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The value of money and financial advice are lessons that children should receive from parents, not from friends, from school or the media. Early financial education can have a beneficial effect on how your little one learns to spend their money and save for later.

The easiest way is to give your child a monthly amount of money, and then teach them how to spend it, explaining to them how you sometimes postpone a wish, to fulfill it much later.

Children are more tempted to take the example of parents than to listen to their theory lessons, so you must have responsible tax behavior if you want your little ones to take on the same values.
Adolescents, but also younger children, can learn a lot if you explain how you spend part of the family budget. When unforeseen expenses arise, make sure the little ones understand where the money will come from and why other things you should miss.

Offering the child a monthly pocket money allocation, which you supplement only in exceptional situations, is the easiest way to learn the value of money.

If they want something they can't afford to buy from the allowance, encourage them to save a little each month and then help them buy what they want, adding a third or even half of the final outlay.

Give them even an interest when they manage to save money and give them the option to borrow from you with interest. Once they find out they have been bored with the game or toy they bought very quickly, but they have to pay for it for a few months, they will be more careful about how they spend their money.

Fiscal responsibility is one of the most important skills that your little ones must acquire from you, in order to become adults who can manage their money well and not accumulate debts that they cannot pay.

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At the end of the year, the first Romanian cereals return to Fortza! GoodMills Romania, a company with a long tradition in the milling and bakery market, reinvents Fortza corn flakes and launches three new assortments, with the same authentic taste, but with a fresh and attractive design.

For more than four decades, Fortza are the favorite breakfast cereals, by Romanians who want to follow a healthy lifestyle and who love the traditional taste of real flakes. Fortza first arrived in the novel's milk bowl in 1971, and in 2015 it returns in a trio of sensations: Rontzaiala Fortress, Attraction Fortress and Beer Fortress.

Fortress of Rontzaiala it is the ideal snack for those who love to snack on something every day: at breakfast, in the bowl of milk or yogurt, at the office, at school, in big pause, when reading the favorite news or blog or when the new episode from the series I've been watching for a few good seasons. It goes wonderfully to the movie, both in one evening and in the band. The Strength of Rontzaiala are corn flakes with fine texture, enriched with multivitamins and iron, which give energy as well as for the whole day.

Fortress of Attraction it is the assortment of cereals specially designed for ladies and gentlemen: the fine corn flakes keep the authentic flavor, but they do not contain sugar and sweeteners, thus pleasing the figure. The rich content of vitamins (C, B1, B2, B6 and B12), minerals (phosphorus and iron) and antioxidants support the health of the body, gives you energy and vitality and turns any day full of challenges into a victory.

Maize leaves Fortza de Beer they are great sports lovers, announcing themselves in the evenings in which the band gather to watch the matches of their favorite teams. Beer are super-sized corn flakes, extra-crunchy, with sea salt, and are the partners at the right place and at the right time when commenting on complex phases of attack or when saying strong banks.

Everyone's strength comes from their personal charm, their passions, their loyalty to their loved ones, the joys they have lived with family, friends and colleagues, from their dreams and ideals. Because all of this takes shape when we are healthy and full of energy, Fortza responds "present" to any occasion. Each bag of Fortza corn flakes contains 250g of healthy and crispy snack.

The Force has been with you since 1971. Use it responsibly and get extra energy every day!

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To not lose the thread of its reading, it is useful a bookmark. And when he is in the effigy of dolls Kokeshis, it's even more fun! Here are 3 models too kawai to print-cut-paste ... you're done.

How it works ?

  • Download the Kokeshi face book and back board and print them on a bit of paper.
  • Now just cut the front and back of each bookmark, paste them back to back and you're done.

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The baby in Sagittarius sign

