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Belly painting: like a fish in the water

He must wear "yoyos"

He must wear "yoyos"

Meaning of the name Joan. Name for boys


Bike Fest 2012 - the biggest event dedicated to cyclists

Bike Fest 2012 - the biggest event dedicated to cyclists
Yücel Karaman, Coordinator of the IVF Center in Brussels gave important information about the diagnosis of azoospermia.What is Azoospermia?Azospermia can be simply expressed as the absence of sperm cells in the semen. The number of sperm cells in the semen produced after the merger should be at least 20 million per milliliter. The cases with values ​​less than this number are considered as oligospermia, while no sperm cells are seen as azospermia. As a result of the tests, it is almost impossible for a person to notice the discomfort caused by the absence of live or dead sperm cells in the semen without performing certain tests.How and Why Azospermia Occurs?
Azoospermia can occur for many reasons. One reason can be described as the halting of sperm cell production in the testes, and another reason may be the obstruction of the channels that assume the discharge function. Both conditions may be congenital disorders of the person or they may occur for life for any reason. However, patients with azoospermia are usually genetic. In this way, it is possible to be seen in children if there is any discomfort in the family. Although non-genetic diseases are not common, they need to be taken into consideration as they can occur spontaneously and cause emotional crises and the tests should not be neglected. How is azoospermia diagnosed?When azoospermia is suspected, two separate spermiograms should be performed for several weeks to reach definitive conclusions. As a result of the tests to be performed taking the warnings of the physician into account, a 95 percent probability is reached. Hormones that stimulate sperm formation in eggs such as FSH, LH, and Testesterone are checked for confirmation of azoospermia. At the same time, if azoospermia is genetic, special tests such as microdeletion and chromosome analysis are applied and final results are tried to be reached. More information can be found in azospermia.

The most inappropriate gift ideas for pregnant women

The most inappropriate gift ideas for pregnant women

The worst gift ideas for pregnant women are those that draw attention to their fattening, pregnancy symptoms or things they cannot do during this time. It never takes you to a pregnancy with a few smaller underwear, alcohol, books about sex or other embarrassing pregnancy symptoms, breast milk pumps and other products that will make you sad, instead of enjoying your future mom!

Underwear with 2 smaller numbers

And so the pregnant women do not feel very sexy during pregnancy, but if you wear a set of underwear with 2 smaller numbers, you risk going into depression instead of bursting with joy. You will not have the expected effect even if you tell him that you have taken it for when it is weak after birth!

Bottle of fine alcohol or voucher at a bar of the fair's belly

Even if it is a special drink, extremely expensive and rarely encountered, it does not help or bless the pregnant woman. Alcohol is forbidden in pregnancy and you will only increase the level of furestration that can not taste from her favorite drink.

Also, a voucher for an evening in town at a bar is not a good idea. Because they could only consume juice, which is quite frustrating for such a location.

Invitation to a sushi restaurant

It's a nice idea, and a meal at such a restaurant is a feast for health. But not for pregnant women. They have a well-calculated weekly fish portion and have banned some types, including the exotic fish from which sushi is made. It contains a lot of mercury, which could endanger the pregnancy.

Milk pump

Breast milk pump is a necessity, but by no means the greatest desire of the pregnant women. I already know that they are expecting hard times when breastfeeding comes, you should not emphasize this during pregnancy by bringing an object of this kind.


Half of the pregnant women take higher proportions than they should during pregnancy, and the other half struggles hard to keep fit throughout the pregnancy. If you butter them a delicious cake or a plate of the most delicious and delicious cakes you do not do them any good.

You don't do them good if you eat them or not. If he enjoys them, he will feel guilty for breaking the rules, and if he is strong and ignores them, he will feel frustrated that he cannot taste them.

Books about pregnancy sex and other issues

Even if it has to do with hemorrhoids, constipation, stretch marks or other pregnancy symptoms, don't try to remind them with a book about them. Even if it is given with good intentions, in the idea of ​​helping it overcome them more easily, it is not a brilliant idea for the gift.

Gifts should be cheerful and welcome the pregnant woman, not depress her or worry her.

Even sex books during pregnancy are not a brilliant idea because you do not know what the status of a pregnant woman's sexual life is. If you are not her best friend or confidant, you risk getting her a useless book if she has restrictions on sex life.

Set of creams for wrinkles, stretch marks or other skin problems during pregnancy

Pregnant women will not see the usefulness and intent behind your gift. They will interpret either that the wrinkles are too loud, that the stretch marks are unpleasant or that other skin problems are evident, and those creams are given "by the way".

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Name Maïssane - Meaning of the origin

Name Maïssane - Meaning of the origin

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

From the Arabic "maysan" which means star that sparkles in the sky. His birthday: no date of celebration known. Why not with Estelle (from latin stella, which means "star") on May 11? In the first century, Saint Estelle, daughter of a Roman governor, refused all pretenders and persisted in her Faith. Her father had her put to death in the bullring of Saintes.

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