Micaela: origin and meaning of the name for girl Micaela

Micaela: origin and meaning of the name for girl Micaela

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17 tips to curb constipation, gas and heartburn in pregnancy

Due to the physical and hormonal changes that women undergo during pregnancy, it is inevitable that they appearconstipation, gas, and heartburn in pregnancyAnd although they are not considered serious diseases, they can be very uncomfortable for women.

1. Gas and pregnancy
Everyone, pregnant or not, expels and is susceptible to flatulence. However, many women feel that during pregnancy they pass more gas than usual or their stomach swells up more, even with pain.

Gas is formed in the digestive system in two ways: when you swallow air and when bacteria in your colon (large intestine) break down undigested food. Most of the gas in the stomach They are produced by swallowing air and are usually released by burping.

The cause of this problem, like many typical discomforts of pregnancy, are the hormones. Specifically, high levels of progesterone, which by relaxing the smooth muscles of the digestive system, slows digestion, causing flatulence and unpleasant sensations in the abdominal area, especially after a large meal.

It is very common for women to have a lot of gas during the first trimester; then improvement in the second trimester, but at the end the uterus is larger, presses on the stomach and causes the annoying sensation to increase again during digestion. In addition to this, this may increase heartburn.

What I can do to feel better?

- Try to eliminate from your diet those foods that you know cause you gas.

- Eat five meals a day, varied and small amount.

- Do not take fried, nor highly processed foods that make you have heavy digestions.

- People who do not have lactose tolerance they may find that dairy products make them gassy. If you are highly intolerant to dairy products, you probably knew it before your pregnancy, since they may have caused you diarrhea and abdominal pain.

- Eat slowly and chew well. Remember that digestion begins in the mouth.

- Keep your clothes from tightening you the waist (pants, stockings ...)

- Don't eat gum produces a lot of gases.

- Get regular exercise, as it helps to mobilize and eliminate gases.

- Avoid constipation, as it can contribute to flatulence and the feeling of abdominal bloating.

- Attentive to infusions, that not because they are natural means that they are safe during pregnancy. Many of them may be contraindicated.

If you do not notice improvement with these simple measures, make an appointment with your midwife. She will guide you towards safe measures for you and your baby.

2. Heartburn and pregnancy
Burning or heartburn (also known as heartburn) is due to the passage of acid content that returns from the stomach to the esophagus, causing a sensation of burning in the chest and throat. The most common is that it occurs in the last trimester of pregnancy, when the growth of the uterus and the baby press on the stomach.

It is estimated that around half of pregnant women will suffer from this discomfort at some point, and it is known that it is due in large part to hormonal reasons. In this case, the culprit is progesterone, which relaxes the upper esophageal sphincter muscles, allowing acid content to pass from the stomach to the mouth.

What I can do to feel better?

- Avoid lying down immediately after eating.Wait at least 2 hours, since lying down or lying down favors gastroesophageal reflux.

- Avoid foods that increase acidity or delay gastric emptying. For example, certain seasonings (vinegar, pepper or other spices) dishes with tomato or tomato sauce. Neither are carbonated soft drinks, coffee, tea, chocolate and fatty foods or preparations (fried, stews or fatty stews), as well as peppermint infusions, which relax the sphincter and promote reflux.

- Drink more fluids between meals. And instead, do not drink during meals so as not to increase the volume of the stomach. Drinking at small intervals helps prevent heartburn and nausea. Drinking dairy also helps neutralize acidity.

All these measures help to alleviate the symptoms, but if the burning persists, in many cases the use of specific medication is necessary, always on medical advice.

3. Constipation and pregnancy
Again another hormone appears as the culprit of this annoyance: progesterone. Its important function is to relax the smooth muscles of the uterus so that there are no premature contractions. However, it also affects the smooth muscles of the other organs and, among other things, causes slowing of intestinal transit and, consequently, constipation.

Other reasons may be that women move less during these months than they used to or the intake of iron (many pregnant women should take it in the last months of pregnancy).

How to improve constipation?

- Move on: exercise, this way you can increase traffic.