(November 22 - December 20)
Governing planet - Mars
Lucky stone - Turkish
Flower - Narcissus
Color - Purple
Optimistic, idealistic and independent, your child is always looking for new adventures. A fun and athletic lover of threads, he will always discover more activities and interests than he would have time to accomplish. As you grow older, you will notice an above average intelligence and a repulsion towards routine and even discipline. The Sagittarius child is blessed with a confident and carefree attitude that will bring him an iron will throughout his life.
Optimistic, sociable and satisfied, the Sagittarius child is a true explorer. Put the baby in a preload or cart and he will go anywhere with you with great pleasure. He spends a lot of time walking with the Sagittarius child even if they are through without the block or just to the corner store.
He needs a great deal of movement for his emotional and physical health. It will recover very easily from small failures, but it will also get bored very easily and will always need new toys.
To keep his attention, read a lot of stories about distant lands and fantastic adventures.
Adventurer to the depths of the soul
Sagittarius is a born adventurer. For Sagittarius children, life means experience, they want to cover the world with everything.
Do not be surprised when your Sagittarius child will get into all sorts of confusions even before going alone. Sagittarius children like to explore beyond the limits imposed by their parents.
Learning and understanding are the main needs of the Sagittarius child, and as a parent you can help him by making his life as fun and stimulating as possible. Family vacations will be his favorite, as will outdoor adventures and games that stimulate him.
Sagittarius is a born athlete and will need sports and movement to consume his surplus energy. Let him sign up for football or swimming or take regular mountain trips.
His mind also needs stimulation, so give Sagittarius as many reading books and documentaries as you can see, take him to museums, the zoo or art galleries as often as you can. Try to satisfy his need for freedom and engage him in extensive discussions where you can listen to his point of view on different aspects.
Sagittarius children tend to be smart, lush, optimistic and sociable, which means they will have a wide circle of friends. Do not expect the party for his birthday to be intimate, restricted, because there are too many people who want to be near him.
Mom in Sagittarius sign
Sagittarius mothers are freedom lovers and incurable optimists. You are the mother who will tell the child that he will be successful in everything he wants to do and will encourage him to try.
With your passion for traveling and exploring, you will ensure that your family is always trying new things, and your adventurous nature will help you find creative ways to make the invariant process fun and enjoyable for your children.
With a fantastic ability to do more than one thing at a time, you can take your child everywhere with you, which adds to your bond with you and your child.
Keep in mind, though, that if your little one is not as extroverted and eager to explore as you are, he may need a little more time at home with only moms and dads.
Although your enthusiasm is wonderful, sometimes your bold ideas and opinions may seem overwhelming to your family.
Cheerful and optimistic
As a Sagittarius parent you warm the lives of your children with optimism and humor and you teach them from their own experience about the joy of exploring the world. You are an adventurer to the depths of the soul and guide your children to life with the same openness and curiosity as you.
Since freedom is one of your main needs, it is very possible to be a permissive parent who does not limit his children unnecessarily. You recognize the importance of certain limits and routines, but in general, your philosophy is focused on finding truth and meaning through personal experience. You want your children to discover the world and draw their own conclusions based on what they have discovered.
Traveling is an excellent way to make your children aware of different customs and lifestyles of theirs. Because you have many friends, they will come in contact with your children and so you will encourage the little ones to be sociable and open.
You know very well that education and experience can be achieved in a variety of ways, not just the traditional school method, and you will impart to your children as much of your knowledge and ideas.
Make sure, however, that your personal desire to understand everything as a whole will not lead to rigorous or dogmatic behavior. Your kids will really be inspired by a really open person, not a person who thinks they already have all the answers.

Do you like origami? We have some proposals for you: it's about developing 5 origami figures to celebrate Halloween with children.

In this little summary in the form of video-tutorial You'll find detailed steps to make everything from a paper pumpkin to Dracula fangs. An original and fun way to practice origami with children.

Edition: Lola Doménech

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I took my baby's baby cord to the bankSweet banks and stem cell banks in the world

I took my baby's baby cord to the bankSweet banks and stem cell banks in the world

I took my baby's baby cord to the bankSweet banks and stem cell banks in the world

The method, the experience gained so far, is of no use if you do not have a suitable stem cell for transplantation. The idea of ​​the birth of a tissue bank was prompted by a baby's leukemia and his parents' desire to do so.

Blood bank print cell bank

The first capital bank, or more precisely the blood bank, was established in 1932 in Leningrad, and in 1937 the first hospital blood bank was founded in Chicago, followed by a growing number of similar institutions. II. The bloodshed of World War II English wounded gave a huge blow to organized bloodshed. National Bloods kept regular records of blood costs. It is logical that bone marrow donor banks should also be linked to such a database, since transfused stem cells are also haematopoietic cells and the blood group of donors is one of the basic characteristics to consider when transplanting. It is no coincidence that the Hungarian Bone Marrow Registry and the Bank of Genealogists are now working closely with the National Blood Network.

Caring for a problem

With the proliferation of bone marrow transplants, the lack of a suitable donor has been a problem many times since only one in three patients could be rescued from family-derived stem cells. Transplant physicians were worried about the idea of ​​a donor bank where the results of HLA-typing of voluntary bone marrow donors were retained, a baby in the state, Laura, who was born in 1979, donated a cure for leukemia. After not having the right number in the family, staff at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center began searching for blood donor data, and one of the lab staff turned out to be the right one. It may have happened that he was the first patient to receive bone marrow that was not related.
The baby's body had taken in the foreign tissue and, three months later, had disappeared from the hospital. Two years later, the illness came to an end, and the baby's family, and especially his father, Robert Graves, came to the donor search with renewed vigor. Although Laura died shortly afterwards, her parents did not falter and her efforts led to the formation of the first National Bone Marrow Donor Registry (NMDP) in 1986. With the help of December 1987, they first found a suitable donor.

