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Staying comfortable in the third trimester: Tips from veteran moms

It's hard to get comfortable during the third trimester of pregnancy: Your back aches, your baby is kicking your ribs, and you'd give anything for a decent night's sleep. Veteran our site moms share their best tips for handling the many discomforts of late pregnancy.

Ease the ache around your crowded belly

"Give your baby (and your lungs) some room by keeping your back straight or slightly arched, instead of slumped forward."

"Try to relax into the baby's movements as much as possible. Tensing up when he kicks only makes you more uncomfortable."

"Using a foam roller or tennis ball to relax tight muscles helps with my back pain. Also, wearing good shoes helps."

"My doctor prescribed a pregnancy belt. It's soft and sturdy, and I can wear it under some clothes. It took away my duck walk [that I did when] it felt like my baby was dropping down to my crotch area. It has helped with my back pain and getting up from a seated position, and I can walk a bit faster. I love it."

"It's not my baby's activity that makes me uncomfortable – it's his size! I rock my hips from side to side a lot, and I sit on an exercise ball to relieve some of the pressure down below. I also have to change positions about every 20 minutes to keep from getting sore."

"If your baby seems like she has her foot in your throat or under your ribs, try sitting [up] straighter or walking around for a while. This usually allows the baby a little extra room to sink down and get comfy and allows you a little more breathing room – literally."

"Get on all fours and let your belly sag down, moving the baby further away from all the organs she's been sitting on."

"The kicks to my bladder are the most uncomfortable. I find that if I do Kegels, the baby usually shifts and kicks a less sensitive spot."

Try massage and warm water therapy

"When my baby has a long aerobics session, I rub my belly because it seems to calm him down."

"Try taking warm baths at night and getting your husband or boyfriend to rub you down."

"I trick my husband into giving me a long massage by watching TV together – when he gets involved in [the show], I get a good massage!"

"Letting warm water run down my back in the shower feels great."

Use pillows for support

"I sleep with small travel pillows instead of those big bulky pregnancy pillows. They give you that little boost where you need it, and you can roll over easily without messing up the bedclothes or waking your spouse."

"Office furniture is not made for pregnant women. If you have a desk job, get a pillow for your chair that gives you great back support and helps keep your spine straight."

"I don't know what I'd do without my huge pregnancy pillow. I honestly can't sleep without it."

"I kicked the pregnancy pillow out of my bed and use a regular pillow between my legs. I invested in a really comfortable memory foam pillow, and it's heavenly."

Set yourself up for good sleep

"If you can't get comfortable in bed, try a different spot. The couch or recliner may be your ticket to a good night's sleep."

"I keep my house cooled to 69 degrees at night because otherwise I swelter and that keeps me up."

"Something warm to eat or drink normally puts me to sleep. Milk, especially."

Exercise to soothe pregnancy aches and pains

"Spend a lot of time in your local pool! I practically lived in one toward the end [of my pregnancy]. It was the only true relief I got. It takes the weight off your body [because] the water supports your belly and all your joints, and you stay cool (but not too cold) and comfy!"

"Slow lap swimming! Use a kickboard and it will take your pain away."

"I love wearing my belly band when I walk on the treadmill."

"Yoga, yoga, yoga! It works wonders, seriously."

More tips to ease third-trimester pregnancy pains

"As annoying as it is, go to the bathroom often. I feel a lot less pressure and discomfort with an empty bladder."

"Eating small meals throughout the day reduces heartburn and gas pains, and exercising and drinking plenty of water really helps with the swelling."

"Get naked in front of the air conditioner!"

"To stay cool, I keep a small fan with me, or drink water with lots of ice."

"Wear the comfiest clothes you can find. Being as big as you are in your third trimester is uncomfortable enough – you don't need anything else bothering you."

