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Olivier Giroud: Jade and Evan

Olivier Giroud: Jade and Evan

Olivier Giroud: Jade and Evan

The French striker Olivier Giroud is doubly dad with a little Jade, 3 years old, and the little Evan born in March 2016.

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Current state of stem cell utilization in Hungary

Slowly, the half-year rehabilitation of a six-year-old leukemia-treated baby who can cure her brother as a vocal cervix is ​​about to end. Since 2001, he has been the fourth patient to undergo successful stem cell implantation in Hungary.

Current state of stem cell utilization in Hungary

The stem cell is a specific cell that monolines You can see for yourself, mбsrйszt it can evolve another cell that plays a unique role, so it can kill a dead cell or tissue. There are many types of stem cells, such as the so-called haematopoietic stem cells, which are capable of restoring and repairing a malfunctioning bone marrow that has been eradicated by chemotherapy or radiation therapy in a leukemia patient. These cells are currently known to be useful therapeutically in the treatment of 80 types of hematopoietic disorder. A baby from Mezőkövesd has received such stem cells, too, from his sibling. While in the US, stem cell implants perform almost a third of the use of genetic cord stem cells, In Hungary, the utilization rate is still below 5%. The main reason for this is that Russian banks are in short supply at present approx. 7-8% And keep the costume cord. The mйlyfagyasztva on your local kцldцkzsinуrvйrben lйvх cells are the only impressions of szьletйskori бllapotnak, нgy tбrolбsuk, vizsgбlatuk important йs terбpiбs felhasznбlбsi lehetхsйgeik szбma constantly nцvekszik.A mezхkцvesdi kislбnyt hбrom йs fйl йves korбban diagnosztizбltбk acute lymphoblastic leukaemiбval (ALL). After years of chemotherapy caviar, the disease went away last summer. The child was in a life-threatening condition, and his situation seemed hopeless. Fortunately, though, his little brother, born in the mean time, saved his life for the geniuses. The mintбbуl recovered хssejtek because genetically passed to the beavatkozбst kнnбlnak elvйgezhessйk.A kцldцkzsinуrvйr хssejtjei szйles lehetхsйget the sejtterбpiбra, йs megfelelх professional control esetйn kцzeljцvх the most useful diagnostic terбpiбs йs eszkцzйvй vбlhatnak currently not mйg gyуgyнthatу betegsйgek kezelйsйben. Clinical trials currently underway with the GenomeVirner may open new areas for the use of the Gen. Gen. in the treatment of children born with severe oxygen deficiency.In Hungary, stem cell transplantation of private cord stored in a private bank so far so many times it happened. Each year, around 50 children are diagnosed with leukemia in childhood in Hungary. Fortunately, some patients can be treated well with chemotherapy, but the remainder require stem cell transplantation and, unfortunately, half of the children do not find an appropriate donor in time. Resolution of the European Parliament adopted in the spirit of the resolution all EU Member States should be created national tissue banks. Such banks are already operational in 22 Member States, but since the resolution to set up cell banks has not yet been concluded, the Hungarian state has not yet fulfilled the requirement.
- Technology of the preservation of the umbilical cord stem cells
- Characteristics of genitourinary stem cells



The letter H It is one of the most difficult for children to learn in Spanish, since as it does not have sound it is almost impossible to know if it is in front of or inserted within words.

The only way to know when to put the H is by reading a lot and dictating. There are some spelling rules that can help us, we leave you three dictations with the letter H to make children with three different difficulties, depending on the age of the child.

Children learn words that start with the letter H faster than words that start with it interspersed. So here we leave you three types of dictations: the first is the easiest, and is designed for children between 7 and 9 years old; the second introduces some h interleaved; and the third has a greater degree of difficulty due to the level of vocabulary.

Dictation with the easy H

Today I found a fairy near a beech tree in the forest. The fairy was beautiful and she was under the leaves of the tree. He was talking about a story about animals and I said hello. So, I took out my ax and cut a log where a owl, but the fairy was sad because he was his friend, and now he had to go to another home, perhaps near the sea where there were many waves.

The fairy told me he was hungry so I made him an ice cream with a piece of cloud. She spoke to me softly and smiled because it had tasted like smoke.

