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Are you exhausted during breastfeeding? There is a solution!

Are you exhausted during breastfeeding? There is a solution!

Healthcare professionals recommend exclusive breastfeeding for up to six months around the world, as the best nutrition for the baby is breastfeeding and the best nutrition for the mother.

Are you exhausted during breastfeeding? There is a solution!

The mother can nurse the baby from the first moment with the breast milk, since its composition is constantly adapted to the baby's needs, so that breastfeeding can form the basis for a small future health. Each sip of breast milk gives the baby the diet best suited for growth and healthy growth. Contains all the nutrients your baby needs for the first 6 months of life.

What happens to the mother's body during breastfeeding?

During the period of breastfeeding - especially after a couple of weeks following the birth of a baby - it is not uncommon for mothers to become increasingly tired and exhausted. This is not only because the little newcomer needs day-to-day care and extra attention, and that the new mother is faced with constant challenges in her new position, but also because during breastfeeding, the mother's vitamin and mineral stores are depleted.
A breastfeeding mother's vitamin test can be up to 30-100 percent more than a breastfeeding woman's breastplate. Over time, vitamin deficiency can manifest not only in fatigue but also in irritability, and in many cases, hair loss and other unpleasant symptoms can occur.

The zinc supply is 57 percent higher than that of breastfeeding mothers compared to that of non-breastfeeding women. This substance is one of the most important suppressors of the immune system, and can lead to depression, anemia, loss of strength, weak immune system and hair loss. Iron supports the body's function in many ways, from oxygen supply to muscle function. Breastfeeding during a need increases by 33 percent. Persistent deficiency can lead to depression, apostasy, fatigue, and women, on the other hand, are more likely to develop anemia. THE folic acid - 50 percent more of which is needed - An important contributor to cellular training and cerebral serotonin regulation, deficiency can lead to fatigue and lethargy. Your yoga, which increases your need by 50 percent, promotes mental health and contributes to thyroid hormone training. Breastfeeding mothers are advised to go beyond the former omega 3-fatty acid (DHA) 200 mg daily ** and supplementation - this nutrient plays an important role in the baby's brain development.
* Source: Germany, Austria, Switzerland Reference values ​​for breastfeeding mothers, 2013
** The beneficial effect of DHA is in the recommended daily intake of omega-3 fatty acids (250 mg omega-3 fatty acids) for adults.

Filling the Vitamin Bins

For the sake of prolonged, joyful breastfeeding, it is essential that the mother should ensure that her body's nutritional requirements are supplemented by consuming or expressing the benefits of foods containing important nutrients.

Name Anne-Lyse - Meaning of origin

Name Anne-Lyse - Meaning of origin

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

This charming feminine name comes from the contraction of the Hebrew words "hannanh" and "Elisabeth" which respectively mean "gracious" and "God or hello". The etymological roots of this forename also mean "god is oath".


Anne-Lyse Thomine is a journalist and animator specializing in simple editing (Adobe Audition, Final Cut). She is a radio host on Radio France since March 2013.
Anne-Lyse Renon is a graphic designer and doctoral student in anthropology at the Center for Linguistics and Sociolinguistics of the Marcel Mauss Institute (EHESS - CNRS).
Anne-Lyse Demarchi is an expert psychologist leading a psychotherapy practice in Clermont-Ferrand.
Anne-Lyse is under the protection of St. Anne, the mother of the Virgin Mary and the grandmother of Jesus Christ. She is also the patron saint of Brittany.

His character :

Anne-Lyse has complete confidence in her abilities. She is thus opposed to the misogynistic concepts and practices that are still present in society. It would not be surprising to see her engage in female activism. By nature, she particularly hates addiction, whether to family members or to her companion. This mentality largely explains the reasons that motivate her to be particularly active in her life. His great will is accompanied by a good faculty of analysis allowing him to apprehend each event with discernment. Anne-Lyse also loves challenges. It tends then to opt for activities dominated by the male for his career orientation. Anne-Lyse blossoms fully by working in the technical and scientific fields. On an emotional level, she sometimes goes half-hearted, because men do not always perceive her as a real woman because of her lack of femininity. Despite her complex emotions, Anne-Lyse is quite capable of leading a stable and happy life.


