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May 15, International Family Day The family means much more than a couple with children sharing a certain living space and a financial budget.

The family means much more than a couple with children sharing a certain living space and a financial budget.
The family is love, mutual respect, respect and support for each person's right to evolution, freedom, healthy childhood and education, help, coexistence and support together with the transmission over generations of cultural traditions.
In various areas of the globe, poverty, deficiencies in educational programs, armed conflicts, but also individual psychosocial factors make these values ​​often lacking, giving rise to helplessness or even abuse of all kinds.
Family members suffer, children do not have the chance to grow normally in a healthy environment. Domestic violence, deprivation of liberty, neglect, sexual abuse and other forms of abuse are widespread phenomena and result in the most unfortunate consequences.
The United Nations has declared 1994 the International Year of the Family precisely to initiate and support a comprehensive plan of measures to come to the aid of the family. Then, starting with 1995, it was celebrated annually on May 15 International Family Day.
Family problems in our country
In Romania, the most common problems of the family are violence against the woman or, more rarely, the man, the sexual abuse on one of the partners, the violence on the children, the abuse through neglect, the emotional and sexual abuse on the child.
The specific causes of our country are mainly poverty and lack of education. But often the ignorance of their own rights, the ignorance of some norms after which the life of a couple has to be carried out (for example some women do not realize that they are sexually abused believing that this must be the relationship), fear, distrust in the institutions that provide help, lack information regarding the existence of these institutions and what services they offer, lead to persistence of problems for years.
The day of May 15 is approaching. Let's remember on this occasion how important the family is, to enjoy together and to help how we can (information, support) those who have difficulties in their family life.
Each county, and for Bucharest, each sector hosts branches of the Directorate for Child Protection. Numerous organizations and foundations that provide assistance especially to women and children who have suffered abuse, operate in Romania: Save the Children Organization, Artemis Center for counseling against sexual abuse and violence and many other assistance and shelter centers for victims of domestic violence.

Lamb tajine with dates and apricots

Enter the magical world of Santa Claus

The Romanian Post and Raiffeisen Bank launched the campaign "Enter the magical world of Santa Claus" dedicated to children aged 3 to 14 years.
Between December 7 and 31, children and their parents will be able to purchase from any post office in the country a kit containing an envelope, an A4 sheet and a postcard. The A4 sheet to be found in the envelope is intended for the message to Santa.
Upon completion, their children or parents will send the letter to the printed address on the envelope: Santa Claus' Main Post Office Santa's Workshop Village, 96930 - Arctic Circle, Rovaniemi, Finland.
The postcard contained in the envelope will be completed with the sender's data and sent to the following pre-printed address on the postcard: National Company Posta Romana SA, OP 83 - CP81, Bucharest.
All postcards sent until December 31 inclusive (post date) will participate in the raffle organized in January for the winners of the five prizes consisting of trips to Lapland.
The draw will take place on January 15, 2010 at the headquarters of the National Company Posta Romana S.A. in the presence of a commission made up of representatives of the organizers and a notary public.
The winners of the "Enter the magical world of Santa Claus" promotion will be notified until January 25, 2010, and their names will be published on the websites and
The five winners will receive a tourist voucher worth 2000 euros (for each winner), a voucher that can be consumed throughout 2010 (for the destination of Lapland), with the winners having the chance to meet Santa at home. .
The promotion regulations, as well as other details about the campaign can be found on the websites and
December 11, 2009

If the kid speaks fraudulently

It's not too funny when our toddler starts complaining. What could be the reason that he was speaking fraudulently?

If he speaks fraudulently

First, think about why it bothers you. Is it unusual in your family, or do you just want to hear from the child what you don't even say in your adult speech, and do you naturally come to your mouth? The child does not mumble the words, uses what you hear. You can't expect anything other than what you put into your mouth or what you encounter in the environment. A baby learning to speak will only say words, repeat what he hears. Only then do you realize that they are avoidable expressionsif you call your own attention to this. Think about where you heard these expressions from the end: if you are someone in the family, ask them not to use such words in front of the child. If you come to a place (playground, transport vehicle) where you can meet something like this, avoid it when you are in motion, eg. go to another playground, park. And if you "learned" the wrong words from your father, you might want to consider whether you need to lose such a baby at all. Instead of steady disapproval, you can achieve lasting results by consistently speaking in your own words avoid words you don't likeand you will not hear them when the child is using them without comment he overlooks provocation. At this age, the bonding with the parents is very strong, especially with their example, so you might expect the child's needlework to be something you don't reinforce.
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Joeva pronunciation - Meaning of origin

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Joeva is a name for girl of Celtic and Breton origin that comes from "Jaoua".
Joeva is also the feminine version of Joevin, who himself comes from the Latin "Jovis", genitive of Jupiter or Juppiter. The latter, derived from Roman mythology, is the god who reigns over the sky and the Earth, all living beings, as well as other deities.


No famous Joeva ... your future wonder perhaps?

Joeva has for patron saint Jaoua, nephew of the saint and bishop of Leo, Pol-Aurelian. He continued his studies at the monastery of Landévennec before leaving on mission in the regions of Faou and Brasparts to carry the gospel. On the death of his uncle, he succeeded him as bishop of Leon. He died godfully on March 2, 554.

His character :

At the limit hyperactive, nothing prevents the determination of Joeva. They are born to be go-getters. Full of confidence and confident, all means are good to achieve their goals. Demanding and perfectionist, they do not make quarters to others and are also uncompromising to themselves. Brilliant and intelligent, they demand that everything be done according to their desires.


Jaouenn, Jova or Jaoven. Jaouenn, Jaoua, Jaoven, Jova and Joeva

His party :

Joeva are celebrated on March 2nd.

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