Baby Must-Haves: 4-8 Months Old. Susan Yara

Baby Must-Haves: 4-8 Months Old. Susan Yara

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Liberal Arts

Liberal Arts


Jesse (Josh Radnor) is an arts graduate in his 30s. He is on the admissions board at a college, and wants to advance his career. He gets a call from his old professor, Peter Hoberg (Richard Jenkins), asking him to go to Peter's retirement party at his former college. Jesse returns to the college full of nostalgia and rekindles his passion for the arts. But he doesn't expect to find a passion for a sophomore, Zibby (Elizabeth Olsen), who is mature beyond her years and who shares his love of the arts. She also introduces him to classical music, and they discover they have much in common.

Having a relationship with someone 16 years younger gives Jesse a lot to think about. He learns from Zibby that he needs to grow up and start acting his age. Meanwhile his former professor is also coming to terms with retirement and having to move on to life outside the university.


Life transitions; relationships; suicide


Nothing of concern

Content that may disturb children

Under 5

Nothing of concern

From 5-8

Nothing of concern

From 8-13

The theme of suicide features in this movie and might disturb older children in this age group. For example:

  • One of the students at the college, Dean, has mental health problems. He has had a breakdown in the past, and he takes an overdose of pills. Scared, he calls Jesse who immediately calls for an ambulance. Dean doesn't die.
  • Peter has problems coming to terms with retirement and seems depressed. He mentions jumping off a tall building.

Over 13

Children in this age group might also be disturbed by the attempted suicide and reference to suicide mentioned above.

Sexual references

This movie has some sexual references. For example, Zibby wants Jesse to spend the night with her. But when she tells him it will be the first time she has had sex, Jesse faces a moral dilemma.

Alcohol, drugs and other substances

This movie shows some use of substances. For example:

  • Characters drink in bars, clubs and so on.
  • Zibby gets drunk after Jesse rejects her, and she starts kissing another man passionately.
  • Professor Fairfield smokes.

Nudity and sexual activity

This movie has some sexual activity. For example, Jesse has sex with another of his old professors, Judith Fairfield (Allison Janney). Not much is shown but they make a lot of noise. Afterwards she kicks him out.

Product placement

None of concern

Coarse language

There is some coarse language in this movie.

Ideas to discuss with your children

Liberal Arts is a romantic drama that deals with different stages of life and also with growing old. It's also about the complexities and problems of relationships that have a big age difference. With these themes, the movie is mainly aimed at older teenagers and adults.

The main message from this movie is not to let yourself be blinded by love but to think through the consequences carefully.

Values in this movie that you could reinforce with your children include:

  • thinking about the consequences of your actions
  • thinking seriously about whether a sexual relationship is the right step.

This movie could also give you the chance to talk with your children about real-life issues, such as why Dean might have felt the way he did. What could have been done to make his situation better?

Baby at 1 Month, Week 1

Baby at 1 Month, Week 1

Your baby may gurgle, coo, grunt, and hum to express his feelings. A few babies also begin squealing and laughing. Be sure to coo and gurgle back, and talk to your baby face to face. He'll enjoy holding your gaze now more


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Weekly Guide to Pregnancy: Week 1

How to teach children to underline texts

How to teach children to underline texts

When children reach primary school, they have to assimilate more information and understand the texts they read, that is, they must learn to study, since little by little more will be demanded of them and, sometimes, it is very difficult for them . On our site we are going to explain the steps to follow so that they are able to retain in their memory what they read, a good trick to do this is to learn to underline the importance of a text.

- It is very important to have a good atmosphere so that children are relaxed and there is nothing to distract their attention.

- To begin with, we will ask them to do a general reading of the entire text, so the child will know what is being talked about and will be able to get an idea of ​​what to retain and the message that is to be transmitted. For example, they will know that the lesson is about means of transportation.

