Little babies can also help prevent premature birth

Little babies can also help prevent premature birth

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Name Han - Meaning and origin

Name Han - Meaning and origin

Origin of first name:

Chinese, Short, Rare

Meaning of the name:

Han means "the builder" in Chinese


Han Solo, fictional character from Star Wars, played by Harrison Ford.

His character :

Han has an enterprising spirit that will allow him to build a bright future.


No derivatives

His party :

No known holiday date

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Nose depressed

Among the causes of narrowing of the nasal cavity, obstruction of the air passage is often the occurrence of rhinitis, which develops prematurely, but in most cases causes complaints.

Nose depressed

The lance that separates the nasal cavity is fortunately located exactly in the midline and divides the cavity into two halves. The back part does not reach the back wall of the nasal bridge, where it meets the dorsal side of the nose and forms a median cavity. In adults, In spite of this, we do not operate on anyone with such a change in the nose. It is only for those who are skewed to express complaints.

Growing complaints

If the nose is very oblique, it is explicit stubborn nostril symptoms. As the nasal filtering function deteriorates, secondary throat complaints develop. The homloktбji fejfбjбs the szaglбszavarok, valу fйloldali arcьreggyulladбsra the tendency of horkolбs the alvбszavarok the elhъzуdу catarrhal tьnetek often kнsйrik this elхfordul бllapotot.Gyermekkorban of the nose kйtoldali input nyнlбsбnak aszimmetriбja orrsцvйnyferdьlйssel mild, but this is hardly cause panaszt.Magam been thinking a lot how growth of the nose and the inside of the nose changes as a result of growth, and why this problem is so common in adulthood. To understand this, I would like to introduce readers to the essence of the anatomy of the nose.

Bottom-up barrier

The nostril is made up of cartilage water in a bony frame. Bone growth is generally slower than the cartilage's spatial development. Therefore, the cartilage is milled, sometimes "S" shaped, and on one side obstructs the nasal passages on the other.
In the middle of a baby in the birth canal the tiny nose is pressedand, in some cases, the cartilage of the nasal passages moves out of place. Fortunately, due to the flexibility of the tissues readily recovers, but sometimes it is not exactly centrally located. One nose is relatively larger, the other one narrower. These mild differences do not cause nasal congestion in childhood. The practice is that at the end of adolescence, at the beginning of adulthood do the nasal passage, that is, at the stage of life when the development of the character of the face has already stopped. Serious complaints can be performed in the early years of nasopharyngeal correction, but at this age only the most necessary plastic solution is found.
  • Füles requests, sore throats
  • The tips of an ear-nose guard
  • Ear-nasal surgery in infancy
  • The importance of outdoor play for children

    The importance of outdoor play for children

    Outdoor play has a crucial role in the harmonious and healthy development of the child. In an age when the TV and the computer are increasingly dominating the life of the child and attracting them into the net of sedentary life, outdoor activities are a hopeful one that deserves to appeal to raise a sick and healthy child, both from both physically and mentally! Playing outdoors develops a lot of new skills for the child, completely different from the ones he acquires from playing in enclosed spaces!

    Benefits in the physical development of the child

    The physical benefits of outdoor play are the most numerous for child development. Spending time outdoors encourages, above all, the practice of many types of sports: football, basketball, handball, volleyball, etc., which are essential for its harmonious growth.

    Overweight and obesity are the biggest health risks children of the modern age are exposed to. Nowadays, more and more children are sedentary and eating poorly, which contributes to the rapid fattening and emergence of health problems.

    The outdoor play offers the child the opportunity to run, walk or ride the reels, bicycle, scooter, etc. There are plenty of games that children can play outdoors and play an essential role in keeping them active and healthy. Topaia and running back and forth are important physical exercises that help to develop muscle groups, strengthen bones and smooth functioning of all organs.

    At large, children who play frequently in the middle of nature develop more physically harmoniously than those who spend most of their time in the computer chair or on the couch, with their eyes on the TV.

    Emotional and social and behavioral benefits

    Physical activity and outdoor games have a strong impact on his emotional and social development, as well as on his behavior. Outdoor play helps the child to make new friends and develop their social life. It is a powerful tool for socializing.

    When out in the park or in a playground set up outdoors, the little one gets in touch with a lot of children with whom he has the opportunity to interact and bond with friends. A rich social life of the child contributes to the increase of self-esteem and self-confidence, essential for his emotional development.

    In addition, learn best to cooperate with other children and understand the team spirit of group games that often take place outdoors.