Annelyse, Anelise, Annelise, Anne-Lysia and Anne-Louise.

His party :

The Anne-Lyse are celebrated on July 26 and November 17.

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Older Baby: Is the 45 the New 35?

We are always wondering if a woman is over the age of forty, although it is not at all extraordinary because of her career development and thorough physical and mental preparation.

45 is the new 35?

Halle Berry, Yakupcsek Gabriella, Nicole Kidman, Andrea Szulбk, Gwen Stefani йs Fésыs Nelly. What is the difference between domestic and international celebrities? They all had children above their forties, first and foremost. Contrary to old belief over 40 do not have to give up motherly birth control, and experience has shown that women are in no hurry - the inquisitiveness of her own can be called a trend today.

First career, then family

Today, much of the world every fifth woman has her first child after thirty. The reasons have changed, but anyone who has deliberately chosen a postponed job is usually choosing this path because of career advancement. That was the case in Rice Tьnde also, who is forty-one years old, and just in the sixth month, with my first baby. " I had a baby on my agenda.At twenty-one I became pregnant but didn't feel ready for maternity. I thought it was worth working on and getting on with life, but of course I also had less time to get to know each other, so it took a couple of years for my current couple to make love to the couple.

It's better to be afraid than to be scared

The fourth X's handed Tndah without any problems, but that didn't mean he could be excused from the extra tests he had previously considered necessary. "My heart felt that everything was fine with the little one, but they also did a fetal heart rate scan and a genetic and combined test, which was medium risk for my carbon black, but luckily my doctor also had blood. magzatvнz-mintavйtelt is also recommended, but due to almost faultless genetic results, I did not expect it. "A forty-one-year-old pregnant mother plays twice a week; how I will stay in my motherhood and fortunately so far others didn't give birth because of my age.Family and my friends shared the good news with me, I didn't get any disapproving comments. If it had just happened and the storm had knocked on it sooner, I'd have been up to it, but I generally don't feel like I missed anyone. I am very happy to be able to hold my baby soon and confess that I have played with the idea of ​​a little brother. "

We're still there

From a medical point of view ideally the expectancy falls between the ages of thirty and thirty, before this, women are not yet spiritually matured, and as they approach forty, their biological lambs begin to tick louder. Practice shows that, like Tandy, today's modern women are not just about having a child - they want to enjoy life, love, learning and a successful career before choosing a mother, only to have the You don't have to go back so much in time to see that your birth time is getting longer. "At the beginning of the year 2000, the peak of childhood fell between twenty and twenty years, but by 2012 it had been extended to thirty to thirty. At home, the most pregnant can be between thirty and forty yearswhich also means that second, third children conceive over the age of 40, " dr. Szgyny Gyorgyluckily, these demands are already being served by an increasing number of fronts, and not just the flask program. There are different ways to treat your pregnancy, ovarian function with improvement can also be significantly increased, thanks to which there are beautiful women to meet forty to forty-year-old women. "

You can get out of time

It is not difficult to find women in their forties who have not consciously delayed childbirth, but rather They failed out of time through their failures. Csilla for example, she wanted to date her mother in her thirties. "I've always been an awkward type, so I planned to have a baby only after the third X. But when I turned thirty, I still couldn't find the right partner to start a family .After three years, I found love, and we didn't postpone it for a long time, and after a year of getting to know about a baby project, The hell pushed us both down, but we tried to look at the good side of the thing, because there was hope! after my birthday the second implant was successful s, the kisbabбnk йs conceived. "