- If there are any strange words for them, We will explain its meaning or tell you to look for it, if necessary in a dictionary. Sometimes they "get stuck" with a more difficult word, in this case, we can look for a synonym that is more familiar to them and therefore easier to retain and understand.

For example, imagine that the phrase appears in the text: They used ropes to hold the bags to the carts.

We will explain the meaning of rope, but if, despite everything, this word is difficult to remember, we will change it to rope, which is much more familiar to the child and therefore easier to retain.

- After doing a second reading, and having clarified the meaning of the words, We will talk about the importance of underlining the keywords. They must learn to discover the most important words in the text, since it is not about pointing out the whole sentence without any criteria. The aim is that when reading the words that have underlined have made a summary of the most important thing of the reading.

- To underline we can choose a red marker that highlights the text and helps us synthesize what we read. We will start with short sentences and pointing out the nouns.

For example: A cart is a vehicle equipped with two wheels and pulled by an animal that is used to transport different objects.

- If later we ask ourselves, what is it? How is? So that? and what is underlined answers our questions we are on the right track.

Tips for a good underline

As the children get older and the texts are longer, we will teach them to underline with markers of different thicknesses and colors, and we will talk about the importance of getting used to using the same markers for content of the same relevance. For example:

- Titles and subtitles in green, main ideas in red, etc.

- When they are small it is good to distribute the study in short periods of time so that they do not get tired.

- With these guidelines, children will gradually learn to assimilate, understand and memorize the texts.

- Finally we will make it very clear that underlining without reading is a real waste of time.

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Multifruit baby food

Apple, pear, banana and orange are some of the first fruits that we can introduce into the baby's diet. From five or six months of life, always considering what the baby's pediatrician indicates, we can introduce fruit porridges in their diet.

So that the baby does not get tired of repeating the porridges and purees, it is best to vary the composition, or, from time to time, include as much variety as possible, such as He proposes you with this recipe for multifruit porridge.


  • 1 pear
  • 1 apple
  • 1 banana
  • 1 orange
  • Water
  • Tips: You can add a cookie, as long as it is gluten-free to avoid causing allergies. If you are using regular crackers or cereals, wait until the child is at least one year old.

The porridges are the best for your baby to grow in a healthy and healthy way. And the best way to start with the introduction of solid food. We tell you how to prepare this recipe, step by step:

1. Wash well and peel the pear and apple, and cut them into small pieces. Peel and chop the banana, reserve it.

2. In a saucepan, heat the pear and apple pieces with a little water over medium heat. The fruit will soften and a compote will form. If there is excess water, remove a little.

3. Pour the banana into the blender glass and blend it. Add to the previous mixture and stir.

4. Squeeze the orange and add the juice until it has the desired texture. If it is too liquid, you can crush the segments and add the pulp, removing the seeds well, or add a gluten-free cookie.

Grape, pear and apple porridge. You can prepare this recipe for grape, pear and apple porridge for your baby from nine months of age. With it you will get it to have all the vitamins and minerals it needs to grow. In addition, it is an ideal recipe for constipated babies.

Banana, apple and tangerine porridge. A banana, apple and tangerine porridge for children from five months of age. A complete and nutritious food for your baby's snack or breakfast. Learn how to make this rich, healthy and easy recipe for baby food at home so that you can introduce it to your baby's diet.

Plum, pear and orange porridge. Babies' diet begins to include crushed fruits and vegetables, with this recipe for plum, pear and orange porridge you will give them a very digestive food. We teach you how to make this porridge, step by step. Recipe very rich in fiber, vitamins ... ideal for constipated babies.

Homemade corn porridge. Corn porridge or cornstarch is one of the first foods that the baby takes when he starts complementary feeding. Learn how to make baby's first purees. This is how you make, step by step, a homemade corn porridge for babies. Quick and easy recipes for children.

