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What you don't know about fans in the children's room

In the months in which the thermometer rises to 30º we sleep worse, we are more tired, it is difficult to work ... Who can and wants, fights the heat with a good air conditioning at home and, those who cannot afford the expense or the installation, they have the solution of the traditional fan.

Of course, if you have children it is important that you know the dangers of fans and children in summer. This is what you don't know about fans in children's rooms.

There are many and diverse types of fans, blades, ceiling, floor, table, tower ... They are modest electronic devices and very common in many homes. They do not need more installation than plugging it into the network. It is a cheaper way to cool down than air conditioning in summer, however, like any other electronic device it can be dangerous for a child in these cases:

1- Bring your hand or fingers close to the fan: I don't know your children, but mine, every time a fan is turned on they flock to honey like flies. The phrase is immediate and blunt: "watch out for your fingers!" And the fact is that, although many fans tend to have grids or maya, to avoid the curiosity of children, I have seen how they are able to manage to put their little fingers between them. If a fast spinning blade hits a child's finger or hand, it can range from losing some of the skin to severe cuts on the fingers.

2- Allergy: if your child suffers from allergy to dust, it is not the best for him. The fans act by removing everything that is around, including the pollen that may have entered the house and, of course, the dust that the blades themselves have (especially in ceiling fans).

3- Be careful if you have bunk beds: If your children sleep in bunk beds, perhaps a ceiling fan is not the most suitable, the blades are very within reach. Even if they sleep in bed, they are able to jump from it to see if they touch the blades. Never underestimate a child's curiosity.

4- What if they try to put objects ?: Can you imagine it? The child comes with a pencil, an eraser, a paper or any other object to see what happens when you bring him closer to the fan. A pencil inserted through the grill that meets the fan blades is guaranteed drama. Not only does the ejected pencil break and chips can get into the eyes, but even the device itself, if it is a small tabletop one, can tip over and cause damage.

5- Beware of long hair: especially with the tiny hand fans that any child can handle. It is not so uncommon that when playing or getting too close, the hair gets tangled in such a way that, not only does it suffer the pull, but also the cut of the lock to release it.

- According to the Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine, babies are 72% less likely to die from sudden death syndrome if they sleep with a fan in the room, compared to those who don't. Why? The air in the room circulates freely and the carbon dioxide we exhale is less likely to accumulate.

- You can leave them on at night at a low level to guarantee the rest of your children, since children also suffer the rigors of heat in summer and their sleep can be interrupted.

- It does not cause large changes in temperature, as it can happen with air conditioning, so we prevent the child from staying cold.

... you should consider these tips:

- Place a fan that can oscillate freely but do not aim directly at the child or baby when sleeping. It will also prevent that, if the baby sweats and then receives the cold from the fan, it can stay cold.

- If you have a table fan, place it far enough away so that your child cannot reach it if they get up at night.

- It is preferable, in a house with children, to have ceiling fans as you can avoid upset.

- Keep the air at a low speed so that the noise is not too intenseThis will keep what is known as white noise (a monotonous sound that encourages rest) but it will not be loud enough to wake your child up.

- If you turn it on with the house at 30 degrees or more it will not be effective and you will be wasting energy without sense.

- Don't turn the fan into a home gameIf you make silly noises in front of the air coming out or play with your hair in front of it, your child may imitate you with less awareness of the danger and may put his safety at risk.

- Avoid hanging streamers or other items on ceiling fans, they could strangle the child.

- Clean dust and dirt blades frequently to prevent further dust movement.

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Gift wrap ideas in unique ways

Gift wrap ideas in unique ways

The form of presentation of the gifts you give to your loved ones is at least as important as the special object chosen for them. With a little imagination and practical sense you can "dress" the surprises intended for close people in a way that expresses care, attention and unconditional love. To benefit from this desirable effect, take inspiration from the following gift packaging ideas in unique ways.

You will be surprised how easy it is to improvise the most unexpected solutions for original and aesthetically packed gifts.

The crepe paper ball

Forget cardboard gift bags or trash cans.

An inspired way to pack objects with irregular shapes, medium or small, is to wrap them in crumpled paper until you get a perfect sphere.

In this way, you will extend the emotional moment of the unpacking and surprise the recipient with your inventiveness.

For Christmas, choose a red paper to decorate with a white ribbon.


Santa's gift

"Sacrifice" an older belt for the sake of art.

Buy a wrapping paper with a white and red print and "accessorize" it with a leather belt (preferably brown or black).

You will get a gift that perfectly imitates Santa's costume.


Sweet gifts

For the visits you will make for holidays to friends or relatives, use a unique packaging for home made cakes as a gift.