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Christmas fairs
For more gift ideas for your family, it would not be a bad idea to visit the following gift fairs, organized especially for the coming of Santa Claus.
Christmas Fair in Bucharest
Christmas gift fair
In Dalles between 30 Nov 2009 10:00 - 23 December 2009 20:00.
The well-known event, organized in the space that consecrated it - Dalles Gallery, will debut on November 30, from St. Andrew and will close its doors on Christmas Eve.
The event, cooked in a feast, proposes to the public this year a selection of chosen Christmas gifts: sweets, decorations, toys, jewelry but also handmade creations of young artists.
The entry is free
C'arthe gift fairs
At C'arthe between 29 Nov 2009 11:00 - 24 Dec 2009 22:00.
C'arthé organizes four "Gift fairs" from November 29 to December 24.
Bucharest Capital - A good-looking Bulgarian!
In Kiseleff Park between 27 Nov 2009 11:00 - 24 Dec 2009 19:00.
For a month, Kiseleff Park in Bucharest will host gift fairs, antiques and culinary products, as well as music concerts for all tastes.
Over 130 exhibitors will offer you original gift ideas for the upcoming Holidays. Well-known artists will warm the atmosphere with live music.
Carturestilor Fair
At the Carturesti - Verona Bookstore between 04 Dec 2009 11:00 - 30 Dec 2009 18:00.
On the occasion of the fair we inaugurate a new space in the Carturesti Verona library. We like to say that the attic we open to the public, with its roof, wooden floors and walls, looks like an English tea box.
The much more generous space allowed us to invite contemporary jewelry authors, producers of organic food and cosmetics, confectioners and confectioners to this edition.
Christmas Gifts Festival
At the Palace Hall between 04 Dec 2009 10:00 - 23 Dec 2009 22:00.
For 20 days, between December 4 and 23, 2009, the foyer on the first floor of the Palace Hall will host an event loaded with the story: The Festival of Christmas gifts - a fair of chosen gifts.
In a enchanting setting, arranged in the festive spirit of the Winter Holidays, the protagonists of this scenario - the plastic artists - present their creations, each impressed by its unique story in the desire to be in the Aesdion under the fir tree.
Decorative figurines appear as if from Andersen's fairy tales or hobbies from Tolkien's world, each of us propose a role in the Christmas tree scene. Ornaments and arrangements of the most inspired combinations of shapes and colors are required to be placed on the table at the holiday clock
And to soak up those wonderful feasting moments, sweet cake, fluffy cakes and confectionery will sweeten your mood. Santa will be able to fulfill the written wishes of the little ones, filling his bag with games, toys and books with charming stories.
For ladies, jewelry makers have prepared unique designs, designed to surprise with finesse and elegance. And not only that ... For a refreshed tone, the great producers of organic cosmetics propose true elixirs of nature.
And because the approach of Christmas begins to be heard their agreements, with the series of concerts that will be held in December at the Palace Hall, the music distributors present at the fair are prepared with collections of CDs and DVDs containing the songs. dear us.
"Santa's Christmas Country" Gift Fair
At the Children's Palace in Bucharest from December 15 to 20.
The ideal place where you can discover and choose with your loved ones the perfect decorations for this end of the year is the "Santa's Christmas Country" Gift Fair, which is waiting for you in a warm and festive atmosphere from December 15 to December 20 at Children's Palace in Bucharest.
Do you remember the time when the Christmas balloons were being passed on from generation to generation, and the box with the decorations for the Holidays was unchanged every year? Or the period when the fir tree was adorned with popcorn, apple and walnut wrap?
The variety of decorations existing today has given an added charm to the Winter Holidays, choosing the right balloons or arrangements is a joyous occasion for any family around Christmas.
The decoration of the house during the Holidays will be easier this year, and, regardless of the theme chosen, in "Santa's Christmas Land" you will find what you were looking for. Even the people who are looking for a unique Christmas will leave satisfied and loaded after they have discovered and purchased from the multitude of unique handmade decorations.
Whether it is the decoration of the fir tree, the choice of the perfect gift for the near people or even the rent of the most infamous Santa, the "Santa's Christmas" Gift Fair is the holiday in the middle of the city that is not to be missed.
Fair of Cozonaci and Bunatati
At the Multipurpose Room between December 22-24.
Between December 22-24, at the Multipurpose Room, Bucharest is prepared for another surprise on the threshold of Christmas. At the fair are invited producers of bakery, confectionery, confectionery, delicacies, wines and chocolatiers. Also at the fair you will find items that can become holiday gifts: clothing, cosmetics, jewelry, toys, books and decorations.
Visitors will be able to taste the delights on display and will be able to buy gifts for young and old. During the three days there are organized charity shows, concerts and competitions for visitors, in the magical atmosphere of Christmas: carols, Christmas and Christmas, aroma of coconut and boiled wine.
The town halls organized gift fairs in the IOR Park and Cismigiu Park.

