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Infant growth hormone

Infant growth hormone

Many parents wonder whether to use growth hormone treatment with your children, when verifying that its growth 'stagnates' too soon. Of course, this treatment raises many questions.

The treatment to be instituted when a child is affected by a growth disorder it will be determined by the cause responsible for the delay. If it is caused by a disease, for example heart disease, gluten intolerance or an endocrine problem, the treatment will be aimed at correcting the pathology and its cure will benefit growth and final size gain.

Since the use of biosynthetic growth hormone in 1985All the risks that existed with the previous one were eliminated, which was the so-called extractive, extracted from the pituitary glands of the corpses. The current biosynthetic medicine, which has been administered to children for more than two decades, by injection and once a day, it is absolutely safe, effective in all its indications and lacks serious side effects.

The treatment can be followed until the child reaches adult bone age, that is, until the cartilage closes, at which point the bone can no longer be stretched and physical growth is impossible. Until then, the hormone can help improve final bone height, although the inches gained depend on the pathology that caused the short stature problems.

Generally, growth hormone It is given in children by injections, which should be daily until the child's growth is complete. The injection technique is very simple and must be learned by parents. Doctors must calculate precisely how much growth hormone to inject each child.

It should also be done close medical monitoring of the patient, as well as a surveillance of the possible appearance of adverse effects of the treatment, although the latter are not frequent. Once the treatment has finished, it is necessary to re-evaluate the patient to determine if the growth hormone deficiency persists, and to evaluate its administration during adult life.

The use of growth hormone It is indicated in the following cases:

- Growth hormone deficiency.

- Renal insufficiency.

- Turner syndrome (genetic disease)

- Children who are small at birth and who do not regain their growth channel.

- Children with idiopathic short stature (they are short for no reason).

Warning: in children with familial short stature or children with constitutional developmental delay, growth hormone has no indication because No real benefit in adult height gain has been demonstrated. That is, they grow while the growth hormone is used, but they will not necessarily measure more than what was genetically determined. In most cases, a change in diet with a higher intake of calcium and zinc is prescribed to try to improve growth speed which, under normal conditions and from 3 years of age, is usually around 4 or 5 centimeters per year.

Leo Messi, the F.C. Barcelona, ​​was treated with growth hormone when he was little and her fame has helped make her popular. Thanks to the growth hormone, the Argentine, Leo Messi has been able to reach the football elite and now measures 1 meter and 70 centimeters. In 1997, Leo Messi was diagnosed early and received three years of treatment. At that time, the Messi child was already recognized as one of the greatest talents of the Malvinas Soccer School and was treated by the prestigious endocrinologist Diego Schwarzstein in his Glands and Internal Medicine Clinic.

In July 1998, when Leo had just turned 11, measured 1.32 meters and weighed 30 kilos, a family moved together to Barcelona once the contract with the Barça club was signed. The family presented Barça's medical services with a certificate in which their entire history was collected. When he arrived at the Camp Nou, Leo was already 1 meter and 48 centimeters tall and weighed 39 kilos, although he still had a one-year growth delay.

Marisol New.

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Name Aelig - Meaning and origin

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

This mixed name comes from the Latin word "angellos", which means "angel".


There is no famous person named Aelig.

His character :

Jovial and enthusiastic, Aelig can be exuberant, hospitable and friendly. She is a brilliant person who knows how to impose her strong personality. She has a fine and lively intelligence with a great speed of understanding to act quickly. When an opportunity presents itself to Aelig, she does not hesitate to seize it, using her charm and her power of seduction. She also likes to be the center of attention and loves to entertain those around her.
With her family, she can be gentle, tolerant and very sociable. Protector, she gets out her claws if we try to hurt her family.


Aela, Aelle, Aellaïg and Ael.

His party :

The Aelig are celebrated on May 5th.

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Cyberbullying: how to spot the signs

Cyberbullying can be tough to spot.

This is because many young people who are being bullied might not realise what's happening at first. Also, they sometimes don't want to tell teachers or parents, perhaps because they feel embarrassed. They might be scared that it'll get worse if an adult tries to do something about it, or they might be worried about losing their computer or mobile phone privileges.

If you're concerned that your child is being cyberbullied, you can watch for changes in your child's school and social life, technology use, and emotions and behaviour. Remember that you know your child and how he usually behaves, even if you find it hard to keep up with the technologies he uses and the different ways that cyberbullying can happen.

Here are some cyberbullying warning signs to watch for.

School and social life
Your child:

  • refuses to go to school
  • starts getting lower marks than usual
  • doesn't want to see friends
  • doesn't want to take part in her usual sports and other activities
  • avoids group gatherings.

Technology use
Your child:

  • is upset during or after using the internet
  • spends much longer than usual online, or refuses to use the computer or mobile phone at all
  • stops what he's doing on the computer if you go past.

Emotions and behaviour
Your child:

  • is more moody than usual
  • shows obvious changes in behaviour, sleep or appetite
  • gets unusually angry at home
  • feels sick or complains of frequent headaches or stomach aches.
If you're worried your child might be the one doing the bullying, you could start by talking with your child about being a responsible digital citizen and treating other people with respect online. Acknowledging that your child might be the one behaving this way is hard, but taking action is an important step towards getting it to stop.

Helping children and teenagers handle cyberbullying

If children and teenagers are being bullied online, it's great for them to feel they have some power to resolve the problem themselves. These six steps are a good way for your child to G.E.T.R.I.D. of a cyberbully.

You might need to help your child work through these steps and report a cyberbullying incident. Your support might make the difference, because some teenagers feel too emotionally exhausted to report incidents themselves.