Forget the traditional platter and use a reusable cloth napkin in a monochrome shade and attach it with the satin ribbon just like a sack.


Gift with tassels

Do you know what could replace the bland banal that generally decorates a gift?

Some fluffy tassels, which you can find among older clothes and accessories or at the haberdashery.

Stick them with the double adhesive tape of the wrapping paper, as you attach any other decoration of this type.


Personalized gift

Make your loved ones feel special through a simple, yet effective detail: attach to gift boxes normally packaged with wooden labels (you can find them in specialized stores), personalized with the recipient's name consisting of letters-signs (available) in libraries).


The ecological gift

Embellish the paper with which you have wrapped the gift of a loved one with unique natural motifs: dried fennel leaves, fir cones, acorns or dried twigs.

Use, instead of ribbon, a string string.


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7 important tips on pregnancy test

All women pass, sooner or later, through the situation in which they are forced to take a pregnancy test, whether it is an unexplained delay of menstruation, or the method of co-acceptance has failed, and the next question would be if they are or not pregnant.

Many concerns arise in the minds of women every time they have to take a pregnancy test, which is a cause for stress and stress, especially for those who are not ready to become mothers.

To avoid panic and stress, Dr. Silviu Istoc, primary obstetrics and gynecologist, offers answers to the most common questions asked by women in relation to the pregnancy test.

1. How fast can I do the home pregnancy test?

Advertisements, advice from friends, mothers, or acquaintances are not always as accurate as we think, since most of them are not based on accurate information that can only be provided by a specialist doctor. In this case, it is believed that an exact result can be obtained just before 4-5 days from the beginning of menstruation, but it is totally untrue.

"These tests verify the presence of human chorionic gonadotrophin, which is produced after the placenta develops, after the fertilized egg has been implanted. To ensure that you do not lose money on a test, it is recommended to do it as early as the day before. the date when menstruation should start, but for optimal results, you should wait at least seven to ten days after the first day when the menstrual cycle should start, "says Mr. Gynecologist Dr. Silviu Istoc.

2. How fast can I get a pregnancy test after unprotected sex?

"If you have irregular menstruation, you can take a pregnancy test at home 14 days after you had the last unprotected sexual contact. However, for the accuracy of the result, it is recommended that the test be done after 21 days after sexual contact. you set out earlier, you can visit your doctor for a blood pregnancy test, which can help you determine if you are pregnant or not, "says gynecologist Dr. Silviu Istoc.

3. How much can I trust a home pregnancy test?

"Pregnancy tests are very accurate - between 95 and 99%. Things like having sex before taking a pregnancy test, drinking alcohol, or taking antibiotics should not have any effect on a pregnancy test. Only drugs containing HCG or some fertility treatments containing HCG could cause a false pregnancy test result. In addition, neither vaginal infections nor urinary tract infections influence the outcome of the pregnancy test, "confirms the gynecologist Dr. Silviu Istoc.

4. Does excessive water consumption affect the test results?

"Excessive water consumption before the test can dilute the urine to the point where the test cannot read enough human chorionic gonadotrophin to get a positive result, thus giving you a negative result, even if it is not true. also, failure to follow the test instructions can affect the test results ", explains the gynecological doctor Silviu Istoc.

There are two types of pregnancy tests performed through the urine: one that urinates directly on the plastic-coated pregnancy test and one that requires a single drop of urine released from the pipette. For optimum results, all instructions should be followed and the first urine of the morning should be used.

5. How common is getting a false negative result on a pregnancy test?

"False negative results usually occur because of tests done too early, but also because of failure to follow the test instructions, reading the results long after the reaction time (when an evaporation line appeared), after using an expired test or in the case of a chemical pregnancy, when the egg becomes fertilized but does not attach to the uterine mucosa, so all of these things could cause a false negative result on a pregnancy test, but again, if you think you are pregnant, and after a negative result, wait a few days and repeat the test ", says the gynecological doctor Silviu Istoc.

6. What does it mean if we get a positive but also a negative result on a pregnancy test?

"It can happen that the result of the first test will be positive, and the next one, realized one day or later, will be negative, but there is also the case that all the home pregnancy tests come out positive, and in the gynecological office, negative. In this case, we usually have a chemical load.If you are still in doubt after the urine tests, performed at the obstetrician or at home, it is good to have a blood test at the gynecological office, to know for sure what the situation is. ", says the gynecologist Dr. Silviu Istoc.