    When the child builds the castles, he plays the leaf, the satchel or the elastic with the other children or explores various spaces and places in nature, develops his logical thinking and ability to reason.

    Playing outdoors, encourages the child to develop his imagination and creativity, to take risks and responsibilities, to find solutions or strategies alone and to discover the pleasure of doing certain things.

    The activities of children in the midst of nature prove to be the most powerful anti-stress remedy. Running and spending time outdoors helps to restore a state of relaxation and relaxation, essential for his emotional health.

    Benefits for ADHD sick children

    It seems that small children with ADHD have a lot to gain from outdoor play. The specialists found that they work better and show less symptoms when they have outdoor activities.

    Of course, outdoor play cannot be considered a therapy that completely cures the condition, but can be used as a symptomatic treatment. It helps to reduce the severity of symptoms and improve cooperation and relationship skills, where ADHD patients have major deficits.

    Contact with nature supports or promotes the better functioning of children with ADHD and helps them to better control their onset and symptoms of the disease.

    Outdoor play has a therapeutic effect in other conditions. It seems that the activities of the middle nature and the breathing of the fresh air contribute to the faster recovery of convalescence, after certain diseases or accidents.

    Intellectual and cognitive benefits

    The specialists have repeatedly shown that the constant play of the child in nature has a strong impact on his school performance. Children who move and play outdoors have better school results and greater concentration power at hours.

    Also, the memory has to benefit from the relaxation of the child in the middle of nature. Exposure of the child to nature offers a multi-sensory experience that plays an essential role in the development of the brain in early childhood. Helps to improve and develop the senses.

    The contact with nature gives the child the opportunity to learn and understand the environment better. It is an endless source of knowledge and information for the little one. It helps him not only to develop his general culture, but also to better integrate into the community and understand what its rules are.

    The educational role of outdoor play is unlimited. Since you go out with the little boy on the door of the house, you have the chance to learn things essential for his education and safety. Combining the game in nature with the safety rules that certain play environments imply, with the right behavior to have in public and learning the places where and how to cross correctly helps the child to deal more easily in outdoor spaces, from outside the house.

    Many parents are reluctant to take their children very often outdoors, either because of lack of time, or because they have the impression that it is a waste of time. Do you encourage your child to play more outdoors? How important do you think it is to spend time outdoors for child development? Tell us your opinions and suggestions in the comments section below!

    Tags Benefits Outdoor Kids Play Kids Play

    Our knitwear designs

    Our knitwear designs

    Combinations, dresses, slippers and even soft toys: choose your model and get to work.


    A retro set

    Soft and soft colors, rounded shapes ... here is a retro set that should please you. It was featured in the March 2008 issue of.

    I knit!

    A set of shades

    A soft blanket, a striped jumpsuit and mismatched baby shoes ... this is a crunchy set for your baby. It was featured in the March 2008 issue of.

    I knit!

    A speckled set

    Here is a perfect set for your little doll! A pretty dress overalls matching a pair of breeches and slippers. A set presented in the March 2008 issue of.

    I knit!

    The anise color knit

    Vest, pants and little slippers ... this is a cute set to make for your baby. It was featured in the March 2008 issue of.

    I knit!

    Knit little slippers ... the foot!

    Ballerinas, babies or sneakers ... what are you going to knit for your baby. Here are three models that are easy to make and come in several colors. Who are these pretty little feet?

    I knit!

    Raising the Bar

    Creams, smoothies and juices with fruits for children

    The fruit must be present in the daily menu of children. As a dessert, at mid-morning, at breakfast or as a snack. There are many ways to offer fruit to children.

    A smoothie, a juice, a mouse or in compote. The fruit is very versatile and can be prepared in different ways. Choose the one you like the most (or the one your child likes the most).

    The fruit provides essential vitamins in the diet of children. Each of them has a number of unique properties. Take advantage of the vitamin C of strawberries, oranges or kiwi, or the vitamin A of the apple. In addition, fruit provides a large amount of fiber, which is also very important for children. has selected a series of recipes with something in common: all of them provide many vitamins to children.

    Strawberry and cherry smoothie. Strawberry and cherry smoothie full of vitamins and antioxidants, both for children and pregnant women. We explain how to make this refreshing and creamy smoothie.

    Pear and strawberry compote. We teach you how to make a compote of strawberries and pears, which provides children with many vitamins and is an excellent dessert, as well as light. We offer you the recipe so that you can learn to easily make a fantastic compote in any season of the year.

    Papaya, banana and apple cream. Recipe of papaya, banana and roasted apple, for babies from one year and for children. Healthy dessert full of vitamins for babies and children.