Christmas fairs in the country

Christmas fairs in the country
Christmas Fair in Sibiu
In Piata Mare, open on November 29
The Christmas Fair in Sibiu opened its doors on November 29 and closes on December 26. The fair is hosted in the Piata Mare, where 40 wooden houses sell objects and products meant to bring passers-by closer to the Christmas spirit. For the little ones, a special play area has been set up.
The "Santa's Village" Fair in Cluj-Napoca
At Polus Center Cluj, between November 28 - December 23.
In Cluj-Napoca, on November 28, Santa's Village opened. Santa Claus is waiting in Polus Center Cluj for all those who want to buy a tree already decorated, ornaments or decorations for Holidays, until December 23.
The Christmas Fair from Targu-Jiu
In the area of ​​the pedestrian center between 14 and 20 December.
The Christmas fair is in the second edition and was organized in the area of ​​the pedestrian center in the municipality, where the representatives of the town hall have placed several wooden houses, for the commercialization of the goods.
Thus, fourteen trades from counties such as Alba, Valcea, Dolj, Suceava, Mures or Maramures and 15 other local traders will be present at the fair until December 20th. Objects that can be bought include ornaments, braids, wood carvings, Christmas decorations, folk masks, decorative dolls, ceramics, icons and other possible gifts for the winter holidays.
The Christmas Fair in Timisoara
In Piata Victoriei, between December 5 and January 12
The Christmas Fair in Timisoara opened on December 5, in Piata Victoriei, which was enveloped by the scent of coconuts and sweet cake. The Christmas atmosphere will be extended until January 12.
Fair of gifts in Brasov
At ITC Brasov, December 16-24
Between December 16-24, Brasovians are expected to attend ITC Brasov, where they will be able to choose works of art, jewelry and traditional gifts.
Christmas Fair in the Children's City of Oradea
At Children's Village between December 16-21.
In Oradea, the Children's Town will become a suitable place for the purchase of Christmas-specific products or gifts, between December 16-21. Fir trees, souvenirs, sweets, clothing and toys and more.
The Christmas Gifts Fair from Arad
At the Arad Expo between December 17-21.
The Christmas Gifts Fair in Arad opens on December 17 and will end on December 21. This is the 10th edition of the general goods fair Christmas Gifts. The offer of clothing, footwear, leather goods, cosmetics, jewelry, gifts, glassware or toys is varied for all pockets.

It would be like we were born like animals

It would be like we were born like animals

My aunt. Children's poem dedicated to aunts

An aunt, a good aunt is a very positive reference in the education of children. An aunt is a second mother, is a counselor, psychologist, playmate, babysitter, and much more.

Aunts have a great impact on the lives of children, so we dedicate this children's poem dedicated to aunts: My aunt. A nice short poem in tribute to mom's or dad's sister

My aunt loves me very much,

I'm going with her for a walk

she tells me that when she was little

I changed a diaper.

She is my mother's sister,

when he takes me to school,

buy me delicious ice cream

she shakes me and kisses me.

And when we sleep together

because my parents go out

we share the secrets

and we had a great time.

Check if your child understood the message of this beautiful children's poem about aunts by asking them these questions:

- Who is this poem dedicated to?

- What things do the protagonists of the poem do together?

- Do you like being together?

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Sex after birth: 6 problems and their solutions

Sex after birth: 6 problems and their solutions

After a few months of sexual abstinence, about two before and at least one after birth, it's time to get the green wave from your doctor to resume your intimate life. But is everything still the same as before?

From left breasts, to the tummy that just doesn't seem to want to get back to its initial size, we reveal some of the annoyances your new moms face when it comes to sex, but also the solutions that will help you overcome them. this moments.

The partner is ready, you are not yet

Even if it's been six weeks since you were born and the scar from the cesarean section has healed, you may be missing out on sex. Do not underestimate what your body is transmitting to you: major hormonal changes are taking place, the uterus may not have sufficiently withdrawn and, in addition, you are exhausted, overwhelmed by the tasks involved in caring for the baby. Beyond that, hormones that stimulate lactation can reduce libido.

The solution: Take it easy. Tell the partner what you are feeling and try to find ways to approach them together. hugs, kisses or just play with the little one. Make sure that your body will heal, regain your desire and that you will soon feel fit again.

You have no patience to wait

You may also be at the other end. Specifically, to feel the need for close contact before the end of the six weeks after the birth in which the doctors recommend sexual abstinence. This especially if during the pregnancy you could not have sex too often or you did not enjoy too relaxing love parties.

The solution: Ask your doctor if you can resume your sex life. It is possible to get the ok earlier, especially if the postpartum bleeding has stopped. Otherwise, you may choose to have an infection.

Breasts are sensitive to touch

If you are breastfeeding, it is possible that your nipples may be irritated and disturb any touch. Basically, no eating is as pleasant at this time when the breasts are inflamed. In addition, it is possible to be full of touches as long as you have the baby almost all day, so you would like at least one partner to leave you alone.

