12 Riddles That Average Minds Fail To Solve

12 Riddles That Average Minds Fail To Solve

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All about the dental flare

12 Months Apart: My son, the preschool dropout

12 Months Apart: My son, the preschool dropout

What do you do when preschool turns out to be a total nightmare? Pull them or stay the course?

Last spring, I enrolled my 2-year-old son Jack in pre-school without thinking much of it. I figured he already blew through all the big milestones, so why would preschool be any different?

Later, when my mom friends finished their dogged pre-school searches and all decided on a partial separation class (a class where moms attend in the beginning of each class and then head to a separate room down the hall– to help ease them into the experience – as opposed to dropping off) I remember thinking, "Really? What's the point of that? Gotta rip that Band-Aid off."

I had become cocky, but the mommy gods soon put me in my place.

September came and it was downright awful. You know how they say "Little Susie cried for a few minutes when you first left but then she found the dolls and had the most wonderful time." Lies!

Week after week when I picked up him up, he was a sobbing mess, after crying himself silly for the entire 2.5 hours. Soon his crying fits turned into panic attacks. He'd sit totally silent and shaking with giant tears running down his cheeks (and this is a boy who typically flails his arms when he's upset). He wouldn't even look at me. He was terrified.

And to be honest, I can’t blame him. During those six weeks, two of the three teachers became visibly annoyed with him. Sure, dealing with a crying child sucks but isn't that part of being a preschool teacher? There's no way he's the first 2-year-old to cry because he misses his mommy!!

Cloaked in failure, I brought the situation up at a dinner with a handful of other mom bloggers. Of course, this triggered a heated debate about whether or not I should pull him out of pre-school...oh, and the creation of a hashtag in his honor - #savejack.

And eventually that’s what I did. I saved Jack.

Yes, I pulled him, which was 100 percent the right decision for us. The only problem is – I waited too long. I realize that with a traveling hubby, two boys under 2 and more than a full plate at work I was just trying to keep my head above water at the time but still…I knew in my gut that the preschool wasn't the right fit for my little man, but I was hesitant to pull him because I was busy and also because I feared other moms judging me.

Now he has a deep-seated fear of school. I can’t even read books about the WonderPets going to school without him getting upset. But, like it or not, his 3-year-old program starts in September – and he’s going. To get him ready, I enrolled him in that same partial separation class I made fun of , which starts next week. (Wish me luck!)

The Band-Aid is coming off. Just bit by bit this time.

Opinions expressed by parent contributors are their own.

An electric current drives hormone cells - a new hope for hormone-free conception!

The breakthrough results of our research have led to the development of a non-hormonal pill.

An examination of the "fertility attractiveness" of the ovum and the sperm reveals that one of the hormones released by the ovum is called the spermatozoa, which responds in less than a second.
The results, published in Nature, suggest that it was possible to develop hormone-free contraceptives that would turn off this label. These new supplements could eventually replace the currently known contraceptive pill.

Called ovum

At the University of California Polina Lishko Experiments on mouse and human spermatozoa were used to show how ova ready for fertilization are perceived. It has been found that when the sperm comes in contact with progesterone hormone released by the ovariectomized cells, the electrical power of the excreted tail moves back and forth, and the tails start to move faster. Rapid reciprocal movement of the tail also allows the anthrax cell to penetrate the egg, thereby fertilizing it. Previously, biologists had known that the egg used some chemical stimulation of the sperm during the mating process, but the relationship had not been established. In this experiment, it was first possible to detect, at the molecular level, how the ovum signals to sperm. This discovery has the potential to develop a hormone-free contraceptive solution that prevents the egg from stimulating the sperm.

Desensitize, it's worth a try

Desensitize, it's worth a try

Every day, find one of the infos extracted from the 6th issue of the collection "Essentials of: 72 tips to deal with allergies", sold with the February issue of. Today, zoom in on desensitization.

  • More and more studies show that desensitizing early prevents the development of multiple and complex allergies, but also the onset of asthma. So it's worth trying. The technique is effective against mites, some pollen and cat hair.
  • It is not possible when it comes to one of those allergies more and more common to the dwarf rabbit, hamster, pony and cockroaches. Same difficulty with food, but scientific trials are underway for some common allergens such as milk and peanut.

How it works…

  • The principle is based on vaccination (specific immunotherapy) in the long run with extracts of allergens. It is proposed from the age of 4 years, either with drops to put under the tongue every day, or with bites, which is not the taste of small in general. This desensitization gives results in the months following the beginning of the treatment and, in this case, it will have to continue for about four years to stabilize them sustainably.

Sophie Viguier-Vinson

Allergies: other tips.

Find more information in "Essentials of: 72 tips to deal with allergies", sold with the February 2011 issue of.

Sleep, nutrition, games and toys, back ... find other Essential tips.

Acilina: origin and meaning of the name for girl Acilina

Are you pregnant and looking for the ideal name for your baby? Our name finder has thousands of names for girls to help you in this important choice. We highlight the name in the dictionary of meaning of names: Acyline.

