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Premiere in Romania: a new method of treatment of breast firbroadenoma

One in three women has a lifetime with the appearance of breast fibroadenoma * and undergoes a biopsy. The physical and mental suffering caused by this condition can be stopped with the introduction, for the first time in Romania, of a new treatment method: cryoablation. The revolutionary method involves freezing the nodules without the need for general anesthesia or surgery. The treatment is available starting this year only at BreastCareClinic, where renowned Romanian doctors can diagnose and recommend this procedure.

Cryoablation is a freezing-thawing technique, carried out in several stages, called "freezing cycles". The procedure is guided by ultrasound and consists of placing a cryosonde in the center of the lesion, which by extremely low temperatures determines the intracellular freezing and then the self-destruction of the cells. The procedure is not painful and lasts approximately 10-15 minutes, during which time the patient undergoes local anesthesia.

The incision size is about 3 mm, in most cases. Doctors who monitored and evaluated the effects of the cryoablation procedure concluded that after one year from the medical intervention, no scar was observed. The advantage in this case is that patients do not interrupt their daily activity, and the shape of the breast is not affected in any way. The procedure was discovered by American doctors and is known as "ice cure". It has been approved by the FDA (FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION) and ASBS (AMERICAN BREAST SURGERY ASSOCIATION) and is being implemented in countries such as Israel, Japan, USA, being a premiere in Europe.

"The procedure is minimally invasive, it is performed in the office and not in the operating room. It requires minimal local anesthesia to perform the millimeter incision through which the cryosonde is inserted. naturally, in time, by the body. The impact of the procedure on the patient is similar to that of a biopsy performed by puncture, "says Rares Sculeanu - Coordinating Doctor BreastCareClinic Brasov.

* Breast fibrosis is a benign lesion that affects women during the reproductive period of life, but not only. Despite its benign nature, breast fibroadenoma may cause physical deformity due to its large size and may cause discomfort or mental distress to those affected. Since there is the malignant potential (cancer) of breast fibroadenoma, oncological treatment is not necessary, but it is mandatory to keep under medical observation through regular checks.

Breast Care Clinic,, is specialized in the investigation and treatment of breast fibroadenoma, benefiting from the latest generation medical technology and doctors specialized in international clinics. Breast Care Clinic is part of the Dutch multinational On Clinic Advanced Medical Institute, which has 26 years experience in the world (over 100 branches worldwide) and over 15 years in Romania (14 branches in the largest cities in the country). . The device with which the procedure is performed, Ice Sense 3, is available in the clinics in Brasov and Constanta.

On March 8, interested persons can benefit from free assessments that include diagnosis and ultrasound, by programming at the phone number

Name Allissia - Meaning of origin

So educate the twins if you want them good!

"We're twins. But who am I?" - the twin circles are giving birth, which is a good sign of how difficult it is to push borders. Many times, even their parents do not treat them individually, but rather treat them as single, too.

The twins are already sensing each other in the womb, and they have special feelings that separate them for life, and they carry on their smallest reflections, even if they do not. However, this property may make it difficult for children to develop consciousness. A small twin child may not always be able to decide whether a given sensation, thought or condition is "in his or her own head" or in a sibling.
One day, Remi's son witnessed his twin brother Femi put a shoulder in the corner of the table and after a lot of crying. When her father came home, Remi said to her, "I'm sorry, I put it in!"

"It's just the same!" - or not?

In a few cases, twinning in any area can also lead to misery if your brother does not do so well. That's why it's a general rule that Avoid constant comparisons. Instead, call the attention of acquaintances for a more successful approach. For example, instead of saying "Peti sings nicer than Pali", say "Peti sings nicely, but Pali draws nicely". Let us also warn grandparents, grandchildren, friends.

There is a special relationship between the twins

Many people think that twins can help a lot when they are raised in a pre-school or school group. However, the great disadvantage of this method is that the twins can tragically break apart. As with brothers and sisters, it is a good idea to do so we also organize programs for them individually, the same goes for twins. You can also express different inquiries.

Competitive and role-sharing

In many cases, identical twins also have significant births. Of course, a caring mother is more anxious, protecting a smaller, weaker, thinner, even more sick baby, who can always keep her eyes on her.
Another possibility may be that a bigger, smarter, smarter twin is suppressing a sibling. Unfortunately in many cases, some sort of ranking develops And related casting. This is not always fortunate in the development of the twins, even if they are equally good in their roles. For example, it may be convenient to have a better, nicer talking twin as the "caretaker" of the couple, while the other twosomes into silence (and thus slows down their speech development).

Isolation, functionality

The result of a close relationship between twin couples is a pair isolation maybe when they are in contact with one another, they talk less often. Often, they also develop their own language, the so-called twin language, which consists of half words and half sentences. Perhaps the consequence of this increased one-on-one orientation is that the twins are about half as tall as their peers. Separate programs are great for solving this, but if you are not successful at home, go to a psychologist.

A couple, but two people!

The twins have an uneven choice, finding one's consciousness is all because of the special circumstances of the twin situation, and some are adversely affected by the environment. Fortunately, the situation is not too much of a case: twin mothers seem to be "doubly motivated" in the solution: they are most capable of being accepted, developing two different people.