The solution: To make sex more comfortable, try wearing a bra during sexual contact. It's sexy, but it also protects your breasts. You can also try to breastfeed before or at least to relax to eliminate milk and feel your breasts less tense, less painful.

Sex is no longer as enjoyable

After going through labor, your vaginal muscles may have stretched temporarily, which may make the sex a little different from what it was before you had a baby. But don't worry. These differences are transient, and different is not necessarily bad, but it could be something new that deserves to be exploited as a sensation.

The solution: Do Kegel exercises! You did it before you gave birth, because they are the ones that ensure the elasticity of the vaginal muscles. Keep doing them even after you were born. That way the vagina will regain its original shape faster. Do them anytime, anywhere. No one gets caught.

Intimate contact is painful

Hormonal changes that occur after birth can cause vaginal dryness, which can be a source of pain during intercourse. Breastfeeding also reduces vaginal lubrication.

The solution: Tell your partner about these physiological changes and use a water-based lubricant during sexual contact. If the pain is caused by caesarean section or episiotomy, it is better to wait a week or two until the incisions are completely healed. If you experience pain or pressure even when you are not having sex, talk to your doctor to rule out an infection.

You feel unattractive

The left breasts, the scar of the operation, but also the stretch marks or the accumulated kilograms, all of these can make you believe that you are no longer as attractive to the partner and consequently avoid intimate relationships.

The solution: Look at your baby and marvel at what you have done! Be a mom! A baby you brought to the world has grown in your womb. It's here because of your efforts. What can be more beautiful and sensual than that? You trust your partner. He is definitely impressed with you, so don't worry about it anymore. You're sexy even so, with stretch marks and a few extra pounds!

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MiniMini competition + results We invite you to an unusual competition with Cat Prot, the hero of the anonymous series for children and his unusual vehicle, which in a few moments takes two preschoolers and their guide - a cat to selected places to experience instructive adventures.

Competition task

The competition task is: leaving a comment under this post with a description of the next, episode of adventures of Cat Prot invented by him.  Which three places in Poland should Cat Prot take two preschoolers to experience a fascinating and informative adventure with them? Write and justify your answer.

Remember to enter a valid email address when leaving a comment. Only in this way will we be able to contact you to send prizes.

What can you win?

  • 1st prize is the MiniMini + fish mascot set and the "The best of Gummimis" DVD
  • 2nd and 3rd prize of the MiniMini + fish mascot

Duration of the competition

The competition runs until March 18, 2013. Winners will be selected until March 22, 2013.

Detailed competition rules can be found here.

Cat Prot will answer everything in flight

(Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That)

animated series, United Kingdom 2011
Issue: from March 11 at 17:15 and 9:10

The series presents surprising, but also informative adventures of one wise cat and two preschoolers. Prot cat takes the little ones inunusual journey, during which the door to the mystery of the world of nature and scientific discoveries opens before them.

The main character of the series very clever Cat Prot has a special vehicle, thanks to which it quickly moves from one place to another. Together with two friends: Hania and Jasio, he travels magically around the world. Together they visit the ocean floor, explore the equatorial forests, and even the inside of the hive! This is possible because the magic vehicle called "koto-proto-mobil" changes in the blink of an eye to whatever you want: an airplane, a submarine, and even a rocket. In each episode, the characters of the series learn many interesting things, sometimes surprising even for Cat Prot.

The animation was based on the cult book in the United States by the American writer and poet Theodor Seuss Geisel. In Poland, it was published in the translation of Stanisław Barańczak and is entitled "Cat Prot".

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6 Guided Meditation Exercises To Do At Home With Children

6 Guided Meditation Exercises To Do At Home With Children

The practice of meditation or mindfulness requires training, time and perseverance. For children, starting to meditate can be very fun and useful, although we must look for activities adapted to their age and abilities. Therefore, below we propose some simple onesguided meditation exercises to do at home with the children.

Mindfulness or meditation is based on attention, more specifically on mindfulness to what happens inside and outside the body. To achieve this, it is necessary to train and work that very thing, attention. For children between 5 and 12 years old we can carry out the following activities.

The goal of meditation is not to practice just a few moments a day. Rather, what we must look for is that we can carry it out from the moment we get up until we go to bed and, in this way, that it becomes part of our way of acting and relating to the world.

Therefore, the first mindfulness exercise that we propose has to do with something that we do every day at all hours, without being aware of it: breathing. What if we start to notice how we breathe?

1. The breathing
Breathing is a fundamental part of the practice of mindfulness. We are not normally attentive to our breathing. However, it can restore calm to us and bring us to the present moment and that is why it is important to focus on it.