Banana, kiwi and strawberry porridge. Fruit porridges are a necessary complement in the diet of babies so that they grow up healthy. This kiwi, strawberry and banana porridge, which they can take from one year of age, they will love it. They are also fruits that provide vitamins, fibers and many other nutrients to the health of the baby.

Apple, peach and strawberry porridge. Strawberries are one of the fruits that children like the most. Include it in your diet with this porridge recipe along with apple and peach. A recipe that babies can generally try, starting at twelve months of age, and as advised by their pediatrician.

Mango, pear and strawberry porridge. For a snack or lunch, this mango, pear and strawberry porridge will delight children. Suitable for babies from one year of age, to avoid food allergies. On our site we teach you how to make this delicious and healthy fruit porridge recipe at home for your baby.

Banana, mandarin and pear porridge. Fruit porridge for babies. Babies also need variety in their diet. For the little ones, prepare this recipe with mandarin, banana and pear porridge. A recipe rich in vitamins, fibers and other nutrients, for an adequate and healthy diet for your baby.

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Baby food: Protein Rich Breakfast Recipe. Multigrain pancakes for Kids and Elders for 1+years

Signs of a good home daycare

Signs of a good home daycare

IN HOME DAYCARE TIPS: Get Organized. thecoellofamilyvlogs

Name Ayoub - Characteristics

What is autism? Causes and Treatment of Autism in Infants

Autism is one of four developmental problems under the title of Common Developmental Disorders (PDD). Lifetime is the most important factor that indicates the seriousness of the problem. This problem affects one's social life, communication skills and behaviors.

What Causes Autism?

When it was first described autism It was thought that it was caused by psychological reasons and that the connection between mother and baby could not be established, or in other words, “cold motherhood ot. However, many studies conducted to date on the causes of autism have proved that this is not true.

Causes of autism Research and studies are still ongoing. However, although there are no definite reasons or reasons yet, the opinion that autism has a genetic basis is gaining weight and scientific researches in the world are focused on this issue.

Autism Many people with serotonin substance and immune system disorder is seen in excess. The relationship between vaccines, allergies, fungal infections, trauma and autism is also being investigated. All the opinions put forward about the causes of autism alone are insufficient to explain this problem. Recent research has focused on the following points:

Causes of Autism in Infants

a- Genetic Causes of Autism in Infants: It is thought that multiple genes may be effective in the emergence of autism by combining some environmental factors. These environmental factors include blood biochemistry, drugs used. Structural deficiency in genes may be generations ahead Drugs used during pregnancy, viruses and radiation genes can be disrupted by such factors. However, there is ongoing research on this gene or genes.

b- Structural Causes of Autism in Infants: Some studies suggest that structural differences in certain regions of the brain may cause autism. When the brains of autistic individuals are examined, differences in blood flow in the anterior and lateral regions of the brain It has been identified. Side regions of the brain; is responsible for understanding spoken language, planning, coordination, control and motivation of social behaviors. At the same time, studies with autistic children have revealed abnormalities in the cerebellum, brain stem and anterior regions. The cerebellum is a region that coordinates our movements and has tasks in social interaction. The brainstem is the area where incoming warnings are collected like a mailbox. The presence of structural disorders in these regions makes it easier for us to understand behavioral and adaptation difficulties in children with autism.

c- External Factors Affecting Prenatal-Birth-Post-Birth Periods: Research has shown that multiple conditions that affect brain development at these stages can cause autism. Especially rubella disease in the womb may cause severe autism. Traumas during childbirth and related baby's lack of oxygen, environmental toxins, tuberous sclerosis, phenyl ketonuria syndrome Metabolic diseases such as can also cause autism.

Symptoms of Autism

General symptoms of autism include:
  • Decreased eye contact.
  • Perform repetitive and stereotypical behaviors. (hand flapping, finger snapping)
  • Don't be disinterested in looking around.
  • Shaking objects, rotating.
  • Speech disorder.

