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Claire Chazal, Marie Drucker, Melissa Theuriau, Flavie Flament ... which of these television personalities did you find most successful in your life? It's up to you to answer!
Tomorrow, following our poll.

Which of the following television personalities has best served your life?

Claire Chazal.Marie Drucker.Mélissa Theuriau.Laurence Ferrari.Flavie Flament.Anne-Sophie Lapix.



Learn the colors with Pinpin and Lili: blue

The blue sky, the blue sea, the blue fish ... and even Pinpin and Lili are blue! Nothing better than pictures and a little story to learn to recognize colors!

Find all Pinpin and Lili videos on their channel

Production : Familiscope
Montage: Familiscope
Production : Familiscope

Riddle: It's white as milk

Should caregivers educate the children they care for?

Should caregivers educate the children they care for?

Caregiver Education - Art and Your Child

Name Anabelle - Meaning of the Name

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

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Anabelle is a name derived from Anne, which comes from the Hebrew word "hannah" meaning "graceful".


French writer and singer Annabelle Buffet, daughter of painter Bernard Buffet, journalist and TV host Annabelle Baudin, English actress Annabelle Wallace, famous for her role as Jeanne Seymour in the television series The Tudors, or the stylist, actress and British model Annabelle Dexter-Jones.
What destiny for your Anabelle?

Anabelle celebrates with Anne, Mother of the Virgin Mary in the Gospels. Saint Anne is the patron saint of Brittany.

His character :

Anabelle is an independent woman, volunteer, full of vitality and energy. She is refined in nature and constantly needs to be admired ... while having a great sense of responsibility.


Annabelle, Annabel, Anabel, Annabella, Anabela, Annabele, Anabele, Annabela

His party :

Anabelle is celebrated on July 26th.

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