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Atoderm Shower oil, 24 hours hydration and immediate comfort, right from the shower!

Inspired by the skin, Bioderma proposes a new hygiene routine that gives care and comfort to dry, very dry and irritated skin. This month, Bioderma Dermatology Laboratories launches Atoderm Shower Oil, 24 hours hydration and immediate comfort, right from the shower. Moisturizing agents restore skin comfort, and its delicate fragrance will create a sublime pleasure.

The external environment (wind, temperature fluctuations or any other stimulus) visibly affects the skin and creates skin discomfort. The skin loses its elasticity and softness, becoming rough, red and tends towards the sensation of "itchy skin" and itching.

Thus, the protective function of the skin is weak, and it can no longer protect the body from irritating agents and allergens that may enter the body.

To restore skin comfort and strengthen the skin's protective function, Bioderma Laboratories propose a new body hygiene routine, Atoderm Shower Oil, a product that has care for dry, very dry and irritated skin that needs comfort and care.

Atoderm Shower oil, with its unique formula, contains one-third lipid moisturizing and restoration agents and two-thirds cleaning agents giving 24 hours of hydration, right from the shower. The skin is nourished and calmed instantly and durable.

Without preservatives, soap or sulphates, the product offers excellent tolerance and is specially created for dry, very dry and irritated skin. It can be used on the face and body, by adults, children and even for the delicate skin of babies.

Its formula enriched with the Skin Barrier Therapy® patent, offers protection against bacteria responsible for irritation (Golden Staphylococcus), restores the skin barrier and intensely moisturizes the skin.

At the shower or in the bath, Atoderm Shower Oil envelops the skin with its creamy and silky texture. In contact with water, it turns into a delicate foam that is easily removed, without leaving the feeling of oily skin. Atoderm Shower oil is dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic, with a delicate fruity, floral scent with woody notes. Specially created for dry, very dry and irritated skin, the use of Atoderm Shower Oil creates a sublime pleasure state.

The product is available in 2 variants: 1 L, economic version and 100 ml, "travel size" version.

Recommended price in pharmacies:

Atoderm Shower Oil 1L - 79 RON

Atoderm Shower Oil 100 ml - 15 RON

What I wish I'd known about postpartum depression (PPD)

Name Blandina - Meaning of origin

The heroes of our Christmas stories

The heroes of our Christmas stories

Last winter, we offered you 24 stories to wait for Christmas with 24 heroes like no other. Find and download the illustrations of these stories.


The heroes of our Christmas stories to color

Last winter, we offered you 24 stories to wait for Christmas. Find and download the illustrations of these stories. Attention, our colorings are at PDF Format. To download and print, you need Adobe Acrobat Reader. To download it for free, it's here.

Coloring Christmas story n ° 1

> Santa Claus

Coloring Christmas story n ° 2

> Alec the fennec

Coloring Christmas story n ° 3

> Apollo the puppy

Coloring Christmas story n ° 4

> Bouba the boa

Coloring Christmas story n ° 5

> Charlotte the marmot

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Muzzy, Volume 13

On Friday, June 3, the National Journal and the Litera Publishing House bring you the 13th volume from the Muzzy collection (book and DVD). For all children to learn English, French, Spanish, Italian and German quickly. Because it's fun and efficient, but especially loved by all!

Muzzy: 15 CD books and 15 DVD books that will help you unravel the mystery of languages!

How important is it for your child to know at least one foreign language?

How will this influence his future?

At school or at work, English and French are the first on the mandatory list! And as we live in the century of speed and globalization, languages ​​such as German, Italian or Spanish should also be included in our knowledge bag. With very little effort, foreign languages ​​will no longer be a mystery to your little one.

The course represents a program of rapid language learning, the great or merit being that it works with the same efficiency both among children and adolescents, but also among adults.

Your child will learn the most important words in 5 foreign languages: concepts about health, time, feelings, days of the week, people and places, how to dress, about family and friends, about home life and hundreds of other words and phrases. , which is the basis of the vocabulary of any language of the world.

From volume 13 of the Muzzy collection we learn the possessive pronouns, the cardinal numerals the adverbs of time and place. We are learning how to build interrogative sentences, parts of the human body and many words about the daily nutrition of any human being.

The multilingual course includes: 15 books with DVD, which presents an engaging story with nice characters, supported by cartoons and a vocabulary with over 500 words in each language.

Interactive Muzzy includes 15 CD books: over 1,000 exercises and computer games.

For 30 weeks, every Friday, the National Journal will be accompanied by Muzzy!

The price of a volume is 14.9 RON.

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How to know if parents generate respect or fear for our children

One of our main objectives as parents is to establish clear limits with our children, that allow them to understand what is acceptable and what is not, that help them to strive for what they want, to regulate their behavior in the different environments in which they are they move, to develop values ​​and to establish positive social relationships with adults and peers. On this path we always have the best intentions, however, the challenge of doing it firmly but lovingly, based on respect, is not an easy thing. Without realizing it, sometimes we end generating fear in our children.

There are docile and gentle children with whom the process of upbringing and education becomes more relaxed. However, there are more rebellious and tempestuous children who find it difficult to accept that they cannot do what they want at all times and it is here that, some parents in the need to show them the way, can force the rope too much and make them obey them for fear, more than respect and not only that, but in the process they breed resentment towards them.

Next, I propose some differences that allow us to see what type of driving leads to fear and which to respect. Which ones do you most identify with as a parent?

- The messages are contradictory, parents many times punish certain behaviors that are common and frequent in them as adults or are asked to respond in a way that is the opposite of what they commonly do.

- All decisions come from the parents never taking into account the opinions of their children.

- Severe consequences are continually threatened and almost never related to the offense committed.

- Parents react according to their mood. Sometimes a not so serious offense can be punished if the parents are in a bad mood, on the contrary, more serious things can be missed when they are distracted or with friends, this generates uncertainty and confusion in children.

- The child is disqualified and not the behavior. For example: 'you are lazy', 'rude', 'useless'.

- Parents often lose control and may use physical punishment.

- Parents are intransigent and immovable once they have set a limit. They fear losing control.

- What is taught is modeled by example. The best way to show what is expected of children is to do it as parents.

- Depending on the age of the children, they are allowed to decide on issues that directly concern them, giving them a limited number of options, making them feel like their opinion is important and allowing them to gradually develop their autonomy and ability to distinguish right from wrong.

- The consequences are logical and they are directly related to the fault. In most cases, it is sought that the damage is repaired and the child understands the damage caused by a certain behavior.

- There is consistency and the same faults always have the same consequences. Children are clear about what is expected of them in each situation.

- It is made clear that the behavior is what must be corrected, but that it does not define the child. For example: 'You need to try harder', 'It is not okay to use bad language', 'You need to be more careful'.

- Never disciplined with violence.

- Parents can, on certain occasions, give in a little or negotiate with their children on issues that are not transcendent, basically 'controlling' the situation.

Finally, one of the basic aspects to make our children feel always loved and generate a climate of mutual respect is listen to them and show them that we understand how they feelGive them a moment to manage their anger and then, when they are calm, explain the consequence for a certain behavior.

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