Saint Acilinus, Sicilian confessor martyred in Carthage at the end of the 2nd century

One who is sharp.

July 17th


  • Anacaona or Anakaona. (1464 - f. 1504) was a Taino aborigine from the island of Hispaniola. He was the ruler of the Cacicazgo de Jaragua.

Acilina name coloring pages printable game

Acilina: pictures of the names coloring page printable game

Drawing of the name Acilina coloring page printable game

Drawing with the name Acilina coloring page printable game

Drawings of the names. Acilina name to color and print

Christian Baby Girl Names. Biblical Names For Girls With Meaning 2020-21christian names for girls

The love of books and the passion for reading should be instilled in children from the first days of life and cultivated throughout childhood. For the little one to love books and want to venture as much as possible into their magical universe, it is important to fill their library with a wide variety of titles, so that they always have as many options as possible. Here are some books that should not be missing from your little boy's library!

The alphabet

The alphabet is the book to learn how to write and read to children. Before reading and enjoying the magical adventures of the characters preferred by the story, the child must learn to recognize the letters and associate them in words. The educational book "The Alphabet" is the first alphabet of your little one and should be put in honor in his ever developing library.

elefant.ro, 9.9 lei

Book with "Romanian Stories"

Romanian literature is full of beautiful and spectacular stories, inspired both by folklore and history, from which the child has a lot of interesting things to discover and learn. A collection that includes several such stories of Romanian origin is compulsory to be placed on the shelf in the children's library. In this way, the child has the opportunity to discover interesting adventures and experiences through which the characters from several classic stories written, for example, by Petre Ispirescu: Praslea cel Voinic, Pacala etc.

Librarie.net, 64.90 lei

Children's World Encyclopedia

Every child should enjoy browsing a children's encyclopedia. Besides the fascination of images that are associated with the text, the little one has the opportunity to enrich his general culture with information from various fields related to:

  • Universe;
  • Earth;
  • Living planet;
  • Human body;
  • Countries and peoples;
  • The history of the world;
  • Art and culture.

Libhumanitas.ro, 49.90 lei

Animal world

Even if your little one learns a lot of information about animals directly from nature or from TV documentaries, the fascinating world of living things must also be found in your child's library, in the form of books. It is an encyclopedia illustrated with the presentation of wildlife from all over the world, from which the child can discover a lot of information and curiosities related to the most banal, but also exotic and unusual animals. The "Animal World" card is a "bible" of nature, which the child can open whenever he has a concern about hibernating bears, feeding foxes, or how penguins or nature-dwellers live.

Libris.ro, 37.9 lei

Legends of the Romans

"The Legends of the Romanians" represents a true history lesson for children, mediated by spectacular suggestive images, gathered together so that the little ones can better understand how our proud country was born. Make an incursion in time, together with your child, and teach him the main historical moments through which the Romanian people passed, with the help of history books that must not be missing from his library.

Teora.ro, 11.05 lei

Christmas story

From the library of your little one can not miss the seasonal books, such as those about Christmas and winter holidays. Children of all ages should know the fascinating story of the character Ebenezer Scrooge, from the book "Christmas Story" written by Charles Dickens. If when he is young, you can read it, as he grows up, encourage him to take the book from the library and browse it, year after year, around Christmas. It is a spectacular story, which fully emphasizes the significance and spirit of the winter holidays.

Publishing-art, 34.9 lei

Poems from childhood

Poetry books must also be found in a large number in the children's library of any age. And, to gather together as many poems of childhood, it is best to buy anthologies that include more such texts, written by the most famous Romanian writers for the little ones. For example, in the book "Poems from childhood", the child will discover a lot of poems gathered from the most important Romanian poets:

  • Vasile Alecsandri;
  • Mihai Eminescu;
  • George Cosbuc;
  • St. O. Joseph;
  • Octavian Goga;
  • George Topirceanu.

Carteacopieni.ro, 25 lei

Coloring books

Even coloring books should not be missing from the children's library. From the first time he can hold the pencil in his hand and up to school age, these cute cards will be his favorite. And if they are chosen wisely, they can prove to be very interesting educational tools, because as they draw, the child discovers figures, numbers, animals, etc.

Teora.ro, 4.55 lei

Geographical atlas for children

In addition to animal encyclopedias, story books and history, the children's library must also be equipped with a geographic atlas specially designed for young people. Whether or not he is in school, the child has the opportunity to discover a lot of relevant information about the continents and countries of the world, but also about the geography of our country. In addition, the geographical atlas is an elementary source of documentation during the school years, so an investment more than profitable for its future.

Prut.ro, 40 lei

Handbook of good manners for children

The book of good manners for children is a book that must be found in the children's library. It is an essential tool for disciplining the little one, with information, images and explanations within its meaning. Encourage him to browse it as often as possible and choose only variants of very colorful books, rich in pictures, so that it will be as appealing to him and arouse his interest. From this educational book, the little one learns how to behave beautifully and politely in various situations.

Litera.ro, 23.94 lei

What other book titles do you think should not be missing from your child's library, regardless of age? Share your suggestions in the comments section below!

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