    Applesauce. This traditional recipe for applesauce or applesauce is a delicious and healthy dessert thanks to the apple, a fruit that provides many benefits for the health of children. It is a good recipe for children's dessert, to accompany yogurt or cream cheese.

    Homemade mousse recipes. The best known mousse is chocolate, but they can also be made from fruits, and even salty, such as vegetables or fish. On our site we teach you how to prepare delicious mousses in a very simple way.

    Watermelon juice. Watermelon juice, smoothie or soda for children. Refreshing and vitamin-filled recipe for the little ones in the house. Watermelon is a food rich in vitamin A and with a high water content. Ideal for hydrating children.

    Cherry, melon and banana smoothie. There are countless recipes for children with cherries that they will love, both in savory and sweet dishes, an example is this smoothie with cherries, banana and melon.

    Carrot, apple and orange juice. Juices are an important source of vitamins and ideal for hot weather, so we recommend a recipe for children of carrot, apple and orange juice. An easy and quick recipe to make and that has many health benefits.

    Pineapple and orange juice. Orange and pineapple smoothie recipe. On hot days, children also suffer the effects of high temperatures. That is why you can follow our recipe for children of pineapple and orange smoothie, a light drink.

    You can read more articles similar to Creams, smoothies and juices with fruits for children, in the Fruits category on site.

    The Importance of Vitamin Supplement for Your Baby

    What is your child's need for healthy growth and development? Of course, you will get a balanced diet as a result of vitamins and minerals. However, do you have any doubts as to whether he has taken the necessary amount of vitamins? Syrups and pills containing vitamins come into play for mothers of this concern.

    Acıbadem Hospital Bakırköy Child Health and Diseases Specialist Contact Asli directly tells the curious about the subject.

    What is your child's need for healthy growth and development? Of course, you will get a balanced diet and as a result vitamins and minerals. However, its required amount vitamin Do you have any doubts as to whether or not it is? Bearing this concern vitamins for mothers comes into play with syrup and pills.

    Regression of growth and development as a result of malnutrition, anorexia, tooth and bone development vitamins and minerals are of great importance in terms of 6-month baby feeding can review our article. Click on the link below for easy access to the article .// www. / 6 month-old infant-feeding /

    The Best Time to Begin Vitamin Support

    Babies under the breastfeeding period of less than 6 months, can meet all needs of breast milk except vitamin D. In the event that this need cannot be met with balanced nutrition in the following period, in line with the recommendation of the physician to the child vitamin and mineral supplements required.

    Especially in adolescence, the growth of the child who needs more energy than adults, these pills need to take.

    What are the Benefits of Vitamin Support for Your Baby?

    This vitamin pills In addition to vitamins A, B, C and D, there are also minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium. Experts recommend that a child who is fed regularly receives only vitamin D until the age of 5; multivitamin preparations recommends to use.

    Anemia due to iron deficiency is an important problem in childhood when growth is fast and nutritional problems are intense.

    If the deficiency is not recognized and replaced early, it may lead to a decrease in learning ability and a decrease in school performance.

    With vitamins in childhood minerals such as iron and calcium Its importance in terms of physical and mental health is great.

    If you would like to review our article on the most useful supplements for your baby, you can click on the link below.

    // www. / Baby-on-the-most-useful-addition to foods /

    How should we proceed when choosing vitamins?

    For babies and children multivitaminsYou should choose in consultation with your doctor.

    Here are some things to consider:

    • Vitamins A, B6, B12, C, D and E, folic acid, iron, iodine, calcium, beta - carotene, phosphorus and magnesium.
    • Do not give more vitamin pills than indicated. Especially Fat soluble like A, D, E and K and more for vitamins stored in the body, this situation becomes more important.
    • When choosing, check whether the pills are natural or sensual.

    Are Vitamin Supplements Safe?

    Vitamins do not cause any harm unless taken more than 1 day. However, remember that more is harmful.

    Especially vitamins that can be stored in the body (A, D, E, K) You should know that more and more harm is not in health.
    Vitamin and Mineral Guide
    Vitamin AIt is effective in eye and skin health. Strengthens the immune system.
    C vitaminRequired for bones and teeth. Provides protection against infections.
    Vitamin DProvides absorption of calcium and phosphorus. It is important for bone development.
    CalciumHelps healthy bone and tooth development. Strengthens muscle and nervous system.
    IronProvides oxygen transport in the blood. Prevents anemia.
    MagnesiumIt is necessary for cell regeneration and healthy bones.