7. What is the best pregnancy test?

"If you are going to buy a pregnancy test, it is good to document yourself and know which are the most effective types of tests that are currently on the market. Regardless of the kit you choose, it is good to Follow the instructions on it, but also the advice of the gynecologist to get the correct results. Also, do not omit the situation in which the test result may be false, and repeat the test or go to the gynecologist for further investigations. test, how are the period and how it is performed ", says the gynecologist doctor Silviu Istoc.

Dr. Silviu Istoc is a primary obstetrician-gynecologist at the Medicover Hospital, within the Department of Maternal-Fetal Medicine and Minimally Invasive Gynecological Surgery. You can read more details on and on the Facebook page: //

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Wader puzzle blocks - is it worth buying them? Wader Woźniak is a well-known producer of children's toys. The offer includes many products - including puzzle blocks that were created for the preparation of horizontal constructions - pictures, flowers, numbers, geometric figures.

In the bucket in the mesh (unfortunately without closing) there are 25 puzzles in several colors - purple, blue, orange, red, green. All components are the same size, made of plastic. They have holes and tabs that are used to connect.

When we connect the blocks, the construction is very durable, we can easily move it, rotate it to any side. Unfortunately, this is also a disadvantage of this product, because the blocks are difficult to detach, disassembly can be especially difficult for children. By accident, you can even break one of the tabs (it happened to us twice during the game - although the element did not fall off completely, but it broke). Therefore, care must be taken.

A flower created by a four-year-old girl

Blocks are not expensive, they cost 15 zlotys. They are suitable for children 3, 4+ or younger in cooperation with parents. Certainly they are an interesting alternative to classic blocks.

sunshine, clouds, flowers and grass

Above picture - flowers, sunshine and clouds created by our almost 4.5-year-old daughter.

Overall rating:

A running bike or scooter for a two-year-old? What is better to choose: a bicycle or a scooter? Which way of moving and having fun will be better and more beneficial in terms of stimulating the development of important skills for a child? Discover the advantages of each option and decide what to buy.

What who likes ...

One child loves ice cream, the other loves chocolate. Similarly, one child will like the cross-country bike from the very beginning, and the second child will not want to step back on the scooter. It's a matter of taste, and tastes, as you know, are not discussed.

Therefore, the simplest solution would be to allow your child to use both a bicycle and a scooter. It is most convenient to just watch what your child will like more when you go to the nearby playground, where you will be able to play with a scooter or a bike of your friends' children for a moment. You can also check your child's preferences in the store, where you can try on a bicycle and scooter.

Alternative or complementary proposals?

Many parents are choosing scooters and cross-country bikes today. Especially if they choose cheaper products. You can get a good running bike for a two-year-old already at a price about 150 zlotysand scooter is a cost from 50 to 100 zlotys. Of course you can find products cheaper and more expensive. We are talking about toys that are to be used as a test of our children's preferences, perfect for the beginning, without unnecessary gadgets and refinements.

In addition, it is worth bearing in mind that riding a bicycle and scooter favors the child's development in another way. Therefore, in practice, often a toddler just wants to have both.

The average two-year-old is ready to learn how to ride a three-wheeled scooter (a scooter on two wheels is recommended for children from five to six years old) and on a cross-country bicycle.

Scooter - opinions and facts

  • A scooter is generally lighter than a bike. Many models can be easily folded and conveniently carried when a child doesn't want to ride. That is why it is more mobile equipment, perfect for short trips, when we want to quickly get from one point to another.
  • The scooter is more suitable for driving on straight roads. It works less well in the forest and after unevenness, where the average bike is doing much better.
  • Scooters are considered by some parents to be more risky equipment in terms of possible injuries: however, this issue is quite debatable.
  • the scooter promotes a better sense of balance, gets used to faster speeds and teaches the art of braking and anticipation.
  • some studies suggest that learning how to ride a scooter is conducive to a child's good language skills. Speech therapists have noted that there is a close relationship between how children handle scooters and their language skills. Research suggests that if an approximately two-year-old child cannot learn how to ride a scooter for half a year, he is likely to have dyslexia in the future.

Cross-country bike reviews and facts

  • is considered very good mobility equipment for children over 18 months old,
  • enables comprehensive development: both physical and perfects concentration, focus and many skills needed in everyday life,
  • allows you to bypass the stage of riding a bicycle with three wheels,
  • usually well tolerated by children, although it is also the case that children who are not convinced to the bike clearly prefer a scooter,
  • You can ride a cross-country bike over uneven terrain, in the woods or sand: it all depends on the child's skills.
  • A cross-country bike is usually heavier and less comfortable during transport than a scooter.

Read how to choose a two-year-old cross-country bike.

And what did you choose: cross-country bike or scooter? Or maybe both? Write!