- Take fiber: vegetables, fruit and bet on the whole wheat (bread, pasta, rice).

- Hydrate yourself: drink water every time you feel thirsty, have soups, purees, gazpacho. It is essential so that the stools are not very hard.

- Take dairy ferments, since they help to rebalance the intestinal flora and normalize the transit.

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Nowadays, it is not uncommon for women to be over forty, but since then we usually have females from over fifty. The majority is rejected, the affected families are thankful, well-off and happy.

The New York Magazine's website has raised a lot of dust

We go to the subway, before a mother pushes the stroller. Stylish, narrow hips, hair in hips. It is only when we walk past him and see his face as the stroller is stuck with a wheel that we find that we are actually watching a young but grandmother. He's not the only one who does such surprises. In the United States, having a child over the age of 45-50 (and not infrequently the first child) is becoming more common: as the number of children in the younger age group decreases, and in the case of older mothers increases dramatically.
John Ross 54, Ann Maloney and he was 47 when they met. On one of their first dates, which has often been mentioned since then, they uttered phrases that included: "Your body is like a young girl. You have to give birth to a child." They were both far from a bad home, had a lovely psychiatric career, and had grown up with a man's first son. After 18 months of knowledge, they got together and found a community where they were included in the donor flask program.
Their first baby was born in 2001, and when Ann managed to end menopause with hormone treatment a couple of years later, she also conceived a second baby. At that time he was 52 years old. New York Magazine Ann is 60 years old and John is 66 years old.
In Western societies, the time of the first childhood venture is increasing. In Italy, Germany and the United Kingdom, women are born on average 30 years, in the United States 25, and in New York 27 years. The number of children aged 45 and over has more than doubled since 1997, despite economic viability. In 2008, about half a thousand newborns restored their 50-year-old mother. The proportion of parents over the age of 45 is also significant.
Molly Friedrich's 59-year-old, his own children are already grown up, now raising two adopted children, 9 and 14, because - according to him - there was no good reason not to do so. He has good health and energy, and children are much better off living with him and his brother for up to twenty years than spending time in a Guatemalan or Vietnamese prison.
Opponents of the process say that in our youth-centered culture, some have suggested that a baby in their arms is much younger than a sports car or hair dye.
And the technological advances in artificial fertilization allow them to conceive and eliminate these relatively small primates. Many people are outraged because, as I say, it takes a lot of strength and momentum to raise a child, and in the over 50s, we don't think so. Often children come from the side of the topic: don't children have the right to at least have a healthy, vigorous birth? Many people complain that a child is stressed by his or her elderly parents worrying about their health, and later parents may need to be nurtured when their child is studying for a state exam, starting a career, or raising a small child.
It is believed that carrying a pregnancy poses an increased risk in these cases, for example, whether or not the walls are sufficiently elastic to handle increased blood flow. That's why the doctors who help these mothers undergo numerous examinations. Their experience is that these great middle-aged women are also very young from a biological point of view!
Kate Garros is 61 years old, a 7 year old twin partner, mother of John and Alexandra. Relaxing on a Long Island beach, the kids whimpering, paddling, Alexandra sleeps under her mother's arm just as she caresses her mother's finger - which is also very painful due to her inflammation. Noteworthy ardor in addition to childhood, that life expectancy is constantly increasing, can be counted for 50 more years: American women are unpredictably 81 years old! Studies have shown that children are encouraged to extend their lives. They give goals, they help with menopause, they commit to taking care of themselves - which these couples can do because they can usually do.
There is a demonstrable relationship between higher annual income and lower childhood. Wealthier, highly skilled women are characterized by health consciousness: they are athletic, active, and healthy eating is essential for many. This prevents overcrowding and the associated obesity of lightly civilized diseases over the age of forty.
Fiona Palin, 38, started the baby project. After 6 unsuccessful flask insertions, he was depressed for years, and then had the hope of implanting the last frozen embryo. Her husband, Nick, were just about to start a big family holiday, and for safety's sake, they took a pregnancy test at a supermarket to see if Fiona could clap. In the supermarket washroom, the pregnancy test became positive, the woman began to cry hysterically, and her husband's weight began to shine in the store's parking lot. He gave birth to his baby forty-nine years and is happier than ever while breastfeeding.
Why, because someone was not born when young, can we deprive him of babies' happiness? Can we say, like a kid, "You got your ice cream here, but it's not good time, so you can't eat now!" Of course not, it is a matter of human freedoms that everyone can decide for themselves when it comes to childbirth and then upbringing.
Forrбs: Miller, L. (2011): Parents of a Certain Age. Is there anything wrong with being 53 and pregnant? New York Magazine, September 25, 2011