Dictation with the letter H medium level

There smells like orange blossom because there are many orange trees, but their leaves are faded. A man was walking under its branches, he was frozen because it was cold. Her face was beautiful even though she only had one eye. I was looking for a home to live next winter near a bonfire. He used to smoke liver meat and figs to feed his children.

He found a house near an orchard of carrots. It was uninhabited so he went inside and stayed in it, but there was a lot of smoke inside and he almost drowned.

Dictation with the difficult H

The brothers walked a shortcut to reach the village. They crossed the iron bridge, and walked down the grassy path to the hospital. One of them was injured and since they didn't have a vehicle, it was difficult for him to walk.

They put alcohol and they sewed it up with thread. They went out to the town and looked for an accommodation there. They found the pension The Hanged Owl, there they could save and take a shower because they smelled bad and they longed some soap and a pillow.

They were not in a good mood because they were tired, and the smoke from the hearth smoked clean hair. They had carrots and boneless chicken with peanuts and a glass of ice water for dinner.

There was a smell in his room moldBecause it was damp, they looked at a prehistoric magazine, hollowed out the pillow and fell asleep.

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Perineal massage to prevent tears in labor

The best way to add elasticity to the perineum, which is the set of muscles at the base of the pelvis that support the uterus and both the bladder and urethral sphincters, is through the perineal massage. This massage is necessary so that the entire area has the ability to adapt to the passage of the baby to the outside with the least possible risk of suffering a tear or minimizing the need for an episiotomy.

Massage should be done regularly. The evaluation of the woman's perineum by a gynecologist is essential and the use of oils that facilitate the technique is recommended. It can be carried out by oneself, it is true that, as the weeks go by and due to the discomfort of the size of the gut, this task becomes complicated for the woman and although she may continue to be the one who executes it with the help of a mirror, it is more practical for the couple or a specialist to help you carry it out.

To be more effective, it must be done from at least, six weeks before delivery. The future mother should be constant and spend about five or six minutes every day in the massage. Rosehip oil is the most widely used, although virgin olive oil is also valid, never perfumed ones. It is important that the woman is relaxed, comfortable, that she has cleaned the area well and that she does not touch the area of ​​the urethra and the clitoris. If you have an injury to your hands or if someone else will do it, it is advisable to wear latex gloves. It should be noted that the fingers must be well lubricated so that it does not cause discomfort.

- First, we must make sure we have the well lubricated fingers. If it is the woman who is going to do it, the two thumbs are used, if it is another person, the indexes. Fingers are inserted 2-4 cm and a 'U' is drawn, stretching outward, stretching the walls of the vagina, firmly, but without pain.

- It begins in the upper part without touching the urethra towards the lower part towards the anus and once there, press until a slight burning is felt, You must endure and learn to relax, as it will serve as training for when on the day of delivery, the baby's head passes through that point.

- Next, we must draw the 'u' from top to bottom and vice versa until we cover the 5 minutes and increase the time each day. The first days the muscles are tense, but if it is practiced regularly, little by little, the changes will be noticed.

Before starting and as the end of the massage, it is convenient to do some preparatory massages. Using oil, massage the outer and inner lips, drawing circles, pressing gently and gently stretching the lips. Always go from the bottom up, dedicate a few minutes to the massage to make the blood arrive by preheating the area and thus prepare it for the perineal massage. The pelvic floor expert physiotherapist will be able to indicate the steps to follow in case of doubt.

The woman must face the birth with the greatest serenity and tranquility that is possible. It is important that you know how to relax, channel the pain and use your breath as an ally. It is useless that you have massaged yourself before, that you have done the toning exercises of the pelvic floor, that he knows what breaths have to be done at each moment, yes at the moment of truth, he cannot relax and be aware of what is happening at each moment (speaking of natural childbirth) to know when to push, when to relax and when to regain strength. Birth is something natural that will happen anyway, but if we have the tools to make it safer, faster, less painful and less traumatic for our body, let's take advantage of them.

Marián Zamora Saborit
Physiotherapist. Pilates Technician
Psychomotor in Early Childhood Education
Marián Zamora's blog

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Atoderm Shower oil, 24 hours hydration and immediate comfort, right from the shower!

Atoderm Shower oil, 24 hours hydration and immediate comfort, right from the shower!

Big red dog Clifford

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The first rule: never let people see you! The second rule: never let people see you when you steal their food or when you confuse their plans. How hard is Vudli? accompany us starting January 9 and you will find out!

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Bobita and Buburuza

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