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Hugh is a name of Germanic origin. It comes from "hûg" which means "intelligence" or "thought".


American actors Hugh Jackman, Hugh Laurie and Hugh Grant, English singer and musician Hugh Coltman, South African trumpet player and cornet player Hugh Masekela, English actor Hugh Dancy ...

Will your Hugh be an artist?

Hugues de Rouen is the son of Drogon de Champagne and Adaltrude. He redistributed all his property for the benefit of the church and turned to religion in 718. He accumulated several religious titles during his life. He retired to an abbey and died there on April 9, 730. He is buried in the Notre-Dame church.

His character :

Hugh is a prudent person. He needs landmarks to lead his life. He enjoys spending time with his family and does not risk facing the chaos of the outside world. He is respectful of traditions and rules. When he is confident and in good company, he knows how to behave, but in moderation.


Hugues, Hughe

His party :

Hugh is celebrating the 9th of April.

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10 Questions Parents Should Ask Teachers

There are parents who forget that school is everyone's business and that taking children does not imply that they get good grades or that they 'come out' educated. Education begins at home and school should be an extension of it, a place where knowledge is learned.

Parents from home will have to help the child see the importance of school and respect the figure of the teacher, a person who goes to his job every day to teach in the best possible way the knowledge that society considers necessary to the age of the little ones.

In addition, school is a meeting place and friendships, where children can have fun with their friends. Unfortunately, there are also boys and girls who are not well inside the school gates, either because of the lack of professionalism of the teachers or because of the attitude of their classmates in the classrooms. If this were your case, you would have to inform yourself well to take measures in this regard, the well-being of the little ones is the priority.

Parents are part of an interactive triangle where the parts that must always be connected are: the school, the family and the child. Only in this way will the little one see the importance of school.

But, the usual thing is that when parents meet with the teacher, he / she is the one who asks many questions about the family and their child in order to have information and thus work better with the children. And what about the parents? In order for parents to trust the professional who takes care of their child on a daily basis, they will need to know a few things.

Also, if you have to go to a meeting with your child's teacher and you don't know what to ask to be well informed, take note of the following 10 questions that will help you understand how your child is evolving at home and above all, to support what the child does at school, from home. How can you help the little one to learn better? Being the teachers and families in constant communication. Take note!

1. What is the work methodology that you use every day in the classroom? Ask the teacher if they send homework, if they prefer not to send homework, if they have to study a lot or a little, etc.

2. What do you do when a student misbehaves? Shows interest in knowing if the teacher is for or against punishments.

3. How do you reward the effort of students who work hard? Find out if the teacher offers rewards in class. Ask him if he uses a stimulus system.

4. How does my child perform in school? Ask if your child works well, if he does owe, if he shows interest.

5. How are my child's work habits in the classroom? Ask if your child works well in a team, if he knows how to behave at work, if he gets angry if something goes wrong, etc. How is your child's behavior with other children.

6. Do you need extra time to finish your tasks? Ask if your child takes longer to do homework than other children or if he goes at the same pace.

7. How does my child behave in class? And with his companions? Ask if you have a good behavior of respect, following the rules.

8. How do you relate to your peers in class and at break time? Find out if your child has a good interaction with others.

9. Does my child participate in class? This way you will know if your child is shy or not.

10. How can I help improve my child's education from home? Offer to help out on school days or anything that requires parental involvement.

You will see that with these questions you will understand your child's life at school much better.

You can read more articles similar to 10 Questions Parents Should Ask Teachers, in the category of School / College on site.

Fewer macerations with a good stroller is a relocation test

Fewer macerations with a good stroller is a relocation test

Getting started with a stroller, a car, or a stroller with a colorful, stylish stroller is a good idea. Placing the baby's lips on for a long time attracts little attention.

Fewer macerations with a good stroller for relocationFisher Price pandabs mirror it was used in the stroller of the stroller, which, when lowered, gives the baby a great look. The panda's hands and feet are colored, and at the bottom are eye-catching games: two colored boards and a yellow bee. Both of my children love to watch the pandan march very much, usually they study frightfully, their eyes are not taken away.

Use our Baby Development Calculator to keep track of your baby's development!

Based on my own (double) experience, I can only recommend Fisher Price pure products (pandas and monkeys) for the development and distraction of children. With its colorful, striking patterns, flammable material, the mirror gives children plenty to study and discover.Related articles on Child Development:
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A 64-year-old Spanish woman gave birth to twins

A 64-year-old Spanish woman in Burgos gave birth to twins, a baby and a boy, the hospital Recoletas de Burgos reported in a newsletter about the extraordinary event.