1. G - go block or delete the person engaging in cyberbullying
Blocking someone from friend lists helps stop the person engaging in cyberbullying from posting or uploading offensive content about your child.

If the cyberbullying is happening through text messages or phone calls, you can ask the service provider to monitor the calls or texts. If necessary, the service provider can contact the sender, because mobile phone holders breach their contracts if they use their phones to bully. If necessary, you can change the phone number.

2. E - ensure you keep evidence of bullying
Save and print out any bullying messages. Use the print screen key or command on your computer keyboard. You can also take a screenshot of a mobile phone screen.

3. T - tell someone
If your child shares feelings with a parent, older sibling, relative, teacher or close friend as soon as possible, it'll help her feel less isolated.

4. R - report abuse
Reporting bullying to web administrators is usually as easy as clicking on a 'report abuse' link on a website. The website will remove the offensive content, but this can take time. If the material isn't removed in 48 hours, you can lodge a complaint through the Office of the Children's eSafety Commissioner.

If your child has been threatened, he should also report it to the local police. If your child is in immediate danger, he should call 000.

There could be consequences for the person engaging in bullying if you report the abuse.

It's a good idea for you and your child to look together at the social media sites she uses to make sure she knows how to report abuse.

5. I - initiate control
If your child takes control of the cyberbullying situation, she can feel safer and break the cycle. A big part of taking control is reporting the abuse, but not retaliating or responding aggressively to the cyberbully. In fact, it's best for your child not to engage with the cyberbully at all. Retaliating or even telling the bully to stop can make the bullying worse.

6. D - delete the bullying message
After you've saved evidence of the bullying, delete the message or post. Don't forward it, repost it, retweet it or send it to other people in any way because they might forward it too.

You might like to check out our illustrated guide to stopping cyberbullying. It's a handy reference that you could print out for both you and your child to use.

Helping teenagers who have been cyberbullied

Your child won't always be able to solve cyberbullying problems on his own. It's important to step in if you're concerned. Your loving support is vital to your child's wellbeing:

Here are some ways you can offer immediate practical and emotional help and support:

  • Just listen to your child to start with. Jumping in too quickly to fix the problem can sometimes make it worse, so be sensitive to your child's needs.
  • Let your child know that you'll help if she wants you to, and that things will get better if the problem is brought out in the open.
  • If you need to get your child's school involved, make sure your child knows and that he has a say in the process. It might help him to know that telling a teacher is a good idea if he thinks someone from the school is involved.
  • Stay calm and resist the temptation to ban your child from using the internet or her mobile phone. Banning online access could make your child less likely to share her online problems.
  • Get professional help if your child seems distressed or withdrawn. Your child can contact Kids Helpline - Teens by phoning 1800 551 800, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We highlight in our dictionary the name for a girl: Cousin. You will find in our meaning finder of all baby names.

History of the name Prima

Feminine form of Primo. In its origin this name was applied to the child born first.

Meaning of name Prima


Santoral of the name Prima

June 9

Origin of the name Prima


Famous people with the name Prima

  • Petronila de Aragón, Queen of Aragon and Countess of Barcelona (1136-1173)

Drawings of the name Prima coloring page to print and color


Female first name, Kaelia comes from the Celtic word Kaelia which means "the generous lord". It's a rare name ... that will seduce you perhaps.

Birthday train (Emma)

That's what my son and I did for his birthday cake for his 3 years. He was proud as a rooster to bring this "birthday train" to school.


  • - a family bar (four-four style, pure Breton butter bar)
  • - Nutella
  • - wafers
  • - various candies


Take a family bar (style four four, pure Breton butter bar), cut in large sections (wagons!) And Nutella napper, then place gold straws or other wafers on the flat (rails), arrange the cars top and decorate as you wish: little round candies = gravel; teddy bears = travelers, smarties in the last car a little dug (goods wagon); half of little butters = windows, etc ... The kids love to make this cake. No cooking = no danger or failure and the surprise of the friends when he sees this "cake"! Good fun and good tasting!
Educate in values. The perseverance

Perseverance is a continuous effort, supposes achieving what is proposed and seeking solutions to difficulties that may arise, a fundamental value in life to obtain a concrete result.

With perseverance, strength is obtained and this allows us not to get carried away by the easy and the comfortable. The study always implies patience and perseverance for its conclusion. This is why it is very important that children learn to be persistent. It will provide them with stability, self-confidence and maturity.

Perseverance is learned by example. Let the parents, as well as the child's teachers, teach him what it is to be persistent through his actions. We will achieve it if we are constant in our activities and anticipate obstacles, if we are firm in the face of difficulties, if we face challenges without fear, with a full and determined commitment to fulfill our task, or whatever activity it is.

The child can learn to be persistent in different settings and places. For example:

- In studies

- With homework

- With problems and difficulties

- Playing, losing or winning

- With your hopes and goals

- Having the support of their parents

- Knowing that you can learn from good and bad experiences

- Realizing that what you want is worth fighting for

- When you have to complete a task to get what you want

- Taking into account your triumphs and successes

- Receiving congratulations on your good grades

- Identifying their mistakes and failures and finding a way not to repeat them

- In their participation in team tasks

- With the realization of a sport

- When you receive impulses and stimuli from their parents

- Making crafts

Source consulted:
- Stories and songs to share values. Children's Ed.

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His +: it is a toy to build with robust parts and quality ... To rise according to his mood, to get a basket, a pipe or a crane. Its price: 70 €. Sales points here.

His +: it is a toy to build with robust parts and quality ... To ride according to his mood, to get a basket, a pipe or a crane.
His price : 70 €.

Sales points here.