Children can use the help of breathing very well in moments of nervousness, for example, before an exam, if they have to expose a work at school, before an important event in their life, etc. Breathing can help you calm down in distressing situations.

With children in bed for example, we can invite them to observe how they are breathing. To do this, we must look at aspects such as:

  • With which part of the body they breathe more, if with the chest or with the gut.
  • We can also observe if the whole body moves and how it does it.
  • If the pace is hectic or slow.
  • We can take the opportunity to show that when we are calm we breathe with our belly, slowly; and when we are nervous we breathe with the upper part of the chest, quickly.

Starting from this, we can teach children to breathe in a relaxed way. Find a quiet place and practice calm breathing. Sitting like the Indians or lying on the ground, with your hands on your stomach and chest, focus on your breath, breathe slowly and just think about your breathing.

We can also make a paper boat and put it on the gut if we are lying down. With this, we can observe how it moves and try to move it more and more slowly: taking in air and filling the gut (the boat goes up) and releasing the air slowly (the boat goes down).

This exercise can help us calm down when we are angry, nervous or distressed or it is difficult for us to concentrate, for example, on tasks. We can also ask children at different times of the day to pay attention to their breathing. When they are playing or doing homework or when they have just come up from the street to play with friends to be aware of how they breathe in different situations.

Here is another guided meditation exercise that can be very useful for children. It is also aimed at children from 5 years old.

2. Practice mindfulness with the senses
This is an exercise for children to become aware of their senses and focus their attention on them. It is a very used activity when we start in the practice of meditation.

To carry it out, you have to ask your children to imagine they are aliens and that when they reach Earth they find a tree with fruit that is unknown to them (we give them a grape, an orange segment or whatever we have at home). They have to observe it as if it were the first time they have seen it. And we are saying:

  • Look at it and notice its shape, its color. Does it look like something you know?
  • Close your eyes and touch it with the fingers of the other hand. Is it smooth or rough? Rough or smooth? Does it slip or stick?
  • Wear it close to your ear. How it sounds? Does it make any noise? Crackles?
  • Now bring it to your nose. What does it smell like? It is nice? You like?
  • Now put it in your mouth. Put it whole in it, without biting it. Once inside, move it between your tongue and the palate. Take a very small bite. Only one. What do you feel? Shake it up a bit, taste it. Take another bite. And other.
  • Finish eating it. So, gently. Very good.
  • And now, have another as you normally would. Do you notice any difference?

It's about putting your full attention on what you see, smell, feel, hear, or taste.

The possibilities of guided meditation exercises for children are very varied. Here are other activities that you can also do as a family.

3. Hidden objects
A series of objects are placed on a tray. Next, we ask our children to look at them carefully. After 30 seconds, we cover these objects with a blanket, for example. The children have to write what they have seen or put their hand under the cloth to touch the objects and without seeing them, guess what they play. By being recognized by touch, they will be able to answer questions about what they have seen.

4. Way home
This is a game designed for younger children. It's about looking at the things we see on the way home from school. Every day one more thing. One day we ask them for 5 objects, the next 6, and so on. This exercise will help them pay attention to details around them that often go unnoticed.

This type of exercise, like the previous game, helps focus attention on the senses or in what surrounds us or happens. Since meditation is based on mindfulness and that is why it is important to train this aspect.

5. Cloudy water
We fill a bottle with water and add a little dirt or glitter to it, something that shakes the water when shaking the container. We sit on the floor and shake the bottle and put it in front of us. We observe that after shaking it, the water is cloudy or dirty and therefore what is on the other side is not clearly visible. But if we let it rest, in the end the water becomes clear again.

The same thing happens to us when we get angry or overwhelmed or worried. This is a basic exercise to make children see that when we are like this, we do not see clearly the solutions to problems and for this it is necessary to calm down. How? Paying attention to our breathing.

6. We move like crazy
With this activity we practice calming down after an activity or a stressful or hectic moment.

Sitting on the floor or standing in the room we move our palms to the rhythm. If the pace is fast we will move very fast, with large and exaggerated movements. If the pace is slow, we will move slowly. It is important be attentive to the rhythm to adapt to it. When we stop clapping, we will stay still. We finish the game with a slow pace and relax.

This activity helps children to 'listen' to their body, reflect on how they feel when they go very fast and when they go slowly. They also get rid of excess energy and helps them calm down when they are very excited.

These are some of the activities that we can do at home with our children, but there are many more! The ideal is to do them with them, guide them in the activity, share that time with them and never impose it as an obligation. Surely with time and dedication we will see results and we want to practice more and more!

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