Not a happy ending

Nothing officially confirms that Csilla would have gotten pregnant without problems, but doctors say that her age has been revealed in a difficult childhood. His story is not as cloudy as that of Annie. "The examinations were all good and I didn't care about any problems. I thought I was out of trouble, everything was back to normal circularity, little nicely developed, and we were happily planning what life in threesome would look like. to try to stop the process, but when we couldn't keep the little one in place anymore, they took me to the maternity hospital. My doctor I keep my baby in an incubator for the time being, but fortunately l erхsebb days, йs szйpen fejlхdik, ъgy tыnik fully egйszsйgesen and vihetjьk home. Of course, I have been reminded many times that all this could have been avoided if I had a child sooner, but in the end I always find that if it was written in the book, it has a reason. "

The problem can be prevented

As confirmed by the following story, Tünde and Csilla's contemporaries a lightweight, uncomplicated motherhood is not always given. Even though the expectant mother is healthy and youthful, it must be taken into account that there is some extra risk, but due to this medical science, it can become light at some time. " Edwards, but fortunately there are screening and diagnostic tests that help to diagnose diseases that are more common with age, they can be detected with 95-97 percent accuracy, "he says. just to give you an example: instead of invasive, risk-based interventions, the mother's blood chromosome is now more lat ъtjбn was elйrhetх. "Related Articles:
  • Forties Club
  • Thus, the chances of a woman becoming pregnant change with age
  • Baby over 50 - first career, then family?

The Aquarius child is intelligent, has an overflowing imagination and an extreme curiosity, which will make him nose his nose in all things around and analyze them through his own diopters. Is this tendency to be bulky tolerated by other signs? Find out how to understand the Aquarius child with the brothers from the other signs!

Compatibility of Aquarius - Aries brothers

Besides imagination and curiosity, Aquarius is a leader and is ambitious, traits that can be fought in relation to the stubborn and powerful Aries. As both tend to take the lead in their relationship, many tensions will emerge, which will disappear only when they learn to cooperate effectively and know when to give up and when not to.

Compatibility of Aquarius - Taurus brothers

Despite their appearance, Aquarius and Taurus are compatible signs, the relationship of which naturally develops during childhood. Each brother knows his role and position in this relationship. Taurus is the leader, and Aquarius, something more idealistic and full of imagination, will take over the role of performer.

They will take on the roles, which is why they will be able to have a harmonious evolution as brothers and get along well. You should, however, encourage Aquarius to come out from time to time under his brother's domination to gain more confidence in his own strength!

Compatibility of Aquarius - Gemini brothers

Aquarius and Gemini are intellectually compatible. I think the same way, they show the same desire for knowledge and exploration of the environment and I am always in search of the absolute truth.

The quarrels between them are not without traces of physical violence, since both signs have a tendency towards aggression, which, if not controlled and oriented towards constructive activities (sport), can generate disputes of proportions.

Compatibility of Aquarius brothers - Cancer

Aquarius's authority and the sensitivity of the Sparrowhawk do not manage to join very well in a harmonious relationship. They are incompatible signs not only because of their different personalities, but also because of their divergent interests.

Aquarius tends to dominate the Cancer, which is easy to manipulate. This would not be a problem if the authoritarian and even harsh nature of Aquarius did not often hurt the feelings of the fragile Cancer. It is desirable to help Brother Cancer learn from his brother more about leadership qualities, so that he manages to assert himself in his areas of interest.

Compatibility of Aquarius - Leo brothers

Although both are stubborn and authoritarian, Leo and Aquarius make a "good home together" most of the time. However, the different interests that they have often make them move away from one another and even ignore them. It is important to bring them together in interesting games and activities, so that they get to know each other better, and the fraternal relationship is strengthened slightly.

Compatibility of Aquarius - Virgo brothers

Although astrally incompatible, the brothers from the Virgo and Aquarius zodiacs always manage to find common points of interest and to approach in surprising ways. The two brothers quickly observe their qualities and flaws and naturally manage to tolerate each other, to have a beautiful and harmonious relationship in childhood.

