And what are we afraid of during pregnancy?

And what are we afraid of during pregnancy?

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My brother. Short poem for children

Poetry invites children to dream, learn, know ... 'My brother' is a nursery rhyme for them to learn about the family.

With poems, children improve their vocabulary, learn about their environment and channel their feelings and emotions. Poetry can be approached to children from the first stages, and that is, even children's songs are poems with music.

My brother until a few days ago

I only knew how to cry and cry

but now he speaks a language

that no one can decipher.

Blabebli… Bloblu

Gildi… Gildi… Blabu.

For me that is Martian

for the strange and for the strange.

My brother before

to meet the year

I only knew how to cry.

Just a few days ago

he began to babble.

Blabebli… Bloblu

Gildi… Gildi… Blabu

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

This name is composed of the words har and ron which mean respectively "mountain" and "song".


Haron Tanzit is the presenter of the magazine Tout le Sport on the channel France 3.
Aron Lee Ralston is an engineer and mountaineer known for his incredible journey down a canyon in Utah.
Aaron Paul Sturtevant is an American actor known for his lead role in the film Need for speed.
Saint Aaron is the patron saint of Haron. It is the brother of Moses, first high priest of the Bible.

His character :

At first glance, Haron seems to be a hard, cold and indifferent man. Yet, behind this appearance hides a sensitive man who seeks emotional security. Quiet and reserved by nature, he prefers to keep a certain distance from those around him. This man is not very demonstrative, rarely shows his feelings, but never hesitates to give his opinion if he is asked. Only one woman will break through and she will become his wife.
Born under a lucky star, Haron easily succeeds in everything he does. As a child, he stands out for his extraordinary intelligence. Many will take him for a genius and he is not far from it. Lover of numbers and calculations, he will do wonders in the world of business or finance. Ambitious and opinionated, Haron will run headlong until the realization of all these projects.


Aaron, Aharon, Aron, Aronne and Haroune.

His party :

Harone and its derivatives are honored on the first day of July.

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The reasons why children are afraid of the dentist

Despite the fact that vaccines manage to avoid between two and three million deaths per year (according to data from the World Health Organization), there is still ignorance and fear on the part of the population when it comes to administering them to premature babies, which unfortunately, it translates into a greater severity when it comes to acquiring infections in this type of children who have arrived in this world before their time.

The duration of pregnancy is 40 weeks, and the gestation is considered to be at term between weeks 38 and 42; instead it is established that a child is premature when it is born before the 37th week of gestation.

The fundamental problem in premature infants is that they defend themselves worse (they are more vulnerable) against infections, as their immune system is even more immature, as well as their skin-mucosa barrier. To avoid future complications, it is necessary to comply with the vaccination schedule in force in your place of birth at the time of reaching the world.

But even so, there are still delays in the immunization schedule in the first six months of life due, in most cases, to some disease that temporarily contraindicates vaccination, and / or fear or ignorance on the part of the patients. mothers on the safety and reactogenicity (adverse effects) of vaccines in these children.

Generally, mothers of premature children have doubts not only with care or feeding, but also with respect to compliance with the administration of vaccines: at what age should the vaccines be met, what adverse reactions the little one may have ... Therefore we are going to check some specific points that could help you:

1. At what age must the vaccination schedule be met? Is this the same as a full-term child?
Premature infants should receive their vaccination schedule according to chronological (postnatal) age, regardless of their birth weight or gestational age, that is, just like full-term newborns. The only exceptions are the Hepatitis B vaccine and the BCG vaccine, in which the newborn must reach 2kg (4Lb) and 2,500kg respectively, to be applied.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that all newborns receive the Hepatitis B vaccine within the first 24 hours after birth; In the case of the newborn who did not receive the vaccine because of the weight less than 2kg (named above), he should receive the vaccine as soon as possible, as soon as he reaches the suggested weight, except in the case that the mother during pregnancy had had a positive result for Hepatitis B test, in which case it should be done regardless of birth weight, preferably within the first hours of life.

