ANIMAL NAMES AND SOUNDS for Kids Video Compilation - Learn Animal Names for Children and Toddlers

ANIMAL NAMES AND SOUNDS for Kids Video Compilation - Learn Animal Names for Children and Toddlers

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Nóra Цrdцg: "We Europeans can't even imagine what a parent in England is"

Nóra Цrdцg: "We Europeans can't even imagine what a parent in England is"

I hear a heartbreaking cry in the hallway of Viana Hospital, wanting to be very far away. A mom rushes in front of us, sobbing alone, sizzling, baby clothes in her hands but no one to give…

We don't dare to look at each other, everyone knows exactly that her baby is dead. Halfway through, we hear the sobbing again, but it turns out another mother is crying for her baby. Here at this Angola school, the birthplace is the baby fish everyday.
Rhinoceros is a stinging spongy but bedless bed of buttered women. They come in their own clothes, they are born in it, and then they go home. "The African female buffalo," says one doctor with a smile as we woke up she is sent home six hours after birth. Newborn women may not dream of analgesia, and cesarean section is not very common.
There are hundreds of health workers in the hospital, three of them medical practitioners. So even a pregnant mother was not always seen by a doctor, only when it was a big problem. "We have an ultrasound," one doctor points out the machine. "But we won't use it unless you really need to," adds Pampers and UNICEF in celebration of their 10th anniversary, with the announcement that they have been able to remember their motherhood in 17 countries so far and their babies to join their special birthday wishes: help them to account for maternal and New Year's Eve tetanus wherever it is always a danger.
The living room floor is concrete, and it is as if we had traveled 40-50 years. And that's all. More specifically, she has a baby: two little babies, twins. Just as the babies lie wrapped, the white cloths on them are here and there kakis. These babies are lucky because they have been vaccinated after birth - a couple of hours ago. If they were born at home, they wouldn't have been vaccinated, and who knows when they would see a doctor.

"I met a mom who gave birth to a child alone and he cut the string himself. Many times, the baby is infected with tetanus. When a Newborn tetanus infected, unable to heal, a infectious disease requires the lives of 49,000 babies a yearwhich means a baby in Africa dies every 11 minutes.
The grim history of mothers in similar situations demonstrates how important it is for mothers and their future children to be supported in vulnerable countries that do not have adequate assistance. I also want this and ask all parents to join them in our birthday request for the full resolution of tetanus, "says Nurra Welsh," and Pampers v.

Pampers and UNICEF's Year of Fire have one wish: to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus everywhere in the world. Thanks to parents' support, the launch of Pampers and the UNICEF "1 pack = 1 vaccination" campaign has since saved some 500,000 newborn babies. Over the past decade, a total of 300 million vaccines have been delivered to needy countries, meaning every second a vaccine has been delivered to a mother and baby.
In the past 10 years, the number of mothers and children in vulnerable situations has been reduced by half, but it is still true that more than 71 million women and young children are still exposed to infectious diseases. However, tetanus infections can be easily prevented by immunization, and UNICEF continues to eliminate the infection completely with Pampers support.
Nursery rhymes: Three little cats

Three little cats, three little cats, three little cats, cats. Straw hat, straw hat ... do you know that rhyme? Make it quickly discover to your little one!

Find the magazine Toupie and subscribe to the Youtube channel

All nursery rhymes

The words of the nursery rhyme:

Three little cats, three little cats, three little cats, cats

Straw hat, straw hat, straw hat straw straw

Doormat, doormat, doormat sound

Sleepwalker, sleepwalker, sleepwalker bule, bule

Bulletin, newsletter, tin tin bulletin

Tintamarre, tintamarre, tintamarre fed up

Marabout, marabout, marabout butt

Cigar end, cigar end, cigar end station train station

Guardrail, Guardrail, Mad Crazy Railing

Mad with rage, mad with rage, mad with rage rabies rage

Toothache, Toothache, Toothache Tooth Tooth

Toothpaste, toothpaste, toothpaste, frice

Frizz, frizz, frizz tis tis

Piggy bank, piggy bank, piggy bank read read

Read a book, read a book, read a book book book

Open book, open book, open book green green

Vermicelli, vermicelli, vermicelli the one

Saddle of ch'val, saddle of ch'val, saddle of ch'val ch'val ch'val

Ch'val of Troy, ch'val of Troy, ch'val of Troy Trojan Troy

Three little cats, three little cats, three little cats, cats

Production : Milan Press
Montage: Milan Press
Production : Milan Press

Can Genetically Modified Babies Come on?

Can Genetically Modified Babies Come on?

Genetically modified babies can be born with the help of UK laboratories. The first children can go live for years to come - if the British Parliament approves this draft bill by April 2015.

Genetically altered, babies born from three parent genetic material In Britain, as well as in the future - if the London Parliament approves this very, very controversial bill. Artificial insemination procedures may thus enter a new phase, which the government is also supporting, according to the British Daily Mail. Thus, genetically modified babies can conceive even in the coming summer.
The technique families who have such a rare genetic disorder occur that can lead to death of a couple of pairs after the birth of newborns. The British Government justifies its proposal by stating that it wants to prevent illnesses that will make the family more fragile. Thus, after a few years of careful consideration, the bill would be presented.
At the same time, critics of the plan fear that the change of law will pave the way for the so-called "designer babies". Opponents of the law change suggest that imagination raises key, vital security issues.

