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Baby slipper is frequent ailment in the youngest children. Is characterised by light snoring, wheezing and whirring during breathing.

It follows that the infant cannot breathe through the mouth, takes a breath and lets it out just through the nose. Small cables, unfortunately, can be clogged or contaminated, which is associated with the occurrence of characteristic symptoms. Sapce favors heated air, as well as rare ventilation of rooms. It usually goes away on its own after a few weeks or months.

If the baby slipper is a cause for concern, consult a doctor.

Baby slippers often occur in the first weeks of life. The older the baby, the less often it appears.

Many parents are confused when they notice the following symptoms in a child. Sometimes he is worried and poignant visions, worrying about the child's health. Meanwhile ...

Baby slippers are not dangerous. It's also not a runny nose, because it is not caused by an infection of the upper respiratory tract, but is associated with swelling of the nose mucosa and its contamination. He reveals himself as heavier, louder breathing, which can be unpleasant for a baby. Parents define sapka as whirring, strange, unusual noises that accompany breathing.

Sapka can have dozens of reasons:

  • may be caused by contamination of the nose during breathing,
  • allergy,
  • too dry and heated air.

Baby slippers occur especially in winter and during the heating season. It is less often observed in the summer.

Baby slipper - what can you do yourself?

What to do when a baby slipper touches us? How can you help your baby and alleviate his breathing?

  • feed your baby more often and in smaller portions - blocked nose of the baby may cause unpleasant symptoms when trying to suck,
  • systematically clean the baby's nose - use saline for this purpose - read how to clean the baby's nose.
  • try to gently clean the nose area, moisturizing them with a handkerchief wetted in water,
  • make sure that the room was moist,
  • try to ventilate the room often, in which the child resides,
  • take care of your daily walk.

Baby slipper does not require an immediate visit to the doctor. However, it is worth sharing information about it during the follow-up visit.

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Is it normal for my preschooler to talk constantly about her imaginary friend?

Imaginary Friends, Little Kids, and Demons

Restless and distracted. Is my child hyperactive?

Restless and distracted. Is my child hyperactive?

Many people confuse childhood hyperactivity with excessive behavior and nervousness, although not all children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) manifest these symptoms. It is basically difficult for a hyperactive child to maintain attention and control his movements and impulsiveness.

I am of the opinion that the more informed parents and educators are about the behaviors and disorders that children can present, the better results would be obtained from the treatments.

I imagine it must not be easy for a family to live with a hyperactive child. The child cannot help it, and the parents cannot prevent their concern.

For this reason, I think that if both parents and educators are informed about this type of behavior, the child will feel supported and understood, and they will feel more relieved. There are many books on this subject, such asPaulino Castells, doctor in Medicine and Surgery, and specialist in Pediatrics, Neurology and Psychiatry, entitled 'Never Still, Always Distracted'. This is a book that aims to explain what ADHD is, in a clear and understandable way. A tool that will allow to identify the symptoms of hyperactivity in the different stages of the child's growth, according to the behavior they have.

In addition, the book aims to answer many questions that parents have, such as: Is my child hyperactive? How is this disorder treated? Can my hyperactive child be a normal adult? These are questions whose answers may also be known in the interview that the author of the book gave to our site.

You can read more articles similar to Restless and distracted. Is my child hyperactive?, in the category of hyperactivity and attention deficit on site.

This is how you treat ADHD based off science, Dr Russell Barkley part of 2012 Burnett Lecture

The honey cake is prepared very quickly and can be served simply or with an ice cream cup next to it.


Preparation time

1 h 40 minutes




200 g fried almonds

300 g old brown

6 whites

10 g starch

15 ml of vinegar

500-600 g strawberries (raspberries or berries)

400 ml cream

200 g old powder

Method of preparation

Grind almonds with the help of a kitchen robot. Beat egg whites, add sugar, gradually, then mix until sugar is completely dissolved. Add the starch and vinegar and continue to mix the composition, until you get a glossy and sticky foam.

Add the ground almonds and incorporate with a spatula.