Compatibility of Aquarius - Libra brothers

Although they share common traits and interests, Libra and Aquarius form a relationship that is constantly prone to conflicts and tensions. The sea of ​​discord in the relationship between the brothers will often be Aquarius, more stubborn in nature. He considers that he is right in any situation. When it is contradicted, scandals erupt in proportions.

Fortunate that the gentle and peaceful nature of Libra will quickly alleviate these conflicts. It is advisable to help Aquarius be more open to ideas and proposals and learn to give up and accept when he is not right.

Compatibility of Aquarius - Scorpio brothers

Scorpio and Aquarius form a beautiful team and represent a constant source of creative ideas and projects, due to the desire for knowledge they share. The disputes between the brothers arise when they are put to compete against each other and they are not together, in the same camp.

Feed their imagination and curiosity through interesting activities and games that stimulate their desire for knowledge and exploration.

Compatibility of Aquarius - Sagittarius brothers

Put together, Sagittarius and Aquarius are full of surprises and interesting ideas, which I debate for a long day. They are compatible and easy to grow together, as they will always find common concerns that keep them busy, without the risk of getting bored or arguing with each other.

The two brothers love to talk incessantly, to engage in various conversations, even if they don't always know what it is, traits that can be a little annoying at times. But if you take care to learn the rules of politeness in conversations and the right times to intervene, the brothers will grow up beautifully together.

Compatibility of Aquarius - Capricorn brothers

Capricorn and Aquarius understand each other very well and are often put on wives. All the pictures they make together come from the thirst for knowledge that characterizes them and from the frequent scientific experiments that they do with most things in the house. Be careful to stimulate their desire for acquaintance with as many games and activities as most disputes between them end when they get bored.

Compatibility of Aquarius - Aquarius brothers

Raising two Aquarius brothers is a challenge for parents, because although they seem very similar, they have a lot of things and traits that separate them. Although they adhere to the same principle according to which people should have their own opinions, surprisingly, they are not very tolerant of each other's opinions and each tries to impose their thinking in discussions and confrontations.

Compatibility of Aquarius - Pisces brothers

Pisces and Aquarius have an interesting relationship. Although they tend towards the same goals, they have different visions of the means to achieve them. Aquarius has a leading attitude and tries to achieve his goals by any means, while the native of Pisces loses somewhere on the road in reaching the goals. However, they work well together and have a beautiful relationship.

What are your children signs of? How do you find the relationship between them from a zodiacal point of view? Does it match the predictions that the stars make about their compatibility?

Tags Compatibility of zodiac signs between brothers Compatibility of children zodiacs Children zodiacs Zodii brothers

Normal abortion

Normal abortion

When a woman becomes pregnant several times, but each pregnancy ends with a miscarriage occurring by the 5th month of pregnancy, it is called having a normal abortion. Her greatest concern is the chances that she has a pregnancy to complete!

What is habitual abortion?

Habitual abortion occurs when at least 3 or more consecutive pregnancies of the same woman end in miscarriage. There is thus a recurrence of miscarriage occurring before the 20th week of pregnancy. That is why he is also called recurrent abortion!

If spontaneous abortion occurs frequently in the first trimester of pregnancy, it is not considered that there is the usual risk of miscarriage.

If the woman has risk factors that can cause miscarriage, then no further research is done. However, when there is a recurrence of abortion in three or more pregnancies, especially occurring in the second trimester of pregnancy, a careful analysis of the causes is required.

What determines the occurrence of habitual abortion?

