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Test for AFP instead of AFP who expect accurate, reliable results!

Test for AFP instead of AFP who expect accurate, reliable results!

From Martisor. Fair with talc…

The National Museum of the Village "Dimitrie Gusti" organizes during the period February 23 - March 8, 2015 "De Martisor ..." fair celebrated by the holiday of the same name, an event under the auspices of the cultural project Anotimpuri at the Village Museum.

Visitors will have the opportunity to purchase traditional handbags, creation of folk crafts, but also handbags made with great imagination by plastic artists.

The tradition speaks of the martis made in the former villages, from a two-color string symbolizing the confrontation between the cold and the warm season, offered and worn as such on March 1 or about the martis of which hangs a gold or silver coin that his parents they gave to the children, girls and boys.

He wore it at first tied to the hand, and later to the chest or throat. It was believed that those who wore it were, thus, free from disease and sickness, were healthy, rich and lucky.

Today the celebration of Martisor is related to the custom of giving, at the beginning of spring, in the month that bears his name, of a handmade object caught by a cord of two twisted threads, colored white and red that hangs in the chest one or more days. by girls and women.

Target program: 9.00 - 17.00

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Volunteer Birth Doulas: Getting a Helping Hand

Porcia: origin and meaning of the name for girl Porcia


We highlight in our dictionary the name for a girl: Porcia. You will find in our meaning finder of all baby names.

History of the name Porcia

Feminine form of Porcio. Quite common in Italy.

Meaning of name Porcia

"Pig farmer, pig farmer"

Saints of the name Porcia

July 5 and November 24

Origin of the name Porcia


Famous people with the name Porcia

  • Petronila de Aragón, Queen of Aragon and Countess of Barcelona (1136-1173)

Drawings of the name Porcia coloring page printable game

A Home For Ack! - My Time at Portia Full Release Part 105

What are the signs that the little one is ready for room cleanliness?

After reading at least seven textbooks and going through different forums for days, we think we know everything about room cleanliness. However, this is not nearly as easy as let's start there every single child, and so forth. For example, the author of mom.me has only four children, and they all have a completely different attitude to the question of room cleanliness.

Feel pelus

If the diaper stays dry during the rest, it is definitely a good sign. If possible, then let us applaud and praise him the baby!

The dirty diaper is ruthless

Another sign of getting ready for room cleanliness is if your child doesn't feel good in a dirty diaper. It can be a great motivator, so this phenomenon and sensation can be used to make it easier for you to go out for a party!

If you play the game

Do you make sudden movements and pee your diaper between squirting or cuddling? Then it certainly indicates that you are starting to become more aware, and you are not feeling so well in this situation. Get to the party!

Looking for a toilet

It may sound unbelievable, but if your child becomes more and more interested in the toilet, then this would be a missed opportunity. Don't close, if you are so curious, let's see what's going on there, we will learn in principle how to do it and what to do there.

If you've been out of diapers

Don't you smell the rhinoceros smell coming from a used pelus? Can't you decide whether you are angry with diaper rash or rather upset your stomach? Well, when your cup is full, it's time to go!Related articles on breastfeeding:

Introducing your 2-year-old to your new baby

How do I handle introducing my 2-year-old to my new baby?

After the birth, arrange for your child to meet the baby as soon as possible. Have her caregiver ask if she wants to bring a special blanket for her new sibling or flowers or a drawing for her mom.

The hospital may seem unfamiliar and scary to your child, so keep visits short and flexible. Make sure a familiar adult is there whose only responsibility is your child. The caregiver may want to plan a special outing after the visit. Having somewhere fun to go makes it easier to leave Mom.

You may want to try to have your hands free when your child arrives so you can focus on greeting her before introducing her to the baby. But if she shows up while you're nursing, you can invite her over to check out the baby's feet and hands, even while he's eating. Once you introduce her to her sibling, allow your child as much contact with the baby as possible. Show her the baby's body and let her touch him.

How can I help my 2-year-old not feel threatened by the new baby?

If she seems concerned about you having enough attention to go around, do what you can to reassure her that she hasn't been replaced by this new baby. Prop a picture of her by your hospital bed and make sure she sees it. Ask her opinion about what the baby might be saying when he cries or which blanket she thinks the baby wants over him. Tell her stories of what she looked or sounded like when she was born. Take photos of her with the baby.

Some parents give their child a gift from the baby to help break the ice at that first meeting. However, doing this may stretch the limits of logic, even for a toddler And keep in mind that your children will be more likely to develop a close relationship if you let them find their own ways of bonding.

While it's normal for a child to feel uneasy about the addition of a new member to the family, don't assume that your firstborn will feel displaced by the new baby. Often, children are delighted and interested in the new baby and more confused about how their parent has changed.

Take time to simply listen and support whatever feelings your child has (confusion, fear, excitement, interest, anger, happiness, empathy, sadness). And know that, with time, relationships will settle in.

*See our article on helping your child adjust to a new sibling for tips on how to smooth the transition once the baby comes home.

NOTE: This article was reviewed by Janis Keyser, parenting educator, co-author of Becoming the Parent You Want to Be, and a member of the our site Medical Advisory Board.

Introducing Your New Baby to Your Toddler

A game around the first names that will delight your talkative children!

The first child throws a name at random: "Coralie!" All the others seek a rhyme, the first who finds again: "Coralie, she is ... pretty!" and adds a new name: "And Martin ..." which will be taken by another: "He is hug!"

A deposit: if you choose the name of the children present, make sure to find a nice rhyme: "Leah, she is very ... nice!" Bravo!


Aggression in schools


- Juvenile delinquency and aggression in schools. What tips and what factors should be involved?


Because these situations are increasingly difficult to manage in schools, teachers should be trained on how to approach conflict and violence in school.
At counseling times, students should be helped to express their emotions, to experience different communication possibilities to facilitate conflict understanding processes. They must learn how to express their anger not through physical or verbal violence, but through other methods that will not produce harm to others. Students need to learn those skills that allow them to manage conflict situations effectively: how to respond to insults or insults, how to react to threats or even to blows, how to stay calm in stressful situations, but above all they have to learn how to control their impulses.
Of course, all that I have described are complex activities that require the specialized support of a psychologist, but in order for results to appear, parents and students and teachers must be involved.
Diana Paula Stoian,
Specialist in Child Psychology
Specialist details
Looking for an answer to your child's problems? Ask a question too!

Tags Physical aggression

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Porcelain plates with flake pattern: € 11.94 per pack of 6 (Alinéa).
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