Divide the composition into two, then place the baking sheet in two identical trays, lined with baking paper. Leave the honeycomb on a low heat for about an hour, then leave it to cool in the oven, with the door open.

For the filling, mix cream with powdered sugar and cut into cubes.

Place the first sheet of honey on a platter, cover with cream and strawberries, then place the other sheet of honey.

Pour over a few tablespoons of cream, then decorate the cake with slices of strawberries.

The type of kitchen


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Children's manners on the phone

The manners of the children in the use of the phone represent a broad process in which the parents play an essential role. Young children are attracted to phones, they handle and play with them all the time, but first of all, they always try to imitate their parents in the way they use and talk to them. It is the right time to grind the child's hands on the phone! Here's how!


Child's use of the phone, how and at what age?

Learning good manners in using your phone is a process that involves three essential steps that every child must learn:

  • when to speak;
  • when to listen;
  • how to respond.

In addition to these three essential steps, the little boy must learn how to dial numbers, how to hold the phone to his ear, and how to close when the conversation is over, but these things are unmanageable.

There is no ideal age to start learning your little manners during phone conversations.

However, he must be of the age at which he can speak as coherently as possible, to read some sentences and sentences. This is happening somewhere around preschool.

When you notice that your little one shows a deep interest in the phone and how it works, it is the right time to help him become a polite and polite conversation partner.

Addressing formulas during the telephone dialogue

The first attempts to teach the child the proper behavior during the phone call should be practiced on phones given to one of the parent, brother, sister, etc. They must be alerted to the moment when the child will put into practice the first lessons and give the first phone.

First of all, teach the child what to do when the phone rings or when he is calling someone (buttoning, waiting for buzzing, etc.). Teach him that the answering formula with which he answers the phone is "hello".

Then, a first rule is that when the phone rings and he has to answer, he is the first to say "hello", but when he calls someone, he has to wait for the answer and then he greets and shows up - "hello, Hello / Hello, I am Andrei.

Don't forget to remind them that they always thank you at the end and say hello before saying goodbye.

Good manners during the telephone conversation

It is important for the child to learn that the telephone is spoken one at a time.

Thus, if he is the one who calls his grandmother, he says "hello, hello, I'm Ioana" and then waits for a reply from the grandmother. Then, the discussion continues based on the information received, all in a row, without ever interrupting the one at the end of the thread.

But if he is calling and he is the answerer, he has to say only "hello" and wait for the interlocutor's reaction (to be presented and to say the reason why he called).

Learn it and how to take or leave a message when the person you are looking for is not home.

It is also important to warn him not to give personal information to strangers and not to talk to people who do not say his name.

You can practice and apply good manners in everyday situations, letting him answer the phone or playing together.

The child learns the best from the experience, but needs a prior theoretical exposure. But practice remains the most important method of acquiring good manners while talking on the phone.

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Children paint eggs at the Masca Theater!

Masca Theater invites us on Thursday, April 12, at 4:00 pm, together with the little ones, to continue the tradition of painting the eggs in the amphitheater in Boulevard Uverturii. Together, as a large family, actors, children, parents and grandparents will lay wooden or natural eggs with paints they will receive from the theater.

"We invite you to keep alive a tradition deeply rooted in our culture that is part of our spiritual background. The light and warmth of the spring holidays should find us all with our loved ones in peace, harmony and forgiveness. Happy Easter to all!" , declares Mihai Malaimare, the director of Masca Theater.

The egg goes through the history of archetypes as a symbol of rebirth, regeneration, fertility. The millennial tradition of egg painting is closely related to the passions of Jesus and has a rich symbolism and an educational role: children can thus become aware of belonging to a community with ancient customs.
Masca Theater has shown over the years a permanent concern to bring to the attention of the public or traditions and customs that define us as a people, but also activities to help educate children by combining recreational activities with the act of culture. Thus, a series of projects have been initiated, including the Christmas Concert, the Culture Hour or the Toy Fair.
Public access to the event is free.
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