There are known and treatable causes of this type of abortion, while others remain a mystery to science. The list of causes of recurrent abortion is very long, each risk factor in a pregnancy being a potential cause of repeated abortion. It is also considered that the specific etiology of spontaneous abortion would be appropriate in the usual case. There are several categories of causes:

pathology uterine

Some of the most important causes of miscarriage are congenital malformations of the uterus. These can be easily discovered and avoided if the woman is tested using hereteroscopy, the most effective and reliable method of diagnosing the majority of uterine disorders:

  • uterine malformations (they are considered to cause more than 15% of recurrent abortions);

  • cervical insufficiency (a weakened cervix that can no longer bear pregnancy);

  • uterine synechia;

  • uterine fibroids;

  • uterine hyperplasia.

Chronic diseases

  • chronic kidney disease;

  • Diabetes;

  • hypertension;

  • severe anemia;

  • lack of folic acid in the body;

  • vitamin deficiency (avitaminosis);

  • chronic constipation.

Infectious causes

  • vaginal infections;

  • streptococcal B infection;

  • toxoplasmosis;

  • herpes simplex.

Immunological causes

autoimmune diseases (they are responsible for 10% of recurrent abortion cases).

Paternal causes

  • oligospermia;

  • asthenospermia;

  • teratospermia.

Hormonal disorders

  • Cushing's syndrome;

  • thyroid disorders;

  • polycystic ovary syndrome;

  • insufficient estrogen and progesterone.

Psychological causes

  • depression;

  • strong emotional stress;

  • strong emotional traumas that occurred during pregnancy.

Symptoms of habitual abortion

Even if it occurs in an advanced stage of pregnancy, it still manifests itself through spontaneous abortions, and the symptoms are similar:

  • severe abdominal cramps and pelvis;

  • vaginal bleeding (announces the moment when the fetus has detached from the uterus);

  • uterine contractions (due to the fact that the fetus walks freely through the uterine cavity, after the uterus detachment);

  • emaciation of the body (this symptom appears only if the fact dies before being expelled);

  • excessive redness of the skin (as a result of filling the abdomen with blood).

It can be treated?

It all depends on the most correct diagnosis of the causes of the onset and on the careful detection and analysis of the circumstances in which the multiple abortions took place. Depending on the etiology, the form of treatment is established, so that the woman may be able to carry out a pregnancy.

For example, if it is found that repeated miscarriages have an affective cause, psychological counseling is most appropriate.

If infections are found to cause abortion, then antibiotic treatment may remove the risk of recurrence in future pregnancies.

In the case of malformations of the uterus, surgical methods of removing them are used.

Thus, every possible cause of habitual abortion is investigated step by step and a form of treatment and prevention is instituted in the future. In any case, there is no complete certainty about risk removal when treating the cause. Even so, regular abortion can occur again.

It is not necessary for women who go through these traumatic episodes, both physically and mentally, to give in and give up. Statistically speaking, 85% of the women who went through recurrent abortion finally managed to complete a pregnancy.

Tags Common abortion Spontaneous abortion Recurrent abortion

The tarpon drove away the fatigue

Tea from tarragon stimulates digestion, increases appetite and removes stomach aches, experts say. In addition, teas help in the absorption of gas and, along with the thyme and pomegranate, can relieve the pain of the masses until you reach the doctor. The beneficial effects of this tea do not stop here.

Tea from tarragon stimulates digestion, increases appetite and removes stomach aches, experts say. In addition, teas help in the absorption of gas and, along with the thyme and pomegranate, can relieve the pain of the masses until you reach the doctor. The beneficial effects of this tea do not stop here.
The tarhon helps you relax and fight fatigue, say the specialists in herbal medicine. These teas are also useful in the production of the bile by the liver, which aids digestion and increases the rate at which toxins are removed from the body.
The tea is prepared as an infusion: boil water, then add a teaspoon of tarragon to a cup of 250 milliliters of water.

The cane is covered, left for ten minutes, after which it is drunk. Specialists recommend drinking at least one cup of tarragon tea daily.
Read the whole article in: Evenimentul Zilei
January 4, 2007
5 Tips to Minimize Sister Jealousy!

For parents, children are the most valuable thing they have. Therefore, parents give all their energy and love to this wonderful being without thinking.