Two moms, a father: a baby boy?

However, the Daily Mail has given a rude and shocking example of a law proposal: All seven of Sharon Bernard's children have died of a rare, so-called mitochondrial disease. She told the British authorities that cure would never go away. But according to Bernardi, if this technique, which came in a number of ways, can cure this disease, it can only be a good thing.
The disease three children caused post-natal death. The first three children only died in Urs. The fourth child died before the age of 21, challenging all the predictions of the doctors who had died much earlier than the son Edward. After Edward, three children were born, but they only survived for days. After her last birth in 2000, Sharon gave up hope, and she didn't try again.
For genetically modified babies, such diseases could be prevented, according to the Daily Mail. In this case, two ova and one sperm are used by doctors. That is, two moms and one father. At the same time, the donor-derived egg would have a "very small percentage" in the genetic status of the baby to be born.
Initially 10 children could be born with this method every year, this number could rise to a lower number. Organizations that support the government proposal say this new technique should be made available to families who have suffered traumas and tragedies like the Bernardians.

Why does she like to play the doll?

Why does she like to play the doll?

How to teach children to cope with teasing

Sometimes children have to put up with ridicule from their classmates, their peers outside of school, and even their own siblings. When children tease it means that through words they try to ridicule the child to humiliate himMany of the children who make fun do not know the serious consequences that it can have on the self-esteem of those who are affected.

Typically, children are able to handle this type of teasing and it becomes temporary without affecting self-esteem more than necessary, but this is not always the case. There are children who are more vulnerable, more insecure or they feel more defenseless against these types of attacks thus, inadvertently they become an even more attractive target for aggressors, as they often seek out weak 'victims'.

As we can teach children to cope with teasing.

Children who do not know how to handle teasing may be because it feels different others, because he thinks that teasing is justified, because he acts differently than others, because he is outside the norm, because they envy him, because he tries to defend himself but reacts in such a way that it only makes other children want to tease more. .. etc.

When a child does not know how to handle teasing, it does not matter how old he is, you will need help from your parents to cope, to be able to act correctly and especially to understand that it is something temporary and that you do not have to enter the same game or it will be worse.

Parents have a very important role in helping their children cope because we must start from the basis that many children who are teased have low self-esteem and little personal security since their self-esteem has been seriously affected.

To help your child you can follow these tips:

1. Get informed
Find information about what happens to your child. Why happens? Who are mocking? What do they say to you to make you feel this bad?

2. Talk to your child
Teach your child that there are several ways to cope:

- Ignore them (In this way, although at first the child who teases will make him stronger, there will come a time when he will give up)

- Learn quick answers but not offensive (for example: I know you want to make me angry but you are not going to get it).

- Teach him to ask for help whenever you need it (teachers, friends ...).

3. Use role-plays to rehearse the techniques
It is important that your child feels loved, supported and understood at all times and that if you really see that he is having a bad time, that you seek help from a professional immediately so that his self-esteem is not affected more than necessary.

A roped mouse among mice. Story about respecting others. Have you ever wondered if your own wishes are the same as those of others. You may do something that you think someone else will like because you like it, but they don't. This is the story of a little mouse that had a dream. Story about respect for others.

Itzelina and the rays of the sun. Story to educate children in respect. Here you have the beautiful story of Itzelina and the rays of the sun, a story to teach the value of respect to children. Use the stories to educate your child in values. Remember that respect is an essential value in the education of children, which guarantees coexistence in peace and is an excellent tool against bullying and bullying.

The bunnies who did not know how to respect. Story about respect. The bunnies who did not know how to respect is a fantastic story to discuss the value of respect. Share with the children this story with reading comprehension questions so that your children understand what the value of respect means. A short story for children of all ages.

Faltocín learns to respect. I have a moral about respect. Faltoncín learn to respect is a modern fable to teach your children the value of respect for others. Fables always involve moral learning, which serves to teach children with simple examples. Through this story we can see the importance of values ​​such as respect.

The angry volcano. Story about tolerance and respect for differences. Don't miss "The Angry Volcano", a beautiful children's story about equality and tolerance. Talk about black stones that do not accept a white stone. It will help your child to reflect on how we treat people with a different color than ours. Do not miss it!

A very special chocolate. Story about respect and tolerance. A very special chocolate is a beautiful story where special emphasis is placed on equality between all human beings and on the courage and courage to defend the common good. The author, Eva María Riber, was the winner of the AMEI Short Story Contest. Tell this story to your child.

Anna, the girl with the eyes of fire. Children's story about tolerance and respect. Anna, the girl with the eyes of fire, is a short children's story about the value of tolerance and respect for differences. Fantastic story for children about respecting differences. Stories with values ​​for children. Educate children in values. The value of tolerance.

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