Vilbghblu donor banks

Not long ago, in 1988, the European Blood and Bone Marrow Transplantation Company (EBMT) was established to establish an International Bone Marrow Donor Registry, which is also published on a blood basis. Added to this is the collection and registration of genetic cord units. In April 2006, there were 58 stem cell donor registries in 43 countries and 38 genealogical banks in 21 countries. The total number of bone marrow donors and cord blood units is over 10 million. More than 35 percent of the total organ donation is done with the help of the International Registry, which shows its importance.
Our country is also a member of the international registry, but only bone marrow stem cell donors for the time being. The Hungarian Bone Marrow Donor Registry was established in 1991 and has been a full member of the international network since 1992. We are overwhelmingly overwhelmed with bone marrow transplants, and more precisely with the help of German donors.

Operation of banks

Donors donating bone marrow stem cells are usually removed from the blood. By examining white blood cells that are separated from the blood, they can determine what type of HLA their tissues belong to and then record this information. When someone needs a stem cell, professionals can search all the data in the entire network, all their donors. Due to the computational technique, it does not take long to find the right donor to be called in and only then the necessary tissue is removed. Prior to the actual transplantation, they also carry out a safety cross-test with cells from the recipient organism, as the most careful selection does not guarantee that the recipient organism will respond well to the foreign tissue.
Stem cell donation is also the purpose of creating genome banks, but not only the data is stored here, but after the one-off and unrepeatable examinations, it is also necessary to do the following.

How long does a bank for genealogy exist?

It was first found in Paris, after the very first stem cell transplant was completed here in 1988 at St. Louise Courthouse. The goal was to have healthy, born newborn blood for their siblings in case they needed a transplant. There are several hospitals in this kind of bank.
The first bank based on voluntary cellular donation and non-relative use was established in New York in 1992 by Dr. Pablo Rubenstein. In the meantime, a whole series of genealogy banks have been created in Europe and in the United States to provide continuous access to related genealogy from foreign donors. Today, more than seventy thousand units are stored from the formerly considered parental cord blood and more than two thousand successful transplants have been obtained with cells obtained from the cord banks.
Netcord, an international co-operation organization for foreign wire banks, has been established to develop detailed requirements for quality of processing and rapid international exchange.
All volunteer stem cell banks that are connected to the international network store only completely secure, blood-type tested transcripts.
Following the Bank of New York, the banks holding the National Bank of Nationals have been successively opened and are now controlled by the organization EUROCORD.

Kцzcйlъ ...

Donations to public libraries that serve public funds are voluntary throughout the world. The Donor Donor's Signature waives once and for all a sample of the data whose data is stored anonymously and coded. For about half a year, the life of a "donating" baby is monitored to ensure that it is healthy in all respects and does not carry any cancer. After all, the final "virtual string" is finally killed, too, and the string stored in the bank is not the baby or the parent. One should not be afraid that a child cannot get his own stem cells, even though he has a small chance, but may even need it. The identifier, ъn. HLA-based histopathologic match-based search among encoded samples unambiguously reveals that the most consistent donor is the recipient itself. Of course, donations are not paid for.

Or on your own?

Some of the mushroom growing multibreeding banks do not keep donations offered in the public domain, but only donations made by parents exclusively to children. The first such private bank was launched in 1992 by an American company and its first European sister company was the VITA 34 based in Leipzig, Germany since 1997.
Unlike free registers, here the donor pays to have their children have their own stem cells immediately if they need it. It is not a requirement that only HLA-typed derivatives can be removed, since here the stem cells are destined for a specific purpose, where the tissue match is definitely given. However, this does not mean that all processing does not have to meet all quality requirements. It is primarily the owner's own interest that the stored blood is actually usable, but in the distant future, what happens to valuable stem cells if the owner doesn't care about it at all is also of no interest. Private storage is similar to insurance; when we do, let's hope we never get stuck. In addition, numerous areas of stem cell research still offer potential for new healing modalities.
Currently, stem cell implantation can be a ring for about 70 to 80 courses, and only a fraction of this is autologous (self) implantation. According to current routine procedures, it is estimated that 1:10,000 are likely to require the donor himself or herself to become a genetic engineer. 20 years ago, the same figure was at 1: 300,000!

Textbooks in a state of trust

The International Registry is also a strictly protected database for bone marrow and human cord blood cells, only inaugurated, and access to donors only, which is not only justified by personal rights. Data protection also serves the professional and legal protection of healers. In fact, affordability has a complex set of criteria that cannot be met by outsiders. At the same time, we can be sure: in the international database, Hungarian professionals can search for donors for their patients just like any foreign colleague. So, if the Hungarian doctor doesn't find a donor, you may know that for the time being, the ideal donor does not even exist. It is an extraordinary task for us to work on it abroad.