Opera and Operetta Festival, August 24 - September 2, 2012, Timisoara

Santa Nicolae is coming! Have you prepared your ice cream?

Santa Nicolae is coming! Have you prepared your ice cream?

A quiet evening, when we tell beautiful stories to the little ones and convince them that if they are good, Santa will come to them. Every night from December 5th to 6th, Santa puts in ice-cream presents for the kind children. It is said that those who were not listeners leave a silver lining.

Unlike Santa, Santa Nicolae never shows up when he brings gifts.

We celebrate Saint Nicholas' day with songs and thematic poems or we draw and color plaques with Santa Nicolae, who sneaks with the bag full of gifts. It is important for the little ones to understand that this holiday does not involve substantial gifts, as is the case with Christmas, but only some symbolic gifts.

Who is Santa Nicolae?

Saint Nicholas or Santa Nicolae is known as the protector of those wrongfully accused, of the merchants, travelers, unmarried girls, brides and especially young children. This is also the holy protector of Braila, possibly due to the fact that, being a port city, there were often many traders and travelers.

There is no clear information on who Saint Nicholas was, this being the first time mentioned as the saint who appeared to him in a dream to Constantine the Great, to ask him to forgive three hostages whom this emperor sentenced to death. Later, all the biographical data concerning Saint Nicholas were mentioned in the Golden Legend, of Jacob de Voragina, in 1264.

Saint Nicholas is celebrated in the Byzantine, Latin, Lutheran and Anglican calendars on December 6th.

Customs of Saint Nicholas

In American traditions, children leave on a table a glass of milk and a plate of cookies for the tired and hungry Santa on the road.

It is not known exactly where the custom of putting gifts in pans comes from, but most likely it is a modification of the idea that Saint Nicholas is a protector and a lover of children, who did charities and kindness towards them, offering them in gift clothes, sweets and items they needed.

According to legend, the gift was allowed to fall through the oven, in a hanging sock to dry it, but the habit of putting socks to the fireplace is related to Santa, not to Santa.

The legend of Saint Nicholas

Legend has it that three sisters, the daughters of a poor nobleman, could not marry because of the poverty in their family. It is said that when the eldest daughter arrived at the time of her marriage, Nicolae, already a bishop, left a yellow bag at the door of the noble's house.

The story was repeated just as the time of maritis for the second girl came. When it came time for the third girl, the nobleman stood guard to find out who was doing the right thing for his girls. That night, the nobleman stood guard and saw him. It is said that Saint Nicholas climbed the roof and let the sack through the house's stove, in a dry sock, which is why the habit of hanging fireplace socks appeared.

After the father of the girls saw the events, Nicolae asked him to keep the secret, but he did not resist the temptation to tell further. Since then, anyone who received an unexpected gift thanked Nicolae for him. The three bags of gold gifted to the noble girls became the symbol of Saint Nicholas in the form of three golden balls (in the western iconography).

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Actions of parents that violate the privacy of adolescents

Actions of parents that violate the privacy of adolescents

Christmas card craft videos

The Christmas handcrafts They are ideal for children to unleash their imagination and creativity. In addition, these Christmas card crafts are an original and different way to congratulate the holidays to family and friends.

In these videos of GuiaInfantil.com you will find many ideas of children's crafts using felt, cardboard and other materials.

Choose the model you like the most and follow the instructions in the video, step by step. Then you can complete the postcard with a dedication, a phrase or a Christmas message.