2. In the event that you are hospitalized, when should they be met?
If he is hospitalized, it must be fulfilled when he is 2 months old, as long as he is clinically stable, that is, he is not under mechanical ventilation, nor with a serious infection that puts his life at risk, that he is not under treatment with steroids (since it alters the immune response of the vaccine), and that it is stable at the metabolic, cardiac, respiratory level; It should be noted at this point that apneas are frequent in the premature newborn and, therefore, it should be taken into consideration that in order to be vaccinated, they must not have had an episode of apnea in the 7 days prior to compliance with the vaccine.

3. Is the place of administration of the vaccine and the dose different in preterm infants?
The vaccines will be carried out in the first 6 months of life, intramuscularly at the level of the middle third of the face and anterolateral external thigh, since that is where there is more muscle mass. Regarding the dose, it is the same used in term newborns, and of course, combined vaccines will always be preferred to avoid multiple punctures.

4. Are vaccines safe in premature babies?
Yes, all vaccines available to date are effective and safe and should be applied even more in them, due to the incomplete development of their immune system and due to the conditions of prematurity.

5. Are post-vaccination reactions stronger in premature infants?
No, the side effects associated with any vaccine is the same for premature infants as for full-term infants, there is no evidence that the frequency of adverse reactions is higher in premature infants than in term infants.

6. Do people who live with the premature baby have any special consideration?
Yes, people who live with a premature baby must comply with the influenza vaccine and apply it annually, as well as keep the vaccination schedule up to date.

Above all, prevention is the best weapon against any disease, therefore, hand washing is essential to avoid contagion, in addition, feeding as much as possible with breastfeeding is essential, since it confers extremely important protection to the child and largely determines your defenses. And, as we have explained throughout this post, don't forget about vaccines.

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Meaning of the name Willehado. Name for boys

Among all the names for boys we highlight Willehado. You will find in our search engine all the meanings of baby names.

History of the name Willehado

Variant of Wilehado. It comes from Germanic, its Latinization is Willehad.

Meaning of name Willehado

From wil -, "wish", and -hathu, "war"

Saints of the name Willehado

November 8th

Origin of the first name Willehado


Famous people with the name Willehado

  • Saint Villehado, first Bishop of Bremen

Drawing of the name Willehado coloring page printable game

Katie Sky - Monsters Lyrics

What your feet say about your health

Your body uses several ways to send you whether or not it works in normal parameters. While sneezing or coughing tells you that autumnal gut does not bypass you this year, your lower limbs may signal other conditions that are more difficult to notice. Here's what your feet say about your health.

Cold feet

If you always feel cold on your toes, one of the reasons may be poor blood circulation, caused by smoking, high blood pressure or heart disease. Nerve damage resulting from untreated diabetes, hypothyroidism and anemia are other diseases hidden behind the cold sensation in the legs.

Foot pain

Although foot pain is usually attributed to uncomfortable shoes, it can be caused by insensitive fractures in the small bones. This is usually the case if you are experiencing intense physical exertion or have weak bones in osteoporosis.

Red, white and blue fingers

A condition called "Raynaud's disease" can turn your finger color into white, blue and red, then return to the natural skin tone. This occurs when the arteries change color suddenly and show spasms under the influence of temperature changes.

Heels pain

The most common cause of heel pain is inflammation of the plantar fascia, the tissue band that unites the heel with the fingers and forms the arch of the foot. Arthritis, tendonitis (inflammation of a tendon), excessive physical exercise and improper shoe size can also cause heel pain. Other possible sources are bone infections, a tumor or a hidden fracture.

Fingers curved

When the toes and toes change shape and become curved, it could be a sign of lung, heart, liver or digestive disorders. In some cases, the curved shape of the toes is only a genetically inherited trait.

Swollen feet

Most of the time, the lower limbs are swollen when you are standing a lot, traveling by plane for hours or getting pregnant. On the other hand, the symptom may be related to serious circulatory diseases, of the lymphatic or renal system.

Feet in flames

The burning sensation in the foot area is specific to diabetes, but it may also indicate vitamin B deficiency, chronic kidney disease, poor peripheral circulation or hypothyroidism.

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