Characteristics of Babies with Autism

Although the severity and level of autism varies individually, the problem generally presents the following characteristics:

1. Serious delays in language development:
The majority of children with autism learn to speak late. However, approximately 28% can stay without using any words. In the speeches of children with autism, different forms of speech, the use of words outside their meaning and a uniform tone are encountered. They often do repetitions and mold sentences they use The most prominent elements of their speech.

2. Having difficulty in understanding and establishing social relations:
Children with autism avoid eye contact with other people, prefer activities by themselves, close themselves to the outside world and do not engage in social relationships with their peers, share their feelings and remain unresponsive to many events around them. When all or more of these features are combined, autistic children individuals with severe social relationship problems as it turns out.

3. Strange reactions to sensory stimuli:
Although autistic children are often insensitive to the events and sounds around them, they sometimes overreact to some sensory stimuli. For example, the horn of the car or the barking of a dog may cause them to startle tremendously, while touching it in a very hot or cold place may not cause them to react.

4. Nonspecific features in mental functioning:
Serious differences can be observed between the various abilities of autistic children. For example, the child capable of painting well above his age chronological yhave the ability to communicate well below the vaccine. Therefore, it is not possible to talk about certain criteria related to their mental development. Children with autism an mental retardation is observed in mostOnly 10-15% of children with autism have normal or abnormal intelligence.

5. Interest in a limited number of activities:
Some autistic children may show excessive attachment to repetitive movements. They both like to repeat a certain movement continuously and never get tired of it. If they do not encounter any intervention during the day, they continue to repeat these movements. Again these children develop curiosity on different topics instead stuck in some games you can play this game constantly. According to the opinions of parents of autistic children, these games are usually children's self-found games and do not make much sense to adults.

6. Excessive reaction to deterioration of routine in daily life:
Autistic children are extremely dependent on the routines that exist in their daily lives. They can react greatly in situations such as disruption or disruption of these routines, and they are also very restless and irritable.

Treatment Methods in Autism

The various treatment methods and subtitles of autism can be listed as follows:

Biochemical Treatment of Autism

a.Pharmaceutical treatment: There are no specific drugs in the treatment of autism, which are used to reduce the effects of some of the symptoms of autism, such as children being overly active and aggressive. Drug therapy has the effect to help reduce the severity of such behaviors.

b.Vitamin treatment: In 1960, A study by Bernard Rimland revealed that vitamin therapy is effective in normalizing body metabolism and reducing behavioral problems. As a result, vitamin therapies have begun for autistic children. high-dose vitamin B6 and Magnesium used together.

Diet applications: Dietary applications against foods containing gluten and caseain are the most important treatments of this section. Gluten is the nutritional value of cereals and caseain is the nutritional value of dairy products. What these two nutritional values ​​have in common is that they are a source of protein for humans, but enzyme deficiency in children with autism Because of this, proteins cannot be broken down and cause various problems in children. Treatment by preventing the receipt of these substances It prevents the problems that may occur.

Sensory and Perceptual Treatments in Autism

a.Sensory integration treatment: Children with autism face the problem of not being able to distinguish the various senses they receive from the outside world. This treatment aims to teach them to make sensory discrimination.

Auditory integration therapy: It is believed that the problem of hypersensitivity to sound seen in autistic children is caused by a hearing disorder, and therefore, the severity of this problem is tried to be reduced by hearing treatments.

Psychological Treatment in Autism

Psychotherapy: Especially Dr. It is a method Kanner emphasizes, because according to Dr Kanner, one of the main causes of the disease was the psychological history of the individual. However, although research conducted in the following years reveals that Kanner was not right, psychotherapy is still used in the treatment of autism.

Love the best treat!

Because the autistic child is indifferent to his surroundings, many people think that they do not understand or hear. But they hear and understand you very well. To approach them with love and not to be angry contributes to their development. You can make the best contribution by making them feel that you are next to them.

Apart from all these, the most important is to accept them as they are and to support them. Remember, they are just different and beautiful with differences in life….