A 64-year-old Spanish woman gave birth to twins

The twins on medical advice programmed cupcutting helped the world. They are both healthy, the baby's birth weight is 2200 grams, the baby's weight is 2420 grams.The mother became pregnant in the United States with artificial fertilization, and then returned to Spain to have the same child cнmы reported that she lost her parental control in 2014 because, according to the competent child protection authority, the baby was isolated, did not go to school properly, was not clean, and did not spend time with her. The oldest woman in Spain was a 67-year-old Barcelona woman who also gave birth to a baby girl and a boy in 2006. She then said she hoped she could raise the little ones because she wouldn't cheat Life, her mother was more than 100 years old. However, she died of cancer three years later.In the world, the oldest woman to have twins was an Indian woman who, in 2008, was the mother of twins, and she also had a flask.
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- 45 is the New 35?

Color Songs Collection Vol. 1 - Learn Colors, Teach Colours, Baby Toddler Preschool Nursery Rhymes

Consumption of fluids during pregnancy. This is why it is important

Consumption of fluids during pregnancy. This is why it is important

When you are pregnant, it is very important to consume an optimal amount of fluids. Morning sickness, which most future mothers face, leads to dehydration of the body, so it is essential to make sure you drink enough water during this period.

Here's what you need to know about water consumption during pregnancy:

Water is essential for the baby

You may be wondering how all the good nutrients you consume every day are transported to the fetus? It all starts with water, which helps the body absorb essential nutrients into cells and transport vitamins, minerals and hormones to the blood cells. It's those nutrient-rich blood cells that reach the placenta and eventually your baby - all with the help of water.

Water can help prevent urinary tract infections, constipation and hemorrhoids

Now that you are pregnant, you must not only eat and drink for two, but also eliminate for two. This means that you will have more items to eliminate compared to the period before pregnancy. Water dissolves the residual products and helps clean the kidneys. Enough water consumption also keeps the urine diluted, which if left in the bladder for too long can become a breeding ground for bacteria that trigger infection.

High water consumption also helps in good intestinal transit. And, since constipation is quite common in pregnant women - not to mention the fact that constipation pressure can cause hemorrhoids.

Water can relieve fatigue, headaches, overheating

It's true, pregnant women feel an increased heat. But, if you drink water during pregnancy, you will be able to maintain the body's cooling system without problems. A wide flow of fluids also keeps fatigue from pregnancy under control - one of the first symptoms of dehydration is exhaustion - and can lead to headaches. Also, water helps the body to get rid of excess sodium, among others, minimizes swelling of the legs.

Water is not the only way of hydration during pregnancy

There are plenty of other fluids that help you hydrate your body during pregnancy: milk, sparkling or flavored water, fruit and vegetable juices and decaffeinated teas are all a very good choice - just pay attention to the information on the packaging. You should, however, limit your intake of juices, as well as other drinks that contain caffeine, as they have a diuretic effect.

About 20% of our daily water intake comes from food sources. The fruits contain a large amount of water: A cup of watermelon or melon offers under 150g of water; a medium-sized pear or a cup of strawberries offers about 100g; an orange of medium size has 90g.

Article written by Dr. Silviu Istoc, primary obstetrician-gynecologist at the Medicover Hospital, within the Department of Maternal-Fetal Medicine and Minimally Invasive Gynecological Surgery and at the ProVita Clinic. You can read more details on and on the Facebook page:

5 adorable spring time kid crafts to love

It's starting to warm up a bit where I live and I am itching to get outside, although it's just not warm enough to declare spring yet. Late last month, I shared a few really cute Springtime crafts to make, and now I'm back with 5 adorable Springtime crafts to make with your kids. I think it's so good to really help your little ones understand the seasons and the beauty that each one holds. While I love each season for so many different reasons, Spring is just a breath of fresh air, if you know what I mean. By the time Spring rolls around, I think we all can agree that we are sooo ready for Winter to be over. I miss being outside, don't you?

From kite flying to bug catching to colorful Spring flowers to baby chickie birds, there are so many fun things to get excited about when Spring comes. The best part is that you probably have a lot of these crafting supplies at home right now, like tissue paper, cheap paper plates, empty egg cartons and googley eyes. That's what I love about kid crafts, you can pull out your bin and you can get creative.

Snail Suncatchers made using coffee filters via No Time for Flashcards

Stained glass kites via Make and Takes

Egg Carton Caterpillar via Creative Green Living

Paper Plate Easter Chick via Kiwi Corner

Handprint spring art via Pinkie for Pink

Opinions expressed by parent contributors are their own.


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