They think they will never love any other being so much in their lifetime. Until I had a new baby. That's when they realize that they love their little babies as much as their brother or sister and show their babies the same attention and affection. There is no problem for adults in this process. However, for the older child, the situation may be much more severe than expected.

With the new baby brother jealousy concept can suddenly enter your life and make life difficult for all members of the family.

Why does the jealousy between the brothers origin?

A common problem jealousy between brothersbegins the moment a new baby joins the family. How Does? From the moment babies are born, they are at the center of the parents' lives. The world revolves around them.

In this case there is no problem for the baby. The mother spends time with her at every opportunity, takes care of her, plays games and fulfills her wishes. But one day a baby comes out. It also comes so that the mother and father spend time with him constantly; embraces, nourishes, tries to sleep, gas off, dresses. In such a case, jealousy between the brothers is inevitable.

Although the children have accepted each other when they get older, academic achievement at school, sporting skills, artistic talents, social relations with the environment, acquired professions, financial income earned by the beginning of working life and so on. The differences between them may also be the cause of jealousy among siblings.

Symptoms of Sister Jealousy

Usually in children aged 2 to 7 years Symptoms of brother jealousy Seen. These symptoms often appear as follows.

  • Inward closure
  • Being more nervous than normal, showing aggressive behavior
  • Hitting your brother, biting, hurting him on purpose
  • Imitating his brother by behaving behind the developmental period, such as gold coins, bottle feeding, baby talk, crawling
  • Excessive attachment to the mother, not wanting to go to school to not leave the mother
  • About his brother; making negative plans such as handing over to the neighbor, leaving them next to the waste container, taking them back to the hospital

For more information, see our article on ways to deal with sister jealousy. Click on the link below for easy access to the article.

// www. / Brother-jealousy-the-press-cikma the paths /

You can watch our video on how to prevent sister jealousy.

5 Important Ways to Deal with Sister Jealousy!

Brother jealousy is a problem that can be encountered in every geography and culture in the world. The fact that children have to share their parents with someone else; anger, sadness, hate and love, the desire to establish intimacy is a result of a mixture of similar emotions.

If the right measures are not taken in a timely manner, the jealousy of the children will lead to the character formation of the children and their relations with other members of the family adversely affect need to know.

All members of the family will survive the process in the most natural, innocent and undamaged way if you take care of the following five important issues.

  • Don't wait for your brother to come to the world to prepare your child!

If you are planning to have a baby, it is a good idea to get the idea of ​​the child or the sister who will be the brother or sister. If the child also wants a sibling, it will be easier for him to accept the situation because you have given him the right to speak at the decision stage.

If your child thinks negatively about the baby, you should take measures to reverse these negative thoughts. Create opportunities where you will be in the same environment with friends or relatives who have multiple children around you and whose children are well understood.

Thus, over time, the idea of ​​a brother is not too bad to see the good side of the situation will begin to see.

If you have had an unplanned pregnancy without having the opportunity to get your child's opinion at the decision stage, don't worry, you are not too late.

With the baby until the birth process fun activities and games. Your future plans and promises must be real. You should tell your child that there will be some changes in the relationship between you when the baby arrives, that you will have to take care of the baby and that he will be happy to be with you in this process.

Although things have to change for the child, on the basis of love and trust You must reassure that there will be no changes.

  • Don't ask your child to share everything he has with his brother!

With the baby being born, your child will have to share the most valuable things in his life such as mother, father, play time, care and love. Don't ask someone you already have to sacrifice to share their favorite toy, book, and chocolate.

Your compelling attitude to sharing will reinforce your belief in how good the bad feelings you feel are in place, rather than bringing him closer to his brother.

Of course, it is normal for you to want your pups to get along and be bonded with love. But sometimes it is necessary to let the process flow.