Christmas tree: our clever advice

Christmas tree: our clever advice

Christmas is coming and the traditional purchase of the fir tree too! Which variety of fir tree to choose? What are the tips for buying, keeping and getting rid of it? Our advice fir-malin!

Fir: Which variety to choose?

  • The Nordmann fir: discovered by the botanist Alexander von Nordmann (1803-1866), hence its name, it is the most sold each year because it resists well (up to 8 weeks), does not sting and does not lose its thorns. An advantage ! On the other hand, it does not smell and costs a little more. There is also and it is new Nordmann fir "red label".
  • Spruce: it is the traditional fir tree. It smells of forest, but is less resistant in our heated interiors, about 3 weeks.
  • The nobilis or pungens: compromise between Nordmann and spruce, this "noble" fir has a bluish green foliage. It also has a woody fragrance and its needles are robust.
  • The fraseri: less known, it is carved in the shape of a pyramid and has dark green foliage and shiny with silvery highlights. He does not lose his needles and a light scent of lemon.
  • And the artificial tree? Whether for manufacturing or for recycling, it uses materials from the oil industry. Bad for the planet! However, why not make yourself this year your tree ... without fir. We give you some good ideas.
  • To know : Christmas trees do not contribute to deforestation. Those sold during this holiday season are specially grown for the occasion.

Tips for buying a tree

According to your needs and the size of your interior, choose it:

  • Chopped off : presented on a log or a cross, it is cut as late as possible to keep all the holidays.
  • In container or pot: ideal if you have a large garden because it can be replanted.

At the time of purchase, make sure that the fir looks good, with bright and abundant foliage. If he is already beginning to lose his thorns, it is a sign that he is already drying out and he will therefore take less time.

If possible, avoid buying your tree in supermarkets because the quality is less often at the rendezvous.

When to buy a tree? It is best to buy it 3 weeks to 15 days before Christmas so that it is still beautiful at the holidays.

Buy your tree on the Internet, a good idea!

More and more families are choosing to buy their fir in Intenret. The big advantage? Home delivery, avoiding the endless tails at this holiday season, and sparing the back, especially when you want a fir size! Here are some sites to buy your Christmas tree online this year:

  • a selection of Nordmann fir trees from 36,90 €. Delivery in 48 hours or express delivery with a supplement.
  • for a better respect of the environment, this site proposes an original concept: you adopt a fir tree in pot (Nordmann or spruce) and the delivery service also comes to seek it after the holidays to replant it! Smart and eco. Price: from 54 to 109 € depending on the size.
  • for the holidays, Interflora goes to the pines with a selection of Nordmann that can be delivered the same day from 49,90 €.
  • this nursery in Poitou-Charentes offers a wide selection of natural pines of all sizes cut or potted for a price between 45 and 279 €.
  • as its name suggests, this site offers delivery in 48 hours of mini fir trees, 30 to 80 cm, with color pot and deco to choose. The prices vary from 31.50 to 53.50 €.
  • Watercolor, these are the flowers, but also the firs! Nordmann or Pugens, prices start from 35 €, delivery (in 48 hours) included.

Fir: which interview?

Tradition has it that the Christmas tree will settle in our homes on Christmas Eve until Epihany, but it's long before we buy it to enjoy the magic of Christmas in advance. Hence the importance of knowing some conservation tips.

  • Cut fir without roots: bevel a few centimeters from the trunk and place it in a bucket of wet sand. Remember to spray the foliage every day.
  • Container or potted fir: sprinkle it and spray foliage regularly.

To avoid drying out, do not place your tree near a heat source.

See also grandma's tricks to keep the tree

After the holidays: have the recycling reflex

  • If it is a tree with roots that you have chosen this year, you will be able to replant it in the garden.
  • Your tree is rootless? Many municipalities organize collections to recycle fir trees after Christmas. Inquire at your town hall. Think also of large brands of garden centers that also offer recycling fir.
  • Avoid burning it in your garden as this releases CO2. On the other hand, you can use it in the fireplace as firewood.
  • You can deposit it in the dump, it will be used for the fertilization of the grounds.