Drinking coffee during pregnancy reduces the baby's birth weight!

Drinking coffee during pregnancy reduces the baby's birth weight!

Drinking tea and coffee is a great pleasure for many people in our country; indispensable habit for some. To stay fit, to keep energy high or just to have a pleasant conversation with coffee and tea we drink almost every day, because of the caffeine contained in it should not forget the serious harm. Have you ever thought that excess caffeine, especially during pregnancy, can have irreversible consequences for your baby's health? Memorial Ataşehir Hospital Head of Obstetrics and Gynecology Department. Dr. Sedat Kadanalı; caffeine, the negative effects of the pregnancy process, and gave information about the measures to eliminate these negative effects.
Caffeine passes to the baby

Caffeine is a substance found in the seeds and leaves of at least 63 plants in nature. Almost every day tea, coffee, cola is a substance that everyone consumes with drinks such as. Caffeine consumption is taken deliberately or unintentionally through drinks and foods by the mothers during pregnancy. When caffeine is taken with drinks, it passes quickly to the body and goes to the baby through the placenta. When 200 mg of caffeine is taken into the body, the flow in the placenta that sends blood to the baby decreases by 25% and caffeine passes to the baby. The danger that should not be ignored by the expectant mother begins here. The metabolism, which causes caffeine breakdown, is not present in the baby and placenta. Therefore, caffeine, which cannot be destroyed, can be found in higher levels in the baby. Metabolic properties of mother; caffeine metabolism can be affected by genetic and environmental factors (such as nicotine) and may show individual differences. A mother who quickly metabolizes and breaks caffeine and a mother who metabolizes late, even if they receive the same amount of caffeine, the amount of caffeine passed to their baby is different.

Every milligram of caffeine steals your baby's weight

It is known that infants of mothers who take caffeine for a long time have growth retardation. How the amount of caffeine taken affects baby development is a difficult question to answer. Your mother's; The fact that individual, metabolic, environmental and genetic factors are variable makes it difficult to give a clear answer.

According to the results of a scientific study published on the subject; When 200 mg caffeine is taken per day, the decrease in baby weight is 60-70 g. In the same study, 300 mg caffeine daily before pregnancy; however, weights of mothers who reduced this amount to 50 mg per day during pregnancy and babies of mothers who continued caffeine intake at 300 mg were compared. Caffeine intake of 160 gr. decreased. Another prominent data is that as caffeine intake increases proportionally, growth retardation in the baby increases; that is, each mg of caffeine has a negative effect on baby development.

Two enemies of the baby's healthy development: alcohol and caffeine

Caffeine intake has a developmental delay in infants similar to alcohol intake; even taking both of them together increases this negative effect. The amount of nicotine in the body also exacerbates the negative effects of caffeine on the baby. (Nicotine amount is known to be directly related to smoking.) In our society, smoking and tea and coffee are often consumed together; this is a point that should be considered by prospective mothers; because they may be at risk of affecting the development of their babies.

Impairs iron absorption

As it is known during pregnancy, the need for iron increases. One of the negative effects of caffeine arises here; This is because it disrupts iron absorption up to 40% during pregnancy. In short, a mother; In order to meet the need for iron, the benefit of food and medicines containing iron is prevented due to the caffeine consumed.
Unknown face of tea, chocolate and acidic beverages

Contrary to popular belief, coffee is not the only culprit for caffeine intake. Caffeine taken daily provides only 20-40% of the coffee. Especially in our country, tea seems to be one of the most innocent criminals. Tea I; Caffeinated soft drinks such as chocolate and cola are followed by 10-50 mg caffeine in 60 grams.
Green tea is not innocent either

It seems to be the best way to look at the caffeine content of the food and drinks we consume daily. This way allows us to learn the amount of caffeine in drinks and foods that we do not expect. For example; “Black tea has caffeine; Let me drink green tea instead. çoğu Many people do not know that green tea also contains a considerable amount of caffeine. From this point of view, each expectant mother should review her eating and drinking habits and become aware of the amount of caffeine she is taking daily. When the mother expects to conceive, she should remove caffeine from her diet, if at all possible, or at least cut it in half. In the United Kingdom and the United States, women are advised to keep daily caffeine intake below 300 mg when planning a pregnancy and during pregnancy.

As a result, caffeine; It is a substance that causes developmental delay in the infant during pregnancy and reinforces the negative effect seen in the infant by increasing the amount of consumption. Caffeine before and during pregnancy, by recognizing which foods and drinks you take in your diet; Consuming the lowest amount of caffeine as possible and making adjustments on these habits during pregnancy will have a positive impact on your baby's development.