The twins help to develop a unity when:

  • right from the start, we emphasize the differences between the twins,
  • we don't move them the same way,
  • we give them their own toys, clothes that we do not exchange,
  • we often organize special programs for them,
  • allow (but not force) to create friendly circles,
  • we do not compare them, and we ask others to do so,
  • allow them to select the smaller things independently, and have the independent reviews that we listen to outside.

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Introduction to bacterial meningitis

How can work reconcile with motherhood?

Working moms need to take care of themselves day in and day out, and stop to think for a moment about why they are so tired and exhausted.

How can work reconcile with motherhood? (Photo: iStock) But for the sake of mental health, it is important to make some steps to stay well and meet the challenges in the long run. Here are a few things to consider first.

Let's see the bigger picture

Be aware that there are many expectations of working mothers that are unrealistic. Does our boss think we wouldn't want to do our job when we go home because we have to go to the kids? Do my colleagues look bad if I work from home more often than they do? Instead of worrying about them, talk to us. Communication helps to clear up misunderstandings and find a win-win solution.

Find a supportive base

Working as a mother is too complicated for our lives to be able to deal with every situation without harm. Be it workplace distress, kids' school, or school things, let's face it all the challenges that other mothers work with. It's just worth getting to know like women, who understand our problems and may be able to help with their advice. This can be an invaluable help in our lives!

Let's stop feeling guilty

Unrealistic expectations are capable of triggering a collective sense of maternal guilt about them. We cannot be a perfect mother and a perfect workforce - if we think about it, it will only come with guilt. Unfortunately, this guilt-inducing society tends to be at the center of it, but we do not need to get into it. Instead of blaming ourselves, we try self-empathy, because understanding is a much healthier feeling. Motherhood is not simple anyway, and guilt makes things harder. Instead, we look at ourselves with more love, pride and confidence - and the mother of others who work.

Let's learn to laugh at ourselves

If we make a mistake or fail as planned, it will help us to get things done quickly if we can laugh at ourselves. Laughing also released endorphins, which also has an effect on good mood. It is just as important to be able to play with our children and have fun with our family. Not only will we be more comfortable with these, our creativity and problem-solving skills will also improve.

Let's know our strengths

It is much simpler to see our negative qualities than what we are good at, what our strengths are. When we think about what we do well, we gain our confidence and confidence, which can help us to face obstacles more easily. Good thing if we can be proud of ourselves and love ourselves, it will have results at home and at work.(VIA)Related links: 

Walking barefoot in baby

Walking barefoot in baby

5 important prenatal vitamins for you and your baby

5 important prenatal vitamins for you and your baby

Prenatal vitamins play an essential role in the development of a healthy pregnancy. Unfortunately, a pregnancy cannot provide the body with all the nutrients needed to develop the fetus only from food sources. For this reason, it is necessary to take, at the doctor's recommendation, prenatal vitamins containing the doses and vitamins he needs to cope with the physical stress during pregnancy, but also to promote the development of a healthy baby in the womb. Here are 5 of the most important prenatal vitamins to be given during pregnancy!

Folic acid

Folic acid (vitamin B9) is essential in reducing the risk of neural tube defects in the fetus - spina bifida or anencephaly. It has been found that the correct dosage of folic acid also contributes to the prevention of other birth defects, especially in the heart.

In addition, folic acid also takes care of your health, preventing the risk of preeclampsia, one of the most dangerous complications of pregnancy.


Calcium is an essential mineral in pregnancy, which contributes not only to the development of the child's bone, nervous or muscular system, but also to the strengthening of your bone, helping you cope with the weight of pregnancy. Even though a large part of this mineral can be successfully purchased from the diet, it is important that they be administered or supplemented with prenatal vitamins.

Vitamin D

Unfortunately, vitamin D is one of the nutrients that is extremely low in nutrition. It plays an essential role in the development of bones and teeth of the fetus and contributes to the proper fixation of calcium and phosphorus in the body. Deficiency of vitamin D in pregnancy poses the risk of rickets after birth, but also an abnormal bone development or delay in physical development. In addition, it increases the risk of preeclampsia and birth through Caesarean section.


Food can not provide the amount of iron you need in pregnancy. In the case of an iron deficiency, there is a risk of anemia and complications, such as premature birth, low birth weight baby or even intrauterine death. Your doctor will prescribe prenatal vitamins appropriate to your condition, so as to ensure the recommended daily dose of this essential mineral for the development of your fetus and for your health.

Omega 3 fatty acids

Prenatal vitamins administered during pregnancy are rich in essential fatty acids, such as those of Omega 3, which play an essential role in the development of fetal brain, nerves and ocular tissue. The richest dietary source of essential fatty acids is fish, but as the portions of this food are limited in pregnancy, there is a risk of not providing the body with the necessary dose of such nutrients and causing problems.

There are many types of prenatal vitamins on the market, from different brands and pharmaceutical companies. Do not buy vitamins at the request of friends or acquaintances. Your doctor will prescribe the type of supplements appropriate to your condition and pregnancy, depending on your diet and nutritional needs.

What kind of prenatal vitamins have you taken? On what basis were you administered? Tell us your opinions in the comments section below!

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