Culture maidess 22 - 23 September

Culture maidess 22 - 23 September

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A gift for a smile!

We have established where we will celebrate the entry into the New Year, we have completed our holiday outfit, we have prepared the menu for family meals ... all the items on our list seem ticked, but something is missing ... a good deed on the eve of the holiday!

This is how we got to know the children of the Day Center "The Childhood House". Beautiful dwarves, with cheerful eyes, but cannot enjoy childhood.

There are children with autism, children who need our help in order to recover. Art therapy and play therapy are two of the extremely important activities in the development of children with autism spectrum disorder.

This is how we came up with the idea: organizing a gift-gathering event to support these therapies that take place in the "House of Childhood".

When we say cafe / pub / club, we automatically think of fun, parties, concerts. But around the holidays, some of these venues are heading for the humanitarian part of the holiday. This was the case with Shift Pub. The help came quickly - the Shift Pub team understood the needs of children with autism, so was involved in organizing the gift-gathering event.

Shortly after the event started, Shift Pub became a true gift shop. New and old toys, story books, coloring books and pencils, logic games - were collected in Santa's bag by customers, journalists and local staff.

The gifts took the path of the Day Center "The House of Childhood", where Santa's aid was distributed to the children.

It all started with an idea developed at a coffee shop in Shift Pub, continued with the mobilization of all journalists in collecting toys and ended with a Gift for a Smile. Mission accomplished!

Day Center "Children's House"

"Casa Copilariei", part of the Association "Captives in your mind", is a new project that aims to facilitate the access to treatment and to a good evolution of the child with various deficiencies.

"The House of Childhood" is a center with a program similar to that of a kindergarten, respectively schools, where parents can leave their children during the day. Within the day center, children are treated, learn, play and rest, benefiting permanently by the supervision of a specialist.

Expanded space, art workshops for children from 6 to 12 years

Aerius syrup - action and reviews

An unmotivated teenager ... S.O.S!

10 Things You Should Never Say To Your Child

Games to visually stimulate babies from 1 to 3 years old

Games to visually stimulate babies from 1 to 3 years old

Babies between 12 months and 3 years of age have acquired many visual skills. They have gone from seeing blurry and even in black and white to capturing all the tones. They are able to focus what they have near and far and manage peripheral vision, which is one that reaches almost 180ยบ.

However, his vision is not yet fully developed. They will have to wait until 5 or 6 years for both eyes to work in a coordinated and precise way.

Parents can help our children to complete this visual development with some simple games that we can play at home:

- Sit him on a small stool so that you can support the soles of your feet on the ground. Place near him a toy or item that catches his attention so that he has to get up and reach it.

- Encourage walking by placing objects at a distance that force you to move and grab it.

- To reinforce your balance and the perception you have of your body, in addition to making you work focusTo do this, put objects on the ground and so he has to bend down, in this way he will have to calculate the distance at which the element is. You will also be stimulating hand-eye coordination.

- It is good to stimulate fine motor skills, for this you can give the child pencils or crayons so that draw, doodle, or freeform lines.

- To work visual memory through touchFor this we can offer the baby objects of different sizes and textures so that they can discriminate without looking.

- They can also start working with simple puzzles.

All these simple actions contribute to training the musculature of the eyes of the children to strengthen it and encourage both to work together and precisely.

In collaboration with:

Teresa Molina and Maria Valencia

Opticians and optometrists

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Angina with kisses - that is what the average pediatrician will not tell you

Angina with kisses - that is what the average pediatrician will not tell you Many diseases are similar to each other. Unfortunately, their treatment is radically different.

The physician must be intuitive and have extensive experience to recognize basic ailments. In practice, however infectious mononucleosis is often confused with angina. The first disease is caused by viruses for which the antibiotic does not work, the second by bacteria (its treatment requires the administration of an antibiotic).

Prescription of an antibiotic for angina will not be effective if your child has infectious mononucleosis. On the contrary, about 7-10 days after administration of the antibiotic, a sick, macular papular rash appears on the body of the sick person, which in a sense facilitates diagnosis.

Angina from kisses, mononucleosis - symptoms

The so-called kissing disease, or mononucleosis, is easiest to get infected during a kiss. Viral disease is spreading behind through saliva - not only during kisses, but also when we use the same glasses, brushes, bottles, toys (previously taken into the mouth). In the acute period of the disease you can become infected by droplet. Mononucleosis also spreads from mother to fetus. The virus is responsible for its occurrence Espstein - Barr (EBV).

Motherhood is the hardest thing in life

When my first child was born, all my thoughts revolved around me. Is everything okay with her, healthy, eating enough, your pet, I met all your needs? Really every moment was just roula.

Being a mother is sometimes very difficult!
Now that my second child has been born, I know that in these first few weeks, We need to get ready for overnight. Most importantly, my body is working well to feed and care for my baby, so I make sure I get enough food and sleep. And maybe I get some rest. Everyone knows this is the time, but to be honest, it's still very difficult. But it is always taboo to talk about it. If you are asked how I am, I will answer: "I'm mad", then you will have a sympathetic smile and a sympathetic babble. If I choose honestly: "this is the hardest thing i have ever done and sometimes the days seem totally hopeless", then I get a gentle smile from my interlocutor, who immediately changed my mind. At the same time, it's the most wonderful and important thing I've ever done. I am at least as proud to finish one after my son's meal as I was to do good business. Many times, I feel the heavy part of maternity is hidden under the carpet.When the truth is, we always lie a little bit, avoid the raw flat. It doesn't matter if you are from your family, your friends or our roommate. Moreover, even moms do not fully open one another. "Heavy, but you can get used to ...", "Heavy, but we can all do it ...", "Heavy, but it gets easier ..." - we use words like this. What are we, mothers, talking about this difficult job in a humiliating way? One night my son was really crying. His face was red and distorted, his small hand holding his finger lightly before an urn pressed against him. He fought for himself, hit me many times in the face. I rocked, shook, tried to reassure him, whisper to him. I sang my favorite song several times, but I didn't sing it anymore, I said it in sorrow as well because I knew it was a pain. I cried because I couldn't stop this pain. I cried because I felt so motherly I failed. I cried because I was tired. I cried because I wanted my own mother. I cried because we had a recent marathon breastfeeding and my nipples were very painful. I cried because I was afraid it was going to be nasty. It was so, but so difficult - I thought. Then finally my son calmed down, we both fell asleep and the next morning I was ready for the New Day. Later, when asked how I was, I said, "All right, better than I hoped." Yeah, it could have been really worse. So, a little bad, isn't that bad? - you can ask. But yes. Forget about the sugar base. Let's try to be honest. When we have a good day, I also share it with my friends, but I still do not forget the difficult moments. People in my environment always know what's going on when I need a little extra support, a friendly chat, or to take care of my son while I take a refreshing shower. It is also wonderful. But still, the difficult moments will not be any easier. Then what is motherhood? The hardest thing in life you will never regret. What is above all and what you love unspeakably. The struggle wins. The original article can be read here. Also worth reading:
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