5 tips to enjoy your Christmas tree safely

Frequent and numerous accidents occur with Christmas trees during the holiday season. Here are the recommendations to follow to avoid any problem:

  • Secure the tree on a solid base so that it does not tip over.
  • Do not place candles nearby or, worse, on a branch of the tree! It could catch fire, especially if it is very dry.
  • Before installing light strings, check their condition and read the instructions carefully. Also make sure they are well designed for the interior.
  • Never leave the tree lit when you leave the house or when you go to sleep.
  • Do not leave your young children alone in front of the fir tree.
  • Avoid overloading multiple outlets on an extension cord near the Christmas tree.

Karine Anceletand Stéphanie Letellier

And you, what tree will you buy? Our survey

Language learning at ovis age - Do you use it?

Language learning at ovis age - Do you use it?

Nowadays, more and more language schools advertise foreign language education in foreign languages. But what can we expect from language classes for children?

My generation started studying Russian at the age of fourth elementary school. To do this came the lower, in the upper grades, English. At that time, it would have probably been weird English children songs singing ovis. After that, of course, the world turned a lot. What was then considered special is a basic requirement in many places today. Ask what practical benefits?

Either well or nothing!

Experts in our previous article, psychologists and speech therapists, have commented on early language learning. This time we talked to an English-German teacher, Hegedűs Rék, about the advantages and disadvantages of learning ovis. Rick starts off as she meets more and more families where everyday life is a learning the basics of a foreign language for children aged 3-4 years. "In many places parenting foreign language command words, reading foreign language tales to children, I think, unless they are proficient teachers or speak their native language, then they can be more valuable than useful this. Incorrectly pronounced words, poorly put together sentences will get stuck in the child's head, and it will take a huge amount of time to correct these past patterns. If you really want your ovis child to start learning a language, look for a suitable language teacher and group. "

Language learning at ovis age - Do you use it?

Play without expectation!

Réka emphasizes that there are many aspects to consider when selecting a language teacher, but the most important thing is that the teacher is sympathetic to the parent and the child. It is also important that the number of people in the group is not too large so that everyone gets enough attention. And, of course, keep in mind that the child will also like the Urbans. "Language learning in this age cannot be forced. If your child is not interested, there is no need to spend money on language classes. If there is any resistance to our little lurking, we should look forward to learning the language. However, if you are happy to participate in nyelvуrбnkon, then support it, but do not support any expectations. In this age, the essence is to love the sound of the language and to play basic sentences while playing. "

Home foundation

Of course, there is nothing wrong with your child not going to English English, foreign language and language employment. "At home, we can help our child learn more about language. Listen to foreign language tales, watch foreign language cartoons in the internet, search the internet foreign language children's songs. Slowly accustom the child to the foreign language, let it taste the unusual sound world. Do not force anything at first if you meet a foreign language 1-2 times a week. Let him ask you to deal with the language many times over. It's okay if you don't repeat what you hear or speak in that language, and then when the time comes, you'll start it yourself. If we have the patience and follow these rules, we can lay the foundations for a successful future language learning. "

Meaning of the name Zenobio. Name for boys

Meaning of the name Zenobio. Name for boys

Among all the names for boys we highlight Zenobio. You will find in our search engine all the meanings of baby names.

History of the name Zenobio

The name is known primarily to the Syrian queen Zenobia (3rd century).

Meaning of name Zenobio

It comes from zenobios, "who receives life from Zeus"

Saints of the name Zenobio

February 20, May 25, October 30

Origin of the name Zenobio


Famous people with the name Zenobio

  • Zenobio, Greek sophist.

Drawing of the name Zenobio coloring page printable game