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Fog is one of the atmospheric phenomena that most fascinates children. Do you know how it is formed? In Guiainfantil we teach you an experiment to know the formation of fog, step by step.

With this experiment for children you will not only know the factors that influence the formation of fog, but you will also learn how to put it into practice to teach it to your children in your free time.

  • 1 crystal glass
  • 1 strainer
  • 3 ice
  • Hot water

Tip: Let the glass warm up by filling it to the top with water and then shake a little to see the mist.

1. Take a jug of hot water and fill a tall glass to the top.

2. Let the glass heat up for 30 seconds, then empty it in half.

3. Put a strainer over the glass and place three ice cubes. You will see how the vapor that remains underneath begins to condense.

This is because some of the hot water turns into steam. The vapor underneath the ice cools down and ends up turning into water, which is called condensation. The small drops of water that are suspended in the air form the fog.

Dry Ice Water Geyser Experiment for Kids

Magic solutions for a dream image

The wedding makeup is a very special one and we must give it proper attention. It is not a simple makeup, day or evening. The best investment would be to use a make-up artist, who knows exactly how to enhance your features and make you shine on the most important day of your life.
If you have decided to go to a specialist, you need to schedule your exams in advance. These proofs consist of discussions for the construction of the desired image depending on the personality, the space in which the wedding takes place (the makeup can be modified depending on the light in which the event takes place), the colors found on the dress and the color range appropriate to the type. skin and physiognomy. Make-up professional artists can make a schematic drawing with the makeup they will make you. After the test, make pictures with the makeup to discover any irregularities.
It is not necessary to make a radical change in your image or, if you make this decision, give yourself time to get used to the new look. If you want the makeup to look perfect, the skin should be treated and treated early.
Three months before you must go to the cosmetic for complete treatments, face and body. No matter how good the makeup and the products used, of the best quality, if the skin is unkempt and ill, the makeup will not look good and will even look masked.
Bridal makeup should be very transparent and easy and, most importantly, durable throughout the night. The colors commonly used in this type of makeup are gold, pearl shades of beige, brown, pink and, for even more brilliance, powder with discreet irises. If you decide to make your own makeup, you must practice and choose the one that most attracts you.
With a few small tips you can achieve results that are more spectacular than those of a specialist. The secret? You know all the flaws and you know how to mask them. After the skin has been prepared in advance with moisturizing cream, apply the foundation that must be the same color with the skin or maybe a little lighter, because you can always add bronzed pearls or brow.
The last thing you need is for the face to be three tones darker than the neckline. The pictures will look scary. Instead, it would be very inspiring to use a powder with bright irises for the cheeks, shoulders, neckline and wrists.
After you apply your makeup base, a cream that is given on the eyelid so that the blush does not tighten in the crease of the eye, it spreads all over the eyelid with a creamy blush, which will "catch" the flash of the camera. Then apply shades in increasingly dark tones, gradually, to the outer corner of the eye, to elongate and lift the eyelid.
The most spectacular effect on the eyes is the golden cough applied at the base of the upper eyelashes. Remember that the mascara is resistant to emotions, rain and champagne.
The cheekbones accentuate discreetly, without seeming too flushed. Do not choose a cool shade of pink, because there is the possibility to look aesthetically in the pictures. Use a little bronzing powder or peach color at the base of the cheeks.
For the lips you will have to choose between lipsticks resistant to transfer, but they will dry your lips or apply you from time to time gloss. You can never thank everyone, so remember that you have to be satisfied.
Source: National Journal

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