You can find a wide variety of original Christmas cards to make with children. Congratulate Christmas with a very special postcard made by your children!

Card with Santa Claus clothes. How to make an original card to congratulate Christmas with children. Learn how to decorate the Christmas postcard with Santa's clothes hanging on a clothesline. Crafts with felt for children. Easy and inexpensive ideas to do with the kids during the Christmas holidays.

Card with gingerbread man. How to make a Christmas greeting card with a felt gingerbread man. Decorate the house at Christmas with homemade Christmas card crafts. With this video, children can learn to make this beautiful postcard with a gingerbread man.

Postcard with Christmas reindeer. How to make a Christmas greeting card with a felt Christmas reindeer. Christmas postcard craft with a reindeer to congratulate the holidays. Christmas reindeer postcard craft tutorial video.

Postcard with Christmas bells. Bells card with felt for Christmas. How to make a Christmas postcard with cardboard and felt, step by step. Video craft for children of a Christmas postcard with bells.

Star card. How to make a card to congratulate Christmas with shiny stars in felt, crafts with felt. Ideas to do with children easy, simple and cheap. Decorate your house for Christmas.

Card with Christmas hearts. We present you different ideas of postcards to congratulate Christmas, very simple, that you can make yourself or with the children to congratulate the holidays in a special way.

Card with felt balls. How to make a card to congratulate Christmas with colored Christmas balls in felt, crafts with felt. Ideas for making Christmas cards with children easy, simple and cheap.

Postcard with Christmas balls. We teach you to make, step by step, a Christmas card with a typical Christmas ball to give during Christmas to friends or family. A children's Christmas craft with which you will spend a very fun time as a family.

Postcard with shiny balls. Christmas balls craft step by step. How to make a card with Christmas decorations on video. video crafts of Christmas postcards to make with children.

Postcard with embossed Christmas ball. Postcard with hanging Christmas ball for children. Christmas card video craft for children. How to make, step by step, a postcard decorated with a Christmas ball.

Tree card with stars. Christmas postcard craft to do with the children. Step-by-step Christmas card with a cardboard tree. How to make a star Christmas tree card craft.

Postcard with tree of hearts. Christmas tree of hearts postcard. Easy Christmas crafts with cardstock for kids. How to make, step by step, a Christmas card with a tree made of hearts, with the children. Recover the tradition of sending Christmas postcards made by hand.

Christmas card with clothespins. Christmas card craft with clothespins. Personalized messages to congratulate Christmas. Christmas postcard craft video with message on clothespins. How to make a Christmas card with children.

Postcard with Christmas angel. Christmas card with little felt angel. How to make, step by step, a postcard with a felt angel. Video craft to make a Christmas card. Felt Christmas angel for children.

Card with 3D tree. Christmas tree card craft. How to make a Christmas card with a tree in 3D. Christmas postcards step by step in video. Christmas card craft for children.

Whether through cards that we buy at stationery stores, or through postcards that we make at home with children, or even through emails or social networks, the truth is that sending Christmas greetings to friends and family, It is part of what the spirit of solidarity, kindness and generous Christmas represents.

Christmas is the time of year when everyone comes together, since during the year the lack of time made this approach more difficult.

Children learn from the customs and habits of their parents. If you want to transmit the custom of sending Christmas greetings to your children, practice this activity every year with them. It will teach them things like:

- to consider the people who love

- to make others happy

- to spend time doing something for others

- to value family

- to value friends

- to be part of Christmas

- to assimilate the true meaning of these holidays.


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How Kegel Exercises are Made and What Are the Benefits?
Nursery rhymes: A little pig hanging from the ceiling

A little pig hanging from the ceiling, pinch his nose, he will give milk. Pull her tail ... This nursery rhyme karaoke will please your little one!

Find the magazine Toupie and subscribe to the Youtube channel

All nursery rhymes

The words of the nursery rhyme:

A little pig

Hung from the ceiling,

Pinch his nose

He will give milk,

Pull her tail

He will lay eggs,

Pull him harder,

He will give gold!

How much do you want ?

" 7 " 

" 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 ! "'


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Montage: Milan Press
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