

Latinized form of the Germanic name Amalberht, formed from Amal-, and -berht, ´brilliant, illustrious´.

September 30th.


  • The saints record Saint Lover, the first bishop of Rodez (France), from the 5th century.

Drawings of the name Amberto coloring page printable game

Amberto: pictures of the names coloring page printable game

Drawing of the name Amberto coloring page printable game

Drawing with the name Amberto coloring page printable game

Drawings of the names. Amberto name to color and print

20 Biblical Two Names for Boys with meaning