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Pavel Stratan's daughter: € 1,000 for a song

Pavel Stratan's daughter: € 1,000 for a song

If there is something that really outrages and revolts me, that I repudiate and that often fills my eyes with tears, it is the issue of child abuse. They know what they do, who they do it with, and to top it all, many see it as normal, a religious and cultural tradition, they say.

I just read a post by Mariola Cubells, editor-in-chief of a newspaper, and I reproduce it because I believe that, as parents, we must open our eyes, and not only that, but also form consciences with which to help us better educate our children , orient them and warn them about their rights not to accept and not to "lower their heads" to everything that they feel is against them, physically and morally speaking. The education we give our children will be their thermometer for many, many years.

My friends at Unicef ​​have told me this story. The girl was called Elham, she was 12 years old and she was from Yemen. She married, she was married - one in three girls born in that country is married before reaching the age of 18 - to a man who was already 30.

Three days after the wedding, she died of internal bleeding caused by sexual intercourse within the marriage. Elham, like all prematurely married girls, had dropped out of school and been exposed, like the rest of her compatriots, to violence, abuse, and exploitation. Or to lose his life due to pregnancy, childbirth, or a damn relationship? sexual.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights says that marriage must be free and with full consent. And there is no doubt that a 12-year-old girl, in Yemen or Santander, cannot decide anything or consent to anything minimally important. What can be done then?

According to Unicef, the laws should establish a minimum age for marriage. And that's when you think, but is it that the law didn't already limit something like this? Are we not in the 21st century? Well, it seems not. So that may be a first step, something to hold on to, something to start swimming against the current of tradition, poverty, illiteracy, the total inequality between men and women that exists in so many parts of the world . Something to stop so much human misery.

Vilma Medina. Director of our site

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5 questions about co-sleeping

I remember it was silly to say that, after the baby appears, the husband goes to second place and feels ignored and neglected. What women are these ?! I don't think I love the same passion and madness that I love my husband. No way, for me my partner is deeply implanted in the heart, we make room for the child, but there is no prioritization.

:) Well, now that I am a mother, it is not so ... My husband is here, just as attached to my heart, I do not love him less, nor do we love our face more than him. It's not about that.

But ... I don't think he knows what a glance is when we both climb into a lift and kiss on the run (we stop at 1 and get there quickly), he no longer knows how to go hand in hand on the street, how to we sit for hours on a terrace, telling stories and things, like launching on weekends, like two lazy cats. And I no longer know what it is like to stick with him when we cross our house, how to look for him when we are with other people, how to return, after a long departure, with a heart beating only for him.

Now I'm kind of like: "wait a bit to see where the girl runs", "you put me some food and you sit with my face while I'm eating?", "We get into bed it's sleep time, if not I go back to sleep "," you buy the subway card and we look here at the kiosk? "," you take a jacket and a bag and I hold it". He discreetly places himself among all my indications and absences in his daily life. Cook alone, no longer ask me what and how, take the recipe from the net; I wake up in the morning and the dishes are washed; looks at a series and tells me if I like it or not, anyway I will never get to see it, over 3 years is out of fashion.

When we intersect all three, it starts and tells me something more and suddenly the girl is galloping, demanding attention ("let's talk like a team", meaning all three). Through all the agitation of the day, we rarely change a look that is just about us. So much so that I have a special assignment: stolen fractions of a second. I miss it and I strongly believe that no getaway in two in the evenings (which we cannot afford to leave the baby anyway) will not cancel the situation. The relationship also suffers with it.

Somehow we are lucky, we have common principles and values ​​related to raising children. But maybe because we talk about it and we agree with each other. We rarely push ourselves, because I am too insistent or he is too relaxed - they are isolated situations.

Now (I emphasize now) we do not have heavy conflicts, which will erode the relationship, only that we do not have time for the small positive positive interactions, which give fine tuning to the couple. I think I went through the hardest period, the good part is that I started running again and the endorphins make me calmer and more patient. We are more relaxed, since our daughter comes out of childhood, 0-3 years.

I read about partners with young children - 2-3 years - that they divorce. Once I would have said: Are they crazy ?! Now I think how hard they must have been in the last period, how much consumption, how much daily struggle to save a relationship that seemed imperturbable. They may still have the energy and willingness of the soul to fight for their relationship, but, ironically, they have no time. Because you can't save a relationship in the evening, after the baby is asleep, no matter what the sex, these nightmares are supposed to be.

The relationship is kept alive with small interactions sprinkled throughout the day. It seems that, in happy couples, the rate of positive vs. negative interactions is 20 to 1, in conflict couples of 5 to 1, and in couples close to divorce of 0.8 to 1. 20 to 1 ...

When I struggle, some couples give up, others go inertially, others look at this period with patience. Maybe for some couples it doesn't even open a painful wound. Although ... I do not see how to constantly respond to the needs of the young child and, at the same time, to be able to interact, frequently, positively and affectionately (often) with the partner.

We chose to fight, to be resistant, to have patience with each other. And to understand that our relationship has another dynamic, which we must accept and, after we relax, try to model it.

I have a girl with zulufs for almost 3 years, for which my name is Mommy. For my husband I am Dana. I write about our life, what I learn and discover, with good and bad, light and heavy, on modernmother.ro. You can also find me Facebook Modern Mother.

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How to prevent food poisoning

Food poisoning or food poisoning is a frequent, extremely unpleasant and sometimes lethal health problem. People infected with bacteria taken from altered or contaminated foods can have intense symptoms immediately or with a delay of up to 48 hours after illness. Here's how you can prevent food poisoning at home!

Depending on the type of infection, such a condition can be life threatening. Cramps, vomiting and diarrhea are symptoms of food poisoning, caused by parasites introduced into the body through ingestion.