Give him time and opportunity to get used to, trust and have fun together. After a while, you will see that things will work out spontaneously, that he will give his beloved rattle to his brother voluntarily or share his bananas with his own will 🙂

  • Never compare with each other!

A considerable number of adults think that when they compare children to each other, they will create a positive competitive environment and encourage them.

However, a comparison of “Look how beautiful your brother has collected his toys! Yerine is like jealousy and anger towards his brother instead of encouraging him to collect toys. nurture negative emotions will cause.

Comparisons among children are like going to a fire. There should be no comparison and comparison between children, not just siblings. It should be approached with a focus on cooperation, not competition. Children should be given tasks to do and accomplish together.

  • Focus on the moments when the child is a good sister or a good brother, not jealousy and praise her!

Focus on negative events jealousy of the child How right he is about, his mother always think that after he came to blame.

“Why did you pull the toy out of your brother's hand?”, Or He shares it with you! ”,“ Did you cry on purpose! ”Style sentences from both your brother and your sister. alienation, as a result of the anger and hate feelings strengthened will cause.

Instead, ver You gave your brother a toy, you're a great sister! ”, Un You're very brave to wait with him until I prepare the food, he's not afraid when you're around! Un jealousy and anger must leave in the shade.

  • Empathize and realize that your child's feelings are real!

For parents, the idea of ​​jealous of their children is sad. However, the fact that a situation is sad does not prevent it from being real. First of all, when you observe the signs of jealousy, even if you know that these feelings are temporary, remember that they are real at the time.

Try to understand yourself by putting yourself in your child's place. Make you feel that you know how difficult the process is for him, that you understand him, that everything will improve over time and that you will be there for him.

Jealousy is common and quite normal among children. But brother jealousy it may cause wounds that will not close in character development if it is noticed in time and the correct precautions are not taken.

So much so that it can cause disagreements and unrest not only between siblings but also between other members of the family.

It is possible to solve the problem easily if the parents follow their children closely, apply the correct methods when they see the symptoms and get help from a specialist psychologist when necessary.

Very negative children. How to deal with the negativity of children

Negativity can be present in children at any age and often determines their behavior. The factors causing this type of behavior can be of different nature.

But, how can we act before the negativity of children? What to do with very negative children? We clarify these doubts on site.

- Genetic factors that have to do with a deficit in neurotransmitters that modulate emotions and behaviors.

- Factors that have to do with received learning of your reference figures.

- Educational models that the adults in their environment use throughout the child's development shape their behavior. Using authoritarian and violent role models can lead to negative thoughts and behaviors.

- The type of attachment received In the early stages of development it can affect a child's temperament and his way of relating to the world. Negativity works in the following way: the little ones understand that there is no other possible way of thinking than their own, and that everything that is negative for them cannot be seen from another point of view nor can it be changed.

If we wonder if our child can be negative, we must look at some characteristics of his personality:

- Generally in a bad mood.

- He thinks everything is going wrong for him.

- When he has a problem, it is a catastrophe and he says things like: “it always happens to me”.

- When something unfavorable happens to him, he exaggerates its importance.

- He thinks that everything bad that happens is his fault.

- He is continually complaining about everything.

- When he does his homework, he thinks they will go wrong before he starts.

These types of behaviors and thoughts should not be bad if you know how to control them. The problem appears when they are too intrusive and become a very difficult obstacle to overcome in everyday life.

Living with a negative child requires a lot of patience, understanding and tolerance on the part of the parents. In addition, it will be necessary to use tools to help deal with this situation.

- Be a model. Many of the attitudes that children have, good or bad, come from their parents, from how they face things in their day to day. Children see, imitate, and often in an involuntary way. Before labeling the little ones as negatives, it will be convenient for the parents to reflect on their behavior.

- The type of care. Negative thoughts of children should not be given too much attention. If it is done, this type of thinking is being fed more and it will become something stronger that can affect the child.