Moreover, you may not know what is going on with you or your loved ones, even 2 days in a row, during which the symptoms may be delayed. Bacteria from foods double their shoulders every 20 minutes if they are in a pleasant environment, at room temperature. Children are most vulnerable to food poisoning.

Common sources of bacteria

Although you can't see them, smell or taste them, millions of bacteria surround you daily. Most of them are harmless, but there are also species that have a damaging effect on the digestive system (E. coli, salmonella, listeria).

The types of parasites that it is essential to avoid live in raw meat, poultry, fish, eggs and unpasteurized dairy products. Bacteria can also reach the daily menu directly from your hands, so pre-food hygiene is essential.

Organisms of this kind can still be found on kitchen surfaces. Carefully wash any material that comes in contact with raw meat or fresh eggs before reusing it. Don't forget to disinfect towels in boiling water and change the dish sponges every few weeks.

A temperature of 70 degrees Celsius kills most of the bacteria, but a meat left for 2 hours in a warm environment could remain contaminated with boiling-resistant toxins.

Prevention of food poisoning

- make sure that any food product (especially the ones listed above) is very well cooked before consumption; you can check the boiling temperature with a thermometer;

- carefully choose and prepare fish and shells: they must be fresh and well cooked;

- at the restaurant, does not accept to be served with semi-raw food: ask for a new serving, in another clean dish;

- do not leave eggs, meat, seafood and dairy products at room temperature for more than half an hour; promptly chill the leftovers and the food prepared previously;

- Frequently disinfects the surfaces and utensils of the kitchen and gives up the wooden chopper, difficult to clean completely;

- Do not consume frozen meat several times in a row: it can contain many dangerous bacteria;

- wash vegetables and fresh fruits in water baths, leaving them to sit in a bowl for a few minutes; mere exposure to the sink jet is not sufficient;

- avoid any unpasteurized food: cheese, milk, yogurt, cream or natural juices;

- if you have the symptoms of a digestive disorder (nausea, diarrhea, etc.) you do not care about cooking for the family (especially children or the elderly); you could transmit the bacteria to others;

- inquire about the correct preservation of the broth, pickles, jam and compote;

- wash your hands frequently, especially if you come into contact with animals; any living creature should have prohibited access to the kitchen;

According to dermatologists, skin problems in children are increasingly common. Especially in the youngest. Among infants, this is a topic to be addressed every second to third child. Very often skin allergy develops already at this stage of life. How does it manifest itself and how to treat it?

Skin allergy - when the skin calls for help

Allergy is a civilization disease. From year to year, subsequent cases are recorded in each age group, also among adults and people of old age. However, it is among children the biggest problem. The youngest children are already sick, the first changes may appear as early as 2 months of age. Among infants, allergy often manifests itself in the form of skin changes that disappear over time and may or may not turn into respiratory or digestive problems.

Read - allergic march - what is it and how to avoid it?

Allergy in the form of skin changes can be caused by many factors:

  • contact with an allergen (occurring in food, air or e.g. clothing - nickel, chromium),
  • influence of environmental factors (e.g. pressure, low temperature),
  • stress, UV radiation, excessive sweating,
  • contact with water,
  • medicines,
  • food additives, preservatives and dyes,
  • and many others.

Skin allergy in a child - the same problem, different faces

Skin allergy can be activated in various forms:

  • urticaria,
  • atopic dermatitis,
  • contact dermatitis.

What does skin allergy look like in children?

Allergic changes in children can have different appearance. They can be small, individual, appear in clusters, on specific parts of the body, or occupy a larger area of ​​the skin.

They may or may not itch. If itching occurs, it can be of various severity - from small and easy to bear to one that forces constant scratching, which results in wounds susceptible to superinfections.

Allergic changes on the skin may occur for several hours and then disappear or annoy for weeks and be difficult to remove.

It happens that skin allergy occurs once, however, as often and even more often the changes are recurrent. Sometimes an allergy initiating factor can be easily identified, but in most cases it is very difficult and sometimes even impossible.

Skin allergy can be confused with other problems - infant acne or seborrheic dermatitis.

Skin allergy: symptoms

  • skin changes (red, pink, white, raised in the form of bubbles),
  • occurring in points or groups,
  • appearing in the same place or migrating,
  • itchy or uncomfortable
  • exacerbation of changes during contact with irritants.

How to treat skin allergies in children?

The way you treat your child's allergies depends on their nature.

The removal of urticaria changes will look differently than the fight against AD.

Certainly, a common feature of treatment for all skin changes is careful and sensible approach to daily care. Attention should be paid to the way cosmetics are selected and habits repeated every day. Means for cleaning and oiling the baby's skin should be unscented, with a natural composition possible, free of allergens. Many hypoallergenic cosmetics dedicated to sensitive and allergy-prone skin are available.

For inflammatory lesions, most doctors recommend removing them using ointments with corticosteroids (so-called steroids), which, unfortunately, have many side effects. When applying them, strictly follow the doctor's instructions, remembering about breaks in treatment and avoiding application to particularly sensitive areas of the skin, especially the face.

Skin condition can also improve removing chemicals from home, switching to natural cleaning methods. Sometimes it is a good idea to get rid of flowers (risk of allergy to mold), heavy drapes, systematic washing of blankets and toys (risk of allergy to mold). It is also recommended using soft, pleasant to the skin materials, so as not to irritate the epidermis. It also brings good results avoiding excessive stress, ensuring that the everyday environment is pleasant and predictable for the child (protection against sudden temperature changes).

Unfortunately, the treatment of skin allergies in children is usually long and difficult. It requires a lot of patience from parents. It happens, especially in acute cases of atopic dermatitis, that consultation with a psychologist becomes necessary.

Name Juana - Meaning of origin

Name Juana - Meaning of origin