- Respect the child. The child needs to be respected, to feel loved, to know that their opinions matter, and to know that they are part of their family. For this reason, to prevent a child from having negative thoughts, it should be avoided that he thinks badly about himself, but his positive thinking and self-esteem will have to be enhanced.

- Redirect your thoughts. Changing them for more realistic ones. Show that negative thoughts on many occasions are neither true nor do they ever occur.

- Teach to take perspective. The child must be taught to distance himself from each situation so that he understands that there are several points of view to understand it.

- Activities against negativity. Finding activities that combat negativity will be essential. For example, with physical activity you have fun and oxygenate the brain properly, in addition to concentrating on something in particular negative thoughts disappear.

You can read more articles similar to Very negative children. How to deal with the negativity of children, in the category of Conduct on site.

How do baby and womb learn how to survive by day?

How do baby and womb learn how to survive by day?

I have three kids and one on the way, and so far each of my “birth plans” have been exactly the same: Give me all the drugs.

See, I’ve never had any desire to experience what transition feels like. Or the dreaded “ring of fire.” Or the overall sensation of a human exiting my birth canal. Nope. Hard pass for me. Numb me up so I can get through the experience with as little pain as possible.

And so, each time I’ve been in labor, I’ve enthusiastically embraced having a large needle inserted into my spine. After the numbness took effect, I was able to nap and just let my body do its thing. Because I could relax, I was able to fully dilate at a fairly quick pace – all while feeling nothing.

Granted, having a epidural didn’t come without side effects. My already low blood pressure would plummet, setting off the alarms, and a nurse would come in to reposition me. Each time, I would get queasy and vomit.

But when it was time to push, I felt a ton of pressure – and that’s about it. I didn’t feel everything down there stretching to its limit. I didn’t feel my doctor giving me an episiotomy, or stitching me up afterward. I didn’t even feel the afterbirth being delivered.

Now that I’m past the halfway point of my current pregnancy with baby number four, I have an inexplicable desire to attempt this whole childbirth business sans medication. I guess I feel like it’s my last chance at bringing a baby into the world “as nature intended.” (Whatever that means.)

Maybe I just want to prove to myself that I can make it all the way on my own. Not having an epidural on my hospital bill doesn’t sound too bad, either.

But it seems weird, doesn’t it? After three pain-free deliveries, who would willingly put themselves through that?

Plenty of women. Mom of five Courtney Bingham’s first experiences with childbirth included a hospital setting with an epidural. But she delivered her third and fourth children at home – which meant no epidural.

“At one point during transition I heard an ambulance go by and I thought, ‘Take me with you!’ But it was brief and then it was over,” Bingham remembers, while also noting, “My recovery without an epidural was so, so much better."

Bingham wound up having a hospital birth for her fifth baby, and she thinks the difference boils down to a pick-your-poison choice: more pain during the birth, or more pain after?

“Honestly, it hurts so bad. It's brief, though. And I felt much better afterward. The recovery was amazing: My first baby to not have jaundice! She was totally calm. And I got in the shower and when I got out my midwife had made me a grilled cheese, washed my laundry, and made my bed.”

Another mom who has experienced childbirth both with and without pain medication seemed to share Bingham’s sentiments on recovery time.

“I had epidural with my first 6 girls, then finally switched to a midwife and was able to do natural with #7.” she wrote in the our site Community. “Not to say it was easy because it definitely was not (she was a 2-hour labor from start to finish) but by far was my easiest recovery, no side effects, no cloudiness, up and moving immediately."

"As long as you put your mind to something you can do it. Make sure everyone involved knows your plan and that you need help sticking to it and advocating for you, because in the middle of it all, it's hard to advocate for yourself," she advises those who would follow in her footsteps.

I haven’t made any definite decisions yet. But I’m leaning toward seeing how far I can go without an epidural – and staying open to one if I decide I’ve had enough. Either way, our three children will be welcoming a baby sister after the first of the year, and we couldn’t be more excited to meet her.

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